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    Default PASSIVE™ ~ A percentile / d100 system built from the ground up.

    Hello everyone!
    Thought it was about time I started to slowly release some information about a Game System I've been working on for the past 3 and a bit years, the name has varied but I've finally rested on calling it PASSIVE™.

    So the first question is: "What is PASSIVE™?"

    PASSIVE™ is a game system that I've constructed to combat some of the things in classic RPGs that really grind my gears and rub me up the wrong way, things such as being limited on what you can do by the class you pick at the start of the game, the seemingly idiocy of player characters standing around to get hit when its not their turn, or the fact that players don't really work together as a party.

    The way I decided to try to implement these things was by removing classes and levels, in favour of a "Constant Character Development" style of play, the idea being that your starting skills are based on your characters previous occupation before the current campaign. From there it is up to you how your character proceeds, what skills they use and how they develop as a character.
    Your options on developing your character range from focusing all your efforts into maybe being the best Surgeon or Doctor possible, Training yourself in a variety of skills and becoming a jack of trades or simply focusing in being a mercenary for hire.
    Your characters goals and motivations are up to you, the way you play is up to you, the final future of your character is all. up. to. you!

    The setting for PASSIVE™ is that of a future where humanity (Called the Khin in this) has spread out amongst the stars to colonize other planets, so being set in the future you can expect alien races with varying technological levels and society's, interstellar faster then light travel, energy based weapons, and yes; even MECH ON MECH BATTLES!

    Keep in mind that this IS an ongoing project, the fact I've been working on it for the past 3 years (admittedly not continuously) means that I've worked out a few base rules, but still the majority of the game is still either empty or barebones.
    If you wish to put forward ideas and help out, any help would be greatly appreciated, though this is my baby, so don't take it badly if I reject your input.

    As I work on the RPG, I shall be updating this thread with the information, I'll never take away anything I've posted, even if I decide that it either wouldn't work and come up with another way of doing something, I'll simply move it to another part labeled something like Outdated/Unused Information, that way some of you may be able to take it and make something that could work out of it.

    A final thought. I would appreciate it if no one openly ripped off any of my information for personal gain, like I've stated a few times, I have been working on this a long LONG time and hopefully plan on being able to produce a working RPG game by the end of it... I plan on receiving no money or donations whilst having this thread up, if you REALLY want to help out in any way I welcome it, but my main goal of this is to make something people want to play and works.

    So, I guess this is it, the first open knowledge I'm sharing with the public over my baby, the PASSIVE™ system.

    (Disclaimer: PASSIVE™ is not yet legally trademarked, but it makes me happy to see ™ by the name and I hope to be able to actually trademark it in future, this is currently a non profit endeavor, but help in any way shape or form is welcomed and any information used that is contributed by others whilst not receiving any monetary reward shall have their name put in the final product as a thank you)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deth Muncher View Post
    +1 to Fay being awesome, causing nosebleeds and etc.
    Quote Originally Posted by Raz_Fox View Post
    If Fay Graydon is visible to a male target, she deals d6 Nosebleed Damage per turn.
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    Default Re: PASSIVE™ ~ A percentile / d100 system built from the ground up.

    Right, so it just occurred to me that I should have followed up my first post sooner, but hey, distractions am I right?

    Anyway some information about the game:

    The PASSIVE™ Stat system.
    PASSIVE™ is named after the system of stats that it uses to form the core of the character creation.
    Each letter of PASSIVE™ corresponds to a different stat:
    • Perception
    • Agility
    • Strength
    • Stamina
    • Intellect
    • Vitality
    • Eloquence

    Each skill in the PASSIVE™ system runs of a certain stat (in some cases, multiple stats) and depending on what a Characters stats are, they define the starting Health, Accuracy, Psychosis and Speed of a character.

