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    Default Enviromental Feats

    Eberron had that cool casting mechanic where if a certain plan was coterminous with a plane, it bestowed various effects, some being +1 to CL in certain areas. This gave me an idea of recreating that, although not in quite the same way.

    Note that all of these can be used as Wizard bonus feats.

    Flames Forever [General]
    Benefit: When within 30ft of a flame that's small size or greatre, or in an area above 100F/38C, all spells with the [Fire] descriptor are cast at +1 caster level.

    Aquatic Amazement [General]
    Benefit: When within 30ft of a body of water (Minimum size is a pond level), or in an area of water, all spells with the [Water] descriptor are cast at +1 caster level.
    (Note: Best not to let your players take this in an aquatic campaign)

    Chilling Corruption [General]
    Benefit: When in an area below 32F/0C, or when under the effects of a spell with a [Cold] descriptor, all spells with the [Cold] descriptor are cast at +1 caster level.

    Daring Darkness [General]
    Benefit: When in a lighting level of no more than shadowy illumination, all spells with the [Dark] descriptor have their save DCs increased by +2.
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    Default Re: Enviromental Feats

    I like the idea and general feel of these feats, however, I see some problems with it.

    What you need is basic limits on what triggers these feats and what doesn't (what is a body of water? is a small cesspool a body of water? is the almost dry tiny river thingy one? etc).

    But probably the most direct thing that needs changing is the [fire] one. For 50gp (plus minor other expenses) a player who takes that feat will always have +1 CL on any fire related spells. (Continual flame on a glass marble which you keep in your pouch)

    And even without that there's produce flame and more mundane forms such as torches, oil lamps and storm lanterns. Not to mention fun stuff such as summons of creatures made/covered in flames (fire elementals being the most simple).

    So change the flame one (or at least give clear definitions on what counts and what doesn't). Not to mention that it should be the equal-opposite of the cold version, which it isn't as that one doesn't have an additional trigger.
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