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    Default Re: Iron Chef Optimization Challenge in the Playground LIX

    So that puts up to 11-ish expected, which is still a slightly smaller round than last time.

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    Default Re: Iron Chef Optimization Challenge in the Playground LIX

    I ... I can't seem to get any working inspiration for this. Which is a shame, really, because it's an excellent Iron Chef ingredient. I'm not sure I'll have the time to judge, but I will if I can squeeze it in.
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    Default Re: Iron Chef Optimization Challenge in the Playground LIX

    I've got my table finished. Just need to do writeups, but that can wait till after Guardians of the Galaxy.

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    Default Re: Iron Chef Optimization Challenge in the Playground LIX

    I have the build finished to my liking. The only thing left is the fluff part.

    I should have this entered before the deadline!

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    Default Re: Iron Chef Optimization Challenge in the Playground LIX

    Almost done with the rebuild of my build (or to be frank, re-re-re-re-rebuild). Now there is only 1 level left (beyond SI) from where the build idea originally started Only need to fit in my skills properly (which shouldn't be a numerical issue)

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    Default Re: Iron Chef Optimization Challenge in the Playground LIX

    Quote Originally Posted by dysprosium View Post
    I have the build finished to my liking. The only thing left is the fluff part.

    I should have this entered before the deadline!
    That's where I'm at as well. (Nearly) everything but some fluff.

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    Default Re: Iron Chef Optimization Challenge in the Playground LIX

    . . . And, submitted. Hopefully Vizzini won't hurt this particular entry too badly.
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    Default Re: Iron Chef Optimization Challenge in the Playground LIX

    I have submitted my entry as well.

    I have a second idea that I like almost more than the one I submitted already. I think I have enough time to get it in before the deadline too.

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    Default Re: Iron Chef Optimization Challenge in the Playground LIX

    I've decided to drop out from this one. I keep tangling with ideas for this but nothing just feels like it works. I'll be lurking and reading entries instead and hopefully get some more insight for next time.
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    Default Re: Iron Chef Optimization Challenge in the Playground LIX

    The big reveal is in less than 24 hours. I'm excited to see the forces of Ehlonna assemble.

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    Default Re: Iron Chef Optimization Challenge in the Playground LIX

    Quote Originally Posted by DeAnno View Post
    The big reveal is in less than 24 hours. I'm excited to see the forces of Ehlonna assemble.
    We probably all submitted the same build.
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    Default Re: Iron Chef Optimization Challenge in the Playground LIX

    i wont be entering this round. i built something i did not really like. so hopefully next round i have more inspiration

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    Default Re: Iron Chef Optimization Challenge in the Playground LIX

    I did it!

    I got my second build in on time.

    So if we did all submit the same build, at least one of mine would be different!

    Or different enough . . .

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    Default Re: Iron Chef Optimization Challenge in the Playground LIX

    I should get my build done on time. Just got to finish doing writeups and fluff.

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    Default Re: Iron Chef Optimization Challenge in the Playground LIX

    Just finished, despite all the distractions of a newborn baby! No time to proofread like I usually do, so I hope it's alright. I've probably screwed up in a big way somehow, because half of this entry was written on rather little sleep, but I do like the final build. Still, if a build manages to do something really silly like forget to take levels in the SI, it's probably mine...
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    Default Re: Iron Chef Optimization Challenge in the Playground LIX

    Quote Originally Posted by Piggy Knowles View Post
    Just finished, despite all the distractions of a newborn baby! No time to proofread like I usually do, so I hope it's alright. I've probably screwed up in a big way somehow, because half of this entry was written on rather little sleep, but I do like the final build. Still, if a build manages to do something really silly like forget to take levels in the SI, it's probably mine...
    Congratulations on finishing, but more importantly, congratulations on parenthood.
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    Default Re: Iron Chef Optimization Challenge in the Playground LIX

    Quote Originally Posted by DeAnno View Post
    The big reveal is in less than 24 hours. I'm excited to see the forces of Ehlonna assemble.
    Just over 24 hours, apparently.

    Quote Originally Posted by Piggy Knowles View Post
    Just finished, despite all the distractions of a newborn baby! No time to proofread like I usually do, so I hope it's alright. I've probably screwed up in a big way somehow, because half of this entry was written on rather little sleep, but I do like the final build. Still, if a build manages to do something really silly like forget to take levels in the SI, it's probably mine...
    Hey guys, Piggy spoiled it - his is the one that forgot to take Fleet Runner of Ehlonna levels. But seriously, parenthood is a huge responsibility, and i'm sure that you're stepping up.