    Link to the first draft idea of the Character sheet

    Races (Playable):
    Spoiler: Khin
    Spoiler: History
    The first race on roster of playable races are the Khin, the Khin are what other species refer to as Human race, Hailing originally from the Planet Sol 3 (Earth 1) in the Sol System, the Khin spread out through the cosmos in the late 23rd century, colonizing planets as it went and gaining systems under the control of the UNOE (United Nations of Earth (1)).
    The first contact with another sentient race came at about 2356, when a mining colony came under attack by a Jinochi ship, believing the mining operation to be an attack on a seemingly sacred, record archive. When the incident was sorted out, the UNOE made a trade agreement and a non-aggression pact with the Jinochi race, in exchange for star maps of Jinochi territory so that incidents like that didn't happen again. It was then they found out about the other sentient races living amongst the nearby stars.
    Spoiler: Physical Description
    Khin vary widely in appearance, for starters there are two main biological gender; Male and Female, the mails tend to possess more physical strength and stamina, tend to be slightly bigger and heavier with more muscle mass then their female counterparts, the males also have exterior genitalia. The females, unlike the males have internal genitalia and carry their offspring inside them during the reproductive cycle, female anatomy is identical to males with the exception of the sexual organs and have more breast tissue and their mammary glands produce nutrient rich liquid from which to feed their young after birth. Females also tend to have less Physical Strength and Stamina then the Males but often tend to have a more Perceptive and Eloquent view of things.
    • All Khin have Average Intellect compared to other races
    • A Male Khin's height typically averages at 5'7''.
    • A Male Khin's weight typically averages at 190lbs.
    • A Female Khin's height typically averages at 5'3''.
    • A Female Khin's weight typically averages at 165lbs.
    Spoiler: Technological Level
    The technological level of the Khin race remains largely unchanged for a few hundred years, experimental dives into Mass Accelerators and Subatomic Energy Partials such as Protons and Tachyons have largely found to have been whilst scientifically beneficial, not economically available with the resources they had available to them at the time.
    This means that the Khin race largely still use Combustion as a main steeple source of energy release, their weaponry being based thus. The most common form of Combustion the Khin use tends to be that of Compressed Gas.
    The Khin did however manage FTL travel, although not as accurate or reliable as other races method of FTL travel, they utilized a device known as the Alcubierre "Wave" Drive, so named as it would create a "wave" in the fabric of space behind the vessel to expand and push the ship into a compressed section of space in front of it. However this form of FTL travel is as earlier stated, not very accurate and is often used to perform FTL "jumps" whilst using sub-light drives to alter course and travel within solar systems.
    Spoiler: Society
    The UNOE work on a Liberal Democracy style of government, the idea that they work together as a "community" for the overall benefit of the Khin race.
    Large corporations still exist in their society, however due to legislation contracts with the central government means that said corporations are in direct relationship with each other to produce products without large discrepancy in price, this was intended to allow fair trading and purchasing of goods without causing economical or financial stress.
    In a bid to get rid of political corruption, all members of government are voted in by the masses, and every law and legislation passed by the UNOE is put to a mass vote, whilst this may be time consuming, it was one of the most practical ways to ensure that ever member of the race had a say in matters.
    Spoiler: Jinochi
    Spoiler: History
    Jinochi records go back for thousands and thousands of years. With their thirst for knowledge it was deemed necessary to catalog all events in every field, many Jinochi planets have large facilities devoted to archiving information in all forms, these (to a Khin) would seem to be a cross between; Libaries, Museums, and data archives all rolled into one.
    Due to the nature of Jinochi recording their history so accuratly, all their medical and scientific breakthroughs and advances are well noted, and many Jinochi devote their lives to advancing their knowledge of all things further.
    However the Jinochi were not always a race striving to better themselves with knowledge and some would say that the term "Bettering themselves" could be questionable when applied to them. The Jinochi seem to have little regard for things such as ethics and morality, evidence clearly shows that not only did they experiment on their own people in sometimes horrific ways, but other species as well, detailed documents show that Jinochi happily perform things such as a Vivisection or test a weapon out on a living being, purely to record the results of their "experiments".
    Having been one of the first races known to have developed Faster Then Light (FTL) travel, their teritory spans far and wide, however due to their curious nature, they often don't stay long in any one place once they deem that "Nothing more can be learned here", and as such, large parts of their territory is often left empty, monitored by AI computer systems (often to protect data records) and they only seem to return if their information archives are at risk.
    Spoiler: Physical Description
    Jinochi are a tall and slender race, though their stance is almost always viewed as a "slouch", their ungulate legs coupled with their stance makes their already rather tall height deceptive, when stretched out they can reach heights of up to 8 feet tall, when "hunched over" they usually stand at about 6 feet, and the small pointed tails seem ineffective in counterbalance; due to being a remnant of their lesser evolved ancestors.
    Their clothing often sports lavish colours and minute yet complex detail; even the poorest or lowest in their society seems to dress this way and their clothes often reflect their eloquence or social standing. They also seem to favor long hair, often swept back or supported into intricate styles with micro-gravity field generating hair ornaments. Their pale skin and large, backwards extending earlobes that end in almost pointed round nubs (often containing a sort of ear ring like jewelry at the tip), coupled with a mouth full of pointed sharp triangular teeth and a flat wide nose, give them what Khin from the 20th century might call a "Demonic" appearance, and their 3 long, triple jointed digits on each hand does little to alter this perception.
    Spoiler: Technological Level
    The Jinochi have a very advanced Technological Level; from micro-gravity generators to advanced FTL drives and high output energy particle weapons, the Jinochi have become one of the most technologically advanced races documented by anyone, probably the most advanced, decades upon decades upon decades of scientific breakthrough have given them a level of technological sophistication and the threat alone of a single Jinochi fighter would put lesser advanced races quaking in fear; regardless of being the commander of a battle cruiser.
    However, this does not mean that with all their advanced energy shields and high tech computer systems that they are immortal, far from it. The main problem that Jinochi tech and in deed the Jinochi themselves have in common is a misplaced aloofness that due to what they have achieved, that they are superior. A counterbalance ying to their yang is that; whilst yes, the shields on their ships may be able to absorb energy pulses like theres no tomorrow, they sometimes forget that not everyone uses such weaponry, and a cascade of solid projectiles can cause their shields to fail. Another problem is that behind all the technology, their defenses in flesh and material is often weak and vulnerable.
    Like an old Khin expression says "If it bleeds, we can kill it." and the Jinochi do indeed bleed under their armor and shields.
    Spoiler: Society
    The Jinochi society is based around three main ideas.
    • Knowledge is Power.
    • Success is the Failure of others.
    • Never trust someone who knows more then you.

