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    Default Raeus- The Silence of the Gods

    A Brief History-

    In the beginning there was nothing, no light, no darkness, only the void where nothing existed. Then out of this emptiness emerged the three gods, one of pure Good (Gladrius), one of balance (Nevernus), and of one pure Evil (Envitarus). These three beings then created the world, Raeus, and populated it accordingly, so to bring some form to the nothingness that had previously characterized all existence. Thus began the First Age, the Age of Beginnings.

    The First Age

    Nobody knows how long the First Age lasted, it was an age characterized by time beginning, and while there has never been absolute peace in all of time, one could argue this First Age was the closest creation had ever been to a global and universal peace. Despite their inherent opposition, both Gladrius and Envitarus worked together to craft Raeus and watched over their handiwork from the Aether, the home of the Divine Trio.
    All good things must come to an end however, and so too did this golden age of creation end in time. No mortal knows why this came to pass but one day a war was waged in the Aether between the three gods of Raeus, and this war spilled into Raeus as the otherworldly servants of the gods fought in various places in Raeus. At this point the First Age ended and the Second Age began, the Age of the Aether War.

    The Second Age

    Just as no mortal knows how long the First Age lasted, so too is this true for the Age of the God War, as for many it seemed that this was how it had always been. God fighting god, angel fighting demon, and finally mortals fighting mortals. This was the focal point of this Age as prior to the War in Heaven, mortals had mostly not interacted with the Aether beings beyond prayer and occasional miracles wrought in the name of the gods. The mortals who fought in the Aether War were no average mortal, and were viewed as near demigods by mortals and outsider alike as they slew outsiders and mortals alike in the name of whichever god they served.
    The Aether War waged on for millennia, spawning countless heroes and villains, relics of untold power, and scars which forever shaped Raeus. This truly was an age of absolute war, as whole mortal races were wiped out, large tracts of the world made uninhabitable by strange auras which caused any mortal who remained in them to become sickly and die. However the most significant change the war caused was one in which the very nature of the universe became fractured, as the three gods shattered into new aspects.

    Afte this cataclysmic event, where the Divine Trio split into three separate trios, each made up of three new gods made from the shards of the divine essence of one of the gods. From Gladrius sprung; Iudexa, the Judge of the Heavens, Amariel, the Divine Love, and Malamyr, Keeper of the Divine Light. From Nevernus came; Luxus Sol, the Celestial Sun, Bastiel, the Overseer of the Final Rest, and Noxus Luna, the Celestial Moon. From Envitarus arose; Mael’Ra, Tyrant of the Flaming Depths, Ri’Aigne, the Void Dragon Imperator, and Lelor’Kaal, Shaper of One-Thousand Truths and Deceptions.

    Once these new beings formed, they quickly ended the war and withdrew from the mortal realm, working on dividing the Aether between themselves, each crafting their own plane of existence where their mortal followers could retire to once they died and where the god in question could reign with absolute power, protected by their outsider servants. Iudexa created a realm named the Golden Heavens where the law and good were wove into the very nature of the plane. Amariel created Elysium, a frenzied realm where all good mortals could spend eternity living in pure ecstasy, pursing any pleasure they wished. Malamyr crafted a world where good mortals could go to rest after their weary life of learning and watch the rest of creation trundle along, indeed this realm he created is where all magic comes from, due to Malamyr’s love of the mortal’s pursuit of knowledge and gave all the races the gift of magic to expand their understanding of the universe. These three formed the High Heavens, the planes of Good. Luxus Sol created the Cradle of Light, one where mortals who valued the rules above all else and shined with all the glory of the Sun. Bastiel created Purgatorus, a realm where those who had followed all walks of life equally could enjoy their afterlife, and take part in any venture they wished. Noxus Luna formed the Wyld Woods, a realm of moonlight glades in which those who had followed their own way in life could join in on the Lunar Hunt, wherein the mortals would hunt after literal manifestations of their desires and if successful, enjoy in them. These three formed the Balanced Excellency, the planes of Neutral forces. Mael’Ra created the Flaming Depths, a realm of fire and ash wherein the wicked and weak were bound in chains by their betters and tortured until they were deemed worthy and joined their torturers in the punishment of the new souls as devils. Ri’Aigne created a realm of pure darkness where the guilty were forced into a continual cycle of slow destruction and recreation until they were deemed worthy and became daemons, dedicated to cataloguing the rise and fall of creation into nothingness and back again. Lelor’Kaal created the Abyssal Battlefield, a realm of constant slaughter where souls fought eachother in an endless battle, until they were deemed worthy to join the ranks of Kaal’s own and became demons. These three planes formed the Gehennan Reach, the planes of Evil.

