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    Default Thought bubbles! (3.PF spell, PEACH)

    Dang, you don't log in for a few months and the forum changes itself drastically...Anyways, wrote a spell for a campaign I'm in, where my character is deaf (an interesting roleplay challenge I'm enjoying immensely). This helps him communicate better with the party.

    Thought Bubble
    Illusion (figment)
    Level: Bard 1, Sor/Wiz 1, Clr/Ora 1, Magus 1
    Duration: 1 Hour/Level
    Components: S, F
    Range: Personal
    Save: Harmless

    As you cast the spell, a small illusionary thought bubble appears above your head, which you may dismiss or make reappear as a free action for the duration of the spell. As a free action, you may fill (or empty) the thought bubble with words written in any language you know. Anyone who can read the language may read the writing in the bubble. The thought bubble is always facing anyone who attempts to read it, meaning so long as the bubble is visible, anyone looking at it can see the text. Anyone looking at the spell is entitled to a Will save to disbelieve the illusion as normal, but the spell itself is harmless.

    Focus: A small bit of soap, which you quickly lather as you cast the spell.

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    Default Re: Thought bubbles! (3.PF spell, PEACH)

    Silent Image, limited to words in a small area, but with a better duration and readability. Seems fair. I'd almost say make it a cantrip. At what level are you aiming for it to be possible to keep up all day (15 hours, because 8 for sleep and one for prep)? That should calibrate the spell-slot, for a long-duration utility like this. Currently, a Sorcerer could kerp it up all day starting at third-level, but it would take all his non-bonus first-level spells at a point when they're still useful for things other than utility. A Wizard would have to wait for fifth level without bonus spells, but by then he's got second and third level slots so he can afford to use most of his first-level on this.

    Another possibility is to say that it can be suppressed by the caster at will, and while suppressed the duration only counts down half as fast. Something like this is important in many cases, but it shouldn't have to compete for spell-slots with combat stuff too much.

    Oh, or make it a Reserve feat running off having an Illusion spell of at least first level prepared.
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    Default Re: Thought bubbles! (3.PF spell, PEACH)

    Feel free to tell me to buzz off, but wouldn't taking a language skill point of, "party hand talk" remedy or supplement the spell?

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    Default Re: Thought bubbles! (3.PF spell, PEACH)

    That is a rather entertaining spell. However, I can't help but think that it could be improved by making it Range: Touch (willing only), so you could have an entire party of adventures with their own little yellow boxes thought balloons.
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    Default Re: Thought bubbles! (3.PF spell, PEACH)

    Full day duration is important, but not immensely so, as I burned 700GP to make an item that lets me have this going all the time. Also, as this is a PF game, if it was a cantrip I'd make it show one message when cast that lasts one round per CL or until dismissed, since cantrips are at-will in PF.

    As for a point in "party hand talk", the GM was kind enough to let me have sign language default on every language I know, but only because I'm deaf. The rest of the party needs to burn points on it, and currently only the party Cleric has been willing to do so.

    As for the range, I'm pretty sure there's a metamagic feat that you could apply to it to make it a touch spell at only a one level increase. Correct me if I'm wrong on that though.

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