    The best way to sum up the overall Jinochi society is as a post-industrial society. The main Jinochi idea that "Knowledge is Power" means that the more a Jinochi knows, the more important he is and the greater his social, political and economical standing is.
    The concept of "Government" is often ignored by the Jinochi, they favor an approach where the person with the most knowledge takes charge over those around them, utilizing tactics such as belittlement, smear campaigns and shows of intelligence to get other to conform to what they believe should happen, to Jinochi, Knowledge is Charismatic.
    Spoiler: Yænïr
    Spoiler: History
    The Yænïr are a short, stocky and resiliant race, known for their ingenuity and imaginative solutions and inventions, their past is filled with industry and war, leading to many brutal machines of death. The most well known being the IMAS (Individual Mechanised Armoured Suits) and the WASPs (Weaponised Armoured Ballistic Platforms) which were used both on the battlefield and to defend well equiped strongholds throughout their teritory. Having spent decades fighting amongst themselves, they united only to combat ever growing threats from offworld threats such as those posed by the D'Bokkiae (which the Yænïr spitefully call "Goblyns", the word Goblyn meaning vile creature in their tongue). Unfortunatly, the "Goblyn" race outnumbered the Yænïr on all accounts and soon overwhelmed them, their only hope came when the Jinochi appeared and a hasty alliance was formed, with the help of the Jinochi, the Yænïr were able to repell the "Goblyn" race and push them to the boundries of their space, in exchange they gave the Jinochi access to their cybernetic suits and worked in tandem to create the CAI (Cybernetic AI) which were used as intelligent sentries on the edge of their territory to stop future "Goblyn" attacks.
    Spoiler: Physical Description
    Yænïr are short and stand on average at around 3'5" to 4' tall, their skin is thick and dark in colour, and usually ripples across tough sinuey muscles. Most Yænïr possess large muscles due to the main lifestyle of physical work, be it farming, metalwork or engineering. Differences between the two genders can be often hard to spot, as both Male and Females sport thick hair on their heads and faces, but the males are usually wider then their female counterparts. Yænïr hair is thick and corse, and grows rapidly, leading to large eyebrows, long hair and full facial hair that is often braided and tied back to get it out the way.
    The average Yænïr can be expected to weigh a similar weight to the average Khin, despite the size difference.
    Spoiler: Technological Level
    Yænïr technology is grounded in practicality and relyability, they favour things that have proven to work and despite their ability for inventing and creating things, often this skill is foregone in favour of keeping existing things and upgrading them when they fail or become obsolite.
    Their weaponary uses a principle of mass acceleration, where kinetic energy is built up within the weapon before being released in order to launch a solid projectile out of the end of the weapon at high speeds, unlike the Khin who use either a build up of pressure or a miniature explosion to release energy to launch the projectile, the Khin instead use a device that in simplist terms functions the same way as a pair of wheels spinning with an object pushed through them to accelorate the speed.
    Prior to the Alliance with the Jinochi, the Yænïr didn't have access to FTL travel, having to travel at sublight speed between devices stationed in each system called "Beacons" which would use a Mass Acceleration similar to that used in their weaponary to "Fire" the ships towards another system. Even after the Jinochi shared their (outdated) FTL engines with the Yænïr, they still prefer to use "Beacons" as it allows them to cover a larger distence in a shorter space of time, without having to repeatedly make adjestments mid flight, the downside however is that all calculations are done prior to travel and there are odd reports of a high volosity collision where a ship had warped into the path of a Yænïr ship after it was launched from a "Beacon".
    The pride of Yænïr technology however, is without a doubt their IMAS and WASP systems, since encountering the Yænïr, both Khin and Jinochi have attempted to replicate the IMAS, both met with variating degrees of success,but neither could match the Yænïr IMAS versitility or relyability.
    Spoiler: Society
    Yænïr society is heptic at best, often a different factions controlling each "Beacon", the idea is that of the "Beacons" acting as key points in their territory, and no one Yænïr faction has enough power to seize more then a handful, a representative of each faction resides in a government on the coreworld of their territory and speaks on behalf of the faction they represent, factions often spring up from different companies as the Yænïr value industry highly and as such, dedicated skilled workers are often viewed as more important then military or civilian. The higher up a Yænïr is in a company, the more important they are.

