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    Default [Template] Mornatus, Wireborn


    Thanks to Joshua-Jewey!

    [Fluff for later]

    Creating a Fallen Creature
    "Wireborn" is an inherited template that can be added to any creature.

    Size and Type: The creature retains its size, but it's type is changed to Construct (but does not get bonus HP and such based on size).

    Special Qualities: The creature retains all of its special qualities and gains the following:

    Wire frame: Wireborns have a +2 Racial bonus to resist being bull rushed, as their bodies flex away from the incoming force. This ability also grants them a +2 to checks to escape grapples. In addition, a Wireborn is treated as 2 size categories smaller than its normal size for the purposes of Escape Artist checks.

    Wire it open: Wireborns gain a +2 racial bonus to Open Lock checks, and Open lock is always considered a class skill for them. Wireborn do not suffer the usual penalty for attempting an Open Lock check without the appropriate tools.

    Electric Charge: Whenever a Wireborn takes Electricity damage, it becomes magnetic. This causes nearby metal objects within a radius of 10 + 5 feet per 10 points of electricity damage feet to be dragged toward the Wireborn, as if being bull rushed with a Strength check result of 20. Attended objects must make an reflex save or be affected. Unattended objects (and attended objects which fail their save) are subject to a new bull rush each round that this ability is in effect. This effect lasts for 1 round per 10 damage taken (minimum 1 round).

    Abilities: The Wireborn creature alters its stats as follows: +2 Dexterity and -4 Strength. Wireborns can easily manipulate their bodies and have great hand co-ordination, but lack strength. The Wireborn has no constitution score due to it being a construct.

    Not completely done, will come back and fix.
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    Default Re: [Template] Mornatus, Wireborn

    Does this template allow the creature to keep its constitution score?
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    Default Re: [Template] Mornatus, Wireborn

    Should it also gain the Living Subtype?

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