    As always, please hold back your urges to post until I can get all of the entries up.

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    Default Re: Iron Chef Optimization Challenge in the Playground LIX

    Death from above!
    Quote Originally Posted by Theon

    NG: Raptorian: Cloistered Cleric 5/ Fighter 5/ Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 10


    Attention Warriors, this is Theon he is starting Raptorian Warrior training and it is up to you the elite to make sure he learns that which he needs.
    Theon you training instruction will be in the arts of healing and that of most combat situations. Theon spent the next several months learning what was taught and quickly rose through the ranks. After passing several warrior elite tests Theon was presented with the opportunity to begin training as one of Ehlonna's Fleet Runner's. Theon took the chance to begin training and spent the time wisely between study and combat training. After just a short year Thoen finished this training and went out into the world to explore and seek out new experiences.


    speed 30ft, 40ft w/Celerity Domain
    fly 40 ft average maneuverability
    spellcasters cast spells with the air descriptor at +1 caster level
    Automatic Languages: Common, Tuilvilanuue
    Bonus Languages: Draconic, Sylvan

    Alignment: NG

    Deity: Ehlonna
    Domains: Animal, Celerity*, Good*, Plant, Sun* <gains Knowledge*>

    32 point buy
    Str 14 Dex 14 Con 12 Int 14 Wis 14 Cha 12
    Wis +1
    Str +2
    Dex +2

    Raptorian Warrior
    Raptorian Warrior

    Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
    1st Cloistered Cleric 1 0 2 0 2 Concentration 4, Decipher Script 4, Heal 4, Knowledge (religion) 4, Spellcraft 4, Intimidate 2cc, Jump 2cc, Survival 2 cc Combat Expertise Turn or rebuke undead, Lore (Ex), Knowledge Domain
    2nd Fighter 1 1 4 0 2 Intimidate 4, Jump 4 Dodge (PHB P93) Bonus feat
    3rd Cloistered Cleric 2 2 5 0 3 Concentration 5, Decipher Script 5, Heal 5, Knowledge (religion) 5, Spellcraft 5, Intimidate 5cc, Jump 5cc, Survival 2.5 cc Run -
    4th Fighter 2 3 5 0 3 Knowledge (religion) 6cc, Spellcraft 6cc, Intimidate 6, Jump 6 Mobility (PHB P98) Bonus feat
    5th Cloistered Cleric 3 4 5 1 3 Concentration 8, Knowledge (religion) 8, Survival 3cc - -
    6th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 1 4 7 1 5 Concentration 9, Knowledge (religion) 9, Spellcraft 9cc, Survival 4 Power Attack Fast movement, greater mobility, additional domain <Sun>
    7th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 2 5 8 1 6 Concentration 10, Knowledge (religion) 10, Spellcraft 10cc, Survival 5 - Evasion, +1 caster level <cleric>
    8th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 3 6 8 2 6 Intimidate 7cc, Jump 7cc, Survival 7 - Leap of the hart
    9th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 4 7 9 2 7 Intimidate 9cc, Jump 8cc, Survival 8 Improved Bull Rush, Shot on the Run Shot on the Run, +1 caster level <cleric>
    10th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 5 7 9 2 7 Intimidate 10cc, Jump 10cc, Survival 9 - Run like the huntress
    11th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 6 8 10 3 8 Intimidate 11cc, Jump 11cc, Survival 11 - Improved evasion, +1 caster level <cleric>
    12th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 7 9 10 3 8 Concentration 11, Intimidate 12cc, Knowledge (religion) 11, Spellcraft 11cc Shock Trooper Run like the wind
    13th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 8 10 11 3 9 Concentration 12, Jump 12cc, Knowledge (religion) 12, Spellcraft 12cc - Leopard's pounce, +1 caster level <cleric>
    14th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 9 10 11 4 9 Concentration 13, Spellcraft 13cc, Survival 13 - Swiftness of the tigress
    15th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 10 11 12 4 10 Intimidate 13cc, Jump 13cc, Knowledge (religion) 13, Survival 14 Leap Attack Cheetah's sprint, +1 caster level <cleric>
    16th Fighter 3 12 12 5 11 Intimidate 15, Jump 15 - -
    17th Cloistered Cleric 4 13 13 5 12 Concentration 15, Knowledge (religion) 15, Spellcraft 15, Intimidate 16cc, Jump 16cc - -
    18th Fighter 4 14 14 5 12 Intimidate 18, Jump 18 Powerful Charge, Raptor School Bonus feat
    19th Cloistered Cleric 5 14 14 5 12 Intimidate 22cc, Jump 21cc, Survival 15cc - -
    20th Fighter 5 15 14 5 12 Intimidate 23, Jump 23, Survival 16cc - -