    Next Up: The Self aware Artificial Intelligence... The C.A.I.

    More information to be uploaded regularly

    Mostly finished working on:
    • Races.
    • Dice System (rules to be released soon).
    • Basic Combat System (I have the core mechanics but need to test them).
    • Action Slot System.
    • Experience and Character Development.
    • Weapon attachment system.

    Require some assistance on:
    • Skills (the idea is to have lots of different skills available to learn)
    • Character Backgrounds (the idea being the job or career the character had before the campaign, each with their own base set of skills)
    • Weapons in detail (I have most of the weapon detail down, just need some ideas for actual futuristic style firearms and names and so on)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deth Muncher View Post
    +1 to Fay being awesome, causing nosebleeds and etc.
    Quote Originally Posted by Raz_Fox View Post
    If Fay Graydon is visible to a male target, she deals d6 Nosebleed Damage per turn.
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    Default Re: PASSIVE™ ~ A percentile / d100 system built from the ground up.

    Third post for all random notes that I have done in the past, that way you can possibly see how my brain is working... maybe?

    Spoiler: Random Notes - Basic Gameplay
    Perception – Governs attention and allertness
    Agility – Governs speed and reflexes
    Strength – Governs raw physical power
    Stamina – Governs endurance and energy
    Intellect – Governs knowledge and mental acuity
    Vitality – Governs health and resistances
    Eloquence – Governs social interactions.

    P+A = Accuracy
    Stam+Vit = Health

    Accuracy = % or hit bonus?
    Hit bonus would be easier to implement... if so could do it like D&D stats with Modifiers
    then could do all fighting on d20, but that would be the same as D&D...
    alternatively could have all the stats as out of 100,then implement a d% system and use 2d10 as all dice rolls...

    regardless, both would have to be able to vary greatly between weapon archtypes and the like...

    convert probabbility into bit? y=(xlog10)/log2


    Type = weapon type, e.g. pistol, shotgun, rifle.
    Range Effectiveness = Min / max for a weapon to be effective at.
    Weight = how heavy a weapon is, different weights affects accuracy
    Recoil = how much recoil a fire arm has affecting accuracy with sustained fire
    Rate of Fire = type of weapon fire, bolt action, semi auto, full auto, burst. Changes number of shots per use (writen as [FireType]X where x is the number of shots per use
    Damage = Damage inflicted with each hit.
    Load slots = how large the weapon is, affecting the number of “Load Slots” for storage, also affects if the weapon is one or two handed.
    Crit Range = the critical hit / miss size, displayed as a number. Affects how much range critical hits or misses have to happen.

    Types of weapons:

    Melee = Close combat weapons
    Firearms = Various ballistic firearms
    Thrown = Thrown weapons, grenades, knives, ect...
    Ballistic Other: Bows, Crossbows, and other non firearm ballistic weapons.
    Other = Other weapons such as traps, set explosives.

