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    Default Some Warframe brew

    I've been playing a lot of Warframe lately, so I figured I'd try my hand at converting it to 3.5 For those that haven't played, basically you are a space ninja running around slashing and shooting bad guys. This took a while, so it may be horribly imbalanced, but I tried to keep it true to the source material. Also, any instance of "Poison" damage or resistance has been replaced with acid damage/resistance to mesh with 3.5 mechanics.

    Spoiler: Warframe Class

    Class Requirements
    Race: Tenno
    Deity: Lotus
    Alignment: Any neutral

    Hit die: d8
    Level BAB Fort Ref Will Features Power Points
    1 +1 +0 +2 +0 1st Power, Quick Draw 3
    2 +2 +0 +3 +0 Ranged Mod 4
    3 +3 +1 +3 +1 2nd Power, Melee Mod 5
    4 +4 +1 +4 +1 Warframe Mod 6
    5 +5 +1 +4 +1 Ranged Mod 7
    6 +6 +2 +5 +2 3rd Power, Melee Mod 8
    7 +7 +2 +5 +2 Warframe Mod 9
    8 +8 +2 +6 +2 Ranged Mod 10
    9 +9 +3 +6 +3 Melee Mod 11
    10 +10 +3 +7 +3 4th Power, Warframe Mod 12
    11 +11 +3 +7 +3 Ranged Mod 13
    12 +12 +4 +8 +4 Melee Mod 14
    13 +13 +4 +8 +4 Warframe Mod 15
    14 +14 +4 +9 +4 Ranged Mod 16
    15 +15 +5 +9 +5 Melee Mod 17
    16 +16 +5 +10 +5 Warframe Mod 18
    17 +17 +5 +10 +5 Ranged Mod 19
    18 +18 +6 +11 +6 Melee Mod 20
    19 +19 +6 +11 +6 Warframe Mod 21
    20 +20 +6 +12 +6 Ranged Mod 22
    Class skills: All except Use Magic Device
    Weapon Proficiencies: All simple and Martial
    Shield Proficiencies: All except Tower
    Armor Proficiencies: None

    At first level a Tenno must select which warframe he would like to use. The selection of warframe determines the powers that will be available to the class. Each warframe also has a unique bonus available from first level.

    Powers and Power Points: The powers available are determined by the selection of warframe. The warframe has a number of Power Points (PP) as noted on the table. Additionally, a warframe gains a bonus number of PP equal to the users Int modifier. Unless otherwise noted; the 1st power consumes 1 PP, 2nd consumes 2 PP, 3rd consumes 3 PP, and 4th consumes 4 PP. Activating a power is a standard action.

    A warframe is a Tenno's suit of armor, when unencumbered the warframe is granted an AC bonus equal to its operators Int modifier.

    At first level a warframe is granted the Quick Draw feat. Warframes are built for combat, so changing weapons to suit the situation is never a problem.

    Starting at 2nd level and at every third level thereafter, a warframe may be upgraded with a ranged mod. The same mod may be selected multiple times, mod effects stack.

    Starting at 3rd level and at every third level thereafter, a warframe may be upgraded with a melee/trowing mod. The same mod may be selected multiple times, mod effects stack.

    Starting at 4th level and every third level thereafter, a warframe may be upgraded with a warframe mod. The same mod may be selected multiple times, mod effects stack.

    Spoiler: Warframe Powers

    All exotic weapon proficiencies

    Shuriken - 30 ft, ranged touch attack dealing 1d6 slash damage, Throw 1 shuriken/2 warframe levels to maximum of 5

    Smoke Bomb - 20 ft radius centered on character, Grants concealment to user (50% miss chance) as long as user remains in area of effect, any enemies within the area of effect are dazed for the duration, Duration: 2 rounds

    Teleport - Teleport (up to 50 feet) next to an enemy and make an attack of opportunity, Add an attack bonus equal to your warframe level, Special: Costs only 1 PP

    Blade-Storm - Character and 2 summoned clones each use the teleport ability. On a successful attack deal critical damage (no threat roll required), clones summoned simultaneously as ability is used, Summon 1 additional clone for every 4 warframe levels.

    5 sonic resistance

    Sonic Boom - 30 ft cone, knocks enemies prone, DC 10 + Warframe level + Int reflex save negates

    Sonar - 30 ft radius centered on character, Enemies within area of effect take an AC penalty of -1 per 2 warframe levels (max -5), Enemies also receive extra damage from attacks of +2 damage per 2 warframe levels (max +10). Duration 3 rounds.