    Spells per Day

    Spells per Day <Includes bonus for high wis>
    Level 0lvl/PP:0* 1st/PP:1 2nd/PP:3 3rd/PP:5 4th/PP:7 5th/PP:9 6th/PP:11 7th/PP:13 8th/PP:15 9th/PP:17
    1st 3 2+1 - - - - - - - -
    2nd 4 3+1 - - - - - - - -
    3rd 4 3+1 2+1 - - - - - - -
    4th 5 4+1 3+1 - - - - - - -
    5th 5 4+1 3+1 1+1 - - - - - -
    6th 5 4+1 4+1 2+1 - - - - - -
    7th 6 5+1 4+1 2+1 1+1 - - - - -
    8th 6 5+1 4+1 3+1 2+1 - - - - -
    9th 6 5+1 5+1 3+1 2+1 1+1 - - - -
    10th 6 5+1 5+1 3+1 3+1 2+1 - - - -

    Divine Influence

    Divine Influence
    <Includes bonus for high wis>

    Celerity Domain
    Granted Power: Your land speed is faster than the normal for your race by +10 feet. This benefit is lost if you are wearing medium or heavy armor or carrying a medium
    or heavy load

    Knowledge Domain
    Granted Power: Add all Knowledge skills to your list of cleric class skills. You cast divination spells at +1 caster level

    Sun Domain
    Granted Power: Once per day, you can perform a greater turning against undead in place of a regular turning. The greater turning is like a normal turning except that the undead creatures that would be turned are destroyed instead.

    Good Domain
    Granted Power: You cast good spells at +1 caster level

    Cleric Spells list

    Create Water
    Cure Minor Wounds
    Cure Minor Wounds
    Detect Magic
    Purify Food and Drink
    Read Magic

    Ebon Eyes: (SC p77) see normally in natural and magical darkness
    Nightshield: (SC p 148) provides a +3 resistance on saves at caster level 9th, In addition, the spell negates magic missile attacks directed at you
    Sign: (SC p189) You gain +4 bonus on next initiative check
    Hide from Undead: (PHB p241) Undead cannot see, hear, or smell the warded creatures. Even extraordinary or supernatural sensory capabilities, such as blindsense, blindsight, scent, and tremorsense, cannot detect or locate warded creatures
    Cure Light Wounds: Cures 1d8 damage +1/level (max +5)
    —unseen servant

    Celerity Domain
    1 Expeditious Retreat: Your speed increases by 30 ft.

    Dark Way; (SC p100) Creates temporary unbreakable bridge supporting up to 200 lb./level.
    Elation: (Boed p98) gain a +2 morale bonus to effective Strength and Dexterity, and their speed increases by +5 feet.
    Cure Moderate Wounds: Cures 2d8 damage +1/level (max +10)
    Cure Moderate Wounds: Cures 2d8 damage +1/level (max +10)
    Shivering Touch: (Frost p104) target takes 3d6 points of Dexterity damage
    —fox’s cunning: Subject gains +4 enhancement to Int

    Good Domain
    2 Aid: +1 on attack rolls, +1 on saves against fear, 1d8 temporary hp +1/level (max +10).

    Cure Serious Wounds: Cures 3d8 damage +1/level (max +15)
    Dispel Magic: Cancels spells and magical effects
    Ghost Touch Weapon (SC p104) Weapon works normally against incorporeal creatures
    —illusory script
    —secret page
    —tongues (reduced from 4th level)

    Sun Domain
    3 Searing Light: Ray deals 1d8/two levels, more against undead.

