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    Default Card Question/Suggestion

    Well, interestingly, I suddenly realized the answer to my question as I was typing it, but it gave me an idea for a suggestion. So here's the question I was going to ask:

    Quote Originally Posted by A Holy Knight who might have been, but wasn't
    Okay, this may be a silly question, but here goes. For the card "The Dragon from the Front of the Box"... why is the dragon blue? The dragon on the front of the box was red!
    Because, when I saw the card, I immediately thought of the old D&D boxed set, where a red dragon is leaping out at you. As I was typing, I realized it might mean the front of the OoTS game box, and sure enough, there's a blue dragon on it. So with my question answered, my suggestion is that a future card be something like:

    "The Dragon from the Front of that Other Box", which would be a red dragon in homage to/parody of the classic D&D set that I originally thought was the point of the card above.
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    Default Re: Card Question/Suggestion

    Nah, they're going to do that with the expansion. Have a dragon on the front of the box and call it the "other" dragon.
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