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    Default Form Shifter (3.5 class, re-vamp/re-post)

    Balance Point: The original intent was a class capable of comparing to full casters in power, but getting it anywhere tier 1 to tier 3 would be acceptable to me (usually I aim for Tier 3 or 4 but for this concept I want to go big).

    Intent: The intent is for a shape-shifting base class. A class that can take many forms, and take on aspects of those forms while in their natural form. In combat they use these forms to wade into melee although some forms are more useful for stealth and skirmishing. Out of combat their forms can give them various stealth based abilities, as well as maneuverability.

    Fluff (spoilered due to length, and to make ignoring it easier for those who prefer to do so)
    Form Shifters are students of form magic, whether they call it by that name or not, masters of how to bend their own form to their will. They come from various walks of life, from barbarians taught by shamanic masters the art of taking on the forms of their totem spirits and fighting in the shape of birds and beasts, to tower dwellers every bit as likely to pour over arcane tomes as a wizard. Some are born with a special gift, some hint of the blood of chaos perhaps, others find it only after careful study. Whether it is inborn talent, study, or divine gift, all Form Shifters share an ability to take the forms of the various creatures of their world and an innate ability to change and twist their own incorporating that of other beings into themselves.

    Adventures: Some Form Shifters believe themselves guided by their totem spirits and quest in their service. Others pledge themselves to a god. Still others seek only to improve their skills.

    Regardless Form Shifters are apt to adventure to see new creatures. There are few better ways to learn of, and master, the forms of other creatures than to see them pushed to their utmost. It also allows them to train their own bodies; the pounding adrenaline surging through them allowing them to push their created forms to their final limits and sometimes, just sometimes, surge beyond those. It is also one of the places their talents find the best employ, as they are ultimately highly talented warriors.

    Characteristics: Form Shifters have an understanding of the nature of their physical form unrivaled by other creatures. They grow to understand every inch of it, and develop the ability to weaponize all of it. They focus on the ability to transform their body into that of various other creatures allowing them to fight in the front lines. In addition to gaining a general ability to physically replicate various creaturesí forms, they also gain the ability to perform a more total transformation into a limited number of forms in which they gain even the supernatural powers of that creature. There other powers allow them to take aspects of these forms and mix them together to create more powerful battle forms. Due to their focus on transformation they only have limited skill with weapons and armor and rely more on brute force than skill in melee combat.

    Alignment: Form Shifters are most common on the fringes of civilization, in barbaric tribes or driven out as demonic, and many see themselves as descended from Chaos beings. Due to this they tend, as a whole, towards Chaos over Law, although some of the more academic see themselves as simply attempting to better determine the place of all beings in the Cosmic Order.

    Many gain their first steps towards power from dark pacts with fiendish entities, and many of their strongest forms are only available to those whose hearts are evil. As such many fall to the darker path, and they have a slightly greater tendency towards Evil than Good or Neutrality. Even so it is not impossible for them to have shining paragons amidst their number, as the various celestial forms prove.

    Religion: Form Shifters can be of many, and varied, religions. Some see gods as just the ultimate form they can strive to obtain. Others strive to serve gods, becoming holy avengers who take the form of angels to do combat against evil. Most, though, fall between the two extremes and as a whole Form Shifters are neither more nor less religious than most other adventurers.

    Of the default pantheon Ollidamra is amongst the most commonly revered deity, as god of trickery and chaos. Many also worship Obad-Hai, the god of the nature from which animals and beasts spring. Vecna is another common god, and many Form Shifters who study it as an academic form magic serve the god of secrets.

    Background: Many Form Shifters have a common background with barbarians, living outside of civilized lands and in-tune with natural spirits. Others gain their abilities with Form Magic through diabolic pacts; these may be the most common for this is the easiest path but ultimately the most costly. Others study, spending years searching for knowledge of the shifting art, pouring over ancient tombs written by those who came before, both human and inhuman. The rarest group are gain such power from celestials, or even in some cases deities, serving such powers out of loyalty.

    While Form Shifters cannot be assured to come from the same background, they do tend to share a special bond. Ultimately they all practice the same rare art, and therefore they share certain traits in common.

    Races: Like most classes humans often take to Form Shifting, their ambitious soul (and the fact that most DMs ignore that their bonus feat and skill points are Extraordinary racial abilities and therefore lost with polymorph, Wild Shape, and other such effects) make them naturally talented in the art. Gnomes are also common Form Shifters, their natural connection to animals burrowing and otherwise, natural talent for magic, and general hardiness all make them talented and skilled Form Shifters. Elves may have been the first humanoids to master the art, even though the number of elven Form Shifters is dwindling. Many half-orcs, focused on physical prowess and close to the primal spirits of beasts, take to the art. It is rare in dwarves, even though their physically hale bodies aid them in excelling at it. Halflings also rarely become Form Shifters.

    Other Classes: As many Form Shifters show a strong regard for nature, and respect for those who can endure its dangers, they normally get along well with druids, rangers, and barbarians. Form Shifters respect those who are willing to face enemies in close combat in their own, natural forms, but at the same time see them as basically foolish. Their relation with wizards, and other arcanists, varies with their backgrounds, many hold them in superstitious awe or fear, or while others respect them as fellow scholars. When dealing with priests they range from close friends in faith, to a sneering rivalry between pitiful folk spirits, and braggart gods.

    Role: Most of a Form Shifterís abilities lend themselves directly to increasing melee capability. As such their main role in a party is as a melee combatant, using their high Str and AC to wade into combat. Various forms also give additional abilities in the form of debuffs, maneuverability that further enhance combat abilities. Outside of combat their forms can grant them stealth related skills, as well as various immunities, and even incorporealness which can be used for scouting capabilities.

    Abilities: Constitution determines the absolute limit on how many Augment Forms you can have active, as well as how long you can remain in melee. Charisma determines how hard many of your forms' powers are to resist (the others are determined by that formís Constitution), as well as your skill at disguise, making it their other main priority. Intelligence is useful for knowledge about the various creatures you turn into and encounter, and as such is often a high stat. Wisdom determines your resistance to mental effects and is important to protect your mind. Dexterity determines your reaction time in your natural form, and Strength determines your combat ability if you remain in your natural form; as few Form Shifters do so these are often unappreciated stats for them, although some show that even Strength and Dexterity can be useful (PrC to come).

    Form Shifter
    Level Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Special Forms
    Assume Form, Lesser Beast Form, Specialized Form I 1
    Augmented Form, Beastís Tongue 3
    Specialized Form II, Change Self 4
    Beast Form, Uncanny Dodge, Lesser Augmented Form 6
    Specialized Form III, Humanoid Form, Expediated Natural Healing, Improved Beastís Tongue 7
    Augmented Form, Magical Beast Form, Improved Uncanny Dodge, Catalouge of Beasts 9
    Specialized Form IV, Giant Form, Large Form, Quick Change 10
    Vermin Form, Partial Fortification, Lesser Augmented Form 12
    Specialized Form V, Disguise Mastery, Monstrous Humanoid Form, Tiny Form 13
    Aberration or Fey Form, Shapechanger subtype, Augmented Form 15
    Specialized Form VI, Enhanced Assume Form 16
    Plant or Ooze Form, Huge Form, Effortless Change, Lesser Augmented Form 18
    Specialized Form VII, Fast Natural Healing, Improved Fortification 19
    Augment Form, Shifter's Mettle, Dragon Form 21
    Specialized Form VIII, Elemental or Outsider Form 22
    Templated Form, Lesser Augmented Form 24
    Construct or Undead Form, Specialized Form IX 25
    Augment Form 27
    Specialized Form X, Amorphous 28
    Shifterís Vitality, Instant Change, Lesser Augmented Form 30

    HD: d8.
    Skills: 4 + Int
    Class Skills: Balance (Dex), Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Disguise (Cha), Handle Animal (Cha), Hide (Dex), Intimidate (Int), Jump (Str), Knowledge (arcana) (Int), Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int), Knowledge (local) (Int), Knowledge (nature) (Int), Knowledge (the planes) (Int), Knowledge (religion) (Int), Move Silently (Dex), Listen (Wis), Profession (Wis), Ride (Dex), Spot (Wis), Survival (Wis), Swim (Str), and Tumble (Dex).

    Weapons and Armor Proficiency: A form shifter is proficient in simple weapons, light and medium armor, and shields (except tower shields).

    Assume Form: 3 times per day +1/3 Form Shifter level you may assume the form of another creature (using specialized form does not count for this ability). This functions like Wild Shape except as noted here. To change shape with Assume Form is a standard action, and you may remain in the assumed form for a duration of 10 minutes per class level. At 1st level you only have access to Least Beast Forms, but as you gain in levels you gain access to more forms and shapes. You may never assume a form that has more hit dice than you do, or than you have class levels. When using assumed form all items are integrated into body. You may have one natural weapon gain all the magical bonuses of one melee weapon which merged into their form, and all natural weapons gain an enhancement bonus equal to the highest bonus of that weapon. Beginning at 13th level all your form's natural weapons gain the full benefits of one melee weapon you carried instead. Armor becomes non-functional but other non-use activated items continue to function and, as a swift action, a form shifter may eject any magical item within them. Items merged into their form due not count against their weight limit, but a form shifter may not merge more objects into their form than their maximum load in their natural form. You may end Assume Form prematurely as a move action to return to your natural form or whatever Specialized Form you were in last.