    Divine Power: base attack bonus becomes equal to your character level, you gain a +6 enhancement bonus to Strength, and you gain 1 temporary hit point per caster level
    Holy Transformation Lesser: (SC p116) type changes to outsider (good), change size to medium, gain a +2 sacred bonus to Strength and Constitution. gain a fly speed of 60 feet (good), gain darkvision out to 60 feet, gain a +2 sacred bonus on saving throws, gain the ability to speak and understand Celestial
    Sheltered Vitality: (SC p 188) Subject gains immunity to fatigue, exhaustion, ability damage, and ability drain
    —detect scrying

    Celerity Domain
    4 Haste: 1 extra attack on full attack, +1 on attack, AC, Reflex saves, +30 ft to all modes of movement

    Life’s Grace: (SC p 131) immune to all death spells, magical death effects, energy drain, and any negative energy effects. In addition, the subject is immune to undead special attacks that deal ability damage, ability drain, and magical disease, even if these attacks do not have a magical source, armor or clothing is considered ghost touch armor
    Righteous Might: size category to the next larger one, and you gain a +4 size bonus to Strength and a +2 size bonus to Constitution. You gain a +2 enhancement bonus to your natural armor. You gain damage reduction 3/evil

    Knowledge Domain
    5 True Seeing: Lets you see all things as they really are


    level 5 the character while early, the build establishes a solid foundation in combat with some spells
    level 10 the character mid build is near the sweet spot, it has good combat skills, has okay social abilities and okay casting
    level 15 the character late build finishes the SI, it has very good combat skills, okay social abilities and good casting
    level 20 the character at level 20 has excellent combat skills, okay social abilities with good casting

    With Spells the build could see several immunities, ghost touch armor & weapon, while still having several other spells for use as needed.
    With Spells the build could see the following attributes and abilities increase.
    Initiative +4
    AC +1 Nac +2, DR 3/evil
    Temp HP 20+1d8
    Bab 20/20/15/10/5, Attak rolls +2
    Str 30 Dex 18 Con 16 Int 18 Wis 15 Cha 12
    Fort 22 Reflex 15 Will 19, +1 on saves against fear
    Speed +35, Fly +30

    Theon could wear Elven Chain and keep all of the abilities due to light armor then he could use the run action while flying & make a dive attack charge.
    Provided that there is at least 30ft to the foe & at least 10ft elevation, Theon could fly Cheetah's sprint charge useing the Rator school tactic Eagle’s Swoop & or Falcon’s Feathers, make a Jump check (23+1d20) DC 25 to do +4 damage & or catching the foe flat-footed with a feint, combined with Power Attack -5, Leap attack, Powerful charge, Shock Trooper tactic Heedless Charge (-5 ac instead of -5 bab) with Leopard's pounce..
    With spells the attack might look somthing like this at the end of the charge.
    Bab 20/20/15/10/5 +2 +15 +(1d20) -1 to hit, 1d10 +2d6 +22 +10 +4, x2 damage from a Valorous Halberd with a crit multiplier of x3


    Ehlonna (PHB p107) (CDiv p110) (D&D p64)
    Raptorian (rotw p68)
    Cloistered Cleric (phb p30, ua p50)
    Fighter (phb p37)
    Fleet Runner of Ehlonna (dmcomp p74)
    Combat Expertise (PHB P92)
    Dodge (PHB P93)
    Run (PHB P99)
    Mobility (PHB P98)
    Power Attack (PHB P98)
    Improved Bull Rush (PHB P95)
    Shock Trooper (CWar p112)
    Leap Attack (CAdv p110)
    Powerful Charge (Ebcs p57)
    Raptor School (CWar p111)

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    Default Re: Iron Chef Optimization Challenge in the Playground LIX

    Never mess with the tiny, green Jedi master
    Quote Originally Posted by Cur'Miit Kero'o

    (Source of Image)
    Cur'Miit Kero'o, the Toad Sage
    Anthropomorphic Toad, Decisive Strike Invisible Fist Monk 2/Cleric of Ehlonna 2/Ranger 2/Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 10/Sacred Fist 4
    "You can't tell by looking at a frog how high he will jump." - American proverb.

    “Hey, can you believe this kid? He’s lookin’ fer a Frog Sage!” a drunken giant of a man bellows to a lonesome tavern. He gets a few laughs from his fellow pickled patrons, but not much else.

    “I said I’m looking for a TOAD Sage, not a Frog,” a young half-elf adventurer replied. “And what’s so wrong about that? I simply seek the counsel of Cur’Miit Kero’o.”

    “Lad, lemme give you some of dis counsel yer lookin’ for,”
    the drunkard replied. “Quit chasin’ fairy tales and get a real job.”

