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    Default Prophetic Shadow (Shadowcaster Archetype)

    Prophetic Shadow (Shadowcaster)

    Fundamentals of Prophecy (Su)
    At 1st level, you learn a cleric orison. Whenever you would learn a new fundamental, you may instead learn an orison. You may use them at will as supernatural abilities, following all normal rules. They are otherwise treated as fundamentals, not divine spells, for all intents and purposes.
    This ability replaces the Fundamentals (Extraordinary) class feature, this alters the Fundamental Overcast class feature, and you learn 1 fewer fundamental at 1st level.

    Mysteries of the Prophet
    At 1st level, you gain the benefits of the oracle's mystery class feature, treating your shadowcaster level as your oracle level for the purposes of advancement. Mystery spells are acquired at their normal levels, but are treated as shadowcaster mysteries instead of divine spells for the purposes of casting, acquiring the same number of uses as shadowcaster mysteries would of its level, counting towards the number of shadowcaster mysteries known for bonus feats and acquiring access to higher level shadowcaster mysteries. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level mystery spells are treated as being a part of the same path, as are the 4th through 6th, and 7th through 9th. Mystery spells that possess extensive material components or possessing casting times greater than 1 standard action cannot be learned, in which case you simply acquire a shadowcaster mystery of your choice of that level.
    You do not gain the Path Mastery class feature, and you only gain one shadowcaster mystery at each level.

    Accursed Sight (Su)
    At 1st level, you cannot see anything beyond 30 feet. At 3rd level, you acquire darkvision out to 30ft,. which stacks with any preexisting darkvision, and become able to see as far as your darkvision allows except in areas brighter than dim illumination where you are still limited to 30'. Upon reaching 11th level you gain the ability to see in darkness, even created by magical means, out to 60'. When you reach 19th level you gain the ability to See in Darkness Perfectly.
    This alters the Umbral Sight class feature.

    This Archetype is designed for Peacenlove's update of the shadowcaster to pathfinder.
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