    Thus Raeus was at peace again as the gods focused on watching over the mortals and guiding them while managing their own realms of power. This signaled the end of the Second Age but while all of the Aether cried out in joy that the aeon-long war had finally ended, dark events began stirring in the mortal world of Raeus, and a great war between all the mortal races began, starting the Third Age or the Age of Universal War.

    The Third Age

    Historians still argue which nation actually started the Great Mortal War but it is generally agreed that the bulk of the blame was between the Alaen Empire and the Curved Horde of Suus, as between the two they ruled over 70% of all mortal races and became the view eachother as their natural enemies, the Alaen Empire believing themselves to be the paragons of all that is good in the world, and the Curved Horde seeing themselves as the rightful rulers of the weak world that surrounded them. Thus it came to pass that these two nations began to fight in a massive war which spanned all of Raeus, even pulling the Neutral Coalition of Nations into the conflict after a series of battles where neither side were able to bring the coalition onto their side and decided to attempt to wipe them from the face of Raeus rather than let them turn to the enemy.

    This was no normal conflict between mortals however, as due to advances in strange magic now lost to time, both sides were able to forcibly impress outsiders into their armies regardless of whether the outsider in question was aligned with their beliefs or not. Upon discovering this all the gods were horrified that their servants were being treated in such a manner, but at this point they agreed not to intervene and let the mortals sort out their own affairs as they always had.

    However Bastiel was not content with this verdict, as not only were deaths occurring in amounts that horrified even her, the Goddess of Death but also as the Goddess of the Earth, as she watched her precious nature destroyed by all sides of the conflict to fuel their armies and battles. So in an effort to end this war, Bastiel appeared before the armies engaged in the center of Raeus and pleaded with the three factions to stop their senseless slaughter. However before all had realized the true nature of the outsider that appeared before them, one of the armies unleashed a Second Age relic that had been found and aimed it at Bastiel. As the relic flew at Bastiel, she looked at disbelief that the mortals would dare to attack her and when it hit, her surprise echoed through all of creation as she realized this was one of the relics the soldiers in the Second Age had used to slay powerful leaders of the other gods’ armies, a weapon which unleashed a small portion of the nothingness which had existed before creation, a tool to kill gods and mortal alike. Thus Bastiel, Overseer of the Final Rest, Harbinger of Endless Sleep, did die.

    The death of Bastiel horrified all the gods and they immediately acted, speaking in unison as their voices reverberated across the world, saying that this war was now over and should a conflict of this scale occur again, they would obliterate Raeus and all the souls of its inhabitants. This became known as Cosmic Mandate, which meant that the gods promised not to destroy the world provided the mortal races never again fight a war at such a scale again. This pact officially ended the Third Age and brought the Forth Age, the Godless Age.

    The Fourth Age

    This is the current age of creation and is the most radically different age from any other age in all of creation, After the mandate was announced, the gods withdrew from the affairs of mortals save for the rare individuals who they appoint to serve as their enforcers to remind the mortals of the gods and their promise. No longer could the common mortal communicate with the gods, nor would mortals again rise again from the grave through the divine magic gifted by the gods. With this withdrawal meant the absolute scarcity of divine magic, mortal life became more fragile as they once again became prey to disease and injury that they previously could simply have a follower of the gods heal. Thus there was a global collaboration into improving mundane healing techniques to be able to improve quality of life for all the mortal races, at least slightly.

