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    Default Flowerchildren (PF Race, PEACH)

    These miniscule plant folk look like small animated flowers. A somewhat secretive lot, Flowerchildren are protectors of all growing things. Usually found living in small secluded groves in forests, but sometimes they appear around other race's settlements, usually small farming towns, where they wordlessly help farmers grow their crops when the farmer's aren't looking; indeed, most farmers don't even know they're being helped in such a fashion. Flowerchildren almost never willingly take any role as a face, and rarely do well at it when they do; their child-like innocence and simple shyness make them poor at it. Usually peaceful, Flowerchildren rarely take up arms or adventure unless some calamity threatens natural plant life in their homeland.

    Ability Score: +4 Dex, +2 Con, +4 Wis, -2 Cha; Flowerchildren are very fast and surprisingly resilient with good natural insight, but their mindset is one of child-like innocence. (Tiny size modifiers plus Advanced, 4RP)
    Type: Plant (Humanoid) (low light vision, immune to mind-affecting, paralysis, poison, polymorph, sleep effects, stunning, doesn't need sleep) (10RP)
    Speed: Normal; Flowerchildren move 20 feet per round.
    Size: Tiny (+2 Dex -2 Str (already calculated into above modifiers), +2 to hit, +2 to AC, -2 to CMB and CMD, +8 to Stealth, space is 2.5 feet, reach is 0 feet) (4RP)
    Skill Training: Flowerchildren always treat Stealth and Survival as class skills. (1RP)
    Poor Diplomat: Flowerchildren suffer a -2 racial penalty to Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Sense Motive. (-3RP)
    Flammable: Flowerchildren are extremely vulnerable to fire, taking double damage from all fire effects. (Elemental Vulnerability x2, -4RP)
    Plant-tongue: Flowerchildren may use the Speak With Plants spell at will. (4RP)
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    Default Re: Flowerchildren (PF Race, PEACH)

    The lack of strength penalty annoys me beyond words.
    I'd switch it to -2 str, +4 dex, +2 int, +2 wis, +2 cha
    After adding size mods, it comes out to -4 str, +6 dex which makes more sense as a tiny race.
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    Default Re: Flowerchildren (PF Race, PEACH)

    Hmm. There are a few reasons I don't change it like that. First, I dislike having a bonus to Int, as the race is supposed to be average intelligence. Second, I wanted a Cha penalty to show that they're insular and not very social as a race. Third, -4 is a bit much for an Str penalty, IMHO (although -2 is good). Fourth, there's pretty much no chance in hell my GM would let me use a tiny race with +6 to Dex. If it was just an additional -2Str +2Dex, I'd be more for it.

    Unless...perhaps total modifiers of -2Str +6Dex +2 Con +4Wis -4Cha? Add 2 to Dex and take 2 from Str and Cha. Thoughts?
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