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Thread: Siren Songs

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    Default Siren Songs

    In a game that I am running, I am going to have the party board a ship in the next session or two and have them encounter a group of pirates. The thing is, these pirates don't care about minimizing the damage to the ship because they live below the ocean waves.

    In any case, I was hoping to have a playlist of songs to play to represent songs sung by some of the sea pirates of the Siren class in Alluria Publishing's Cerulean Seas Campaign Setting. What I'm looking for are suggestions of songs that:
    • ...are sung by male voices
    • ...are NOT in English (language barriers have been a bit of a theme in this game), and/or
    • ...have a haunting tone to them

    Any suggestions that you can make would be most welcome, and thank you in advance.

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    Default Re: Siren Songs

    They're not male voiced, but I've always found certain songs by Enya to have a particularly haunting cadence. Check out 'Less than a Pearl', 'Sumiregusa', and 'Water Shows the Hidden Heart', and maybe 'The River Sings', although that one may be a little too quick to really work.

    They're all by Enya, and they're not in any language I recognize - I think they're in a fantasy language, maybe for a movie? No, wait, 'Sumiregusa' is in Japanese. The others are in... Loxian, apparently? Which is a language unique to Enya's songwriter, because she created it. Huh. Learn a new thing every day. I always wondered about that.

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    Default Re: Siren Songs

    Any Gregorian Chant.
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