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    Default Slaughtered Gates into Red Hand

    This is my first time running an actual adventure. I've always been a player! I'm gonna run Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde then go over to Red Hand of Doom. I'm kinda doing a Pathfinder/3.5 mix in terms of classes and rules. I've done a little bit of research, but I'm curious if anyone has any ideas of where i should in terms of making encounters tougher, adding loot, what I should allow or not allow. Just about every book is open to them, and I'll say what is allowed from there.

    The party make up is 5 players, 2 very experienced, 2 completely new and 1 who is so so! The 2 experienced players are going Ninja/Sorceror/Arcane trickster, and Cloistered Cleric /Dread Necromancer /Master of Shrouds. The so so player is going straight ranger. and the 2 new players are gonna be barbarian and maybe some multiclass and the other is going fighter/ eye of gruumsh.

    Any help on some encounters or traps that should be made tougher in general would be great, and any ideas for changes to loot would be great as well. I was thinking of adding a Weapon of Legacy or 2 as well.!!!

    Thank You very much!!!

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    Default Re: Slaughtered Gates into Red Hand

    Welcome to the forums.

    I can't speak much for Shattered Gates, since I have never heard of it before (short of a quick google now), however, for RHoD I would suggest poking around in here. It has plenty of advice for readjusting things like the enemies and treasure, as well as plenty of general advice for running it. And I'd keep an eye on the CC/DN/Master of Shrouds. Make sure they pack at least a few ranged weapons.

    And you'll probably find that Weapons of Legacy are not really good as written in the book. I'll echo others' advice and say you might want to either look up a homebrew method for them, or scrap the idea and replace with similarly fluffed but conventional magic weapons.

    EDIT: Looks like you'll have to do some exp fudging or more adjustments on the RHoD side, since SGoS is meant to take PCs to 7th level and RHoD is meant to start at 5-6ish. And apparently the encounters in the third part are much more challenging, so beware of killing too many PCs.
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    Thumbs up Re: Slaughtered Gates into Red Hand

    hello guys this is ambosnation hi

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