    Lesser Beast Form: At 1st level you gain access to medium and small sized animals with hit dice no greater than your form shifter level or your own hit dice but are unable to use any fly or burrow speed they may possess.

    Specialized Form: In addition to the forms you have available due to Assume Form you have a select list of unique forms. You gain access to Specialized Forms as indicated on the class table, selecting them from any tier available to you. At every odd level you gain access to a new tier of forms; these tiers range from I to X. At 4th level, and every even level thereafter, you may exchange 1 specialized form you possess for another of the same tier, if you no longer qualify for an augmented form due to this change you may not use that augmented form until you once more fulfill it's prerequisites. The appearance of each of these forms is set when you first obtain it, and once you have selected a form it cannot be changed. You gain Ex and Su abilities of the forms assumed through this ability, but lose your own racial Ex and Su abilities when doing so. Assuming a specialized form is a full round action but you may remain in one for as long as desired, using this ability at-will, and returning to your natural form is a move action. Like with Assume Form items merge into your form giving you their benefits. When you assume a form with Specialized Form your hit point do not change and are still based upon your original Constitution.

    When assuming a Specialized Form of any tier less than the highest you have access to it gains +2 Str and Dex per tier weaker than your highest and an additional +1 to Natural Armor for per 2 tiers weaker (for example if you had Tier 6 forms and assumed a Tier 2 form you would gain an additional +8 to Str and Dex and +2 to natural armor).

    If assuming the form of a mindless creature, or a creature immune to mind-affecting effects by virtue of its type, you gain neither mindless nor immunity to mind-affecting effects.
    If assuming the form of an undead creature you become vulnerable to turn/rebuke undead, and do not gain any create spawn ability.
    Only Evil characters can select undead forms as a Specialized Form. To select a true dragon, or outsider with an alignment subtype as a Specialized Form you must be within 1 step of its alignment unless noted otherwise.
    You never gain the form's equipment and gear.
    You never gain any spellcasting, or spell-like abilities of the creature.
    Should the creature have Spell Resistance greater than your class level +15 its spell resistance is reduced accordingly (this includes the magic immunity of golems which simply becomes SR 15 + character level).
    Damage Reduction granted by a form is limited to your character level/X or 5/X whichever is higher.

    Available forms will be listed in the following post.

    Augmented Form: At every even level you gain an Augmentation which you may apply to a form you are in. At 2nd, 6th, 10th, 14th, and 18th level you may select any Augmented Form (Lesser or Greater) ability from those listed below, assuming you have one of the required Specialized Forms and fulfill any other prerequisites. At 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th, and 20th These abilities come in two types, greater and lesser. You may use any number of Greater Augmented Form abilities at will in your natural form. When in a Specialized Form you may use 1 Greater Augmented Form +1 per 8 class levels you possess and +1 per tier below maximum tier of specialized form you may assume. When in an Assumed Form you may use 1 Greater Augmented Form +1 per 8 class levels or 2 hit dice below the maximum you can assume. Lesser Augmented Form abilities can be freely used regardless of form. You may activate an Augmented Form ability as a standard action, or suppress it as a standard action, and once activated they remain active continuously (note some have additional abilities you may activate a limited number of times per day). While an Augmented Form ability is active there are certain physical signs.

    At 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th, and 20th level you may select any Lesser Augmented Form ability that you qualify for.

    Augmented Forms will be listed in the following posts, below specialized forms.

    Beastís Tongue (Ex): Beginning at 2nd level, you may talk while within any Specialized Form you assume, even if the creature could not normally speak or vocalize.

    Change Self (Ex): Youíve gained a mastery over your physical form such that, starting at 3rd level, you can alter your appearance to mimic the effects of a Disguise Self spell. This is not an illusion effect, and while the changes are limited to cosmetic changes (like with Disguise Self) they are physically made. Using this ability is a full-round action to make any changes and is usable at-will. These changes are permanent until you change your form (with Assume Form, Specialized Form, or a polymorph spell), you use this ability again, or you go to sleep.

    Beast Form: At 4th level your Assume Form improves and you may assume the form of any Small or Medium animal with no more hit dice than your class level or your own hit dice and you may gain any flight or burrow speeds they possess.

    Uncanny Dodge: At 4th level your reflexes develop to such an extent that you gain uncanny dodge as the barbarian ability.

    Expediated Natural Healing: At 5th level a Form Shifer's shapeshifting abilities have developed such that their body heals faster than a normal person's; their natural healing rate doubles (for hit point and ability damage).

    Humanoid Form: At 5th level your Assume Form improves and you may assume the form of humanoids of the appropriate sizes as well as animals. You still do not gain any supernatural abilities from these creatures.

    Improved Beastís Tongue: At 5th level your ability to speak while in forms not designed for it improves. In addition to the effects of Beast's Tongue you may also speak while using Assume Form even if you are taking the form of a creature normally incapable of speaking;.

    Magical Beast Form: At 6th level your Assume Form improves and you may assume the form of magical beasts of the appropriate sizes as well as animals. You still do not gain any supernatural abilities from these creatures.

    Improved Uncanny Dodge: At 6th level you gain Improved Uncanny Dodge as the barbarian ability.

    Catalog of Beasts (Ex): A Form Shifter's knowledge of the various monsters that make up their world is amongst the finest found throughout it. At 6th level you gain a +5 to all Knowledge checks made to identify a creature, but not knowledge checks made for another purpose, and may make Knowledge checks to identify a creature untrained.

    Large Form: At 7th level your Assume Form improves and you may now assume the form of Large creatures as well as Small or Medium ones.

    Giant Form: At 7th level your Assume Form improves and you may assume the form of giants of the appropriate sizes as well as animals. You still do not gain any supernatural abilities from these creatures.

    Quick Change: Beginning at 7th level you may use Assume Form and enter your Specialized Forms more quickly. It is now a Swift Action to use Assume Form and a Standard action to change into or out of one of your Specialized Forms. You may not use either ability more than once per turn each.

    Vermin Form: At 8th level your Assume Form improves and you may assume the form of vermin of the appropriate sizes as well as animals. You still do not gain any supernatural abilities from these creatures.

    Partial Fortification (Ex): At 8th level your internal organs and weak spots have a tendency to shift away from attacks on their own. When aware of an attack (not caught flat-footed or attacked by an invisible opponent) there is a 20% chance that any precision damage or critical hit will be negated.

    Disguise Mastery (Ex): Beginning at 9th level you gain a +2 on disguise checks when using any of your abilities as part of a disguise (this stacks with the +10 from Change Self, or other shape-changing magic) and can take 10 on disguise checks.

    Monstrous Humanoid Form: At 9th level your Assume Form improves and you may assume the form of monstrous humanoid of the appropriate sizes as well as animals. You still do not gain any supernatural abilities from these creatures.

    Tiny Form: At 9th level your Assume Form improves and you may now assume the form of Tiny creatures as well as those sizes already available to you.

    Aberration or Fey Form: At 10th level you must choose to either gain aberration or fey forms; whichever you decide the choice is permanent.

    Shapechanger Subtype: At 10th level you gain the shapechanger subtype.

    Enhanced Assume Form (Ex): At 11th level your mastery of shapeshifting extends to the point where you now gain the Ex special qualities of creatures you transform into (instead of just Ex special attacks).

    Plant or Ooze Form: At 12th level you must choose to either gain plant or ooze forms; whichever you decide the choice is permanent.

    Huge Form: At 12th level your Assume Form improves and you may now assume the form of Huge creatures as well as those sizes already available to you.

    Effortless Change: At 12th level you may use Assume Form as a free action, and may use a Specialized Form as a Swift Action, although you may only use both a total of once per turn.

    Fast Natural Healing (Ex): At 13th level your body's ability to restructure itself rises to new heights. You heal as much per hour as a normal person does during a day (1 hp/level and 1 ability damage to each score), and double this if you spend the hour asleep, trancing, or otherwise in deep rest. In addition you can heal damage that normally cannot be healed short of magical healing (such as vile damage, and ability drain) at the same rate a normal person would heal regular damage and ability damage.

    Improved Fortification: At 13th level your anatomy has become such that organs simply blend together, and shift to relieve major strain such that should you be stabbed in the heart a portion of your liver might transform into a temporary heart. Even if caught unawares there is a 50% chance that any precision damage or critical hit is negated. In addition you gain a +8 on saving throws against death from coup de graces.

    Shifter's Mettle: At 14th level you've obtained a greater mastery of your body so that you can more easily resist baleful magic that targets it. Whenever you make a Fortitude save to mitigate an effect (Fortitude Partial or Fortitude Half) you negate the effect entirely on a successful saving throw.