    “He’s NOT a fairy tale! He’s real!” the half-elf insisted. “My grandfather met him and his advice saved my mother’s life! Now I need his counsel again to…”

    “To what? Go git a princess? Slay a dragon?”
    the drunkard retorted as the half-elf's face went red. “Or maybe yer lookin’ fer a leprechaun’s pot o’ gold!”

    “Shut up!” the half-elf retorted. “You don’t know anything about me, you piss-drunk, sorry excuse for a man!” In his moment of fury, the Halfling’s common sense escaped him. Both he and the Tavern fell silent.

    “Wut did you call me?” the drunkard retorted, standing up from his seat. The Drunken giant of a man was actually a Drunken Half-Goliath Barbarian by the name of Gur’lach, and the locals knew he had a nasty temper when he was buzzed. “If I’m such a sorry excuse fer a man, wut does that make you? Yer a puny excuse fer half a man, you tiny tit-drinker! I’ll teach you ta make fun a me!!”

    “He’s a bigger man than you for speaking his mind and heart,” a long voice in the tavern brought up. All eyes went to a cloaked man in the corner, not much bigger than a Halfling. He had a half-glass of mead in front of him, and as far as anyone had known, he’d been in the tavern all day. “And from where I stand, you seem to be a big tadpole in a small pond, Gur’lach.”

    “Tadpole?” Gur’lach echoed as he strode halfway over to the cloaked man. “You got a problem with me?!” He took his mug of heavy brew and threw it at the cloaked stranger.

    It was over in an instant. Gur’lach was bent over, clutching his stomach, and on the floor trying not to heave. The mug Gur’lach threw was on the wall, right about where the man’s head would have been. The cloaked man had dropped his hood, and was taking a sip of his mead, now on the other side of the room, where Gur’lach had been drinking. And the man… was not a man. He was a Toad.

    “So you were looking for me?”
    he asked, looking at the half-elf.

    “You… you mean you’re…” the half-elf stuttered.

    “Cur’Miit Kero’o, the Toad Sage,” Cur’Miit replied, taking another sip of his mead. “Now come, we have much to talk about.”

    “Did… how did you move so fast?” the half-elf asked.

    “A Toad may hop, young Tadpole, but it can learn to run.”

    Spoiler: Cur'Miit Kero'o, the Toad Sage
    Cur'Miit Kero'o, the Toad Sage
    NG Anthropomorphic Toad, Decisive Strike Invisible Fist Monk 2/Cleric of Ehlonna 2/Ranger 2/Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 10/Sacred Fist 4
    • Worshiper of Ehlonna
    • Animal, Celerity, and Plant Domains
    • Speaks Common, Elven, and Sylvan. Can speak any other language through use of Tongues.

    Spoiler: The Birth of a Tadpole
    It was a rainy day when we first met the toad that would become one of our wisest sages. We found him on our doorstep, like many an abandoned babe left to the monastery. Many can recall the look on our faces when we saw a tadpole the size of a housecat wrapped in swaddling, yet damp cloth. He even still had a small tail. We knew not where he could have come from, as none had even seen or heard of such a being before. While many would turn such a child away, we saw him as a gift from Ehlenestra herself, as a way to become closer to the smaller creatures of the forest. We raised him alongside the many races in our monastery, only outsiders saw him as out-of-place. To us, he was a brother, a son, family of the forest.
    ~Father Curaiil, 59th leader of Ehlenestra's Chapel in the Glade

    Racial Abilities:
    • STR: -4, DEX: -2, WIS: +6, CHA: -2
    • Small Size
    • Base Movement Speed: 5 ft

