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    Default The Dragon's Tail (Pathfinder in Space! OOC + Recap)

    In Progress...
    Latest Homebrew Rules *NEW!*

    Armor as DR still in effect. Does not apply to Shields.

    Force-fields mostly ret-conned, or are special items now.

    Guns are either the ones used in the tech guide, or are based off of the advanced guns. The ones based off of advanced guns are projectile based. one-handed are increased as if they were one size larger, while two handed weapons increase by double dice. Then armor as DR is still allowed, but with normal reduction. Having an elemental element added to a weapon reverts it back to its normal damage die.

    Example: Rifle from base rules. Normally does 1d10 damage. Since it's 2-handed, upgraded to 2d10. However, if made elemental, goes back to 1d10.

    Elemental penetrates Armor's DR. Acid damages armor and penetrates hardness. As a reference, Armor's HP = AC*5. So a +4 AC armor has 20 HP.

    A higher enhancement bonus penetrates a lower armor's DR. Example: +2 weapon penetrates +1 armor, +1 weapon penetrates normal armor.

    Active Players
    Name Class Job Race Player Skype
    Cuold Gunslinger Mechanic Ajax DemonZoZo alexanderthegreat1300
    Ranxu "Shoe" Sorcerer Captain Keglie Lost Soul LostSoulPlayground
    Project 17 Marksman Gunner Grippli(Altered) CharlesMartel kevin.c.p.
    Roran Mcguffin Vitalist Doctor Blue DrBubbles Hordakaicough
    Detan Kuldun Wizard Arcane Consultant Ifrit Aag Kevlar kevlar427
    Tchairot Cleric Chaplain Samsaran TandemChelipeds cdcomics

    Spoiler: Inactive Players

    Phyla |Cryptic|Wikipedia |Android|Rokku|akodorokku
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    Lux Nightmare |Alchemist|Pilot|Quay|Past3rOfMupp3ts|benjammin201 1

    Dragon's Tail

    Ship Knowledge
    To be updated. See session 1 recap.

    Some Original Post Stuff
    Spoiler: Original Post Stuff

    Spoiler: Outer Space Homebrew
    Expanded Weapon RulesLight melee: double the damage die of the weapon, thus a dagger becomes a 2d4 weapon. You can add a property to the item by lowering a the damage die by one step, for instead a 2d4 dagger becomes either a 1d6 dagger or a 2d3, but now has the blocking ability.
    One handed melee, and two handed melee: Triple the damage die, thus the great axe becomes a 3d12 damage weapon. Lower by one step to add a property, thus the same greataxe goes from a 3d12 to a 3d10 but now pierces armor.
    Elemental or energy type damage can be added to weapons but this makes them more expensive. Add 50,000 Sa to the base price of the item, and lower its damage die by one step to convert it.
    Early Firearms: Firearms still target touch defense, but do not bypass DR. For depending power double the damage die for one handed firearms, and two-handed firearms. Also increase capacity of firearms by 4, minimum of 10. All one-handed firearms are semi-automatic, which means they do not require an action to load a new round in the chamber. Two-handed weapons are pump action, which means they need a free action to chamber a new round. But their capacity is now times six. Guns based off of early firearms must use some type of ammunition, and cannot make purely energy based attacks. They are able to use special types of ammunition which can supply different damage types and effects, but they cannot just shoot fire or lightning or lasers.
    Advanced firearms: These guns can become the basis for energy weapons. To convert triple the damage die, thus a pistol made into a plasma pistol would be a 3d8 weapon that deals fire damage. All advanced start as energy weapons but to add properties the damage die needs to be decreased by one step, thus the plasma pistol would become a 2d10 that now warps armor, increasing the armor check penalty by 1. Two-handed firearms also have the ability to use ammo, but in a specialized manner, which increases their damage die. Thus a rifle, normally 3d10 under my rules, would become a 3d12 but is now a rail gun.
    Properties: I have left properties vague, mostly to see what players would come up with on their own, but they should be in line with what most weapons offer now, just with more futuristic applications. Some ideas would be armor rending, weapons that a third of their inflicted damage to armor. Maybe a weapon that only does nonlethal damage, but temporarily shorts out electronics. You can also use armor and weapon gadgets from the 3.5 d20 Future as properties. And if you don’t want to invent a weapon you can use on from the d20 Future, but these rules will determine how much Sa it costs..

    Equipment: All items are fueled by a mix of science and magic, or one or the other. Thus an everlasting torch would be a regular flashlight, while a thin cable could also be subject to a low-level Rope Trick effect that would allow it to automatically scale buildings. If magic is a primary source of the items affects then it shuts down in an anti-magic field, which can be generated by different types of equipment, but if an item relies on electricity to run then it is subject to becoming broken when coming into contact with water or adverse climates. For example a plasma gun that relies solely on magic would not fire at all while in an Anti-Magic Field, but would fire underwater; but the same gun run on electricity would be broken underwater, but would be unaffected by an Anti-Magic Field. Any item can be converted into a future technology item, but is ultimately up to the GMs discretion on how the crunch works out. Generally speaking a future version should be able to perform better than its medieval counterpart in some manner.

    Armor: The current armor remains the same in breakdown of granted ac, except that it also comes with its equivalent of DR from the variant DR rules in Ultimate Equipment. So Full plate armor converted to space armor would have AC +9 along with DR 9. This DR cannot be bypassed by energy attacks, but energy attacks also damage armor. Once armor reaches the broken status it no longer has any DR and acts like normal broken armor. Armor is now also easier to wear, so Medium armor does not slow a person down, and all armor check penalties lower by 1. Shields do not grant any damage reduction. Also re-name and re-fluff your armor so it sounds sciency.

    The currency in play is called Sa, and 50 Sa is worth 1 gold coin, but this takes place in the future where people have better things to do with gold that carry it around in their pocket. Sa is a physical currency, but it has denominations like real world currency and is designed to be easy to carry around. Still, it is only coin because that has become more difficult to forge than paper currency.

    Crafting Rules: Crafting requires a wider base of knowledge for more advanced equipment, so craft checks have a knowledge check prerequisite equal to 10 DC lower than the crafting check to see if the character has enough knowledge to actually start the process of crafting. Crafting checks will be made once per day, instead of once per week, since I feel that makes crafting a more viable option than it normally is, not because of the setting. The knowledge check required would depend on the type of item being made, as a computer would required Knowledge: Electronics, while a gun would require Knowledge: Engineering.

    Skills: Some knowledge checks can be substituted for other checks if it makes sense in the situation. For example a person trying to break through an electronic lock could use Knowledge: Electronics to break through instead of Disable Device. Disable Device, in this setting, would be more of an all-purpose skill, letting a person know how to break devices without necessarily understanding how to make or run them any better than another person. A Ride check is only required to make unusual movements with a vehicle for simple vehicles, such as cars. While at least 1 rank is needed to run specilizied vehicles or highly complex vehicles, and then the training only applies to one type of vehicle. For Example Ride (Airplane) 1 Rank would allow the character to run an airplane, though they would still have to make checks for special maneuvers. You can add ranks into multiple subsets of ride skills, but each subset counts as a separate skill for purposes of making checks and adding ranks. Knowledge (Local) is replaced by Knowledge (Criminal) as most regular info is easily accessed without needing to make a check. Knowledge (Dungeoneering) is now incorporated into Knowledge (Geography), and Knowledge (Computer Science) and (Electronics) is now added to the list. There is no more Knowledge (Nobility) and the Profession skill is also removed. Knowledge (Xenobiology) is added to the list.