    Silence - 30 ft radius centered on character, Enemies within area of effect are deafened. Duration 3 rounds.

    Sound Quake - 20 ft radius centered on character, Enemies within AoE receive 5d6 sonic damage/round and are stunned (Fort save negates) for the duration. Special: Costs 1 PP +1 PP for each additional round attack is maintained.

    5 fire resistance

    Fireball - Range 60 ft, deal 1d6 fire damage/2 warframe levels (max 5d6) to target, reflex save for half damage. Deal 1d6 fire damage to all adjacent enemies (no save)

    Accelerant - 30 ft radius, Enemies within AoE are dazed for 1 round and receive 50% (+ 25%/ 5 warframe levels) more damage from fire based attacks. Duration 3 rounds.

    Fire Blast - 20 ft radius, enemies within AoE take 2d6 fire damage/round, duration 3 rounds.

    World on Fire - Enemies within 60 ft or character receive 1d6 fire damage/warframe level, reflex for half.

    +10 skill points at first level

    Slash Dash - Dash forward up to 25 ft (must have clear path), you may make an attack against each enemy within or adjacent to your path with an attack bonus of +1 per warframe level.

    Radial Blind - 30 ft radius centered on character, all enemies in AoE are temporarily blinded, Duration 2 rounds

    Super Jump - Your gain a competence bonus to your jump checks of +1/warframe level. Special: Costs only 1 PP, can be used as a free action.

    Radial Javelin - 1 javelin/warframe level are summoned on character and shoot out targeting enemies within 60 ft, each javelin deals 1d6 force damage.

    5 cold resistance

    Freeze - range 30 ft, ranged touch attack, deal 1d6 cold damage/2 warframe levels (max 5d6), target is frozen (immobilized) for 1 round and loses dex bonus to AC, Fort save negates frozen effect.

    Ice Wave - 30 ft line, deal 1d6 cold damage/2 warframe levels (max 5d6) to all targets in line, reflex for half

    Snow Globe - Range 10 ft radius centered on character; Strong winds stop projectiles from entering the globe; enemies within (or entering) the globe may take only a single action each round, move at half speed, and lose dex bonus to AC. Duration 5 rounds

    Avalanche - Range 30 ft radius centered on character; Deal 1d6 cold damage/warframe level to all enemies within AoE and freeze for 2 rounds, Fort save negates freeze effect

    Base swim 50 ft, Can breathe underwater

    Tempest Barrage - 10 ft radius within 100 ft; Water jets rain down, Targets within AoE receive 1d6 force damage/ 4 warframe level (max 3d6), reflex save for half

    Tidal Surge - Character transforms into a wave of water and charges forward 25 ft; enemies within or adjacent to line of charge receive 1d6 force damage/ 2 warframe levels (max 5d6).

    Undertow - Range 15 ft radius; Character transforms into a puddle, any enemy within (or entering) the AoE is sucked underwater and held immobile while receiving 1 force damage / warframe level each round; targets are held within another dimension and cannot be targeted by attacks from outside the puddle; Cost 1 PP to cast for a duration of 2 rounds; spend 1 additional PP for every 2 additional rounds of duration desired.

    Tentacle Swarm - 30 ft radius; summon 5 tentacles (+1 per 4 warframe levels) each dealing 4d4 force damage to a single enemy within the AoE; Each tentacle may target a separate enemy or all may target the same enemy; tentacle attacks knock enemies prone (reflex save negates)

    Base speed +10

    Decoy - Create an immobile, illusory copy of yourself (as the minor image spell) lasting 1 round/4 warframe levels, Will Save for enemies to recognize illusion.

    Invisibility - You become invisible, as the greater invisibility spell. Duration 1 round/4 warframe levels

    Switch Teleport - Range 100 ft, Swap locations with target up to same size category, Target is dazed for 1 round after swap. Special: costs only 1 PP

    Radial Disarm - 30 ft radius centered on character, Enemies within AoE are stunned for 1 round/ 4 warframe levels.

    +2 AC

    Pull - 30 ft cone, knocks enemies prone and deals 1d6 force damage/ 3 warframe level (max 3d6), reflex save negates knock-down

    Shield Polarize - 30 ft centered on character, allies within AoE are granted a shield bonus to AC of 4 +1/ 4 warframe levels, Duration 1 round +1/ 4 warframe levels.

    Bullet Attractor - Ranged attacks against target receive +2 / warframe level circumstance bonus. Duration 3 rounds.