    Melee weapons:

    Melee weapons come in 3 main types depending on their use:
    - Blades = Bladed weapons, knives, axe's, generally inflicting slash wounds
    - Blugeons = Clubs, Pipes, Rocks, generally used for smashing.
    - Peircing = Thrusting weapons, spears, bayonettes, generally used to stab


    Firearms fall into weapon groups.
    Pistols = single handed firearms, usually refered to as “Side arms”
    Submachine Guns = Lightweight and compact weapons capeable of unleashing torrents of bullets at the sacrifice of range.
    Rifles = A varied group, ranging from long range sniper rifles, to versitile Assault Rifles.
    Light Machine Guns = Despite being called “Light” machine guns, these weapons are large and heavy, capeable of delivering great ammounts of sustainable fire due to large clips.
    Shoulder Mounted Launchers = launchers capeable of firing shoulder mounted rockets, such as the classic bazooka.
    Shotguns = short range but powerful, spread shot style weapons, pack a punch but seriously lack range, solid shot slug ammo can make up the range but often lack accuracy.

    Combat system.

    During combat, each character can perform a certain number of actions each turn equal to their number of Action slots. Skills can be purchased to change the number of slots certain actions take, each action takes up a certain number of slots.
    For example:
    Bob's character has 4 action slots. His skills and equipment mean that firing his weapon takes two slots, but due to his sustained fire skill, after the initial first shot, the number of slots each shot takes becomes halfed. So he can fire his weapon 3 times in a round of combat (once for the first shot and twice at one slot each)
    In addition to this, there is something called “Battleflow”, where certain actions can link to each other to form a chain, often reducing the number of action slots.
    Simon's character is based around melee combat, forgoing guns for two blades. He has 6 action slots per turn and in already within melee range, his attacks he can perform are: Slash (1 slot), whirlwind Spin (3 slots), Thrust (1 slot), Flurry (2 slots). Slash can link to all of them, thrust can not link to any, flurry can link to thrust and spin, spin can link to thrust. So he could perform a chain, each possible linked move reduces the number of actions by one (to a minimum of 1)
    So through BattleFlow, the following could happen:
    Slash (1) → Slash (1) → Flurry (1) → Spin (2) → Thrust (1)
    Simon then buys a skill to mean he can use BattleFlow to use Slash in quick sucession. Meaning he gets 2 slashes during a link for the price of one (as long as its not the first action)
    so he can now do the samebut the second slash would count as two slashes.

    If actions are performed that ends a link (like the Thrust skill that Simon knows) before the total number of action points are used up, the BattleFlow link would have to bestarted up again, and the action slot reduction bonus would be lost for that first action of the new link.
    Slash (1) → Spin (2) → Thrust (1) (Link ends)
    |- new link -| Slash (1) → Slash (double)(1) (out of Action Slots)

    The key to BattleFlow, is knowing what actions can link to what and utilising them to their full.

    Hitting in combat:

    The main combat system utilises a % system, represented by rolling 2d10, one of which represents the tens and the other represents the units. (you can use a special d10 that has 00,10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90 respectively instead of the singlular unit equivalent)
    Befor rolling, you have to work out your total requirement to hit. This is done by taking your base accuracy, applying various modifiers to then get the result required to hit.
    Examples of roll affecting modifiers are:
    - Weapon Skill
    - Recoil (sustained fire)
    - Weight
    - ADS (aim down sight)
    - Aim / targeting
    - Target in cover / no line of sight
    - Target / player moving
    - Range.
    Some modifiers are beneficial, whilst others are not, to avoid wasting ammo, it is recommended to maximise your chance to hit before firing.

    After working out what you require to hit, your dice roll has to be under it, imagine it as a % chance to hit.
    And example would be, after all modifiers 78%cth(chance to hit) so 01-78 is a hit, whilst 79-100 is a miss.
    In addition, rolling within a weapons Critical chance at either end of the scale is an automattic hit/miss, regardless of the chance to hit, meaning one in a million shots can still happen.
    Bob has a crit range of 5, on a roll of 1-5 he gets an automatic hit with maximum damage. This is called a Critical Hit, however, on the opposite end of the scale, rolling 95-100 results in an automatic miss, with a posibility to jam his weapon, for him to hit an ally or any other negitive result desided upon by the GM, this is called a Fumble.
    So higher Crit ranges are a double edge sword as so to speak.
    Regarless, a natural roll of 01 does a Special Critical, doing something amazingly lucky (at the GM's discretion) likewise, 100 is a Special Fumble, doing just the opposite.
    To get a weapons crit range, your chance to hit, cannot be within double of the weapons crit value of either end. Having such an easy shot that garenty's a critical is not fair on either side, neither is a chance so slim that there isnt any point in taking the shot.
    Going back to the example above.
    Bob has tied up a foe, is at point blank range, taking aim against his stationary foe, in dead calm, no pressure from any source. Basically he cant miss, his hit chance is above double his basic 5 crit range (so 10), in fact his hit chance is at 93%, above his 10 range at either end, so the crit chance is reduced to basic special crits(01 or 100)
    he would still need to roll, as there is a chance not to hit, his weapon might jam for example.