    Skill list
    Acrobatics, Appraise, Bluff, Climb, Craft, Diplomacy, Disable Device, Disguise, Escape Artist, Repair, Fly, Handle Animal, Heal, Intimidate, Knowledge (Arcana), (Engineering), (Electronics), (Computer Science), (Geography), (History), (Criminal), (Nature), (Xenobiology), (Planes), (Religion), (Politics), Linguistics, Perception, Perform, Ride, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Spellcraft, Shipcraft, Stealth, Survival, Swim, Use Magic Device. (If you believe there are other skills that should be added, let me know and I’ll think about adding them.)

    The age of space exploration has finally given answer to the theological debate over why gods have always been so distant. As it turns out many of the gods of the Golarion Pantheon are gods of many of the planets in the universe, and must divide their attention among countless different races on countless different planets. Some of the gods are tied to specific planets, and these are normally the gods who were originally mortals that accended into godhood. Angels, demons, daemons, and devils are present on all worlds in the same way, as are undead.

    Spoiler: Character Generation
    All Races in the Advanced Race Guide are allowed, and old hostilities have died out in the modern era. Thus an Orc can expect as polite a reception as an Elf in most areas. The majority of the races represented in the book come from one planet, and that planet is Golarion. This simply means that if a character plays a Tengu, then that Tengus ancestory traces back to Golarion, not that it must be from Golarion in its backstory. The exceptions to this rule are the Outsider (Native) races and the Dhampir. Those races can come from other planets, but then their physical and cultural heritage must be of a different species. Thus there could be an Aasimar that looks like a bipedal fish person, or a giant single celled organism.

    I will also allow the players to build their own race using the advanced Race Guide rules, but with some restrictions. First the maximum limit for RP is 12 when building a race. Second, it must be its own entity, and not just a slightly different version of one of the races from Golarion. Thus no red-skinned humans that have an added resistance to heat as their primary difference. Third, it better not be a thinly veiled attempt to Min/Max with a specific class. Thus I don’t want to see someone submit a large race with advanced strength and the ability to gain a bonus in a specific fighter weapon group, then tell me you want to play a fighter. Fourth, I will expect at least a paragraph on the races home planet, as well as a paragraph on their culture. Fifth, I will allow people to make races obviously taken right out of science-fiction worlds out there now. I also will not enforce any of the subtype restrictions, and might allow a some home-brewed qualities as long as they’re run by me first.

    One member of the party will be the captain of a ship, if you wish to be considered for the role of captain, let me know, and give me an idea of what kind of space ship you want to be the captain of. It should be thematically linked to your character in some way. The captain always gets the final say in anything that directly affects his or her ship, but is not automatically the boss of the other characters, who are more than free to depart if they do not like the captain. The captain does bear the financial responsibility for repairing the ship and any upkeep. They also must purchase fuel, but they do have a greater say as to where the ship travels, and are the ones actively employing the other characters.

    Every character has to have a day job. This ties in with a specific skill. The character can always take 10 in the skill chosen, and treats it as if they had the Skill Focus Feat for that specific skill. The character must always put at least one skill rank in the chosen skill. Obviously the skill must have some connection to the characters job, and the job in question might also have an impact in the campaign as a whole.
    Galactic is the language that everyone knows, though Common does still exist it is tied to Golarion. Everyone starts with Galactic, in addition to their normal racial languages.

    Spoiler: Setting Info
    You start in the Republic of Allied Races, a loose conglomerate of various worlds that are tied together in much the same way that the European Union is tied together. Each world has the same currency, and each world has agreed to use Galactic as the primary language of communication. While each world governs itself, they have linked their militaries together, and are united in a centralized Government that handles universal crimes, such as murder. There are currently 48 worlds that comprise the Republic, which is often referred to as Allied, for the sake of brevity. Internally Allied is a strong, united society which has given rise to remarkable equality, though there is still a divide between the rich and the poor. Currently Allied has been locked into a war against another Star Nation known as the Keglian Empire, who seeks to continually expand their reaches in the name of bringing civilization to any world that is not already united under their banner. While Allied has banned slavery the Keglian Empire runs off of slaves, and often conquers other races for the sole purpose of harnassing their talents to fuel the great beast that is their empire. Golarion is part of the Republic of Allied Races, and thus is warring against the Keglian’s and their empire. There are a number of smaller nations within the same galactic neighborhood, but they are not as powerful as the Empire or Allied. There are also countless worlds that are independent of a greater nation, or are not advanced enough for space travel on their own.

    Golarion grew more advanced, utilized magic more and more often, and soon its civilizations grew until the wilderness had been beaten back. As Golarion entered the new era old ways began to die out. Soon there was no longer any need for adventurers, as the threats that they stopped began to die out under the relentless heel of advancement. The points of light united and the entire world became a glowing orb that displayed just how wide reaching the might of civilization could grow. It was thought then that the dark times would never return, and that the modern world would be the final result.

    But that was arrogance, because the races of Golarion, with humanity in the lead, soon grew restless again. They turned to their new technology, magic infused with machines, and devised a way to explore the great sky. This lead to the age of space exploration, and the creation of an entire new wild frontier, but this time one with unlimited potential. That which was thought to be gone forever returned, the Adventurers of legend coming back again to take to the skies and explore that infinite darkness, the uncivilized, dangerous, wild, but awe-inspiring realm of Outer Space. These adventurers spend most of their time performing odd jobs, stumbling into vast conspiracies, running into terrible secrets, and saving the universe from eldritch abominations, and making a nuisance of themselves among decent, hardworking, godsfearing people. In short, they started where they left off.

    You are a group of adventurers, just starting out, ready to explore the world, find your fortune, and make a name for yourself while going out into the unexplored reaches of space, involving yourself in wars that span entire civilizations, and trying desperately to not get eaten by space krakens. You start on the space station known as Commerce Station 47, an old mining station converted into an intergalactic trade market, as you meet for the first time and embark on your first job. The job in question? Taking a shipment out to a frontier research station on a planet named Gassek.