    Dragon Form: At 14th level you may now use Assume Form to take dragon forms.

    Elemental or Outsider Form: At 15th level you must choose to either gain elemental or outsider forms; whichever you decide the choice is permanent. You may not assume the form of an outsider with whom you don't share at least one alignment on one of the alignment axes with, or with whom you have an opposing alignment on either alignment axis.

    Templated Form: At 16th level you may apply various templates to your Assumed Forms, although doing so reduces the maximum HD you may assume.

    The following templates are available, and you must be able to take on a form of the resulting type:
    Template HD loss
    Half-Dragon 3
    Half-Celestial 2
    Half-Fiend 2
    Celestial 1
    Fiendish 1
    Vampire (no coffin) 2
    Lich (does not grant a phylactery) 1

    Construct or Undead Form: At 17th level you must choose to either gain construct or undead forms; whichever you decide the choice is permanent. You may assume the form of incorporeal undead if you select this ability but doing so makes them considered to be double the normal hit dice for determining whether you can assume that form.

    Amorphous (Ex): Beginning at 19th level your body has become such that, regardless of what form you are in, you can instantly shift its features and organs about so that you are effectively amorphous gaining total immunity to critical hits, precision damage, and flanking, as well as poison, sleep, paralysis, petrification, and polymorph effects.

    Shifter's Vitality (Ex): At level 20 your body can knit itself back together at phenomenal speeds. You gain Fast Healing 5, and heal 1 point of ability damage to each ability score per round, and 1 point of ability burn to each ability score per half hour. Even normally unhealable damage, such as vile damage, heals at a rate of 5 hp per minute, and you heal ability drain at a rate of 1 per ten minutes. You also recover quickly from life draining effects and recover one negative level per hour and you get a save to resist receiving negative levels (same DC as to remove them normally). This also gives you total immunity to poison and disease, and you may make two saving throws and take whichever is better when confronted by any Death effect.

    Instant Change: At 20th level you may use Assume Form as an immediate action or as a free action, and may change between specialized forms as a free action. You may now use Assume Form and Specialized Form any number of times per turn each.


    Form Shifter Epic Progression
    Level Special
    21st -
    22nd Augmented Form
    23rd -
    24th Lesser Augmented Form, Bonus Feat
    25th -
    26th Augmented Form
    27th -
    28th Lesser Augmented Form, Bonus Feat
    29th -
    30th Augmented Form

    Epic Bonus Feats: Armor Skin, Damage Reduction, Dire Charge, Energy Resistance, Epic Endurance, Epic Fortitude, Extended Life Span, Fast Healing, Penetrate Damage Reduction, Perfect Health, Polyglot, Superior Initiative.
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    Default Re: Form Shifter (3.5 class, re-vamp/re-post)

    Specialized Forms
    Spoiler: Monster Manual
    I (1st level):
    Badger (may not activate or deactivate Augmented Form, or use Assume Form, Specialized Form, or return to your natural form while raging; this rage lasts up to 7 rounds)
    Dire Rat
    Giant Ant Worker
    Giant Bee
    Giant Bombardier Beetle
    Large Centipede
    Light Warhorse
    Medium Monstrous Scorpion
    Medium Monstrous Spider
    Medium Shark
    Medium Viper
    Riding Dog
    Small Animate Object (hardness 0 objects that may have one of blind or constrict only, does not gain mindless or immunity to mind-affecting effects)
    Small Fire Elemental
    Small Water Elemental
    Wolf Skeleton

    II (3rd level):
    Black Bear
    Constrictor Snake
    Dire Badger (may not activate or deactivate Augmented Form, or use Assume Form, Specialized Form, or return to your natural form while raging; this rage lasts up to 9 rounds)
    Dire Bat
    Dire Weasel
    Giant Ant Solider
    Giant Praying Mantis
    Giant Wasp
    Hell Hound (must be LE, NE, or LN)
    Large Monstrous Scorpion
    Large Monstrous Spider
    Large Shark
    Large Viper
    Medium or Large Animate Object (hardness 5 or lower materials only, non-wheeled objects only, no more than one of blind, constrict, or improved speed; may not choose tall objects if large; does not gain mindless or immunity to mind-affecting effects)
    Nixie (must be CG, NG, or CN)
    Ochre Jelly (loses Split ability)
    Ogre Zombie
    Small Air Elemental
    Wolverine (may not activate or deactivate Augmented Form, or use Assume Form, Specialized Form, or return to your natural form while raging; this rage lasts up to 9 rounds)
    Yuan-ti Pureblood

    III (5th level):
    Black Pudding (loses Split ability)
    Blink Dog (must be LG, NG, or LN)
    Dire Wolf
    Displacer Beast
    Giant Eagle
    Giant Owl
    Giant Wasp
    Gray Render Zombie
    Green Hag (must be Evil)
    Huge Shark
    Huge Viper (snake)
    Large Animate Object (hardness 5 or lower materials only; it may have either blind and constrict, or improved speed/wheels; does not gain mindless or immunity to mind-affecting effects)
    Medium Elemental (Air, Earth, Fire, or Water each taken separately)
    Mind Flayer
    Pegasus (must be CG, NG, or CN)
    Phantom Fungus
    Pseudodragon (must be Good)
    Rust Monster
    Unicorn (must be CG, CN, or NG)
    Very Young Black Dragon
    Very Young Blue Dragon
    Very Young Green Dragon
    Violet Fungus
    Winter Wolf
    Wyrmling Red Dragon
    Young White Dragon
    Yuan-ti Half-blood

    IV (7th level):
    Annis (must be Evil)
    Bralani Eladrin
    Brown Bear
    Coatl (must be LG, LN, or NG; loses Ethereal Jaunt)
    Dark Naga
    Dire Lion
    Dire Wolverine (may not activate or deactivate Augmented Form, or use Assume Form, Specialized Form, or return to your natural form while raging; this rage lasts up to 9 rounds)
    Djinni (must be CG, CN, or NG)
    Giant Constrictor Snake
    Giant Constrictor Snake
    Giant Stag Beetle
    Gray Render
    Hound Archon
    Huge Monstrous Spider
    Large Elemental (Air, Earth, Fire, or Water each taken separately)
    Night Hag (must be Evil; does not get a heartstone)
    Pixie (must be CG, CN, or NG)
    Polar Bear
    Spider Eater
    Very Young Blue Dragon
    Very Young Copper Dragon
    Very Young Green Dragon
    Wyrmling Gold Dragon
    Wyrmling Red Dragon
    Young Black Dragon
    Young White Dragon

    V (9th level):
    Chain Devil
    Bone Devil
    Gargantuan Monstrous Spider
    Flesh Golem
    Lammasu (must be LG, LN, or NG)
    Hill Giant
    Huge Monstrous Scorpion
    Dire Tiger
    Dire Bear
    Huge Elemental (Air, Earth, Fire, or Water each taken separately)
    Efreeti (must be LE, LN, or NE)
    Invisible Stalker
    Guardian Naga
    Spirit Naga
    Ogre Mage
    Elder Black Pudding (loses Split ability)
    Yuan-ti Abomination
    Giant Crocodile
    Young Copper Dragon
    Very Young Gold Dragon
    Juvenile White Dragon
    Very Young Red Dragon
    Young Blue Dragon
    Young Green Dragon
    Juvenile Black Dragon
    Young Bronze Dragon

    VI (11th level)
    Clay Golem
    Stone Giant
    Trumpet Archon (does not get trumpet)
    Barbed Devil
    Treant (must be Good)
    Dragon Turtle
    Greater Elemental (Select one)
    Red Slaad
    Nymph (CG, NG, or CN)
    Young Adult White Dragon
    Juvenile Copper Dragon

    VII (13th level)

    Ghaele Eladrin
    Ice Devil
    Kolyarut Inevitable
    Death Slaad (CE, or CN only)
    Leonal (CL for Roar's Holy Word effect equals character level -1)
    Dread Wraith
    Stone Golem
    Cloud Giant
    Gargantuan Monstrous Scorpion
    Colossal Monstrous Spider
    Frost Worm
    Elder Elemental (Select one)
    Purple Worm
    Blue Slaad
    Young Gold Dragon
    Young Red Dragon
    Juvenile Blue Dragon
    Juvenile Green Dragon
    Young Adult Black Dragon
    Juvenile Bronze Dragon
    Young Silver Dragon
    Juvenile Brass Dragon

    VIII (15th level)
    Iron Golem
    Astral Deva
    Gauth beholderkin
    Formian Taskmaster
    Young Adult Copper Dragon
    Adult White Dragon
    Young Adult Green Dragon
    Young Adult Bronze Dragon
    Colossal Monstrous Scorpion

    IX (17th level)
    Truly Horrid Umberhulk
    Abyssal Greater Basilisk (must be Evil)
    Greater Stone Golem
    Storm Giant
    Juvenile Gold Dragon
    Juvenile Red Dragon
    Young Adult Blue Dragon
    Adult Black Dragon
    Juvenile Silver Dragon
    Adult Brass Dragon

    X (19th level)