    Rate of Fire explained:

    Each firearm has different types of fire.
    - Bolt action / Rechamber
    - Semi auto
    - full auto
    - Burst
    Some have special types, but these are the main types.
    The way these work are by changing the number of shots fired with each action.
    Bolt action / rechamber:
    Bolt action and rechamber weapons have one shot before needing to be reloaded or redied. This works itself out as a 2 action slot deal, one to fire, one to ready the next shot.
    Semi Auto:
    Semi auto are magazine fed weapons that fire one shot with each pull of the trigger, this allows for multiple shots at one action point each before reloading, the recoil on semi auto weapons is usually minimal, allowing for easier sustained fire.
    Burst weapons function like semi auto weapons, but fire a burst of shots within a short space of time, like with Semi auto, each trigger pull takes one action slot, so a Burst3 weapon would get three shots for each trigger pull. The downside of this is more recoil for sustained fire and burning through ammo faster then Semi auto weapons. Most burst weapons however come with a toggle between burst and another setting such as Semi or full auto.
    Full Auto:
    Functioning in a similar method to burst but in greater quantities, full auto burn through ammo at a much larger rate and often require larger clip sizes, also the ammount of recoil they kick out is indeed noticeable, especially during sustained fire.

    Sustained Fire explained.

    Sustained fire is a useful skill, allowing firearm users to lay down more fire at the cost of a recoil modifier to their hit chance, it is not immediately available, however is one of the cheapest firearm related skills in the game.
    Sustained fire basically changes the action point cost of shots fired in succession after the first shot to half the base, so if a weapon takes one action slot to fire, sustained fire skill gives you two shots for the price of one.


    Unlike other RPGs which tend to use Experience as a way to get from character level to character level, in this game, experience is used more as currancy to purchase new skills and abilities or to improve a character's stats. In order to use experience however, characters have to be in “down time” or time not spent in combat, but spent in a safe environment with access to people or information to be able to teach them new skills (in the case of skills an abilities)
    To improve existing skills however, the character meerly needs access to a way to practise, and not the person/information to teach them. New skills may be aquired without locating someone to teach them for double the base cost, this represents the character getting a sudden burst of inspiration on a subject.

    There are many races and creatures in the universe of Prysma.
    The main player races available with the core game are the following:
    - Human (Khin)
    - Yanir
    - Jintochi
    - CyberAI
    - Drogre (?)

    The Human race, known to others as the “Khin” is by far one of the most numourous races, upon developing FTL (faster then light) space travel, they spread out through their galaxy, colonising planets as they went and bringing their curious nature with them, they are primary a peaceful race, wishing to make contact with other life forms but are always ready for conflict, able to adapt to situations by changing things in their own favour, whether it be through changing their environment, using technology or establishing alliances, they are a well rounded race.
    The average Human height is between 5 and 6 foot, but this can vary from person to person.
    Males and Females have physical differences, Males often being the physically stronger of the two, possessing different reproductive organs and more body hair.
    Females on the other hand, tend to be more charismatic and thoughtful of their actions.

    The Yanir race are a short race, often standing at between 3 and 4 foot tall, their builds are stocky, and resilient. They are a hardy race, able to endure temperatures and other environmental conditions better then other races. Their technology is simple yet effective. Prefering practical solutions and an active way of life, they excel at building and forging things, lacking asthetics in favour of practicality, their tech levels tend to not change much from the level its at as it functions their needs already.
    An older race then the Human race, their tech is more advances, utilising Linear Accelerators and Mass Drivers as well as reliable power sources.
    They tend to stick together in communities, each Yanir specialising and attempting to perfect their chosen craft.
    Both Males and Females look very similar in build, both possess equal levels of body power. The main difference is the amount of hair, the females seem to grow their hair faster then males, Males grow hair slower and sport longer hair and beards as a sign of age, the longer the hair, the older the Yanir. Unlike most races however, the females have an equal coverage of body hair as the males, and some even have facial hair like the males.