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    Default Re: The Dragon's Tail (Pathfinder in Space! OOC + Recap)


    Spoiler: Races

    Spoiler: Races
    Cedagas (16 RP)
    Spoiler: stats
    Insectoid (0 RP): Cedagas are humanoid with the insectoid subtype
    Large (7 RP): +2 Strength, -2 Dexterity. -1 AC, -1 Attack, +1 Combat maneuvers, -4 Stealth
    Normal Speed (0 RP): Base speed of 40ft
    Racial Ability Scores: +2 Strength, +2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma. Cedagas are physically powerful, and are natural philososphers but many species find their insectile nature unnerving.
    Languages (1 RP): Cedagas start with Galactic, and Chikrik and if their intelligence score is high enough they can learn any other language they want (Except secret languages)
    Darkvision 60 feet (2 RP)
    Scent (4 RP) Gain the Scent ability (Bestiary 304)
    Quadruped (2 RP): +4 Racial bonus to CMD against trip attempts
    Utterly Proportional (2 RP): While Quadruped, Cedagas bodies are more proportional and they are still treated as large for the purposes of using weapons and armor.
    Fire Vulnerability (-2 RP): Cedagas physiology makes them particularly vulnerable to fire

    Homeworld: Cedagas lived on the planet Hochek, which means mother in their native tongue. They were an usually unified people, and had cities and tunnels running under almost every landmass on the continent. The world was a beautiful and marvelous place, and the gentle race’s philosophy of beauty in all things turned their civilization into an enormous work of art. Unfortunately the war with the Keglian Empire came to their world early, and after the Keglian’s realized they would not defeat these aberrant insects as easily as they thought they would the world was razed until it was nothing more than a smoking cinder. Now the Cedagas are without any home, and the survivors live on massive ships while searching for a new world to call their own. They have since put aside peace in their desire to aid the war effort.
    Personality and physiology :Cedagas are giant insects. They have four legs and a lower body that supports an upper body with long limbs, all covered in an exoskeleton that provides support, though little protection. They have only one pair of eyes, that are solid black, and long antennae that serve the function of smell. While Cedagas have mandibles instead of normal mouths, they are incredibly adept at mimicking other sounds, and thus are able to speak a multitude of other languages with only the vaguest hint of clicking. Other races can even speak their language, though it is rare for others to try. Cedagas coloring ranges from bright emerald green, to jet black, and they have a pair of vestigial wings in their lower thorax that do nothing more than exist and vibrant slightly to scare of predators.
    While Cedagas are massive, and physically powerful, they are also kind philosophers who desire to solve any crisis peacefully and without violence. Only when they are physically threatened or angered do they resort to violence, and then only regretfully. Cedagas have an ingrown sense of community that stems from their ancestry, and Cedagas are happiest when they feel they are serving a niche in a group that is needed. One of the Cedaga’s cultural tenants is beauty in all things, a philosophy that installs the value of aesthetic appeal, and in form over functionality. They make buildings that look like sculptures, ships that look like fabrique eggs, and weapons that are deadly and elegant. While Cedagas do pair off like other races their unions rarely result in offspring. Only one or two females in 20 are able to lay eggs, and when they do they do so in clutches of 7 – 10 eggs. Adult Cedagas raise these children as a community, taking turns watching and protecting them until maturity. Then the children are accepted as equals. Cedagas are on average 10-15 feet tall, and weight 300-450 pounds. They live on average 130 years.

    Mosse (10 RP)
    Spoiler: stats
    Humanoid (Reptilian)
    Medium: No racial bonuses or penalties based on their size
    Normal Speed: Base speed of 30ft
    Flexible (2 RP): +2 Constitution and +2 Charisma, Mosse need to be physically durable to survive their harsh climate and are a joyful and friendly people
    Standard Languages: Mosse start knowing Galatic and can choose between Vo-speak, Tho-speak, An-speak, and Tede-speak. Mosse with a high intelligence can learn any racial language of a species that’s a member of Allied or one of their other racial languages.
    Restrictive vocal cords (-1 RP): Mosse vocal cords are unable to adequately make the sounds of most other races languages, and thus cannot speak them intelligibly. A listener must make DC 20 Sense Motive or a DC 15 Linguistics check to understand a Mosse that speaks without mechanical assistance. All Mosse start with a translater collar that allows them to communicate with other races. Other races cannot speak the Mosse racial languages without mechanical assistance, but can learn to understand them.
    Natural Armor (2 RP): Mosse gain a +1 natural armor bonus to their armor
    Climb (2 RP): Mosse have a racial climb speed of 20 feet, and gain a +8 racial bonus on Climb checks
    Swim (2 RP): Mosse have a swim speed of 30 feet, and gain a +8 racial bonus on Swim checks
    Terrain Stride (Swamp) (1 RP): Mosse can move through natural difficult terrain at their normal speed while within a swamp.
    Bite (2 RP): Mosse have a bite attack that deals 1d4 points of damage and is a primary attack unless the Mosse is wielding a weapon.

    Planet: Adenax – Take a scorched lifeless piece of rock without so much as an atmosphere to make it hospitable, then roll it around in a swamp for awhile and you will get Adenax. The atmosphere in Adenax is heavy and almost unbreathable, settling in the lower valleys of the planet, while leaving the upper reaches thin and completely unbreathable. Life in these small valleys has grown to live close together, survive the heat and humidity of what little atmosphere there is, and wallows in a film of stagnant water that is present in literally all of the habitable, life supporting areas of Adenax. Only one thing brings anyone to the planet, and that is that in spring countless types of flora bloom into an amazing variety of color and the normally drab planet becomes an awesome sight to behold. Then the season ends and everything goes back to being drab and all the tourists leave. Except for the Mosse, who love their planet.
    Personality and Physiology: Mosse genders are, physically, very similar to each other. Since they are not mammalian they do not have the sexual characteristics normally associated with mammals. The main difference between the two is in coloring. Female Mosse have brown and tan scaled hides that are racial adaptations that allow them to hide with their nests and avoid predators that would eat their eggs. Male Mosse, though, are naturally incredibly colorful, and their entire hide is a mix of intricate colors, stripes and spots designed to attract a mate. Mosse also have a natural crest of feathers behind their auricular holes and down to their necks. They also spot a tail that is mostly for balance and to aid in swimming. Mosse are mainly carnivorous, and have a jaw that shows it. They also have strong nails on their hands and feet, that despite appearances are quite dull and designed more to aid them in climbing than in offense. Mosse have a long, pronounced snout, like earth lizards, though they are technically more closely related to birds.
    Despite their planet, or in spite of it Mosse are a happy, fun loving, and joyful people who love to joke and play pranks. They are consummate explorer’s and quickly mastered space travel. With their outgoing and natural magnetism they made many friends quickly throughout the galaxy and are one of the founding races of the Republic of Allied Races. Mosse are also one of two races in Allied that lived on an incredibly harsh planet. They could not afford to expand too quickly or advance despite the environment because there is very little habitable space on Adenax to begin with. After all Adenax means crucible in Vo-speak. Druids have been common in Mosse civilization since the beginning of their civilization, and have been instrumental in keeping Mosse’ from turning Adenax into a terrible wasteland. This has also made Mosse into very environmentally conscious beings and they always drift to the most environmentally safe technologies. In Mosse society it is considered the males duty to attract mates, and women are content to approach the Mosse they find most attractive. To this end Mosse will often enhance their natural coloring with various paints and pigments designed to make them look more appealing to the opposite sex. Or in some cases the same sex. Mosse culture is matriarchal, though not in the same sense as Drow culture. Men were somewhat repressed, and thought of as flighty and unfocused, too busy trying to attract mates to focus on serious fields such as science or mathematics, but that attitude has faded with time. Nowadays men and women enjoy equal standing in all fields.