    Crush - Range 30 ft radius centered on character, Deal 1d6 force damage/warframe level to enemies within AoE, knocks enemies prone (reflex negates)

    High will save

    Hall of Mirrors - Summons images of character, summon 1 image + 1 per 4 warframe levels (max 4 images), having 1/2/3/4 images grants enemies a miss chance of 50%/66%/75%/80% against character, Each image deals 1d6 force damage with character's attack, Will save negates damage from images

    Sleight of Hand - Range 60 ft, all moveable medium objects (chairs, tables, barrels, chests, etc...) within range become booby trapped, any enemy coming within 5 ft of a booby trapped object is dealt 1d6 force damage/2 warframe level (max 6d6), Duration 3 rounds

    Eclipse - When standing in light attacks deal 1d6 extra damage/2 warframe levels, When standing in shadow gain concealment and +1 DR/- per 2 warframe levels, Duration 3 rounds

    Prism - Launch a prism forward at a rate of 20 ft per round, Enemies within 20 ft of prism are dealt 1d6 slash damage/2 warfame levels per round, Duration 2 rounds

    High fort save

    Soul Punch - range 30 ft, ranged touch attack, deal 1d6 force damage/ 3 warframe levels (max 3d6), Target also takes 1 Con damage +1 extra/ 4 warframe levels, Fort save negates con damage

    Terrify - 30 ft radius centered on character, Enemies within AoE become frightened. Duration 1 round/ 2 warframe levels

    Desecrate - 20ft radius centered on character, 5% chance/2 warframe levels that fallen enemies have additional loot (roll for random treasure of appropriate level)

    Shadows of the Dead - Summon ethereal copies of the most recent enemies killed by party to fight for you, Summon 1 + 1 per 4 warframe levels. Duration 4 rounds.

    +2 PP

    Null Star - Summon 6 energy orbs, orbs will strike enemies entering within 15 ft of character, each enemy within range will be struck only once per turn, each orb deals 1d6 force damage/ 3 warframe levels (max 3d6)

    Antimatter Drop - Summon an orb roughly 3 ft across, Orb can be moved in 3D up to character's speed with a concentration check otherwise falls at 5ft/round, orb absorbs ranged attacks, orb detonates upon contact with solid object dealing damage equal to what it absorbed in a 20 ft radius, reflex save for half damage.

    Worm Hole - range up to 150 ft, create a portal that instantly teleports creatures/items, must have line of sight to destination, portal can be used up to 1 time plus one additional time for every 4 warframe levels before collapsing, can only teleport creatures/items up to one size category larger than character

    Molecular Prime - range 60 ft radius centered on character, coats enemies in AoE with particles, particles slow enemy movement by half, effected enemies take an extra 2x damage from all damage sources, particle duration 1 round + 1 round per 5 warframe levels.

    High will save

    Mind Control - range 50 ft, target becomes friendly towards character, attacking target ends effect, target dazed for 1 round after casting, duration 1 round + 1 round per 4 warframe levels

    Psychic Bolts - range 50 ft, summon 5 bolts of force energy each dealing 1d6 damage per 4 warframe levels (max 5d6)

    Chaos - range 30 ft radius centered on character, enemies within AoE will attack the nearest living creature, duration 1 round per 4 warframe levels

    Absorb - Creates a 15 ft sphere around character, absorbs all damage for duration, ending ability causes sphere to burst in a 30 ft radius dealing force damage equivalent to the damage absorbed, knocks enemies prone (reflex negates), Special: Costs only 1 PP to cast + 1 additional PP for each additional round of duration, Duration 1+ rounds

    d10 hit dice

    Smite - range 50 ft, ranged touch attack, deal 1d4 force and 1d4 electrical damage per 2 warframe levels, on successful attack 3 smaller orbs erupt from point of impact directed towards enemies within 15ft (if no other enemies then they dissipate), secondary orbs deal 1d4 acid damage per 2 warframe levels

    Hallowed Ground - character designates 15ft x 30ft adjacent area, enemies within area take 1d4 acid damage/4 warframe levels per turn, duration 4 rounds

    Renewal - target self and up to 4 allies within long range, targets recover 1d8 + 1 per warframe level (max + 10) hp per round, duration 3 rounds

    Reckoning - All enemies within 30 ft of character receive 1d4 force and1d4 electrical damage per warframe level, enemies are knocked prone (reflex negates)

    d10 Hit dice

    Rhino Charge - Dash forward up to 20 ft, deal 1d6 force damage / 3 warframe levels (max 3d6) against each enemy within and adjacent to your path, enemies are knocked prone (reflex negates)

    Iron Skin - Gain 10 temporary hit points per warframe level, lasts until all temporary hit points are lost, cannot be recast until all temporary hit points are lost.

