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    Default Stats rolling and invisible castle

    I noticed a few people rolled repeatably on invisible castle and then post their best stats on the message boards. Normally people get to roll stats once in front of the dm you would keep it (unless the stats really sucked). So as to why people think they could get away from it here on message boards?
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    Default Re: Stats rolling and invisible castle

    Because on the internet, you're just text and have no accountability. Some of us, however, still have self-respect.

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    Default Re: Stats rolling and invisible castle

    Well, there are some counter measures in place for this. Admittedly they are not fool proof but they are there. As a GM, request the character's name before they are accepted in to the group and then insist that the player use that character name on Invisible Castle. Here's what that does for you...

    1.) Each roll the player makes creates a link, and that link only links to that one roll, and therefore can't be trusted any more than you trust the person on the other end of the network cable, so...

    2.) The GM can then do a search on Invisible Castle for the name, and see all of the rolls made for that name recently. It even tells you what date and time the rolls were made so there's no pre-rolling and then giving the name of the "good" roll.


    My First Roll
    My Second Roll
    When Searched By Name

    Also, instead of searching by name, you can tweak the link provided which looks like this,, and remoe the "a=show&" so that it looks like this, This serves two further purposes. 1. it gives you more detail on the roll (such as the syntax used so you can make sure he's not rerolling all 1-4's) and 2. it provides a link with the name that you can click on to find all recent rolls with that name.

    These two things should help to remedy most potential munchkinery using the site.

    I'd be happy to further clarify anything that I didn't make clear here.

    EDIT: One further thought, some GM's allow players to roll multiple sets of stats and then choose the best one. This method will still allow you, as the GM, to make sure that only "x" number of rolls were made and what they were.
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