    Taon (9 RP)
    Spoiler: stats
    Humanoid (Taon)
    Small: +1 AC, +1 Attack rolls, -1 Combat maneuver checks and CMD, +4 Stealth
    Base Speed: Normal 30 feet
    Standard: +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence, -2 Constitution. Quick and agile in both body and mind, they are fragile creatures that generally rely on speed over brawn.
    Languages: Galactic, choose two of the following: Twosk, Mondi, Thumme. Taon with a high intelligence can learn one of the Allied languages, or another of their racial languages.
    Skill bonus(2 RP): +2 Perception
    Master Tinker (2 RP): +1 bonus on Disable Device, Knowledge (Engineering), and Knowledge (Electronics). Members of this race are treated as proficient with any weapon they have personally crafted.
    Stoneseer (2 RP):Taon add +1 caster level of any spells with the earth descriptor they cast. Taon also gain the following spell-like abilities: constant – nondetection; 1/day magic stone, stone shape, stone tell. The caster level for these spell-like abilities is equal to the user’s character level.
    Swift as Shadows (3 RP): Taon reduce the penalty for suing stealth while moving at full speed by 5, and reduce the stealth check penalty for sniping by 10.

    Planet – Tadee: Originally Tadee was a very mild planet, one that was almost unusually mild. There were few major predators, the weather was temperate, and the Taon lived lives of relative ease. Then a cataclysm occurred that changed their world. Tadee is one of three planets inhabiting its stars goldilocks zone, and the planets often come very close to each other in orbits. For the most part they miss each other, but every few thousand years they pass too close and cause terrible weather, and possible physical damage. This happened in the last conjunction, as the planet Destree rammed into Tadee’s main moon, wiping out most of the life on Destree, while causing a chain reaction that caused massive stones to rain down on Tadee, along with messing up the gentle weather patterns on Tadee. To make matters worse the other planet in the solar system, Naysee, shared atmosphere with Tadee, allowing species native to Naysee to appear on Tadee. This happened almost two millennia ago but it shaped how Taon lived completely. A once peaceful world became plagued with vicious and unrelenting storms, and terribly dangerous predators that threatened to destroy the indigenous life on Tadee. The Taon had only one option. They hid.
    Physiology and Personality: Taon are small, with large ears, and big eyes. Their noses are sensitive, with faint whiskers giving them a better sense of balance. They are covered in a fine, pink hair that is almost like fur, but is mainly decorative. Taon are slight and nimble, their limbs are thin and their fingers are long. Male and females are identical in size, but males tend to be brighter pink. Taon are capable of seeing more colors than most other humanoids, and they insist that their real color is one they call dunem, but no experiment has succeeded in showing other humanoids what dunem looks like.
    Taon are a very inquisitive, and mechanically inclined people. They make up for in intelligence and out of the box thinking what they lack in stature and physical ruggedness. Taon are also surprisingly skilled at domesticating animals, and have a close relationship with a land-bound bird known as a Cogee which serves as best friend, mount, beast of burden, and guard dog. Originally nimble, Taon did not use to be as good at hiding as they are now, but the changes forced them to adapt and they found themselves excavating tunnels and hiding underground from dangerous monstrocities such as udrapt, which are all mouth and claws. The process of creating underground cities was expedited by what turned out to be a natural aptitude to earth magic which they explored more deeply. Taon are also very fond of combining magic and technology, and one of the only reasons they did not launch into space on their own was due to their continued struggles against the life forms trying to eat them. They were discovered quite by accident within the last few centuries by a human woman studying the strange ecology of Tadee, and were brought into the Republic with the promise of assistance in correcting the ecological damage that Tadee has sustained over the last millennia.

    Aag (12 RP)
    Spoiler: stats
    Normal Speed: 30 feet
    Weakness (-1 RP): +2 Strength, +2 Intelligence, -4 Charisma; Aag are physical strong, and have keen minds, but they are not good at dealing with other people on any level and tend to be overly aggressive.
    Languages: Galactic, Aag. Aag with a high intelligence score can pick any language known by one of the races that belongs to the Republic.
    Advanced Intelligence (4 RP): +2 Racial bonus to Intelligence.
    Darkvision 60ft (2 RP)
    Frenzy (2 RP): Once per day, whenever a member of this race takes damage, it flies into a frenzy for 1 minute, gaining a +2 racial bonus to Constitution and Strength, but a -2 penalty to AC.
    Multi-armed (8 RP): Aag possess four arms. Aag can wield multiple weapons but only one hand is a primary hand, the others are off hands. It can also use its hands for other purposes that require free hands.
    Same-race hatred (-2 RP): Aag despise each other. When an Aag meets another Aag they can coexist for 2d6 days without incident. Afterwards the Aags presence starts to wear on each other. Each Aag makes a Will save, DC 16, each day after the 2d6 days are up. On a successful save nothing happens, but on a failed save the Aag treats all interactions with the other Aag as if they had a -2 penalty to Charisma. This penalty increases by 2 for each failed save. When the Aags Charisma for purposes of dealing with another Aag would be at 0 or below, the Aag launches into a murderous, unstoppable frenzy that only ends when one of the Aag are dead. This is a mind affecting effect. The only way to reverse the process is to separate the Aag by a great distance.
    Light sensitivity (-1 RP)

    Planet: Designated Aagland by the Republic of Allied Races due to the fact that Aag never named it, because not one of them could agree on what to name it. Aagland is a fairly standard Golarion-like analog. The mountains are not especially mountainous, the deserts not too deserted, the oceans fairly normal. Most of the life on Aagland is nocturnal, as the planets magnetic field is a bit weak, so radiation from their sun is not blocked as effectively. There are 12 moons, which make tides in the area wildly unstable, and also makes sure that there is plenty of background light, and often some celestial body or another in the way to block the suns harmful rays. The orbits of the moons makes the nights on Aagland last for days, and the days create only a brief timespan of potential danger.
    Physiology and Personality: The most distinctive feature of the Aags are their four arms. Each one is a fully developed and functioning appendage, but each hand has only three fingers and a thumb, instead of four. Aag’s have a larger than average cranial lobe, and grow very little hair on their bodies. Aag’s eyes are large and reflective, and well adapted to the darkness, though not as much to light. Aag’s have pale, almost translucent skin, as they don’t have much need for pigment.
    Aags are also strikingly known for their incredible intelligence, and homicidal attitude to members of their own species. At the core Aags are not herd animals, they do not need each other, and they do not like each other, only coming together for incredibly important decisions, and to mate. Children stay with the mother until they have grown older, then they leave the household and go out into the world to build their own home. Aags do not mass produce, as they don’t trust each other enough for that, and they do not build cities. Siblings, and immediate family are able to live with each other for extended periods of time, but otherwise Aags forced to remain together will eventually try to kill each other. Literally. Because of their inability to be next to each other, or collaborate Aags never advanced to the point of space faring by themselves. While each member is intelligent and capable of developing technology all by themselves, they must often make the same discoveries as others, just to be assured of the discoveries validity. Curiously, while Aags despise each other on a genetic level, they are more than willing to work with other races throughout the galaxy. Their homicidal rage is reserved solely for members of their own kind, and even then is only triggered when forced to live along side them for longer than is natural. Aags population remains fairly low consistently, again due to the fact that they cannot be among each other long enough to have population booms. Aags did not war before joining the Republic, but not because of any enlightenment, as Aag are naturally quite aggressive. They did so only because war is a mass activity which they wanted no part in.

