Portable Runes

Portable Runes
These pieces of paper are inscribed with specific runes, each serving a different function. The paper these runes are printed on is not ordinary paper. When the paper is pressed against a surface, it dissolves and leaves the rune on the surface it was pressed against. Any time a Portable Rune is activated it lets the owner know that it has activated with an effect similar to that of the spell alarm. Portable Runes have may be made with additional effects.

Activation Type

Proximity Sensor
When this rune is placed and it senses a target pass within 5ft it activates its effect.

Remote Detonator
When this rune is placed the paper it was on does not dissolve instead a different rune is placed on it. When the new rune is used it activates the old runes effect. You must be within one mile to do this.

Before this rune is placed, you designate a number of rounds, after placing it starts a countdown, at the end of which it activates its effect.

Almost any spell effect can be put into rune form. These are some of the common ones.

Magic circle against (chaos/evil/good/law)
Wall of fire

The cost of a Portable Rune is determined by this equation.

(Spell level x Caster level x 50gp) + 150gp

If the Portable Rune has more than one spell on it, multiply the second spells result by .75 and add it to the first, any others are multiplied by .50.