    The Jintochi are one of the oldest races in the universe, their technology levels are very advanced and employ more enegery based reactions. The Jintochi stand a good 6 – 7 foot tall on average and physical differences between genders is almost impossible as the entire race seems to be androganous. They sport long pointed ears and almost dreadlock style tendrals instead of hair upon their heads. With three digits upon each limb. Their legs are digigrade.
    They possess greater speed then the other races and higher intelligence but unlike other races their bodies are much more fragile.
    Their hunger for knowledge means their eithics are somewhat lacking and some would go as far as to distrust the Jintochi. They are not above experimenting on other races and species.

    The CyberAI, a race created by accident, the Jinochi worked on artificial intelligence which became self aware and sourt independence.
    The Yanir were more then happy to team up with the AI and helped them build bodys or “housing units” and provided them with the means to build their own.
    From their the AI proved a self aware new “race”, recreating their base functions and uploading information, random bits of code desiding features such as “Personality” and “behaviour”, the way each individual learns definiting its programming and changing its personality accordingly.
    Able to change their housing and uploading the AI consiousness into other Machines, the AI are a versitile “Race” however their very nature has one major flaw, their extreamly prone to EMP, which can go from diactivating them, to corrupting bits of their code to even completely whiping out their code and data completely!

    The Drogre, This reptillian race is viewed as Barbaric and Unevolved compaired to other races, they are the youngest race, discovered by accident by the Human's.
    The Drogre have a very nomadic lifestyle, priding strength above all else. Being one of the larger races standing between 6 to 8 foot tall, some males even growing to 9 foot tall. They almost shun technology, using blades, axes and other melee weapons, or choosing bows if they have to engage at a range.
    Their nomadic lifestyle revolves around a elder hyerarchy with elements of mystism. With shamans and tribe cheiftans, warriors and hunters. They roam from place to place, not settling in one place.
    The Drogre often fashion trophies and armour from their kills or use claws, teeth and other bits of animals into weapons.

    IMAS and other Mechs:

    IMAS, Intelligent Mechanised Automated Sentry are an infantry ground based support drone; designed to be deployed in combat situations and can be controlled by a CyberAI or left to basic combat programming peramiters.
    IMAS also serve as the basic housing unit for most CyberAIs, being fairly easy to upgrade the Hardware for a variety of uses, IMAS units are varied and can range from highly armoured, slow moving tank like units equiped with heavy weapons to speedy or stealthy lightweight units for recon perposes.
    IMAS are one of the most common due to the need of CyberAI to have a physical presence in situations, however the use of Mechanised Robotic Exosuits (called Mechs for short) are built by most races for use on and off the battlefield, ranging from the rugged, squat Yanir mechs, to the speedy and elegant Jinochi mechs.
    Much larger then IMAS units, Mechs tend to be more simple, less computers to run it as they use onboard personel to control them directly. Control methods vary, Human mechs tend to use joystics and buttons, Jinochi use direct mind connections to control them and Yanir use a method of direct motion control within the cockpit.
    As with all computer systems, both IMAS and Mechs are vunrable to EMP as it knocks out their on board computers, IMAS are especially vunrible to this on account of EMP effects upon CyberAI programming.


    The universe of Prysma is wide, with different people, worlds, civalisations and technology. With so much variety in the universe, different skill sets are required for different jobs. To represent this in the game, there are countless skills on offer for characters to learn and untilise, each skill has its own use in situations, some may not be needed whilst others might be required all the time. It is up to each player to deside upon the skills his character knows and learns. More skills means a more varied knowledge base, however spending EXP on gaining new skills means they arn't using that same EXP to increase the skills they already have. Its a trade off between number of skills and profficiancy in each skill.
    Skill range from survival to combat, from computers to medical, from maintaining equipment and vehicles to studing politics, history and law.
    Skills are (as with most of Prysma) measured by a percentile system, each skill being able to be developed to a representive value of 100, the higher a skill, the more chance it is able to be used sucessfully.

    Combat skills are split into the different weapon types, most of the time weapons of the same time functionin the same way. However when a character has a certain level of skill in a weapon type, they can take a weapon speciality to learn a specific weapon inside and out, gaining an advantage using that weapon.
    - Blades - Blugeons - Peircing - Unarmed
    - Pistols - SMGs - Sniper Rifles - Assault Rifles
    - Shotguns - LMGs - Shoulder Mounted - Underslung Launcher
    - Thrown - Bows / Crossbows

    Within each of the above weapon types, fits each weapon available in the game, like mentioned earlier, weapon specialising can be taken when the overall skill reaches a certain level depending on the weapon complexity (usually with energy based weapons requireing the highest level of skill level and human ballistic requiring the lowest)