    Keglie (12 RP)
    Spoiler: stats
    Fey (2 RP)
    Medium: No bonuses or penalties
    Base speed 30 feet
    Standard Stats: +2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, -2 Wisdom. Keglie are very agile, and have forceful personalities, but they tend to be foolish.
    Languages: Keglie start knowing Imperial (Keggish). A Keglie of a high intelligence can learn Galactic, Aquan, Draconic, or one of their slave races languages.
    Low-light vision
    Emissary (1 RP): Once per day, Keglie can roll twice when making a Bluff or Diplomacy check and take the better roll.
    Silver Tongued (3 RP): Keglie gain a +2 bonus on Diplomacy and Bluff checks. In addition, when they use Diplomacy to shift a creature’s attitude, they can do so up to three steps up rather than just two.
    Amphibious (2 RP): Keglie are amphibious and can breathe both air and water
    Powerful Swimmer (3 RP): Swim speed 40ft, +8 racial bonus on swim checks that a swim speed normally grants.
    Weapon Familiarity (1 RP): Keglie are always proficient with tridents and glaive.

    Planet – Kezdagh: Like Fey in every world Keglie pride themselves on their advanced culture, and the beauty of their constructions. Kezdagh is the center of a vast empire, and as such is covered in bustling cities, and carefully managed wilderness gardens. Many of Kezdagh cities are on the water, as Keglie are natural swimmers and are known to build extended habitats under water as well as over it. Though originally a wild dangerous world, such as all strongly aligned Fey worlds, Keglie have long sense mastered it, and any remaining danger has been left that way on purpose. Though numerous, Keglie love wilderness, and thus their cities are full of flora and fauna, instead of replacing it. Kezdagh, to all who visit it, is a wonder to behold, and here the evils of the empire are a distant memory.
    Physiology and Personality: Keglie are tall, normally around seven feet tall, and are covered in a mix of hair and scales. The scales are simply there to ward off water, though, and do not perform a protective function. Keglie resemble a cross between a snake and a otter. Their bodies are long and sinuous, and their limbs match them in length. But the shape of their arms and legs resembles an otters, and their face resembles the animal, even while the jaw-line is more serpentine.
    Keglie are a natural persuasive people, and their empire started out as an innocent affair, with Keglie gradually shifting to the lead, while the other races of the empire let them make what sounded like good decisions. Unfortunately Keglie saw this as a sign of their superiority, and began to see themselves more and more as rightful rulers. In the modern era they have grown self-assured, arrogant, and absolutely certain that they are consistently in the right. These are the result of generations of a corrupt society, though, and are not inborn affinities. Keglie used to be an earnest, and well-intentioned folk, but they have never been the most self-aware, and when self-importance combines with personal naiveté the result is an empire ruled by megalomaniacs who make joining with them sound like the only reasonable decision anyone could make. The Keglian Empire makes use of slave races, though most Keglie will say that these races are only fulfilling their function for the betterment of all, and that they are not treated as slaves. In fact the average Keglie is not aware at all of the depths of their countries crimes, as only the politicians and officials understand the true impact they have on their lives. At one point Golarion was in the path of the Keglian Empire’s war machine, but the Mosse forces stepped in and defended the still developing planet.

    Spoiler: Additional Races
    Lae-dyan (12 RP)
    Spoiler: stats
    Aberration (3 RP)
    Base speed: 30ft
    Specialized (1 RP): +2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma, -2 Strength. Social adept, and contemplative these airy enigmas do not have much physical strength.
    Languages: Dyan, Galactic. Lae-dyan with a high intelligence score can learn keggish, any of the Allied languages, Common (Golarish), Draconic, Celestial, Infernal, Aklo
    Deathless Spirit (2 RP): Resist 5 against negative energy. They do not lose hit points when they gain a negative level, and they gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against death effects, energy drain, negative energy, and spell or spell-like abilities of the necromancy school.
    Greater Change Shape (6 RP): Lae-dyan can assume the appearance of a small or medium humanoid as the alter self spell, save that it does not adjust its ability scores.

    Planet: Dursa-dyan is an anomaly of a planet. It was one of a handful of planets unfortunate to be caught in a terrible concordance that brought to the universe the dark evils of the Great Old Ones. These beings, born of a foreign universe and nearly incomprehensible to mortals of Golarion’s universe erupted from an alignment of celestial bodies that should be nearly impossible. Those planets caught at its epicenter were either annihilated or warped into non-Euclidean waste lands. All except three. The most famous one is Dursa-dyan, the planet that the rest of the universe forgot. For centuries after the Old Ones had been thrown back into their galaxy people overlooked the destruction at its core, because few believed that anything could have survived there that they would want to meet. But Dursa-dyan not only survived, it flourished. What had once been an ordinary planet was changed into beautiful, strange landscape full of flora and fauna seen nowhere else in the galaxy. That combined with a strange time-alteration in the solar system gave it a dream-like beauty. Dawn lasts for years, followed by twilight, and at last when night arrives all the animals and plants burst into radiance. The planet itself is the only thing caught in the warp, and the moons that orbit it, along with the life that resides on it remain outside of its effects. Because it is a warp the climate is not affected by the years of day and night, it does not loose heat, or gain heat, and the gravitational effect is not diminished. The paradox is enough to strain the mind.
    Physiology and personality: No one is quite sure if the Lae-dyan lived on Dursa-dyan before the concordance, or if they came from the other universe and somehow adapted to become one with ours. Others speculate that they were made by the Great Old Ones as another group of slaves. Even the Lae-dyan do not remember, for no history of their people remains from before the concordance, and they do not remember anything from before. It is most likely that they existed in some form, but the actual form they took is lost. Now they resemble regular humanoids, save that they are thin, with seven fingers on each hand and foot. Their faces are smooth, and their eyes look more like deep pools, with strange symbols floating in there depths. On their entire body are glowing lines, marks that visibly appear only in their natural form, but are still present for detection in any other. During the years of night these lines grow most strongly, and the same holds true on any planet or station they reside in, unless they actively suppress the illumination. Lae-dyan do not die like other races, they do not age to death at all. As a Lae-dyan ages their personality changes slowly, and the form they take differs to one more to their liking. Though they retain all their memories after 50 years or so the Lae-dyan will be a different person than who they were before. Lae-dyan still die if they are harmed deeply enough, and the race reproduces like most.
    The most striking characteristic of the race, though, is that they are natural shapechangers. A Lae-dyan’s natural form is subject to being changed at a whim, and all their characteristics can be revised without effort. Hair, height, shape of their eyes, even their gender is all up for constant change. Mostly Lae-dyans stick with a combination of physical characteristics that they like most strongly, but there are no cultural taboos banning frequent, continual transformations. The one thing they cannot change are the lines of energy on their body, which other Lae-dyan can always see, even if said Lae-dyan has altered their form into another species. These lines are different for every Lae-dyan and the race uses these, instead of an individual’s face, to recognize identity. Lae-dyan can alter their forms into any other race or species that is mostly humanoid, but these changes requires more concentration, thus they tend to stick to one form, and avoid changing their appearance while in these altered selves. Lae-dyans are quiet creatures, who dislike deception, and enjoy living their days out in unhurried care. Unless they go to other planets, in which case they seem to speed up, and enjoy exploration and action above inaction. They are always an introspective people that most races find themselves trusting, even though their ability to deceive naturally outweighs what other races are capable of. Lae-dyan are not common, but they are not unheard of, and are often recognized throughout the galaxy, though sometimes more as legends than flesh and blood creatures.

