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    Default Help with whip of thorns-like item pricing

    So I'd like to make an item that somewhat emulates the whip of thorns spell. I had the following in mind: A whip handle that can, upon command sprout a thorny vine, useable as the spell. When discharged, the vine detaches from the handle, however, another vine cannot be grown until the target has escaped the entanglement, limiting the item from just being used to sequentially entangle all enemies on the battlefield.

    Now, by pricing guidelines, an at will item would cost 12k, however, with the 1 creatured entangled at a time limit, what sort of price reduction should I consider? I was thinking 50%, as it rather greatly reduces the effectiveness of the item, but I was wondering if that was perhaps too much of a cost reduction?
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    Default Re: Help with whip of thorns-like item pricing

    Why reduce the price? If you are following the logic of Challenge Ratings, your party (usually of 4) can take on an enemy of the average CR.

    i.e. Four level 1 players will be able to defeat a CR 1 enemy with a standard amount of time/difficulty.

    So if your party is outnumbered in combat (the only time "another vine cannot be grown until the target has escaped the entanglement" would factor) the enemies should be much more easy to defeat and the whip of thorns would play a minor role at best. If the party is outnumbered AND the enemies are much more powerful, then the party should be fleeing.

    In general, a party of four should be taking on 1 to 2 enemies of an appropriate CR per encounter; or 4 to 8 enemies of a lower CR (they could defeat more, but too many enemies makes the game lag).
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