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    Default Eternis' Spectacular Let's Play: ???

    I like writing.
    It is fun, and an excellent expression of creativity and whatnot.
    The following is how I'm going to do a Let's Play:
    1st person perspective, written as if it were a novel, each mistake of mine, death, failure and what have you will be included.
    Even the tedious bits.

    Now, the options are:
    Legend of Zelda:
    Wind Waker
    Twilight Princess
    Ocarina of Time
    A Link Between Worlds
    Majora's Mask
    Skyward Sword

    Fire Emblem: Awakening

    Warcraft III Campaigns:
    Reign Of Chaos
    Human, Undead, Orc, Nightelf (Any individual one, Human+Undead, Orc+Nightelf, or ALL FOUR)
    Frozen Throne
    Nightelf, Human, Undead, Bonus (only individual or Nightelf+Human+Undead)


    I'll check back in a week, and democracy WINS!
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    Default Re: Eternis' Spectacular Let's Play: ???

    I'd be interested in seeing an Awakening LP.

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    Default Re: Eternis' Spectacular Let's Play: ???

    Hrm. Throwinjg my hat in the ring with a Majora's Mask 100% run. Easy enough to do, I've done it myself.
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