    The death of Bastiel brought further changes to the world, as even arcane mages found that they could not raise the dead in the unnatural semblance of life they once could. Furthermore her death literally shattered Raeus as what was once one continent fractured into several landmasses, and at the epicenter of her death site was a hole in the very fabric of reality, which would turn mortals mad simply by being near it.


    This is the world mortals now live in, and must survive in, a godless one where life is hard and there is very little hope for a better future. However whether that is true is up to you to decide.

    -there is very little divine magic in this setting so clerics and any other divine-magic focused classes will not be possible, also banned is necromantic magic or any arcane spells which serve to heal
    -the Heal skill is much more important, as anyone who has ranks in it may attempt to heal someone’s wounds by 1d8 on a DC roll of 15
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    Default Re: Raeus- The Silence of the Gods

    The Kingdoms of Raeus

    Spoiler: Map of Raeus

    Spoiler: A Better Map by The Mad Hatter

    Spoiler: Another Great Map not by me (by 'Neath the Moon)

    1.The Alaen Remnant- This is what remains of the mighty Alaen Empire, a shadow of its former self after the forced peace at the end of the Third Age. While significantly smaller than it used to be, the Remnant remains one of the strongest nations which survived the shattering of the world after the death of Bastiel. An ostensibly good and lawful kingdom, its citizens face the most stringent of laws and any thief or other criminal is dealt with swiftly and lethally. No place is this truer than in its capital, Aero, derisively called the “City of Heroes” by its detractors, the royal family House Seraphim rule with an iron fist, and still command some of the outsiders they conscripted during the Great Mortal War.
    2. The Forest Consortium- Protected from the expansionist aims of the Remnant both by the Draconian Mountain range, as well as the Amber Forest from which the Consortium draws its name, the Consortium is really a loose alliance of regions that used to belong to the Remnant but declared their independence shortly before the end of the war after many had grown tired slaughter which characterized by the conflict. Luckily by the time the Alaen Empire found out, the Cosmic Mandate was decreed as well as the Empire losing much of its army and lands to the shattering caused by the death of Bastiel. While there is no unified government for the nation-states which make up the Consortium, there is a capital of sorts named Tera Liberatus where the nations meet and where much of the trade in the region occurs.
    3. Sucares- Originally a part of the mainland and of the Alaen Remnant, the land of Sucares broke off from the mainland after the Shattering. Shortly after, the region declared its independence and declared itself to be the new kingdom of Sucares. Not much is known about the region as precious few individuals leave the nation or enter it but those who leave tell tales of land without much sunlight, and there are even more rumors that the ruling family isn’t entirely human, or even ever was.
    4. Crystallos- The largest island in the Central Sea, Crystallos as a nation is fairly sparsely populated, owing to the fact that the region is beset by ice, cold, and snow nearly year around resulting in cold summers and even colder winters. The kingdom relies on trade with the other kingdoms to provide its citizens with food as most animals cannot survive the cold and very few crops are able to grow even in the summer. The reason why the kingdom is able to sustain this system is due to the fact that it is one of the only places where there is any sizable portion of runesteel left in the world, which is used in the creation of powerful magical items and is what makes of the bulk of its exports. Its people are known for being dedicated workers, whether it be as a miner of runesteel, a solider defending the towns against the terrors of the icy wilderness, or a trader selling runesteel to nations abroad. The only city which holds a large population is the Valhallan Keep, home of the ruler of Crystallos, Loke Aesir.
    5. Atlantara- A tropical island despite its proximity to Cystallos, myth says that even before the Shattering, Atlantara was surrounded by water, created by the god Luxus Sol himself to be a place for mortals to enjoy his radiant sunlight. After the gods became silent however, the Atlantarans lost faith in Luxus Sol and began to gradually become a much more laize-faire kingdom than before, and many now spend most of their days relaxing on one of the many beaches in Atlantara. Due to this culture, a massive drug trade emerged and the foremost of the cartels, called Hydra after the many headed monster of legend, now controls much of the island by buying out the negligent government which rules it. Much of the world’s drug trade originates from this island and if you want to acquire any substance outlawed by the other kingdoms, Atlantara is the best place to look.