    Pit Fiend
    Balor (note you do not get their gear)
    Solar (regeneration is penetrated by any evil weapon even if not epic; note you do not get their gear)
    Mature Adult Silver Dragon
    Mature Adult Red Dragon
    Old Brass Dragon
    Old Green Dragon
    Formian Myrmarch
    Titan (must be Chaotic)
    Mature Adult Gold Dragon
    Old Blue Dragon
    Old Bronze Dragon
    Very Old Black Dragon
    Very Old White Dragon
    Old Copper Dragon

    Spoiler: Monster Manual II
    Tier I
    Ash Rat
    Abyssal Skulker (Demon)
    Chaond (planetouched)
    Crested Felldrake (Good only)
    Spitting Felldrake (Good only)
    Dire Toad
    Dread Guard (gets armor but not shield or sword; is considered proficient in that armor; armor may be enchanted while in this form, such enchantments remain next time you assume this form)
    Ixitxachitl (average; CN, CE, NE only)
    Myconid, Average Worker
    Myconid Elder Worker
    Twig Blight
    Zenythri (planetouched)

    Tier II
    Cryptoclidus (dinosaur)
    Electrum Horror (Clockwork Horror)
    Horned Felldrake (Good only)
    Phase Wasp
    Sirine (if an animal heavy campaign Tier III)
    Stone Spike

    Tier III
    Abyssal Maw (Demon)
    Bat, Hunting (Desmodu Bat)
    Bat, War (Desmodu Bat)
    Durzagon (half-fiend)
    Frost Salamander
    Galeb Duhr
    Gold Horror (Clockwork Horror)
    Loxo (while raging cannot use Specialized Form or Assume Form)
    Marraenoloth (Yugoloth; ruled it's fear gaze used a standard action since it only works when it "stares at a creature" and isn't actually a gaze attack)
    Swamplight Linx
    Wortling (Orcwort)

    Tier IV
    Abyssal Ravager (Demon)
    Allosaurus (Dinosaur)
    Cervidal (Dismissal effect uses your class level as caster level)
    Dire Horse
    Dire Snake
    Forest Sloth
    Hammerer (Automaton); Loses Unreliable.
    Legendary Eagle
    Palrethee (Demon)

    Tier V
    Bat, War (Desmodu)
    Bone Naga
    Chain Golem
    Dire Elk
    Great Fihyr
    Hook Horror
    Legendary Horse
    Legendary Snake
    Legendary Wolf
    Myconid Guard
    Platinum Horror (Clockwork Horror)
    Phoenix (must be good; does not gain planar travel; if you use Immolation no new phoenix arrives, and all non-magical gear that was assimilated into your form is destroyed, magic gear may make a Fortitude save [same DC as the Ref], on a success they merely take damage from your Immolation attack; you are slain)

    Tier VI
    Advespa (devil)
    Adamantine Horror (Clockwork Horror); consult DM on fluff as they are normally unique and therefore likely off-limits.
    Ankylosaurus (dinosaur)
    Bronze Serpent
    Crimson Death
    Ethereal Slayer
    Gray Linnorm (Linnorm, must be Evil)
    Grizzly Mastodon
    Legendary Shark
    Myconid Circle Leader
    Nethersight Mastiff
    Quetzalcoatlus (dinosaur)
    Red Sundew
    Shadow Spider
    Zovvut (Demon)

    Tier VII
    Brass Golem
    Dire Elephant
    Dragonflesh Golem
    Famine Spirit
    Forest Giant
    Jarilith (Demon)
    Legendary Bear
    Legendary Tiger
    Nightmare Beast
    Ocean Strider
    Yagnoloth (Yugoloth)
    Young Amethyst Dragon
    Young Crystal Dragon
    Juvenile Emerald Dragon
    Juvenile Sapphire Dragon
    Young Topaz Dragon

    Tier VIII
    Cloud Ray
    Kelvezu (Demon)
    Seismosaurus (Dinosaur)
    Spinosaurus (Dinosaur)
    Sun Giant

    Tier IX
    Chaos Roc (DR 15/epic is what pushed it up a tier)
    Corpse Tearer (Linnorm, must be Evil)
    Dread Linnorm (Linnorm, must be Evil)
    Ethereal Doppleganger (must be LE, LN, or NE; any identity gained with Assume Identity is lost when you use Assume Form, enter another Specialized Form, or return to your natural form)
    Fiendwurm (must be CE, CN, or NE; you can use Demonic Belch but you have no automatic control over the demons once they arrive)
    Flesh Jelly
    Ocean Giant

    Tier X
    Bone Ooze
    Ragewind (when this form is assumed it comes with 6 longswords created in the process, these longswords are part of the form and if lost/destroyed are not replaced short of a limited wish, these longswords may be enchanted in which case the enchantment remains until said sword is lost or destroyed)

    Spoiler: Monster Manual III
    Tier I
    Poisond Dusk Lizardfolk
    Warforged Scout

    Tier II
    Flind (Gnoll)
    Mindshredder Larva (you do not gain Transformation)
    Redcap (they should not be LA +4 with 4 RHD)
    Swindlespitter (Dinosaur)

    Tier III
    Ambush Drake
    Blackscale Lizardfolk
    Conflageration Ooze
    Harpoon Spider
    Lesser Knell Beetle
    Mindshredder Warrior (you do not gain transformation)
    Sea Tiger
    Snowflake Ooze (do not gain Split)
    Storm Elemental (Small)
    Warforged Charger
    Wood Woad

    Tier IV
    Arcane Ooze
    Bonecrusher Ogre
    Bloodstriker (Dinosaur)
    Chraal (the death throes destroys your body before you return to your natural form, non-magical gear incorporated into your form is destroyed, magical gear must make a Fort save [same DC as Reflex] or be destroyed, on a success it takes 10 cold and 10 piercing damage)
    Elder Redcap
    Mindshredder Zenthal
    Storm Elemental (Medium)
    Warbound Impaler (Lesser Battlebriar)

    Tier V
    Canoloth (Yugoloth; note errata says Summon Yugoloth is Sp)
    Dread Harpoon Spider
    Forest Troll
    Ironclad Mauler
    Knell Beetle
    Mezzoloth (Yugoloth; note errata says Summon Yugoloth is Sp)
    Storm Elemental (Large)
    Susurrus (increase or disallow in an undead heavy campaign)
    Web Golem

    Tier VI
    Arrow Demon
    Crystalline Troll
    Dragon Eel
    Dust Wight
    Gloom Golem (must be Evil)
    Greater Seryulin
    Infernal Conflageration Ooze (LE, NE, or LN only; Conflageration Ooze)
    Rage Drake (while raging you cannot revert to your natural form, or use other specialized forms or assume form)
    Mud Golem
    Nycaloth (Yugoloth; note errata says Summon Yugoloth is Sp)

    Tier VII
    Ak'chazar Rakshasa (LE, NE, or LN only; if you command an undead with your Rebuke Undead ability you lose control of it when you leave this form, unless you have Rebuke Undead in that form and its hit dice are no more than half your effective cleric level in the new form)
    Alchemical Golem
    Cadaver Collector
    Cave Troll
    Charnel Hound (integrated bodies spill out when you die, regardless of what form you were in at the time)
    Greater Ssvaklor
    Hangman Golem
    Plague Spewer
    Sand Giant
    Storm Elemental (Huge)

    Tier VIII
    Astral Stalker (LE and NE only)
    Death Shrieker
    Mountain Troll
    Nycaloth Commander
    Omnimental (Death Birth destroys your body, but not any absorbed gear, and creates four huge elementals as written; you, and your allies, have no control over these angry elementals although they will attack whatever killed you by preference)
    Plague Bush
    Shadesteel Golem
    Siege Crab
    Slaughterstone Eviscerator (you get the blades)
    Storm Elemental (Greater)
    War Troll

    Tier IX
    Broodkeeper (Larvae die when you do, or if they go more than 100-ft from you; if you leave Broodkeeper Form without returning the larvae to your back the larvae become inert after 1 round, and die if you do not return to it within 1 minute)
    Battletitan (Dinosaur)
    Death Giant
    Greater Cadaver Collector
    Night Twist
    Prismatic Golem (must be Good)
    Sorrowsworn Demon
    Storm Elemental (Elder)
    Verminlord (vermin become uncontrolled when you leave this form and hostile towards you)

    Tier X
    Ancient Night Twist
    Eldritch Giant
    Greater Siege Crab
    Horrific Vasuthant
    Slaughterstone Behemoth

    Spoiler: Lords of Madness

    Neogi Spawn

    Tier II
    Average Psurlon
    Gas Spore (Death Throes destroys any non-magical gear assimilated into your form; magical gear is allowed a Fortitude saving throw against the same DC as the Death Throes and on a success takes 6d6 sonic damage)
    Saltor (Illithidae)

    Tier III
    Elder Psurlon

    Tier IV
    Great Old Master (Neogi; spawn created die after 1 minute and become inert should you return to your natural form, you have no control over the spawn but they will attack creatures they perceive as attacking you by preference)
    Hound of Gloom
    Kigrid (Illithidae)
    Ulitharid (Mind Flayer)