    Practical Skills:
    Practical Skills involve skills that are physical skills, such as piloting vehicles and repairing tech or even picking locks and hacking computers. Unlike combat skills, not all Practical skills can have specialisations, some do; for example the vehicle handling can be split into specialisations, having a certain vehicle type that a character prefers, like a truck rather then a car.
    - Pilot ATV - Pilot LRV - Pilot HRV - Pilot Naughtical
    - Pilot SubNaughtical - Pilot VTOL - Pilot Jet - Pilot Interstellar
    - Pilot Mech - Pilot APC/Tank
    - Computer Use - Locksmithing - Engineering - Building
    - Gunsmithing - Blacksmithing - Farming - Carpentry

    Knowledge skills:
    Knowledge skills repesent skills based around learning or knowing things, rather then the practical application, some knowledge skills interlink with other skills and allow higher bonus's for skill checks when performing certain actions.
    - Linguistics - Astrology - Politics - History
    - Geography - Law - Medicine - Psycology
    - Sociology - Geology - Biology - Physics
    - Chemistry - Electronics - Robotics - Programming
    - Mathematics - Ecology

    Survival skills:
    some skills basic reason for being are to survive in the world.
    - Cooking - Herbalism - Tracking - Navigation
    - Foraging - Shelter Craft - First Aid - Animal Husbandry
    - Sneaking - Concealment

    Using skills, unlike in most games where the GM tells the player which skill to use, the player has to decide which skills would fit a problem, they can use single or multiple skills, with multiple skills, they get the modifiers from each, If the GM agrees with the players choice they can make the check with all skills they chose and think are relavent.

    Advance skills:
    - Hacking (Computer use, Programming)
    - Surgery (First aid, Medicine)

    Spoiler: Concept ideas about how a character background might work?
    Base Background in my game?

    Police Officer

    Perception (P)
    Agility (A)
    Strength (Str)
    Stamina (Stam)
    Intellect (I)
    Vitality (V)
    Eloquence (E)

    30 – 60 Race low
    50 – 80 Race high
    2d6 (LL) If the Lowest high is chosen, then one of each of the lows
    3d6 (LH)
    2d10 (HL) If the high high is chosen, the 2 low lows
    3d10 (HH)

    LL - Civ, Merch, Preach, Doc, Police
    LH - Mech
    HH - Soldier
    LL - Doc
    HL - Crim
    LL - Mech, Crim
    LH - Farm
    LL - Civ, Soldier
    LH - Crim
    HL - Police, Farm
    LL - Civ, Merch
    LH - Preach
    HL - Mech
    HH - Doc, Sci
    LL - Civ, Farm, Soldier, Sci
    LL - Sci
    LH - Police
    HL - Preach
    HH - Merch

    These ideas were deemed unuseable, Don't know what you think though. I plan on not using them at all, but going for a certain backgrounds start with different base skills
    I'm technically but I refuse to admit it!
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    +1 to Fay being awesome, causing nosebleeds and etc.
    Quote Originally Posted by Raz_Fox View Post
    If Fay Graydon is visible to a male target, she deals d6 Nosebleed Damage per turn.
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    Default Re: PASSIVE™ ~ A percentile / d100 system built from the ground up.

    I'm technically but I refuse to admit it!
    Dawn of Yesterday (Resuming now!)
    Currently Developing the "PASSIVE™" RPG system
    Quote Originally Posted by Deth Muncher View Post
    +1 to Fay being awesome, causing nosebleeds and etc.
    Quote Originally Posted by Raz_Fox View Post
    If Fay Graydon is visible to a male target, she deals d6 Nosebleed Damage per turn.
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    Default Re: PASSIVE™ ~ A percentile / d100 system built from the ground up.

    I have a couple of questions, if you don't mind.

    First, what RPG systems are your familiar with? Some points you make, especially the "idiocy of player characters standing around to get hit when its not their turn" line, give me the impression of only being familiar with D&D3e/d20 System and similar games. Are you by chance familiar with Burning Wheel, Eclipse Phase, Traveller, or RuneQuest? Because I think all have similarities to the ideas you presented here.

    Second, what do you plan to do with the Kickstarter money? A quick £/$ converter tells my that your Kickstarter goal is only $1700, which makes me curious as to how such little money will help with the project. $2k won't be much money to hire a person for long, and I'm not quite clear on what you'd even have them do in such a short period unless there is a lot more of your project finished than you've mentioned here. Paying for art or trademarking at this point seems like a bit of a waste as well, unless once again, you're a lot closer to completing than you've indicated here.
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