    Quay (12 RP)
    Spoiler: stats
    Humanoid (Quay)
    Base speed: 30ft
    Advanced (4 RP): +2 Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, +4 Wisdom, -2 Charisma. Quay are physically adept, and incredibly perceptive, but are straightforward and blunt. And Quay never lie.
    Languages: Galactic, choose one of the following: teska, pern, drall, adan. Quay with a high intelligence score can choose from the following: Sylvan, one of the Allied races, Terran, Aquan, Infernal, Celestial
    Low-light vision (1 RP): Quay can see twice as far as a race with normal vision in conditions of dim light.
    Camouflage (1 RP): Quay gain a +4 bonus on stealth checks while in forests.
    Fleet-footed (3 RP):Quay receive Run as a bonus feet, and gain a +2 racial bonus on initiative checks.
    Bite (1 RP): Quay have a natural bite attack (1d3). The bite is a primary attack, or secondary if its wielding a manufactured weapon.
    Claws (2 RP): Quay have two claw attacks (1d4) which are primary attacks.

    Planet- Pyanter: Pyanter is a largely unsettled mass of wilderness where no civilized race would feel comfortable living, except for the Quay, who see it as the perfect hunting ground. It is a vividly colorful land, with plants growing in vibrant shades of yellow, blue, purple, red, and everything else on the visible spectrum. The fauna are the same, and the Quay are just as brightly colored as everything else on the planet. Quay settle in small groups, and work hard to keep their populations down, so the planet lacks a significant amount of the infrastructure of most planets. Cities tend to be small, and it is more common for Quay to settle in groups of familiar families. Large open ranges occupy most of the settled lands, where Quay keep prey animals to wander freely.
    Physiology and Personality: Quay are tall, muscular creatures, with vaguely wolfish faces, and are colored brightly with mottled skins that help them blend into their native homeland, though they are surprisingly adept at using it to fit into other forests as well. They have sharp, pronounced claws, and a jaw full of vicious canines, because unlike most species, they are decidedly predatory and carnivorous. Unlike more typical omnivores Quay actively hunt and kill their food with their bare hands and teeth. Most of the time they eat the meat of their prey raw, and in a suitably bloodly manner. They hold no doubts about whether it is right or wrong to kill living creatures for food, and in fact their physiology demands that most of what they eat be raw meat. This is the main reason they keep their numbers so low, because their dietary habits do not allow them to have very high numbers, and before the age of contraceptives the Quay had started to overcrowd, leading to a miserable population that could hardly hunt at all. This was unfortunate, since hunting is hardwired into their brains, and not being able to do so makes them pointlessly violent and quick to lash out at anything. Wars were frequent until they learned of ways to control their population through contraceptives, and the age of space exploration guaranteed they had enough open space to run, hunt, and live the way they chose. Pyanter’s government is a weak libertarian affair, and the Quay are adept at living without many laws. Quay are one of only a handful of species that is overwhelming predatory, as most fall more in the omnivorous spectrum, and while Quay are able to digest plants, berries, and fruits, they are unable to digest leafy vegetables, tubers, or other stables of the omnivorous diet. Quay can substitute strenuous physical activities for running prey down, and can satisfy their blood lust by hunting wildlife in more modern manners, e.i with guns, and do so on planets that possess greater populations of other races.
    Despite their predatory nature Quay do not see other thinking beings as food, and have an unusually high tolerance of strangers, especially for a species that relied on territorial boundaries to survive. This has allowed them to survive well, as otherwise their aggressive nature would cause far too many land-wares to erupt. This mindset bleeds over to other races, and Quay are very tolerant of other species, willing to accept anything as a friend, despite the number of its limbs. Quay are almost completely incapable of lying, a product of their direct style of thinking, as tactics like subterfuge seem distasteful to them. The core of their ethics insists that whoever wins a direct confrontation, no matter the style of confrontation, deserves the victory, and underhanded tactics deny the opportunity for a true measure of strength. Quay hate to be confined against their will, and such a punishment is reserved for only the harshest crimes, such as serial murder of weaker beings, or slaving. It has been ruled in the Allied Republic that Quay must be given corporal punishments for crimes that do not result in bodily harm of another being, and forced labor for those that due, as a Quay kept in captivity for even a year will die from suicide or depression, thus they are only imprisoned for crimes that carry the death penalty.

    Spoiler: stats
    Plant (12 RP)
    Base speed: 30ft
    Ability Scores: Beje gain a +2 bonus to any single ability score of their choice during character creation.
    Languages: Bastish. With a high intelligence score they can learn Sylvan, Elven, Galatic, and Terran.
    Plants have low-light vision
    Plants are immune to all mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, morale effects, patterns and phantasms
    Plants are immune to paralysis, poison, polymorph, sleep effects, stunning.
    Plants breathe and eat, but do not sleep, unless they want to gain some beneficial effect from this activity.
    Fertile Soil (2 RP): Sorcerer Beje treat their Charisma score as 2 points higher for all sorcerer spells and class abilities. Clerics who are members of this race with the Plant domain use their domain powers and spells at +1 caster level. This trait does not give members of this race early access to level-based powers; it only affects powers that they could already use without this trait.