    Tier V
    Giant Psurlon

    Tier VI
    Director (Beholderkin)
    Embrac (Illithidae)

    Tier VII
    Spectator (Beholderkin)
    Vampire Mind Flayer

    Tier VIII
    Adult Neogi (Enslaved creatures become free, and very hostile, when you return to your natural form)
    Eye of the Deep (Beholderkin)

    Tier IX
    Elder Brain (brain golems go inert when you enter another form)

    Tier X
    Overseer (Beholderkin)

    Spoiler: Expanded Psionics Handbook

    Tier I
    Astral Construct Level II (make ability selection when form is gained; it does not change)

    Tier II
    Astral Construct Level III (make ability selection when form is gained; it does not change)
    Flesh Harrower (Puppeteer)

    Tier III
    Temporal Filcher

    Tier IV
    Astral Construct Level IV (make ability selection when form is gained; it does not change, may not select fast healing)

    Tier V
    Astral Construct Level V (make ability selection when form is gained; it does not change)
    Gray Glutton
    Psionic Aboleth (doesn't have enslave as a Su ability)

    Tier VI
    Astral Construct Level VI (make ability selection when form is gained; it does not change)
    Caller in Darkness

    Tier VII
    Astral Construct Level VII (make ability selection when form is gained; it does not change)
    Thought Slayer

    Tier VIII
    Astral Construct Level VIII (make ability selection when form is gained; it does not change)

    Tier IX
    Astral Construct Level IX (make ability selection when form is gained; it does not change)

    Spoiler: Libris Mortis

    Tier I
    Carcass Eater (while in blood frenzy cannot use Assume Form or other Specialized Forms, cannot return to natural form while in blood frenzy)
    Dessicator (note the lack of Strength bonus to damage)

    Tier II
    Skulking Cyst

    Tier III
    Brain in a Jar

    Tier IV
    Forsaken Shell

    Tier V
    Bleakborn (loses Expediated Healing, Fast Natural Healing, and Shifter's Vitality unless a living creature is within range of heat drain aura)
    Spectral Lyrist

    Tier VI
    Astral Construct Level VI (make ability selection when form is gained; it does not change)
    Caller in Darkness
    Grave Dirt Golem
    Hulking Corpse

    Tier VII
    Blood Amniote (loses Split Spawn)
    Slaughter Wight

    Tier VIII
    Entropic Reaper
    Plague Blight

    Tier IX

    Tier X
    Angel of Decay
    Dream Vestige (Self Spawn)

    Spoiler: Tome of Magic
    Tier I

    Tier III
    Deadly Dancer
    Horned Beast (Superior Natural Weapon fighting only applies to those from the form)

    Tier IV
    Garbler (random utterance remains random and can target allies)
    Khayal Genie
    Medium Shadow Elemental

    Tier V
    Word Archon

    Tier VI
    Large Shadow Elemental
    Roving Mauler
    Tooth Beast

    Tier VII
    Ephemeral Hangman
    Huge Shadow Elemental
    Logokron Devil

    Tier VIII
    Greater Shadow Elemental

    Tier IX
    Elder Shadow Elemental

    Vestige Synnergy:
    If you assume the form of a karsite, deadly dancer, deathshead, horned beast, roving mauler, or tooth beast using SPecialized Form while you have the related vestige (Karsus, Paimon, Shax, Amon, Buer, or Dahvler-Nar respectively) bound you gain the following additional benefit:

    Vestige Benefit
    Karsus You may use Karsus's Touch every 4 rounds instead of every 5 (or it recharges 1 round faster)
    Paimon You gain an additional +2 to your Dexterity
    Shax Storm Strike adds 3d6 damage of each type listed instead of 1d6
    Amon Your Form Shifter levels stack with your binder level to a maximum of your character level for determining Amon's breath weapon
    Buer Your fast healing increases to 5
    Dahvler-Nar Add your full constitution modifier (instead of 1/2) as an enhancement bonus to your natural armor
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    Reserved for specialized forms in case the lists grow too long for one post once full Monster Manuals are added.
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    Augmented Forms

    Each augmented form has a prerequisite, a benefit, and an appearance. Any prerequisite listed for an Augmented Form ability is the possession of a Specialized Form which has that ability. You do not need to possess that ability in your current form (in fact doing so is often redundant). The benefit is gained as long as that augmented form is active (for example as long as Bestial Horn is active you gain a Gore attack), as is the appearance which is a (cosmetic) modification which serves as a sign to those who know that the ability is active.

    Bestial Horn (Greater)
    Prerequisite: Form with a gore attack
    Benefit: You gain a gore attack as a primary or secondary natural weapon dealing 1d8 damage (assuming medium size). If you already have a gore attack its damage die is instead increased by 1 size.
    Appearance: A large singular horn rises from your forehead.

    Beast Fangs (Greater):
    Prerequisite: Any form with a bite attack.
    Benefit: You gain a bite attack as a primary or secondary natural weapon dealing 1d6 damage (if medium sized); if used in a form that already has a bite attack the damage from that attack increases one die size.
    Appearance: Your face extends into a canine snout filled with teeth.

    Blindsense (Greater)
    Prerequisite: Dire bat, any Ooze
    Benefit: You gain blindsense out to 30-ft. At level 9 this increases to 60-ft. At level 15 this becomes Blindsight.
    Appearance: Your ears extend becoming bat-like.

    Breath Weapon (Greater)
    Prerequisite: Any true dragon.
    Benefit: You gain a breath weapon; either a line out to 20-ft +10-ft per 2 class levels or a cone out to 10-ft +5-ft per 2 class levels, based upon the damaging breath weapon of your true dragon form, which deals 1d6 damage of the same type as your true dragon form per two class levels. Once you use this breath weapon you must wait 1d4 rounds before using it again. If you have multiple true dragon specialized forms you gain all associated breath weapons, although once you use one you must wait 1d4 rounds before using any of them again. If you have no true dragon form which has a damaging breath weapon this ability does nothing.
    Appearance: Scales form around your mouth.

    Burning Spirit (Greater)
    Prerequisites: Fire Elemental
    Benefit: Your melee attacks deal +1 fire damage per 3 class levels .
    Appearance: Fire seems to crackle and wreathe across your body, focusing at your striking appendage as you attack.

    Chitin (Greater)
    Prerequisite: Any vermin
    Benefit: Your natural armor bonus becomes (does not increase, becomes) +3 +1 more per 4 class levels. This may be further increased by enhancement bonuses to your natural armor.
    Appearance: You develop an insect-like exoskeleton covering your body.

    Circle of Evilís Bane (Greater)
    Prerequisite: Unicorn, Llamasu, or any Archon, Planetar, or Solar; must be Good aligned.
    Benefit: You radiate a Magic Circle against Evil as the spell (CL = class level where important) which also produces bright light out to the edge of the effect (and shadowy out to double this area); this is a supernatural ability although the light does not count as magical for interaction with magical darkness. In addition once per day you may Smite Evil as a paladin of twice your level if you do so this aura vanishes for 1 minute.
    Appearance: You are surrounded by a halo of light.

    Claws of the Beast (Greater)
    Prerequisite: Any form with claw attacks
    Benefit: You gain two claw attacks as primary or secondary natural weapons dealing 1d4 damage each (assuming medium size). If you already have claw attacks your claws deal damage as if 1 size category larger.
    Appearance: Your hands sprout fur and retractable claws. Your palm grows a thick pad.

    Demonic Flesh (Greater)
    Prerequisite: Any demon
    Benefit: You gain DR 1/cold iron or evil per 3 class levels.
    Appearance: Your flesh takes on a reddish tint, and small bony ridges appear across your body.

    Devilís Eyes (Greater)
    Prerequisite: Hell Hound, or any Devil
    Benefit: You gain Darkvision out to 60-ft +10-ft per 3 class levels. Unlike normal darkvision this vision is in color and functions in magical darkness.
    Appearance: Your eyes become jet black.

    Drow Magic (Greater)
    Prerequisite: Drider
    Benefit: You gain immunity to the effects of the Web spell, passing through it freely. In addition you gain the ability to use the following spell-like abilities each 1/day, with a caster level equal to your class level. The granted SLAs are: dancing lights, clairaudience/clairvoyance, darkness, detect good, detect law, detect magic, dispel magic, faerie fire, levitate, and suggestion.
    Appearance: Your skin takes on a blackish hue.

    Evil Eye (Greater)
    Prerequisite: Form with a gaze attack or gauth.
    Benefit: Once per round, as a free action, you may glance at a creature within 60-ft. The targeted creature must make a Will save (DC 10 +1/2 HD + Cha modifier) or be shaken for 1 minute.
    Appearance: Your eyes grow bloodshot and red, even as your pupils enlarge.

    Extraordinary Mending (Greater)
    Prerequisite: Any form with Regeneration or Fast Healing
    Benefit: You gain Fast Healing 1 +1/5 class levels while at less than half health.
    Appearance: Your flesh seems to squirm with a will of its own, and your wounds visibly heal.

