The Gladiator

Gladiators are professional warriors that specialize in arena combat. The best gladiators are capable of not only defeating their opponents but also are skilled at pleasing and spurring on the crowd. Gladiators come in all shapes and sizes from the heavily armored myrmidon to the lightly armed knife fighters found in back ally fight clubs.
Gladiators often share a low social standing, as many are slaves. But a few enjoy celebrity status in the communities that support such entertainment. Gladiators donít usually fight to the death, as training them is quite expensive. Though death matches do occur, they are infrequent.

Most gladiators are free men and women who take to the arenas to gain fame and fortune. While others are slaves or criminals that are forced into the lifestyle. Some escape captivity and are forced to run for their very life. Others win their freedom by proving their worth in the arena. Free men and women may choose to adventure for any number of reasons. As they have not been conscripted to fight.

Gladiators require strength, constitution and charisma. Strength enables them to deal more damage to their opponents and constitution allows them to take damage. Charisma is important because many of their abilities are powered by it.

  • Base attack bonus +6
  • Minimum +1 charisma modifier
  • Weapon focus in any one martial weapon

Hit dice: d12

The following are the gladiatorís skills and the key ability for each: Heal (wis), intimidate (cha), jump (str), perform (cha), Profession (gladiator)(wis), ride (dex), sense motive (wis), spot (wis), swim (str)
Skill points: 2+int modifier per level.

Gladiator progression

Class features

Weapons and armor proficiencies

The Gladiator gains no new weapon and armor proficiencies.

At first level a gladiator must choose from a given list of combat styles. These styles improve as he levels up as a gladiator. Gladiators are usually referred to by type, such as Myrmidons. The combat styles are listed below. At 5th and 9th levels, he gains another one of the listed feats, at his choice. However he must meet all the requirements for the chosen feats.

The gladiator becomes a skilled Bowman, able to hit enemies both up close and afar. He gains access to the following feats: Point Blank Shot, Far Shot, Improved Precise Shot, Rapid shot, Many Shot, Shot on the Run.
The gladiator becomes skilled with wielding two weapons, usually two knifes or a knife and short sword, though other weapons are used. He gains access to the following feats: two weapon fighting, two weapon defense, improved two weapon fighting, two weapon pounce (PHBII), two weapon rend (PHBII)
This gladiator becomes skilled with wearing heavy armor and wielding a sword and shield. He gains the access to the following bonus feats: Improved shield bash, tower shield proficiency, shield specialization (PHBII), active shield defense (PHBII), shield ward(PHBII), shield sling(PHBII)
This style of gladiator fights with a polearm or other similar weapon (usually a trident) and a secondary weapon (usually a net), a backup dagger and light armor. They gain the following feats: exotic weapon proficiency (net), two weapon fighting, improved two weapon fighting, two weapon defense, lunging strike (phbII), short haft (PhbII)

Crowd favorite
The gladiator doesnít fight just to defeat his opponents; he also fights to please the crowd. With this in mind, the gladiator learns how to do battle with more gusto and flair than other warriors. He gains the ability to add his charisma modifier to any attack and damage rolls he makes. But he must be within sight of a crowd of people (numbering 3 or more individuals), to use this ability.

Roar of the crowd
During the gladiatorís career he becomes enthralled by the acclaim and approval of the crowds he fights for. This fortifies him and allows him to resist the effects of battle easier. He may now add his charisma modifier to any saving throw he makes. He may only add this bonus if he is within the sight of a crowd of people (numbering 3 or more individuals), and only when he is in combat.

Live by the sword
The life of a gladiator is hard. They often have to get along with just mundane healing as a result a gladiator of 10th level gains the ability to heal wounds faster than other warriors. He gains fast healing 5. Also he gains the ability to restore lost hit points via resting at twice the regular rate. This ability stacks with the heal skill.