    Spoiler: Build Table
    Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
    1st Decisive Strike Invisible Fist Monk 1 +0 +2 +2 +2 Balance 4, Concentration 4, Jump 4, Knowledge (Religion) 4, Move Silently 4, Tumble 4 Run Stunning Fist, Decisive Strike, Unarmed Strike
    2nd Decisive Strike Invisible Fist Monk 2 +1 +3 +3 +3 Balance 5, Concentration 5, Jump 5, Knowledge (Religion) 5, Move Silently 5, Tumble 5 - Combat Reflexes, Invisibility (1 round with 3 round recharge)
    3rd Cleric of Ehlonna 1 +1 +5 +3 +5 Balance 5, Concentration 5, Jump 6, Knowledge (Religion) 6, Move Silently 5, Spellcraft 2, Tumble 5 Dodge Turn or Rebuke Undead, Animal Domain, Celerity Domain
    4th Cleric of Ehlonna 2 +2 +6 +3 +6 Balance 5, Concentration 5, Jump 7, Knowledge (Religion) 7, Move Silently 5, Spellcraft 4, Tumble 5 - -
    5th Ranger 1 +3 +8 +5 +6 Balance 5, Concentration 5, Jump 8, Knowledge (Religion) 8, Move Silently 5, Search 3, Spellcraft 5, Tumble 5 - Favored Enemy (Arcanist), Track, Wild Empathy
    6th Ranger 2 +4 +9 +6 +6 Balance 5, Concentration 5, Jump 9, Knowledge (Nature) 1, Knowledge (Religion) 8, Move Silently 5, Search 5, Spellcraft 5, Survival 2, Tumble 5 Mobility Combat Style (Rapid Shot)
    7th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 1 +4 +11 +6 +8 Balance 5, Concentration 5, Jump 10, Knowledge (Nature) 2, Knowledge (Religion) 8, Move Silently 5, Search 5, Spellcraft 5, Survival 4, Tumble 5 - Fast Movement, Greater Mobility, Plant Domain
    8th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 2 +5 +12 +6 +9 Balance 5, Concentration 5, Heal 1, Jump 11, Knowledge (Nature) 3, Knowledge (Religion) 8, Move Silently 5, Search 5, Spellcraft 5, Survival 5, Tumble 5 - Evasion
    9th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 3 +6/+1 +12 +7 +9 Balance 5, Concentration 5, Heal 3, Jump 12, Knowledge (Nature) 4, Knowledge (Religion) 8, Move Silently 5, Search 5, Spellcraft 5, Survival 5, Tumble 5 Combat Casting Leap of the Hart
    10th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 4 +7/+2 +13 +7 +10 Balance 5, Concentration 5, Heal 5, Jump 13, Knowledge (Nature) 5, Knowledge (Religion) 8, Move Silently 5, Search 5, Spellcraft 5, Survival 5, Tumble 5 - Shot on the Run
    11th Sacred Fist 1 +8/+3 +15 +9 +10 Balance 5, Concentration 5, Heal 5, Hide 4, Jump 14, Knowledge (Arcana) 1, Knowledge (Nature) 5, Knowledge (Religion) 8, Move Silently 5, Search 5, Spellcraft 5, Survival 5, Tumble 5 - Unarmed Damage, +1 AC Bonus
    12th Sacred Fist 2 +9/+4 +16 +10 +10 Balance 5, Concentration 5, Heal 5, Hide 8, Jump 15, Knowledge (Arcana) 2, Knowledge (Nature) 5, Knowledge (Religion) 8, Move Silently 5, Search 5, Spellcraft 5, Survival 5, Tumble 5 Spring Attack -
    13th Sacred Fist 3 +10/+5 +16 +10 +11 Balance 5, Concentration 5, Heal 5, Hide 12, Jump 16, Knowledge (Arcana) 3, Knowledge (Nature) 5, Knowledge (Religion) 8, Move Silently 5, Search 5, Spellcraft 5, Survival 5, Tumble 5 - Unarmed Damage Increase, Movement Speed +10
    14th Sacred Fist 4 +11/+6/+1 +17 +11 +11 Balance 5, Concentration 5, Heal 5, Hide 16, Jump 17, Knowledge (Arcana) 4, Knowledge (Nature) 5, Knowledge (Religion) 8, Move Silently 5, Search 5, Spellcraft 5, Survival 5, Tumble 5 - Sacred Flames 1/day
    15th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 5 +11/+6/+1 +17 +11 +11 Balance 5, Concentration 5, Heal 5, Hide 18, Jump 18, Knowledge (Arcana) 5, Knowledge (Nature) 5, Knowledge (Religion) 8, Move Silently 5, Search 5, Spellcraft 5, Survival 5, Tumble 5 Ascetic Hunter Run like the Huntress
    16th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 6 +12/+7/+2 +18 +12 +12 Balance 5, Concentration 5, Escape Artist 1, Heal 5, Hide 19, Jump 19, Knowledge (Arcana) 5, Knowledge (History) 1, Knowledge (Nature) 5, Knowledge (Religion) 8, Move Silently 5, Search 5, Spellcraft 5, Survival 5, Tumble 5 - Improved Evasion
    17th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 7 +13/+8/+3 +18 +12 +12 Balance 5, Concentration 5, Escape Artist 2, Heal 5, Hide 20, Jump 20, Knowledge (Arcana) 5, Knowledge (History) 2, Knowledge (Nature) 5, Knowledge (Religion) 8, Move Silently 5, Search 5, Spellcraft 5, Survival 5, Tumble 5 - Run like the Wind
    18th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 8 +14/+9/+4 +19 +12 +13 Balance 5, Concentration 5, Escape Artist 3, Heal 5, Hide 21, Jump 21, Knowledge (Arcana) 5, Knowledge (History) 3, Knowledge (Nature) 5, Knowledge (Religion) 8, Move Silently 5, Search 5, Spellcraft 5, Survival 5, Tumble 5 Superior Unarmed Strike Leopard's Pounce
    19th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 9 +14/+9/+4 +19 +13 +13 Balance 5, Concentration 5, Escape Artist 4, Heal 5, Hide 22, Jump 22, Knowledge (Arcana) 5, Knowledge (History) 4, Knowledge (Nature) 5, Knowledge (Religion) 8, Move Silently 5, Search 5, Spellcraft 5, Survival 5, Tumble 5 - Swiftness of the Tigress
    20th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 10 +15/+10/+5 +20 +13 +14 Balance 5, Concentration 5, Escape Artist 5, Heal 5, Hide 23, Jump 23, Knowledge (Arcana) 5, Knowledge (History) 5, Knowledge (Nature) 5, Knowledge (Religion) 8, Move Silently 5, Search 5, Spellcraft 5, Survival 5, Tumble 5 - Cheetah's Sprint