    Fire Soul (Greater)
    Prerequisite: Form with the Fire subtype
    Benefit: You gain Fire Resistance equal to your class level. At level 16 this becomes fire immunity.
    Appearance: Your skin becomes reddish-yellow, and you feel noticeably warm to the touch.

    Giantís Girth (Greater)
    Prerequisite: Ogre, any Giant, Titan, or Tyrannosaurus
    Benefit: You gain powerful build and any 1 natural weapon you possess of your choice deals damage as if you were one size category larger.
    Appearance: Your girth increases to the limits of your size category.

    Healing Touch (Greater)
    Prerequisite: Unicorn, Llamasu, Hound Archon, Leonal, Planetar, Solar
    Benefit: You gain the ability to heal a creature with a touch. You may Neutralize Poison with a touch. In addition this functions as a paladinís Lay on Hands but your pool of healing is 3 per level times your Charisma modifier (minimum 3 per level), and 1/day you may remove 1 negative level from a creature with a touch.
    Appearance: None.

    Metal Resilience (Greater)
    Prerequisite: Rust Monster.
    Benefit: You gain DR 1/non-metal +1 per 5 class levels (max 5/non-metal). This DR is penetrated by wooden, rock, and bone weapons, dragoncraft weapons, and natural weapons.
    Appearance: You develop a small hunch in your back and your skin becomes the color of a rust monsterís.

    Mind Blast (Greater)
    Prerequisite: Mind Flayer; character level 16+.
    Benefit: You gain the ability to project a cone of mental force. This creates a 30-ft cone in which all creatures must make a Will save (DC 10 +1/2 level + Cha) or be Stunned for 1d4+1 rounds. After using this ability you must wait 1d4+1 rounds before using it again. This is a mind-affecting effect.
    Appearance: Your cranium, and brain, seem to enlarge.

    Planar Ascension (Greater)
    Prerequisite: A Tier VIII or higher Outsider form with an alignment subtype
    Benefit: When you take this ability select an alignment, which must be (one of) the subtype(s) of your qualifying form(s). You gain a +2 to attack and damage rolls against creatures of the opposite alignment and DR 2/opposing alignment +1/3 class levels. Finally once per day you may send yourself, or a single willing creature, to the 1st layer of the native plane of your selected outsider as if with the Greater Planeshift spell. If the qualifying outsider can have multiple home planes (such as a Planetar), or you qualify with multiple forms, then you may select one of the applicable home planes; if you qualify with multiple forms the selected plane must be one of the home planes of a form with the alignment subtype you chose.
    Appearance: Depending upon chosen alingment your hair becomes a resplindent and inhuman golden blond (Good), silver runes appear across your skin (Law), your hair becomes multi-colored (Chaos), or sickly green sigils appear across your flesh (Evil).

    Poisoned Fang (Greater)
    Prerequisite: Any form with a poison attack; Character level 4+.
    Benefit: Any bite attack you may have becomes envenomed inflicting the target with a Dex sapping poison. This poison's save DC is, like normal poison, 10 +1/2 your hit dice + your Con modifier, and it deals primary and secondary damage as shown on the table below. When you make the attack you choose what type of poison you will inflict.

    {table]Class Level|Primary Damage|Secondary Damage
    1-4|1d2 Dex|1d4 Dex
    5-8|1d4 Dex|1d6 Dex
    9-12|1d6 Dex or 1d4 Str|1d8 Dex or 1d6 Str
    13-16|1d8 Dex or 1d6 Str or 1d4 Con|2d6 Dex or 1d8 Str or 1d6 Con
    17-19|2d6 Dex or 1d8 Str or 1d4 Str, Dex, and Con|2d8 Dex or 2d6 Str or 1d6 Str, Dex, and Con
    20|2d6 Dex and 1d6 Str or 2d6 Str or 1d4 ability drain to each score|2d10 Dex or 2d8 Str or 1d8 to each ability score[/table]

    Power of the Earth (Greater)
    Prerequisite: Large or Larger Earth Elemental; Str 13+ in natural form.
    Benefit: As long as you are touching the ground you gain a +4 enhancement bonus to Strength. This increases to +6 at 16th level and +8 at 21st.
    Appearance: Your skin turns stony grey.

    Rage Within (Greater)
    Prerequisite: Flesh golem, clay golem, badger, dire badger, wolverine, or dire wolverine
    Benefit: 1 per encounter as a free action at the start of your turn you may release the raging spirits within increasing your Strength by 8 until end of turn; this increases to +10 at level 15 and +12 at level 20. When you activate this ability you must perform a melee attack against the nearest creature (living, undead, or construct) if at all possible. If it is not possible to perform a melee attack against the creature you must perform whatever other form of attack against them that is available to you.
    Appearance: When you use this ability the size of your increases for a few moments and a shadowy elemental force manifests around you.

    Rebuke Undead (Greater)
    Prerequisite: 2 or more undead forms, at least 1 of which is incorporeal.
    Benefit: You may Rebuke/Command undead as an evil cleric of your class level.
    Appearance: Your flesh takes on an unnatural pallor and your hair and finger nails extend.

    Skin of the Demon Tiger (Greater)
    Prerequisite: Both Rakshasha, and Tiger forms
    Benefit: You gain DR 2/good and piercing +1/3 class levels. If you also have DR X/evil this becomes DR 2/piercing instead (+1/3 class levels).
    Appearance: Your fingers reverse direction making your palms the backs of your hands. In addition a tiger stripe pattern shows faintly across your skin.

    Slowing Blow (Greater)
    Prerequisite: Clay Golem, Ice Devil, or Copper Dragon
    Benefit: 1/encounter you may designate a single melee attack as a slowing blow. Any creature struck by this attack must make a Will save (DC 10 +1/2 HD + Cha modifier) or be slowed as the spell for 1 round per 2 character levels. This is a supernatural ability.
    Appearance: None.

    Spatial Warp (Greater)
    Prerequisite: Blink Dog.
    Benefit: When you move you flicker in and out of the Ethereal Plane ignoring speed reduction from difficult terrain, and get a +4 on relevant skill checks to pass it. This also gives you a 50% miss chance from attacks of opportunity due to movement unless the target is using a ghost touch weapon or has the ability to see ethereal creatures (20% against one or the other, 0% against both). In addition 3/day you may teleport 30-ft per class level as a standard action; using this ability immediately ends your turn.
    Appearance: You appear to flicker, and when you move you disappear entirely to creatures that cannot perceive the Ethereal Plane.

    Summon Trumpet (Greater)
    Prerequisite: Trumpet Archon; must be Lawful Good and have a character level of 16+.
    Benefit: You may summon a trumpet which functions identical to a Trumpet Archonís allowing you to, regardless of form, play it to paralyze all creatures, except for you and archons, within 100-ft for 1d4 rounds. A successful Fortitude save (DC 10 +1/2 character level + Charisma modifier) negates this paralysis. You may also transform this trumpet into a +4 Greatsword sized appropriately for your current form. Once you have played the trumpet you must wait 1d4 rounds to play it again.

    Summoning the trumpet is a full-round action, and it vanishes should you ever release it.
    Appearance: A wondrous trumpet of pure silver materializes into your hands.

    Swimmer (Greater)
    Prerequisite: Any form with a swim speed
    Benefit: You gain a swim speed equal to one-half your land speed. Starting at 8th level you also gain the ability to breathe water.
    Appearance: Your hands and feet become webbed; at 8th level you also develop gill-slits on your throat.

    Unearthly Grace (Greater)
    Prerequisite: Nymph or Succubus form; Unnatural Beauty
    Benefit: You gain a Deflection bonus to AC and a resistance bonus to saving throws equal to 1/2 your Charisma modifier.
    Appearance: Your beauty is that of a fey creature, wondrous but unnatural. Something is just subtly off about your appearance. Proportions are perfect, but wrong, and colors are too vibrant.

    Unnatural Beauty (Greater)
    Prerequisites: Succubus or Nymph
    Benefit: You gain +4 to your Charisma; this increases to +6 at Lv 20 in this class.
    Appearance: You take on an unnatural beauty, your features unnervingly fine and perfect. This also shifts your appearance towards those typically perceived as attractive for your gender.

    Vanishing (Greater)
    Prerequisite: Any form with Invisibility as an SLA at-will or Invisible Stalker, Pixie, Phantom Fungus, or Hellcat; character level 8+.
    Benefit: You may turn invisible (as the spell Invisibility) at-will as a standard action. This ability is considered a spell-like ability but suffers arcane spell failure.
    Appearance: None.

    Wall Climber (Greater)
    Prerequisite: Any form with a climb speed
    Benefit: You gain a climb speed equal to Ĺ your base land speed.
    Appearance: Your fingers twist into simple climbing claws, and small sticky hairs develop across your body.

