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    Default Kindle Glitch, Please Assist

    I haven't used my Kindle for a month, and when I pulled it out today there was the usual ad on the screen, but when I pressed the power button about 7/8ths of the screen remained frozen on the ad. I didn't worry too much, because the part of the screen I could see said the battery was dead, so I though it just needed charging. When it was finished charging I tried holding the power button for 30~ seconds, to no effect. That's essentally where my technical know how ends, can anyone help me fix my machine? It's a kindle version two, if that matters.
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    Default Re: Kindle Glitch, Please Assist

    Hold power down for over a minute until you get a screen flash, that is supposed to clear the memory and reboot.

    Barring that I'd check to make sure but there should be a little hole on the back or side where you can insert a paperclip marked "Reset" but I'm not sure whether that is the same on the older ones as the last one I played with.
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