    Cleric Spells per Day (Does not Include Spells from High Wisdom)
    Spoiler: Cleric Spells
    Spells per Day
    Level 0lvl 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
    1st - - - - - - - - - -
    2nd - - - - - - - - - -
    3rd 3 1+1 - - - - - - - -
    4th 4 2+1 - - - - - - - -
    5th 4 2+1 - - - - - - - -
    6th 4 2+1 - - - - - - - -
    7th 4 2+1 - - - - - - - -
    8th 4 2+1 1+1 - - - - - - -
    9th 4 2+1 1+1 - - - - - - -
    10th 5 3+1 2+1 - - - - - - -
    11th 5 3+1 2+1 1+1 - - - - - -
    12th 5 3+1 3+1 2+1 - - - - - -
    13th 6 4+1 3+1 2+1 1+1 - - - - -
    14th 6 4+1 3+1 2+1 1+1 - - - - -
    15th 6 4+1 3+1 2+1 1+1 - - - - -
    16th 6 4+1 4+1 3+1 2+1 - - - - -
    17th 6 4+1 4+1 3+1 2+1 - - - - -
    18th 6 4+1 4+1 3+1 2+1 1+1 - - - -
    19th 6 4+1 4+1 3+1 2+1 1+1 - - - -
    20th 6 4+1 4+1 3+1 3+1 2+1 - - - -

    Spoiler: Stats
    Starting Stats (32 Point Buy):
    Before Racial Modifiers: STR: 14, DEX: 15, CON: 14, INT: 14, WIS: 10, CHA: 12
    After Racial Modifiers: STR: 10, DEX: 13, CON: 14, INT: 14, WIS: 16, CHA: 10
    Final Ability Scores: STR: 10, DEX: 15, CON: 14, INT: 14, WIS: 19, CHA: 10

    Increase WIS at 4, 12, and 20, Increase DEX at 8 and 16

    Spoiler: Seasoning our Toad
    If you feel the need to spice up this build, my chef's recommendation is a few things: An Elvencraft Longbow (to switch from Melee to Ranged in a snap, or croak); Monk's Belt, Necklace of Natural Attacks, and Gauntlets of the Talon (to make your Unarmed Strikes and AC that much of a savory ingredient); Gharyn's Monastic Array (At least the Cobra Straps and the Panther Mask to make your base Move Speed 40 and to get a free 5-ft step 1/day after a charge).

    Spoiler: Level Breakdown
    Small Frog in a Well (ECL 1-5)
    Cur'Miit is small and weak right now. He takes the monastic training of the Elf-led monastery, though soon delves into his studies and prayer, trying to find a path he can follow. He even takes to the forest, training to hunt with a bow and track animals. Due to his small size, but big Wisdom Score, he can stay alive in these low levels as a less-effective skirmisher. His Small size means he's stuck with a d4 for his Unarmed Strike, but he can somewhat boost that with his Decisive Strike. Once he takes that first level of Cleric, his pitiful 5-ft move speed triples to 15-ft per round. For him, that's a HUGE boon, especially with his ability to turn invisible for a round and run and hide. He still has to Run to keep up with other monks, or even other "normal" characters, but Cur'Miit is not one to give up easily.

