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    Default OOTS #G004 - The Discussion Thread

    Issue #4 of Gygax magazine is out. (As it was with issues #1 and #2, I received my PDF copy before my print copy.)

    Issue #4 includes OOTS #G004, "Economy Size". A long-unseen character makes a return.

    Here's a link to the thread for OOTS #G003, "Reboot to the Face".

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    Default Re: OOTS #G004 - The Discussion Thread

    I'm ashamed to admit, it took me a few seconds to get the punchline.

    Seriously, though, is wicker armor a thing? What source book is it from?

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    Default Re: OOTS #G004 - The Discussion Thread

    Arms & Equipment Guide I think.
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    Default Re: OOTS #G004 - The Discussion Thread

    After a quick Google search, apparently wicker armor was a thing in real life too. Weird.

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    Default Re: OOTS #G004 - The Discussion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Gamera View Post
    A long-unseen character makes a return.

    The rest of the strip was pretty funny as well, but that made my morning.
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    Default Re: OOTS #G004 - The Discussion Thread

    Thanks for reminding me I needed to download the pdf. I'd forgotten to when I saw it in my email earlier.




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    Default Re: OOTS #G004 - The Discussion Thread

    He's back!

    Given how often the Heavily Templated Snail retreats, I'm beginning to see him as the OotS' version of Cobra Commander: a completely inept villain with a much higher sense of his own accomplishments. In fact I read the Snail's lines from this issue in the late Chris Latta's Cobra Commander voice.

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    Default Re: OOTS #G004 - The Discussion Thread

    After actively wondering whether the inflation in OOTS main strip was caused by adventurers or Vaarsuvius or simply willful ignorance over what in-game stuff should actually costs, I quite enjoy a little strip that highlights the difference between adventurer expectations and the in-game economy.

    Of course you realize it's a little much for the Order to get so much gold from a bored commoner with a rodent problem to begin with?
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