    Wings (Greater)
    Prerequisite: Any form with winged flight; character level 8+.
    Benefit: You gain wings with a fly speed twice your base land speed and average maneuverability.
    Appearance: Wings (bat-like with Imp, Dire Bat, Wyvern, and Succubus; insect-like with nixie, pixie and praying mantis; feathered with griffon) sprout from your back.

    Wings of the Roc (Greater)
    Prerequisite: Roc
    Benefit: You gain a fly speed equal to four times your base land speed with poor maneuverability. In addition in any round in which you do not move using this fly speed you can make 2 wing attacks as secondary natural weapons dealing 1d6 damage if you're medium sized; if you already have wing attacks they instead deal damage as if 1 size category larger.
    Appearance: Two oversized wings stretch from your back like those of a ferocious roc.

    Wraithís Blow (Greater)
    Prerequisite: Any incorporeal undead
    Benefit: You may choose to resolve your first attack during a round as an incorporeal touch attack.
    Appearance: Your natural weapons (hands if you have none) take on an almost translucent black appearance, as if made of solidified shadow.


    Air Mastery (Lesser)
    Prerequisite: Djinni, Invisible Stalker, or Air Elemental
    Benefit: Your flight maneuverability increases by 1 grade, and airborne creatures suffer a -1 to attack and damage against you, and you gain a +1 to saves against any effect from an airborne creature.
    Appearance: Your body lightens and your weight decreases by 5%, although this makes no visible change.

    Aligned Blows (Lesser)
    Prerequisite: Tier 3 or higher form with an alignment subtype.
    Benefit: Your natural weapons are considered your alignment for the purpose of overcoming DR.
    Appearance: Your natural weapons are surrounded by an aura of white light (if good), gold light (if lawful), silver light (if chaotic), or red light (if evil).

    Beastís Toughness (Lesser)
    Prerequisite: Any animal or magical beast form with a Con of 17+
    Benefit: You gain +1 hp per hit die.
    Appearance: None.

    Camouflage (Lesser)
    Prerequisite: Giant Praying Mantis, Nixie, Imp, Drider, Pixie, Ochre Jelly, Invisible Stalker, Hellcat, Gargoyle
    Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to Hide checks. This increases by +2 at 12th level and again at 18th level.
    Appearance: Your flesh seems to change color slightly to blend in with your immediate environment.

    Chastice Fiends (Lesser)
    Prerequisite: 2 outsider forms with the Good subtype.
    Benefit: 3 + Charisma modifier times per day you may attempt to chastice fiends. This works like a cleric's turn undead (using your Form Shifter level as your cleric level) except that it affects outsiders with the Evil subtype, and the effects to affected creatures are different (lessened because evil outsiders have less HD than undead). They are treated as having Turn Resistance equal to 1/2 their Wisdom modifier (if positive). If they would be turned they suffer a -2 to attacks, damage, caster level, saving throws, AC, skill and ability checks, and have their spell resistance reduced by 5 for 1 minute. If they would be destroyed they are instead banished back to their home plane till the next new moon; if they are on their home plane they are destroyed. A fiend on a Lower Plane, even one it is not native too, gains an additional +2 turn resistance, and a fiend on its home plane gains +4 instead.
    Appearance: None till you use the activated portion at which point you seem to glow with holy power to repel evil.

    Claws of the Cat (Lesser)
    Prerequisite: Any feline form (tiger, lion, leopard, hellcat)
    Benefit: When you make a charge attack you may make 2 claw attacks at the end instead of a single attack; you must have 2, or more, claw attacks to make use of this.
    Appearance: Your movement seems to grow even more sleek and agile.

    Ears of the Bat (Lesser)
    Prerequisite: Any form with blindsense or blindsight that is not an ooze.
    Benefit: You gain a +4 bonus to Listen checks, increasing to +6 at 6th level, +8 at 12th level and +10 at 18th level. In addition you only suffer a -2 to Listen per 20-ft of distance instead of per 10-ft of distance.
    Appearance: Your ears enlarge and become more bat-like.

    Enspelled Claws (Lesser)
    Prerequisite: Any form with DR penetrable by magic.
    Benefit: Your natural weapons are considered magic for the purposes of overcoming Damage Reduction.
    Appearance: Your natural weapons are surrounded by an eldritch glow.

    Eyes of the Eagle (Lesser)
    Prerequisite: Giant Eagle, Griffon, or any true dragon
    Benefit: You gain a +6 bonus on Spot checks, increasing to +8 at 12th level and +10 at 18th level. In addition you only suffer a -2 to Spot per 20-ft of distance instead of per 10-ft of distance.
    Appearance: Your eyes become hawk-like.

    Fearless (Lesser)
    Prerequisite: Any undead form, or any construct form.
    Benefit: You gain immunity to fear.
    Appearance: Your eyes dull, and take on the appearance of a dead creature's.

    Feet of the Cat (Lesser)
    Prerequisite: Any feline form.
    Benefit: You gain a +2 to Move Silently checks. This increases to +4 at 6th level, to +6 at 12th, and +8 at 18th level.
    Appearance: Your feet develop soft pads.

    Heart of the Lofty Zephyrs (Lesser)
    Prerequisite: Djinni, or Air Elemental
    Benefit: You gain a +20-ft bonus to your flight speed. If you do not have a flight speed you benefit from a continuous Feather Fall effect.
    Appearance: A gentle breeze seems to continuously rustle your hair and clothes.

    Heart of the Unmoving Earth (Lesser)
    Prerequisite: Gargoyle, or Earth Elemental
    Benefit: As long as you are touching the ground you gain a +4 bonus on checks to resist being bull rushed, tripped, or overrun, as well as against any spell or effect that would knock you prone or move you (including via teleportation).
    Appearance: Your flesh becomes the color and texture of rich loam.

    Improved Grapple (Lesser)
    Prerequisite: Any scorpion or bear, or Giant Praying Mantis, Owlbear, Constrictor Snake (Giant), or Dire Weasel
    Benefit: You gain Improved Grapple as a bonus feat.
    Appearance: None.

    Longstrider (Lesser):
    Prerequisite: Any equine form (horse, unicorn, pegasus, hippogriff), Deinonychous, Griffon, Megaraptor
    Benefit: You gain a +10-ft increase to your base land speed when wearing light or medium armor and not carrying a heavy load.
    Appearance: Your legs stretch out, even as your torso shrinks slightly.

    Plague Walker (Lesser):
    Prerequisite: Any form with a disease special attack (including Mummy Rot)
    Benefit: You gain immunity to mundane diseases, and a +4 on all saves versus Supernatural diseases. At Lv 15 this becomes immunity to Supernatural diseases as well.
    Appearance: You develop discoloration of skin, and loss of fur.

    Poison Resistance (Lesser)
    Prerequisite: Any form with a natural poison attack or any demon or unicorn
    Benefit: You gain a +4 bonus on saves versus poison, +1 per 3 class levels. At 10th level this becomes complete immunity to natural poison, and at 18th level immunity to poison.
    Appearance: Your eyes become snake-like with slit pupils.

    Run (Lesser)
    Prerequisite: Light Warhorse, Deinonychous.
    Benefit: You gain the Run feat as a bonus feat.
    Appearance: No change.

    Sense the Earth (Lesser)
    Prerequisite: Monstrous Scorpion, umber hulk, truly horrid umber hulk, or Earth Elemental
    Benefit: You gain Tremorsense out to 5-ft per class level.
    Appearance: Your feet widen.

    Tender of Beasts (Lesser)
    Prerequisite: Unicorn, nymph, or 3 animal forms.
    Benefit: You gain Wild Empathy as a druid of your class level, and 3 times per day may use Speak with Animals as a spell-like ability (Caster Level = character level).

    Throw Boulders (Lesser)
    Prerequisite: Stone Giant, Cloud Giant, Storm Giant, or Titan form.
    Benefit: While in a form of Large size or larger (or Medium with Powerful Build) which has hands and a Str of 19+ you may throw rocks like a giant. If you are Large (or Medium with Powerful Build) you can hurl rocks weighing 40 to 50 pounds up to 5, 120-ft range increments, these rocks deal 2d6 damage. For each size category greater you can throw rocks weighing up to twice the weight, increasing damage die by 1 size, and range by 50%. In addition you may catch rocks, assuming you have an open hand, of up to 1 size category smaller than you (powerful build does not increase this), or your size if you have both hands open. To do so requires a successful Reflex save with a DC of 15 for small rocks, and +5 for every size category beyond small.

    True Sight (Lesser)
    Prerequisite: Form with an Su True Seeing ability; character level 16+
    Benefit: You gain the benefits of the True Seeing spell at all times.
    Appearance: Your eyes become a milky white.

    Turn Resistance (Lesser)
    Prerequisite: Any undead form.
    Benefit: You gain +4 Turn Resistance.
    Appearance: Your skin becomes paler and your eyes seem lit with blue-flame.

    Vile Brood (Lesser)
    Prerequisite: Any form with a natural poison or disease attack.
    Benefit: You may use your natural form's Constitution or your Charisma instead of whatever form you are in at the moment to determine the save DCs for any Poison or Disease ability you have.
    Appearance: Your veins become prominent and a deep purple.