    Planet – Sauadje: Sauadje is a desert of a planet with enough water to support life across almost its entire surface. Unfortunately all of this is locked underground, due to the concentration of minerals that do not hold water near the surface when it was forming. Thus most of the planet is a wasteland full of harsh monsters and creatures that survive only by brutality and luck. Except for the few forests that grow on the surface that are made possible by a marvelous plant called a well-tree in Bastish. This plant deposits a single enormously long root, that drills down to the water beneath the planet’s surface. There is brings the water up, using some to grow, while letting the rest seep into the ground and air, this creates a microcosm of creatures whose present help enrich the soil and work in a symbiotic relationship with the tree. The well-tree grows enormous, thick, leathery leaves that it uses to block out the harsh rays of the sun, along with the frequent dust storms that arise on the surface. The more fragile creatures live under the boughs, along with the Beje, who tends these forest like gardens. In fact, the forests of the well trees are directly responsible for allowing life to survive on Sauadje’s surface, as without them bringing water to the surface and pumping it into the air the world would be too dry for anything to survive.
    Physiology and Personality: Beje have a strange life cycle. They are two-parts of a species so interwoven that the line between the two has been all but erased. Well-tree seeds are dropped into the underwater rivers and oceans of Sauadje, and from their drift along until they get caught in a crevice or other piece of earth. From their they burrow to the surface of the planet, carrying with them Beje seeds as well. When the well-tree surfaces and matures, it also grows a group of pods, normally 15-20, and within these pods Beje grow. After about six months the Beje mature, the pods drop to the ground, and fully adult Beje emerge. From their they take care of the well-tree like it was their parent, and help protect it from the environment while it’s at its most fragile. They continue to do so, even after the well-tree has grown its thick outer leaves, especially since the tree will continue to produce around three pods housing more Beje a year. Beje do have male and female genders, and they also mate, but instead of producing children themselves, they use the products of their mating to pollinate the well-trees, allowing it to produce more seeds that get deposited in the underwater streams, and eventually repeats the process. Beje are long-lived, and few in number due to their reproductive cycle. They are stocky with thick skin, and are a naturally flowering race. They are uniquely animal-like, with various plant-forms serving the functions of normal organs in animals, and are also hosts to various harmless mosses and fungi, some of which they use as make-up and adornments. They are stocky, and generally only reache heights of about 5’4 or 5’6, and men and women have few differences between each other. Women produce Beje seeds around their necks, which are softer than males, while men tend to have thicker, bark-like skin. Men produce thorns around their arms, legs, and torso which help ward off small animals, but do little for protection, while women produce more flowers that normally grow along the tops of their heads. They do not have a strong concept of family, and even those born from the same world tree do not consider themselves related. They see each other as a tribe, but not siblings, and they rarely meet the Beje who could be considered their parents, and often times the lineage is muddled. A well tree will accept the material of all Beje that submit it, and mix it differently for each pod it grows, thus one tree can produce Beje who are not even distantly genetically related to each other.
    Beje are not explorers by nature, and would not have left Sauadje on their own, if it weren’t for the other race that lived on the planet. Well-trees are part of a very specialized ecology, and do not thrive on other planets very well. Thus even when Beje travel they are forced to return if they want any part in bringing about future generations. They have tried, and are still working on making a variety of well-tree that can adapt to other worlds, but are generally content to live tending the gardens of Sauadje in a low technological, but highly magical life. Beje are different from animals, and they only understand concepts of infancy because they have seen these in more regular life forms on their planet, but they know these concepts do not apply to them. They are born almost fully mature, and at around age 15 reach complete adulthood. They are born knowing their language, and most of the details about their world, knowledge that is passed down by genetics from previous generations of Beje. Thus when they are born they know more about their place in life, than many species ever learn. When Beje do gain wanderlust they will travel for decades at a time, wandering the world, taking in as many different sites and sounds as they can before eventually returning to regale their tribes of the wonders the galaxy, further inciting other Beje to momentarily go out into the world.

    Guaren (11 RP)
    Spoiler: stats
    Humanoid (Guar, Orc): Quar qualify for feats and classes as if they were Orcs, though they are not actually related to Orcs in any way.
    Base speed: 30ft
    Specialized: +2 to Strength and Constitution, -2 intelligence. Guaren are strong and hardy, but are too unfocused for serious study and scholarship.
    Languages: Galatic, Bastish. Guaren with a high intelligence can learn three of the Allied Race Languages, plus Orcish, draconic, Sylvan
    Natural Armor (2 RP): Guaren gain a +1 natural armor bonus to their Armor Class.
    Poison Resistance ( 3 RP): Guaren gain a racial bonus on saving throws against poison effects equal to their Hit Dice.
    Flight (6 RP): Guaren have a fly speed of 40ft with poor maneuverability

    Planet – Sauadje: Guaren are the other species that lives on Sauadje, though they are far more standard than the Beje, and live in the harsher desert and cliffs of Sauadje, instead of the forests. They visit and sometimes exchange goods with Beje but live on the rocky, and craggy surface of the planet. They are more numerous than the Beje by far, but have been forced to contend with the dangerous creatures of the world continually. Only when they advanced far did they finally gain the advantage over the other species on the planet. Guaren do not settle the forests in large numbers because they understand the well-trees importance, and know the forests have a limit to the amount of life that they can support.
    Physiology and Personality: Guaren have gray and brown mottled skin designed to look similar to the rocks and crags they make their homes in. They are compact creatures, around 5’6 to 5’8, and sport two bat-like wings. Guaren faces have slitted nostrils and eyes adapted to keep dust out. Unlike their neighbors, Guaren are definitely mammalian and have animal ancestry. Guaren are an amiable people, as long as they feel that every being is pulling its weight. Their culture is one that revolves around living on the edge, and as such they are hardwired to connect sloth with death. Guaren share almost everything, and consider the family unit sacroscant. While many would think this would lead to disdain for the Beje, Guaren simply consider all Beje of one tribe as family, despite Beje’s insistence that they don’t have families. Guaren have adapted to living in close quarters with other people, as they normally dwell in caves along cliff sides and in cramped tunnels with each other. Guar typically make their homes in cavern systems that connect to underwater rivulets, and fly out in search of food over miles of territory in any given day. While they advanced slowly, being more worried and focused on survival and hunting than on understanding the world around them, they took to space flight like it was second nature. They dragged the Beje with them off world, insisting that both species needed to enrich their cultures by seeing new sights and exploring the cosmos, for once they were right. While Beje have been responsible for most of the technological advancements on Sauadje, Guaren are better at applying the discoveries, and enjoy new experiences.
    Guaren consider Beje their close cousins, despite their being absolutely no common ancestry between the two races, and normally treat the plant race with great honor and care. This comes from the Guaren morality which believes that Beje do the most to maintain the life of the planet and defer to Beje judgment when it comes to the well-tree forests. It also helps that in ancient times no Guaren had managed to successfully seize even one of the forests from the Beje, who defend theforests with incredible zeal, but it has since changed into respect. Guaren are not overly intelligent creatures, and they tend to make rash judgments, which comes from the necessity of action on Sauadje. Guaren are excitable, and the entire species might as well be attention deficit for all their inborn ability to concentrate. Still, they remain loyal to the extremes once they decide that someone deserves loyalty. Unexpectedly Guaren get along very well with Orcs, and the two species have started to work together, Guaren often helping Orcs adjust to other species, while Orcs remain impressed with Guarens sturdiness and comparative intelligence.

    Yazun (11 RP)
    Spoiler: stats
    Outsider (Native) (3 RP)
    Base Speed: 20ft, and Yazun can hold their breath for up to one hour without issue.
    Standard: +2 Constitution, +2 Intelligence, -2 Dexterity.
    Languages: Galactic, Zaddish. Yazun with a high intelligence modifier can learn two of the Allied Race Languages, Terran, Aquan, Ignan, Auran, and draconic.
    Fire Immunity (4 RP): Yazun are immune to fire damage
    Cold Resistance (1 RP): Yazun have resist 5 for cold
    Improved Natural Armor (3 RP): Yazun gain a +2 bonus to natural armor
    Lesser Spell Resistance (2 RP): Yazun gain a spell resistance equal to 6+ their character level.
    Limited Diet (-1 RP): Yazun need an enormously high amount of organic minerals and metals in their diets, an amount that would be toxic to almost any other species. As a result they must either eat food from their homeplanet, or carry highly concentrated vitamin supplements to maintain their diet. They can live for 3d6 days on regular food, but after that they start experiencing the effects of starvation, regardless of whether or not they eat.