    Roar - Range 30 ft centered on character, allies within AoE are granted 1d6 bonus damage / 4 warframe levels, duration 3 rounds

    Rhino Stomp - Range 20 ft centered on character, deal 1d6 force damage / warframe level, Enemies within AoE are dazed for 3 rounds (fort negates)

    High Fort save

    Venom - Range 60 ft, ranged touch attack, marks target with 1 spore / 4 warframe levels, each spore deals 1d6 acid damage per round, attacking or attempting to remove the spores causes them to burst dealing 3d6 acid damage in a 10 ft radius, If undisturbed the spores dissipate after 3 rounds

    Molt - Leaves an immobile solid perfect copy of character, has 1 hp / warframe level, bursts at end of duration or if hp falls to 0 dealing 1d6 acid damage / 2 warframe levels (max 5d6) in a 20 ft radius, Duration 3 rounds, Special: casting is a swift action by default

    Contagion - Buffs weapons with an additional 1d6 acid damage / 3 warframe levels, duration 3 rounds

    Miasma - range 30 ft centered on character, deal 1d6 acid damage / warframe level

    +2 PP

    Well of Life - Range 100 ft, marks enemy with green aura, attacks against enemy heal attacker 10% / 2 warframe levels (max 50%) of damage dealt to target, minimum 1 hp recovered, cannot be recast until previous mark has expired or been killed, duration 2 rounds

    Energy Vampire - Range 60 ft, marks enemy with blue aura, Enemy is dazed for duration (will negates, re-try allowed each round), enemy pulses aura at 60 ft range once per round for 4 rounds, allies within pulse range receive a constitution bonus of +1 per 5 warframe levels per pulse, constitution bonus lasts for 10 minutes

    Link - Range 50 ft, gain damage reduction of +2/- per warframe level, 3 enemies within range are marked, marked enemies take 100% of the damage character would be dealt before the DR is applied for each attack against character, Duration 2 rounds, damage dealt to linked enemies is of the same type as is dealt to character

    Blessing - target self and up to 4 allies within long range, all targets instantly recover hp of 1d8 / warframe level, and gain damage reduction of +1/- per 4 warframe levels for effect duration, Duration 2 rounds

    Base DR 2/-

    Ripline - Range 50 ft, pulls target up to 1 size category larger towards character, deals 1d6 / 2 warframe levels slash damage (max 5d6), Target falls prone into a square within 15 ft of character (reflex negates prone), can also be used to pull character

    Warcry - Range 30 ft burst centered on character, allies within AoE may make one extra attack per turn at their highest base attack bonus, they are also granted a morale bonus to AC of +1 per 3 warframe levels, duration 3 rounds

    Paralysis - Range 20 ft burst centered on character, knocks enemies up to 1 size category larger within AoE 5 ft away from character, also deals 1d6 force damage / 2 warframe levels (max 5d6),

    Hysteria - Character sheathes weapons and becomes immune to all forms of damage, can only attack with fists/natural weapons, gain an attack bonus of +2/warframe level, successful attacks recover 1hp / 4 warframe levels, duration 5 rounds

    +10 skill points at first level

    Tesla - throw an energy ball that sticks to any surface, ball will shoot bolts of electricity towards enemies within 20 ft of it, each ball will attack up to twice per turn as long as there are enemies within range, each attack deals 1d6 electricity damage, each ball will have a number of charges equal to 4 + 1 per 4 warframe levels, duration 7 rounds or until charges depleted

    Bounce - designate a 10ft x 10ft square within 100 ft, creatures entering this area will be launched 40 ft into the air while maintaining and forward momentum, area pulses energy lightly, can be used 1 time / 4 warframe levels before disappearing

    Bastille - 20 ft radius within medium range, enemies within or entering AoE are suspended for duration and lose any dexterity bonus to AC, can suspend up to 1 enemy / 2 warframe levels, duration 3 rounds

    Vortex - designate a point within medium range, large or smaller enemies within 60 ft of vortex are knocked prone and pulled towards it at a rate of 30 ft / round, upon reaching point of vortex they are dealt 1d6 force damage / 2 warframe levels per round, duration 3 rounds

    5 electricity resistance

    Shock - Range 30 ft, ranged touch attack, target takes 1d6 electricity damage / 2 warframe levels (max 5d6), chains towards 1 enemy / 2 warframe levels (max 5) within 30 ft of initial target dealing half as much damage to each

