I was recently intrigued by wordcasting and thought to incorporate it to my shadowcaster revision. I was particularly intrigued by the meta-word mechanic, since it solves once and for all the last problem I have with this class: Limited metashadow use. This is an idea still in the works, but any comment or suggestion (especially a new name, since that one sounds ... roguish) is more than welcome.

Whisper (Shadowcaster Archetype)

The shadowcaster is considered a wordcaster.
He begins play knowing a number of effect or meta words equal to the number mysteries he would ordinarily know, the boost meta word, and as all the target words—even those that he cannot yet use due to the level restriction.
Whenever he gains a level, he gains new effect or meta words based on the same table.
He doesn't select effect words from any class wordlist, rather he treats mysteries as effect words of an equivalent level. The resulting wordspell is treated for all intents and purposes as a mystery with a level equal to its final level.
Any other restrictions of regular wordcasting apply to a Whisper's wordcasting.

Replaces: Path Mastery.

A table with ToM 69 mysteries categorized as effect word categories.
Custom rules for favored mystery feat and any other feats that might need tweaking.
More metawords exclusive to the shadowcaster.