Dark rituals? Vampiric killings in the dead of night? Ghoul hunters prowling the skylines? Have you ever seen a white hand float behind Han Garden Chinese? Have you ever suspected that your town isn't what it seems?

Here's where we bring that to life. We're gonna write entries for places we have lived, live in, or frequent often, to alert wizards and other supernatural travelers of the havens and hazards of our dwellings. As long or short as you like. Have fun...

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Briarcliff Manor, NY

Hudson River Faeries

We in the know have known about the faerie love of New England suburbs for a while, and Briarcliff isn't much different. Food disappears from our plates, we suddenly see sounds and hear touch every so often, and Mt. Fuji Sushi never seems to be in financial trouble, even though they never actually seem to have any guests. Luckily, the faeries are great conversationalists, and we mostly seem to be a home for seelie fae. If you see an unseelie, stay calm and try to talk to it. They are very capricious. The video store next to the Hallmark used to thrive a few years back, even competing with new technology, but it went out of business over one very cold winter. I swear I saw a man with no pupils, wearing a hipster scarf, walk out of the store right before it closed.

1950's Back Again

If you're planning to visit Briarcliff, know about this village's obsession with the past. We've paved over golf courses to create neighborhoods with houses that look like they could have come straight out of Leave it to Beaver. The streets around these areas are named after World War II veterans, as is the school. The town has a love of the past etched into itself. Of course, this means you will find no shortage of changelings and identity-stealing faeries, perhaps trying to imitate the Pod People. Who knows? The faeries who do speak English seem to wear sweatervests and polka-dotted dresses, and many talk about "the War". I also met one who tried to offer me a cigarette.

G.I. Ghosts and Todd Elementary School

Faeries aren't the only mystical element which seems to be in tune with our hamlet. Due to all the veteran casualties from our town, we have ghosts of all sizes and densities lurking at night. The memorial in the lobby of Todd Elementary School, for all the veterans who died, tends to be a hotspot. Some children have reported seeing pale, yellow eyes behind the nurse's desk, and strange, baseball hats from the 1920's littered around classrooms, especially Mr. Wu's room. The ghosts also may help explain the crushing depression found in Briarcliff among children. Frankly, I have no idea.

Occultism in Briarcliff

Briarcliff tends not to be a very occult town, due to the upper-class surroundings and lack of actual geographic power spots. However, the power lines which crisscross the town make for effective power sources for spellcraft, and a few canny villagers do know a thing or two. Generally though, any wizards here are probably only powerful enough to realistically claim that they're vampires.

In conclusion, dear reader, get used to fae.