    [u]Speed[u] - Range 60 ft centered on character, all allies within range are granted a movement bonus of 5 ft / warframe level (max 50 ft), allies may also make one additional attack per round at their highest base attack bonus, Duration 2 rounds

    Electric Shield - A barrier 10ft tall by 10 ft wide is deployed in front of character, blocks all ranged attacks from outside, projectiles fired through shield from inside (character side) are granted an additional 1d6 electricity damage / 3 warframe levels (max 3d6) and have their critical multiplier doubled, duration 4 rounds

    Overload - 30 ft radius centered on character, deal 1d6 electric damage / warframe level, enemies are dazed for 1 round

    Fall at half speed, take no fall damage

    Tail Wind - Propels character through air at a rate of 10 ft / 5 warframe levels, straight path only, enemies within 10 ft of character when ability is used receive 1d6 force damage / 5 warframe levels

    Dive Bomb - Can only be activated while in air, shoot straight down to ground, deal damage in a 15 ft radius from point of impact, deal 1d6 force damage / 2 warframe levels (max 5d6) and knock enemies prone (reflex negates), Special: only costs 1 PP to activate

    Turbulence - Aura around character, deflects incoming projectiles, duration 3 rounds

    Tornado - Summon 1 tornado / 5 warframe levels, tornadoes spawn in same square as any enemy within 60 ft, Pulls large and smaller enemies within 15 ft at a rate of 10 ft per round, deals 5d6 slash damage to spawn target, then deal an additional 1d6 slash damage / 5 warframe levels per round to any enemies within tornado, tornadoes are 5 ft across and 20 ft high, duration 3 rounds

    Spoiler: Ranged Mods

    Ranged Weapon Mods

    Serration - Ranged weapons deal 1d6 extra base damage

    Point Strike - Increase ranged weapon threat by 1

    Vital Sense - Increase ranged weapon critical multiplier by 1

    Speed Trigger - Make 1 extra attack at highest BAB when making a full round attack

    Metal Auger - +2 to attacks with ranged weapons

    Cryo Rounds - Ranged weapons deal 1d6 extra cold damage

    Hellfire - Ranged weapons deal 1d6 extra fire damage

    High Voltage - Ranged weapons deal 1d6 extra lightning damage

    Infected Clip - Ranged weapons deal 1d6 extra acid damage

    Spoiler: Melee/Throwing Mods

    Melee/Throwing Mods

    Pressure Point - Melee weapons deal 1d6 extra base damage

    True Steel - Increase melee weapon threat by 1

    Organ Shatter - Increase melee weapon critical multiplier by 1

    Fury - Make 1 extra attack at highest BAB when making a full round attack

    North Wind - Melee weapons deal 1d6 extra cold damage

    Molten Impact - Melee weapons deal 1d6 extra fire damage

    Shocking Touch - Melee weapons deal 1d6 extra lightning damage

    Fever Strike - Melee weapons deal 1d6 extra acid damage

    Power Throw - +2 to attacks with throwing weapons

    Whirlwind - Increase range of throwing weapons by 10 feet

    Spoiler: Warframe Mods

    Warframe Mods

    Antitoxin - Gain 5 acid damage resistance

    Flame Repellent - Gain 5 fire damage resistance

    Insulation - Gain 5 cold damage resistance

    Lightning Rod - Gain 5 lightning damage resistance

    Marathon - Increase base speed by 10ft

    Redirection - +2 AC

    Vitality - Gain 1 extra hit dice HP

    Steel Fibre - Gain DR +1/-

    Flow - Increase maximum PP by 2

    Acrobat - +5 to climb, balance, and tumble checks

    Enemy Sense - +5 to spot, listen, and hide checks

    Master Thief - +5 to search, disable device, and open lock checks

    Continuity - Powers with a duration have their duration increased by 1 round

    Intensify - Damage from powers is increased by 10% (minimum +1 damage)

    Stretch - Power range is increased by 10% (minimum +5 feet)

    Spoiler: Races and Fluff

    Domains: Knowledge, Protection, Travel
    Savior of the Tenno and their warframes.