    6. Isle of the Blest- One of the few remaining places after the Cosmic Mandate which still widely worships the gods, the Isle of the Blest is ruled by a theocratic council of nine priests known as the Divine Conclave, each of the members being a worshipper and priest of one of the nine gods, with Bastiel continuing to be praised even after her death, being worshipped as a goddess of peace. While its citizenry is all devout and worship the gods, the gods never return their prayers nor is there any indication that their faith is rewarded. Never-the-less, the people continue to pray, especially in the temple-city known as the Shrine of the Nine, where all the gods are worshipped, and hope that one day the gods will return and reward them for their continued faith during the centuries of silence.
    7. Sons of Suus- As the Alaen Remnant is what is left of the Alaen Empire, so too are the Sons of Suus what remains of the leadership of the Curved Horde of Suus. However it is not a truly unifed nation, as the leader of the Curved Horde, Dra’hin Abbadon, was one of the many causalities in the battle where Bastiel was killed. After his death, the Horde descended into a period of anarchy where warlords fought to see who would become the new Rhak of the Curved Horde. After centuries of constant warfare following the Cosmic Mandate, a new Rhak was declared, a young warlord known as Rez’hin Skullcrusher, who would rule from the ancestral captital of the Horde, Juvaini. Despite ostensibly the new Rhak of the Curved Horde, the centuries had not been kind to the kingdom and many warlords still dispute Rez’hin’s rule and fighting is still a daily chore, despite the region being the most peaceful it had been since the death of Abbadon.
    8. The Desert of Black Glass- Once the site of a great First Age empire whose name is lost to time, even before the Shattering the Desert was an inhospitable area, as the place was a wasteland due to it being a constantly fought in region during the War of the Gods, which left some areas covered in black glass created by powerful relics used in the Second Age by both sides. Furthermore these areas of black glass constantly left mortals who remained in them for too long weak and many died and by the time of the Great Mortal War, few mortals lived in the desert besides small nomadic tribes and the odd relic hunter searching through the ruins of the First Age for any surviving relics from the Second Age left behind after the end of the War of the Gods.
    9. The United Kingdom Coalition- The remains of the third side in the Great Mortal War, the Coalition is a group of nations which continue to band together to defend themselves from not only from the clutches of Suus domination, but also to defend against the raids from the Mancipium States in the south. As a result of its participation in the Great Mortal War, as well as its attacks today from the Sons of Suus and Mancipium States, nearly every city in the Coalition is a veritable fortress able to withstand nearly any assault. Nowhere is the truer than in the capital city, aptly named Bastion, which was never breached even during the Great Mortal War, and is the seat of the Armalyn royal family. It is believed that one of the reasons Bastion was never breached was that many of its inhabitants had been blessed by Noxus Luna with the ability to transform into wondrous beasts at night, and popular opinion is that if one were to attack Bastion, it best be during the day, as no invader stands a chance in the Flaming Depths of surviving the night.
    10. The Mancipium States- Reviled by most of the other kingdoms, the Mancipium States are a known haven of pirates, slavers, and assassins. Indeed the Mancipium States are ruled by a council that is composed of pirate captains, slaver lords, and assassin guild masters, known as the Red Council. Society in the States is stratified in such a way that slaves are at the bottom rung of society, followed by normal citizens who do not engage in the sordid trade much of the people do, then the assassins, with the pirated slightly above them, and slavers slightly above them, and members of the Red Council as the elite of society. However there also is a strange aspect of the States known as the Steel Bank, which stores the gold of many of the citizenry and uses it to fund businesses, the Red Council and their raids, and other groups such as companies dedicated to researching various advances in weaponry or magic.
    11. The Tear- Not much is known about the Tear other than the fact that is a place where reality literally has a hole in it due to the death of Bastiel and any mortals who attempt to go near it quickly go mad, many of them simply killing themselves after their minds where torn asunder by the sight of the Tear.
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