    Planet – Messerack: Messerack is very close to its star, too close to support most forms of life. While its spring and fall are tolerable to most species, in summer the weather gets hot enough for standing water to boil, and winter reaches subartic temperatures capable of freezing the eyes out of a humans skull. This inhospitable planet has somehow managed to support life, though, and it is due partially to an incredibly high level of metals present in the planets formation. Life has somehow managed to incorporate a high level of metallic substances in their make-up on the planet, and use the metals to help shield themselves from the most damaging parts of Messerack’s seasonal cycle. What, by all rights, should be a terrible wasteland, instead has plentiful and verdant growth.
    Personality and Physiology: Yazun are incredibly resilient. They can handle incredibly high temperatures without any problem, and are even resistance to cold whether well below what other species consider tolerable. They must, because otherwise they would not have survived a single year on Messerack. Yazun, along with all the species on Messerack, have adapted to the cycle of the seasons in various ways. Yazun tie their reproductive cycle to Summer, and during the rest of the year they have no sex drive at all. This helps them survive the winter by not needing to worry about supporting a new born through the season, and insuring it will be born during the spring. Yazun also need to be physically hardy due to the variety of terrible creatures that live on the planet. Like all extreme planets the native fauna are exceptionally dangerous, and Yazun have been forced to battle them continually for supremacy. Yazun are in fact one of the only species to master metal work before bronze or stone, due largely to the fact that most of the creatures on the planet have enough concentration of metal in their bones to already serve as a decent weapon once sharpened. Yazun are tall and slender, with lithe frames that betray only a hint of their old, aquatic mammalian heritage. While their ancestors were a species of aquatic mammal similar to a dolphin they have long ago moved on to being a primarily land-based species. Messerack is thought to have life partially due to a strong outsider heritage, and it is thought by Yazun’s that their race owes its existence to primordial creatures from the elemental plane, to who Messerack appealed. Why they would have done so is unknown, but it is as good a theory as any other.
    Personality wise Yazun are similar to humans, though they tend to be more daring, and more likely to disregard personal safety. This is a remnant from their ancestry, as they had to regularly put their lives on the line to survive, for a much longer time than humans did. Plus, since they are physically more durable, they are able to take greater punishment, and thus they have a higher success rate in acts of daring. Yazun differ largely that sexual characteristics do not color their thinking for the majority of the time, and thus they are largely not motivated in that regard. Only during the 3-4 month period during summer do they desire intimate contact, and even then it is a somewhat low-level desire. Because of this they put less emphasis on gender or gender roles, and instead have a naturally equal society when it comes to gender. In other regards they are as capable of evil as any other people, but sexism is not one of their sins. While Yazun enjoy exploration, they have not found any other planets that have everything they require to survive, and are working on finding a planet with Messeracks axil tilt that they could terriform as a secondary planet, as it is, unlike most races, they are almost incapable of really spreading off of their home planet in any real sense.

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    Default Re: The Dragon's Tail (Pathfinder in Space! OOC + Recap)


    Maybe one day, if inspired… I might do a “Shoe’s Captain Log” at some point.


    The crew becomes acquainted with one another and the ship. They get supplies and find out the ship’s AI is crazy. They set out to a planet to rescue some colonist.

    Extended Recap

    What Happened This Session

    Shoe introduces the crew to the Dragon’s Tail, a ship named off a romanticized story he read of Golarion’s past. The ship is in massive disrepair, but as the session goes up the crew warms up to it. Everyone introduces themselves.

    The party discusses the job and supplies necessary. Lux calls Detan old. Lux and Shoe argue over the AI. Everyone displays interest in the ship.

    Everyone goes shopping while Detan, Lux, Phyla, and Eric stay behind. Detan takes a tour of the ship. Due to the crazed AI, the massive, strange engine lets out a bolt, hitting Eric. Detan moves Eric to safety.

    Over 4 hours, the party finds the equipment necessary, taking it back to the ship. Shoe negotiates but meets some mild racism.

    Phyla is found to be biomechanical. Detan accidentally hits on Phyla, Lux does so intentionally. Information is given about the ship. Roran fixes up Eric .

    Later, Shoe leads everyone to their rooms. Shoe rants about his dream for the ship. Durok is given an Officer’s Quarter. The other Officer’s Quarter is left empty. Detan asks why he was not given one.

    Roran sanitizes the Medical Bay. Tchiarot exorcizes the ship. The ship is partially consecrated. Detan and Lux get the ship to speak Draconic. Phyla discovers a kitchen, a workout room, and a dining area. She unlocks an additional door, but it is jammed.

    The crew have dinner and get to know each other. Things go well. Shoe brings shakes out and rants about a mythical Space-Beast. Shoe offends Durok and Lux with bad-taste jokes against the Keglie. A fight seems likely. Things end in nihilism, anger, and tears. Tchiarot says something mysterious…

    The crew arrives to the planet after three days…

    Commerce Station Info

    What kind of supplies does the station have?
    [3/13/2014 10:09:18 PM] GM Grimstone: It is a major nexus, so it has just about anything

    Mission Info

    What happened, bring back any survivors, and would prefer recorded videos to prove you visited the planet

    Asap, but there is no set deadline. Faster arrival means higher chance of saving colonists.

    Planet Strazen Durath B
    There is little known about the planet, just that it is a largely jungle-like planet with a few dangerous animals. There are also some plains, and 1 major continent, which resembles Pangea. It is a young planet, and there are no sentient native species on it, at least none recorded

    Recently settled by a group of mostly Mosse and Taon

    Ship Info

    There are four floors on the ship, of uneven length. The engine is on the bottom, along with a cargo bay. The bridge is on the main level, level 3, while the piloting room is in teh center on teh same floor.

    There are ways to approach the central engine safely, but as in most mechanical vehicles doing repairs while it is running is not easy. The ship is about the length of an American football field

    Neither Shoe nor Phyla actually know what type of engine is in the ship

    That is the only part of the ship that is dangerous to approach. The engine room has sensitive equipment that should be handled with care. The AI does not like or understand that no one understands it

    Do we have Suits?
    The ship comes with regular space suits, and a couple hazard suits
    [3/13/2014 10:06:19 PM] GM Grimstone: None of which are good for combat

    (ai core) yeah, its buried in the main computer system as far as you guys can tell. you would need to hae a professional see about understandign the systems well. Its quite possible that it is built into the circuitry of the ship and cannot be removed, but none of you know for sure

    Important Rooms: Armory, Laboratory, Medbay, Work-Out Room, Dining Room, Bridge, Engine Room, Pilot's Room*, Cargo Hold, Mystery Rooms

    *separate from Bridge. Bridge is near the front(??? or middle top???) with windows, Pilot's Room near the center of the ship.

    Stuff to do on the ship: piloting, crafting, maintenance, cooking, piloting, gun maintenance, preaching,

    [12:25:41 AM] GM Grimstone: Plus you need electronics to deal with the AI

    New Homebrew Info

    The price for a DR 5/- force field generator is 1750 Sa, and works for 2 hours on one power pack, stacks with armor

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