    Touched by the orokin void, Tenno are the only creatures capable of operating warframes
    Medium humanoid
    Base speed 30 ft
    Languages: Common
    Bonus Language: Any
    Favored class: Warframe

    Mass cloned race of warriors. Cloning has introduced many genetic defects, but has also made them wise to their weaknesses which they counter with advanced armors.
    Medium humanoid
    Base speed 30 ft
    +2 Str, -2 Con
    Special: +2 to attack when within 30ft of another grineer; Ferrite and Alloy armor proficiency
    Languages: Grineer
    Bonus Language: Any
    Favored Class: Fighter
    Ferrite Armor - Light Armor, Weight 15 lb, AC bonus +5, spell failure 15%, Max Dex 6, Cost 500gp
    Alloy Armor - Medium Armor, Weight 30 lb, AC bonus +8, Spell failure 30%, Max Dex 4, Cost 2000 gp

    Mercantile race trading in the ancient orokin technology. They are not adept warriors, but they have learned a great deal from the orokin technology and use this knowledge to protect themselves.
    Medium humanoid
    Base speed 30 ft
    +2 Int, -2 Dex
    Special: Appraise, Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Knowledge (Engineering), Sense Motive added to class skills, +2 skill points at each level
    Languages: Corpus, Common
    Bonus Language: Any
    Favored Class: Any
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    Default Re: Some Warframe brew

    Okay some thoughts:

    I'm going to focus mainly on frames and mods as the basic chassis doesn't look awful.

    All exotic weapon proficiencies - Nice but nothing spectacular.

    Shuriken On paper it's nice, but DR will basically render this useless from mid levels, and even when DR isn;t killing it the damage caps out at 5D6 total, the basic wizard spells cap at 10D6 and by the time your hitting top levels you can have more spell slots packing 20D6 than a warframe has PP's

    Smoke Bomb - VERY powerful, with no save on the daze you can drop this then coup de grace a bad guy or 2, (or more with allies), thats really, really, really powerful at any level.

    Teleport - inherently not bad, the big issue is that with the bonus you can do ubercharger power attack bonuses without having to bring stormtrooper, now without charging to grant easy damage multipliers that is potentially not as bad, but be aware of how easily this could spiral if someone can get reliable crits or good multipliers via other methods.

    Blade-Storm - First you need to define what these clones are and how they function in more detail, how long they last e.t.c. The biggest issue here is that between auto critting, melee mods below, and power attack you can rack up enough damage to kill an entire encounter in one ability usage, it's like implosion, but with no save.

    5 sonic resistance - Very weak since sonic is the rarest element.

    Sonic Boom - DC is way too high standard is half class level for base classes. Oherwise a nice if not very powerful effect.

    Sonar - You need to define what counts as an attack, also the damage bonus is rather small so it's of limited utility.

    Silence - super weak, deafened only really matters to spellcasters, otherwise it can be ignored.

    Sound Quake - You need to define the save, i'd just add a line to the base class that all ability saves are 10 + Half Class Level + Int Damage is very weak for when you get it, so unless you can get a lot of enemies in the radius it has issues. The Stun helps but this isn't exactly powerful.

    5 fire resistance Not a lot but a common element so nothing awesome but not bad.

    Fireball - Not awful, but remember what i said about 5D6 being weak with Shuriken. Same again.

    Accelerant - AoE Dazing again with no save, though at least it's 1 round here. Also generally try and keep all multipliers to halves or decimal values. Simpler IMO to say it increases damage die size one step and then reference the weapon size table.

    Fire Blast - Again 2D6 damage is awful at the level you get this an trivial for anything with resistance to outright ignore.

    World on Fire - Ok this is well balanced, it's basically a Fireball with multi-round effects.

    +10 skill points at first level - Very nice.

    Slash Dash - Give him a Spiked chain then use the attack bonus to pump power attack for big damage numbers. If he crits it's massive and with a spiked chain he can hit a lot of targets in a single round. Honestly this would be fine without an attack bonus.

    Radial Blind - If the target lacks Blind Fight or Blind Sense this is pretty much fight over for those enemies. Far too powerful to not have a save IMO.

    Super Jump - Can't complain at this.

    Radial Javelin - You need to define how targeting is handled, can all the javelins target one enemy, must they be split evenly, e.t.c. Force damage nicely bypasses the resistance issue which just leaves the total damage which looks ok but not spectacular, a wizard by this stage can drop 20D6 in a huge radius without optimization or metamagic. With it 30D6 or more is totally possible.

    5 cold resistance - see ember comments

    Freeze - Again 5D6 has issues and again save DV needs defining.

    Ice Wave - Again 5D6 has issues.

    Snow Globe - Quite resonable and i'd say decently balanced, it's basically an imobile aura that mimics slow.

    Avalanche - Again very decent.

    Base swim 50 ft, Can breathe underwater - Again very nice

    Tempest Barrage - Again low damage levels trip this one up, the scaling is probably also not ideal.

    Tidal Surge - Again with the damage scaling issues.

    Undertow - Seems allright.