    Wolfís Nose (Lesser):
    Prerequisite: Any form with scent.
    Benefit: You gain the scent special quality, and can Track via scent as if you had the Track feat.
    Appearance: Your nose and face extend taking on canine qualities.
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    Default Re: Form Shifter (3.5 class, re-vamp/re-post)

    Non-Monster Manual Templated Forms

    Monster Manual 2:
    Template HD loss
    Half-Flesh Golem 2
    Half-Stone Golem 3
    Half-Iron Golem 4
    Monster of Legend 6
    Spellstiched 1 (note you don't get SLAs)
    Warbeast 0 (note HD increase from template, though)

    Monster Manual III
    Template HD loss
    Spellwarped 3
    Woodling 2
    Topiary Guardian - (Replaces HD)

    Expanded Psionic Handbook:
    Template HD loss
    Phrenic 1

    Lords of Madness:
    Template HD loss
    Elder Eidolon 5
    Half-Farspawn 2
    Pseudonatural 1
    Shadow 2

    Libris Mortis
    Template HD loss
    Evolved Undead +1
    Half-Vampire (has Blood Drain) +1
    Hooded Pupil +1
    Mummified +3
    Necromental +1
    Revived Fossil +2
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    Default Re: Form Shifter (3.5 class, re-vamp/re-post)

    So, to start things off some specific stuff I think I'll need help with.

    Does the overall class look sound in concept/execution?

    Specialized forms. I was unsatisfied with many of these when I tested the class previously, and intend to work heavily on reworking this list. That said I know I don't have experience with all of the creatures on this list and that removing SLAs from them will modify their powers more heavily than I probably guess, so this is where I'm really crowdsourcing and asking for advice/help.

    Assumed Forms: I'm always looking for suggestions for more, and if any stand out as significantly too strong or too weak compared to the others let me know.

    Spell-like Abilities: I hate not giving them the SLAs of their forms but feel that balancing them would be nigh impossible. If you have any suggestions for how to add them even in some limited capacity please, please give them to me.

    Templated Form: Should I move this ability earlier? Should I give you a number of templates known?
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    Default Re: Form Shifter (3.5 class, re-vamp/re-post)

    Hi, lets go poke :D (I'm working top to bottom, so I might make comments that get rectified in later parts of your post)

    Assume form seems to be incomplete, it ends in the middle of a sentence "as a move action to return to your natural form or".

    Lesser beast form: while I can understand the limit on fly speeds... why not do the same for swim and burrow speeds?

    Specialized form: interesting limits, I like it.
    However, this sentence "You gain a Specialized Form at every level, selecting one form from any tier available to you" and the numbers mentioned in the table don't exactly match up.
    Also, the presence of this (at will) ability makes me question the amount you can use the "assume form" ability... seems somewhat redundant... (the amount, not the entire ability)

    Augmented form: the limits on when/how many to use are very messy. I'd suggest using a new line for each rule?

    "You may use any number of Greater Augmented Form abilities at will in your natural form."
    "You may use 1 Greater Augmented Form in a Specialized Form of your highest tier, +1 per 8 class level and/or tier below max of the specialized form." (And even then this one is weird-like)

    beast tongue needs a level indicator for when you gain it (yes, I can see it in the table, but generally it's a good idea to mention it in the text as well, unless it's level 1 gained)

    Beast form: as far as I can see this adds nothing (though you could rule that it overrules the lesser version, so you can now fly), in fact it limits you to your HD, which wasn't the case in lesser beast form.

    Expediated Natural Healing, does this also apply to ability score healing?

    Improved Beastís Tongue: took me a few reads to get. (the difference is assume form VS specialized form) I'd recommend adding something along the lines of "like the feature beast tongue did for..."

    Catalouge of Beasts needs to note whether it will allow you to make the checks untrained (in other words, does this make you consider those skills as trained)?

    Quick Change until this ability I hadn't seem that specialized form actually takes longer than assume form... It makes sense in a way... but just from the names one would assume you'd be better at shifting into something you "specialize" in (you assume more properties, which makes it make sense, but still)

    Fortifications: I'd not use the words "light" and "moderate" to indicate the level, as they already have a meaning in the game (25%/75% fortification), use another indicator.... or just number them or something.

    X or Y form I like the idea of being able to chose... but (especially with a choice at level 10) I feel like I should gain the other one at a later date (worst case... a feat maybe?)

    Shapechanger sub-type, since this adds very little in terms of power, I'd suggest giving this at first level to be honest. Not sure why you'd wait until level 10.

    Shifter's Vitality seems to strong... make it 1 ability score point per minute and 1 negative level per hour (both slowed down one step). Mostly just a feeling to be honest.

    Instant change seems weird. Firstly the name only applies to one of the 2 changes (specialized is not instant), secondly being able to change as often as you wish seems weird (and I'm not sure what you gain by it).

    Epic table is still using the old format.

    Second post
    Had a quick glance, interesting vestige synergy and special rules for a number of shapes... I like it.

    Fourth post
    I'm sort of confused. In the augment form section you said you can add all greater and lesser to your natural form... but from what I can see in the prerequisite you'd not be able to use many (or any) in your natural form... or is that purely a prerequisite to be able to select it (and you can always use it, no matter the prerequisite/form you take?). Needs clarification. (Later abilities are seem clearly intended (true seeing) that you need a form and then can use it in any form....) Also, do you need to be able to "assume" the form of have it "specialized"?

    And now on to the part you were actually asking about:

    look/sound/concept/execution: I like it. Personally, I might make them immune to shapeshifting magic (both harmful - "I transform back to what I was" and helpful - "Changing the shape of water won't do much in the long run") To avoid even more shapeshifting with high end magic etc... but it's not necessary.

    Specialized/assume forms: Yea, thats going to be a pain, currently not near (most) books, so can't help... plus I think the only way to do this would be (lots and lots of) play-testing.

    Spell-like abilities: Maybe give the class a point pool (similar to the psion way of casting) that they can spend on spell like abilities of the forms they are in... Limited so that horrible crap like wish is not allowed... And maybe limiting it to a single SLA per specialized form (and non in assume)?

    Templated form: Not sure about this one... you could do it earlier, but put a max LA/HD change? So at 8 level (randomly chosen) you can add templates up to +1, becomes +2 at 14 and +3 at 18... And yea, some sort of limit on templates known might be nice (but it should probably be a nice amount anyhow... class level/2 or 3?)

    Hope this helps.
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    Default Re: Form Shifter (3.5 class, re-vamp/re-post)

    Thanks, tried to fix the basic editing (I seem to always think Fortification goes 20/50/100... got to find my old 3.0 DMG and see if it did then), and will try and clarify that prerequisites for Augmented Forms are "you must possess at least 1 specialized form falling into this category", so having an air elemental as a specialized form makes it easier to fly.

    Added no burrow to lesser beast shape and realized I'd accidentally removed the hit die limit in transferring it (probably because I intentionally removed its additional "2 HD max regardless of level" limit). This is what happens when I update something I end up with pieces of junk code from the old version (it used to get 1 specialized form/level, I added the number to the table and more forms to make it easier to qualify for augmented forms and leave you with the ability to pick specialized forms for immediate usefulness instead of just augmented forms).

    Added the ability to swap old Specialized Forms for ones of the same tier on level up, with the note that you can lose access to augmented form abilities if you swap out the forms used to qualify for them.

    Nice catch on Catalog. I think I'll allow them to make such checks untrained since it fits the idea behind the ability even if that wasn't my original intent.

    Gave out Shapeshifter Subtype at 10th because several shape shifting PrCs gave it out late, and it prevents a 1st level dip from granting near immunity to polymorph and several other effects; also because thematically speaking a low level formshifter isn't necessarily a better shapeshifter than a high level druid and druids don't get the subtype, but I think around 10th you deserve it more than a 20th level druid does.

    As for the X or Y forms I had intended to make feats to grant access to the other option, I might have even done so in the old thread, but if so they were lost somewhere (one reason for making a new thread was because this was the class that taught me to reserve posts on my homebrew). I'll probably end up putting feats with the templated forms for now once I do get around to adding them.

    For Shifter's Vitality I'm leaving the ability damage healing at 1/round because there's a 1st level Vestige that already grants it so it shouldn't be too much to grant at 20th, but I'm going to slow the ability burn/drain healing, and the negative level healing.

    Also don't worry, I'd not dream of giving them spell-like abilities in assumed forms (which was initially just a Master of Many Form's wild shape with a nerfed duration), but the specialized ones I feel they should be able to get some.

    And yeah, thanks again, it did help.

    Edit: Oh yes the change as often as you wish in a round allows you to do something like be an iron golem, free action into an incorporeal form, move through a wall, free action into a hydra attack 12 times, free action into an incorporeal form and Spring Attack back out. Ok, this might not quite work (I'm not 100% sure if you can take free actions in part of a Spring Attack) but it lets you switch from defensive form to offensive form, attack, and then switch back to defensive form. It's one of the few things Shapechange doesn't give you.
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