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    Default In response to the closing of the Wish Twist thread..

    I thought the thread had every reason to be on this part of the forums.

    1) It was specifically DnD orientated.
    2) It dealt with a specific problem that often arises in many games.
    3) It offered clever and unique solutions to this/those problems. (there are many different wishes that a new DM could be presented with)
    4) I, personally, would never have found the thread if it had been moved immediately to 'silly thread games' because I don't go there when I come here to learn about DnD. After all, that forum is just a bunch of silly games, and this is the forum that deals with DnD orientated material (see points 1 thru 3).

    and 5) Umm... it was actually a really fun and interesting thread to read??

    Just my two cents. Don't mean to step on any toes, hope its allowed to offer a civilized response to moderator decisions tho...

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    Default Re: In response to the closing of the Wish Twist thread..

    Amen Sir Amen.
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    Default Re: In response to the closing of the Wish Twist thread..

    Not really, it was hardly a serious discussion of these 'problems' and their solutions, it was a game. That's all. Just because it's related to D+D doesn't mean much.
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    Default Re: In response to the closing of the Wish Twist thread..

    Sheriff of Moddingham:

    1. There are lots of D&D oriented threads all over this site. Some of them belong here, some in Homebrew, and some in some other forum or subforum.

    2. So do many of the threads I mentioned in #1.

    So do many of the threads I mentioned in #1. (And, as an aside, the thread was mostly short game-like responses rather than real discussion or solution-oriented posts.)

    4. & 5 =

    Yes, it was fun and interesting to read. In fact, it was probably even more fun to be a part of. That's what we do over in Silly Message Board Games. It's a bit incongruous for you to belittle it as "just a bunch of silly games" while simultaneously praising the activity and asking to be able to do it here.

    The fact is, in that format, it was a silly message board game. If you want to do that, go over there and join the fun. (It won't hurt, I promise. I've been playing there since I joined and no one has questioned my intellect or gamer-cred - at least not because of my participation over there. ) If you want to have a serious discussion about how people adjudicate wishes, just create it here as a discussion in that manner.

    For future reference, the proper response to a moderator ruling that you disagree with is to send them a private message or send a message to the board guru WampaX or, I suppose, to The Giant himself. Disagreeing with the moderator's decision or calling the moderator out publicly (even in a polite manner) is not a good idea (see the Rules regarding ignoring or disrespecting a moderator).

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