    Tentacle Swarm - Total damage is not exactly high, again optimized wizards trivially trounce it.

    Base speed +10 - Very powerful compared to the rest

    Decoy - No complaints here.

    Invisibility - Greater Invisibility is widely considered one of the more overpowered spells available and this is dammed cheap too. I'm torn short duration and other limitations on what the class can do limit peak power but it's still so dammed powerful.

    Switch Teleport - I can see some abuse because of the daze. A Save on the Daze would be ideal, but otherwise it's of very limited use.

    Radial Disarm - No save just makes this insane as it can AoE stun entire encounters which is encounter over once the rounds it lasts for gets high enough. Add a save at the least.

    +2 AC - ype needs to be listed, if affects Touch attacks quite decent without being OTT. If not nigh worthless.

    Pull - Again damage scaling issues

    Shield Polarize - Potentially quite potent in terms of the AC bonus, i'd say balanced for the most part though it missing the offensive part of shield polarize is sad but ok from a balance PoV.

    Bullet Attractor - Completely worthless, you can't turn that attack bonus into a damage bonus and whilst it helps iteratives base weapon damage for ranged is so utterly awful that it does little to make it really viable.

    Crush - Reasonable damage and a rider effect not super strong but ok.

    High will save - Very powerful

    Hall of Mirrors - I presume you mean each image causes the characters attacks to gain a +1D6 damage bonus, bit hard to interpret actual wording, need to clarify what it works on. This is quite decent, the miss chance is insanely powerful and the damage bonus, since it's on every attack and you can make many attacks a round is ok. Does it boost warframe powers.

    Sleight of Hand - OUCH, potentially very nasty, but very reliant on the DM too. I'd say balanced with a willing DM.

    Eclipse - Need to specify what counts as an attack again. Also 1DR is worthless, needs to be at least 3 to be worth touching that part of it.

    Prism - Interesting and not unreasonable, but very hampered by DR.

    High fort save - See above

    Soul Punch - Damage scaling again.

    Terrify - Far too powerful, drop it to Shaken and allow a save.

    Desecrate - Gah, i know your just copying the actual abilities as best you can but this is a really awful idea in D&D, WBL is a mess anyway, but this just throws it more loopy.

    Shadows of the Dead - You need to be more clear with the just fought clause, be easier to specify X Dead Shade's of level Y. And then create a scale-able Dead Shade template.

    +2 PP - Nice but not a game breaker

    Null Star - This is far better than any other 1st level ability, but is also about where such an ability should be.

    Antimatter Drop - Given how underused ranged attacks are this is basically worthless without a very helpful DM.

    Worm Hole - so basically a same plane Gte with 150ft range. Balanced but not sure how useful it would be.

    Molecular Prime - WOW, WOW, WOW. This is like the most powerful 4th ability you've created. Bar none. I'd argue it's probably a bit too much. drop the damage multiplier to 1.5 and allow a save on the Slow and this would be reasonable compared to the other decent ones.

    High will save - See Above

    Mind Control - This is basically Charm Person without the save bonus if threatened or any save at all plus an end of effect daze far earlier. MUCH too powerful. It needs a save, and a circumstance bonus on the save if the target is threatened, but with the bonus reducing based on warframe level.

    Psychic Bolts - This is pretty decent since it does a very nice maximum amount of damage. I'd call this a definitive example of what a 2nd ability should be.

    Chaos - Allow a save on this, also you might want to make it nearest creature undead and all that.

    Absorb - Awkward, the problem is the enemy can just stop attacking you, which renders it nigh useless. Also in some situations you can absorb really insane amounts of damage this way. I'd cap the max absorb, (but make it immediately discharge when it hits the cap), 10 per warframe level.

    d10 hit dice - Nigh worthless, adds an average of 1 HP per level

    Smite - Really solid ability sicne damage scales nicely upto high levels.

    Hallowed Ground - Damage is very low but duration is nice, i'd look into upping it though as 1D4 per 4 levels is easily resistible via energy resistance

    Renewal - Utterly useless. Heal is considered the minimum level for effective in combat healing and i'd just copy it's progression of 10 per level.

    Reckoning - Again decent total damage and a nice rider, not extreme but not awful either.

    d10 Hit dice - See above

    Rhino Charge - Again damage scaling...

    Iron Skin - Good at low levels worthless from mid levels up. I'd make it 10 + con modifier minimum, maybe eval half warframe level + Con per level.

    Roar - Bonus damage to what, and of what type. Otherwise if it works how i think you meant, decent.

    Rhino Stomp - Decent without being extreme again.

    High Fort save - See Above

    Venom - Very nice if a little bursty at low levels. 1D4 +14 per four levels for damage would be better.

    Molt - Damage is a bit limited and HP's are awful. Hp could do with a buff and a feature to encourage attacking it would be ideal.

    Contagion - Your's Allies? And you need to specify what counts as a weapon. Decent damage booster though.

    Miasma - Decent if slightly weaker than most.

    +2 PP - See Above

    Well of Life - ok, never use 10%, it's too much math really, i'd make it a scaling number of D4's restored.

    Energy Vampire - A Daze is just way too strong.

    Link - DR is a bit on the low side, conversely with the damage transfer is probably too high.

    Blessing - Decent though DR is again far too low.

    Base DR 2/- - Worthless, far too low to be worth mentioning, needs to be at least 5

    Ripline - Damage scaling issues, also you need to specify how it can be used to pull Valkyr.

    Warcry - Decent, very decent, best specify if that's one attack total or one per weapon.

    Paralysis - Knockback is very limited power wise and the damage has scaling issues.

    Hysteria - HP restore is worthless, otherwise very good.

    +10 skill points at first level - See above

    Tesla - Damage is far too low at higher levels as energy resistanc will kill it dead.

    Bounce - not very powerful, main issue is limited utility outside of enabling undercharging.

    Bastille - is the loss of AC the only effect of being suspended, if so pretty weak TBH.

    Vortex - Potentially quite good, and fairly well balanced.

    5 electricity resistance - See Banshee comments

    Shock - Damage is a bit better than most of the 1st abilities in AoE situations, but i'd still say initial damage needs to be allowed to scale higher.

    Speed - Nice, potentiolly very potent yet not too extreme.

    Electric Shield - Doubled Critical multiplier begs for abusive crit damage builds and the base electricity damage is weak. I'd drop the crit effect and raise the electricty damage sharply.

    Overload - Add a save on the daze.

    Fall at half speed, take no fall damage - Very Nice but not excessive.

    Tail Wind - Movement is far too low and you don't specify weather or not the character falls after using it or if you can go straight up with it. Also speed is much too low. I'd make this a continous ability (i.e PP cost per round), and have it grant a scaling fly speed and manuvera

    Dive Bomb - Since you need an action to activate this and the class lacks an innate way to get into the air it's impossible to use. Also poor damage scaling again.

    Turbulence - You need to be a bit more specific about what deflect projectiles means, (see wind wall). Very potent but probably not overpowered given lack of serious offensive spell casting equivalency.

    Tornado - Very nice. I like.

    Ranged Weapon Mods

    Serration - Fair

    Point Strike - Far too abusable for crit builds, make it not stack with other source of crit improvement.

    Vital Sense - Again abusable and not really nerfable. Add Sneak Attack damage instead maybe.

    Speed Trigger - On it's own not bad, but stackable this make all the other damage options look far inferior.

    Metal Auger - Nice but only worth it if mass stacking for iterative attack, even then not awesome.

    Cryo Rounds - Fair

    Hellfire - Fair

    High Voltage - Fair

    Infected Clip - Fair

    Melee/Throwing Mods

    Pressure Point, True Steelm Organ Shatter, Fury, North Wind, Molten Impact, Shocking Touch, Fever Strike See - what i had to say about the ranged versions.

    Power Throw - Again an attack bonus isn't huge on throw weapons.

    Whirlwind - Very nice.

    Warframe Mods

    Antitoxin - Fair, but limited as you can't really pick up a lot of total resistances. Remember magic items with upto +30 are available

    Flame Repellent - Fair, also see above

    Insulation - Fair, also see above

    Lightning Rod - Fair, also see above

    Marathon - Fair

    Redirection - What sort or is it untyped?

    Vitality - Do you mean he gains an extra HD, (really bad idea for a lot of reasons), HP equal to 1 D, (worthless), or 1 HP per hit Die, (Not grreat but the best of the lot). I'd go with 2 HP per hit Die myself.

    Steel Fibre - Worthless, treble the amount and where talking useful.

    Flow - Decent but hard to call exact power. Might be too little, not sure.

    Acrobat - Skill check bonuses are generally considered very weak.

    Enemy Sense - See above

    Master Thief - See above

    Continuity - Cool.

    Intensify - Again with the 10%, again i recommend just making it a 1 Die size increase.

    Stretch - Again 10% not good. I'd go with 5" + another 5" per 25Ft base range, fractions ignored.

    Hope that helps :).

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    Probably not balanced, but YE GODS I want to run an all warframe game.

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