    A Frog gets his Land-Legs (ECL 6-10)
    Cur'Miit now begins his travels into the outside world. After picking up Mobility to ensure he can still survive running around and Rapid Shot to use with either a longbow or Shuriken, he begins wading through the swamp of Fleet Runner. First level at level 7 gives him a MUCH NEEDED boost to his Base Land Speed, bringing it up to 25 ft per round. Faster than a Dwarf, but slower than a Human, and still MUCH slower than a Monk of his level. However, he keeps chugging along and communing with Elhonna every other level, bringing him closer to enlightenment. At level 9, he picks up Combat Casting for future use, and level 10 brings us to Shot on the Run, his starting gimmick of attack and survival.

    Battle Toad (ECL 11-15)
    Now we get into the Bread and Butter or rather Flies and Honey of this build. Sacred Fist gives us better Unarmed Damage Progression that stacks with those two levels of Monk way back when, as well as yet another boost to our Base Land Speed (which stacks with Fleet Runner and the Celerity Domain), bringing us up to 35 ft per round. Now all those normal people are being left in the dust of your webbed feet. And we also pick up Spring Attack, so you can run up to someone and punch them with Decisive Strike, and then run away to get out of range. More options are always better when fighting. Sacred Fist also lets us better blend our Clergy life to Ehlonna with the Monastic Training and Woodsman Lifestyle that we chose to explore in our tadpole days. With only taking 4 levels of Sacred Fist, we grab one more level of Fleet Runner and hit THE SWEET SPOT. We take Ascetic Hunter at this level, allowing our Ranger Levels to stack with the Monk levels also from way back when. We now have a moderate Unarmed Strike base to go off of at 1d8, even with our small size. If you can get a caster to make you Medium for a bit, or even get some Greater Mighty Wallop, you'll make them regret calling you "Frog Legs".

    Frogfucius? He's a good friend of mine (ECL 16-20)
    And now we close out the build with the remaining 5 levels of Fleet Runner. We pick up Superior Unarmed Strike and turn our 1d8 to a 1d10, which we can double-damage with and still run around. With Run Like the Wind giving us Dimension Door 1/day, Leopard's Pounce allowing us to full attack at the end of a Charge, Swiftness of the Tigress giving us HASTE for 10 rounds per day in ADDITION to being able to cast it on ourselves, and Cheetah's Sprint, we can run like no tomorrow and outpace almost anyone.

    Spoiler: On Fleet Runner of Ehlonna
    The Fleet Runner of Ehlonna gives us quite a few tricks and skills to keep our Toad from ending up a hungry snake's meal.

    3/4 BAB: While this isn't that great, it's definitely not the worst thing of this PrC. Besides, our real goal here is to stay alive long enough to pepper the heck out of our enemies.

    Movement-Based Skills: THIS is why I wanted to give this to an Anthro Toad. Their horrible Base Movement Speed was DYING for help. I figured if I was going to be focusing on a movement-based class, let's give it to someone who needs it.

    1/2 Casting Progression: With the way I've built Cur'Miit, this doesn't hurt us as bad. Most of what he does is self-buffs before he goes adventuring or during battle, otherwise he's being a sage, doling advice out to those who need it Mr. Miyagi style (Though he CAN actually catch the flies with a pair of chopsticks).

    Spoiler: Questions and Clarifications:

    1. How does Cur'Miit qualify for Fleet Runner of Ehlonna and Sacred Fist?

    A. Fleet Runner of Ehlonna needs Dodge, Run, and Mobility in feats, which Cur'Miit picks up naturally. He gets his Necessary Will Save through the Cleric Class, which also gives him Ehlonna as his patron AND the Divine Spellcasting he needs. As for his Neutral Good alignment, he starts out with two levels of Lawful Good, and then has 4 levels to chill out a bit and become a Neutral Good Toad, more sage-like.
    B. Sacred Fist needs Combat Casting, Combat Reflexes, Improved Unarmed Strike, and Evasion. Combat Reflexes and Improved Unarmed Strike come from Monk levels. Evasion would normally have come from Monk if I didn't trade it for Invisible Fist, but this time it comes from Fleet Runner. Yes, I used a PrC to qualify for ANOTHER PrC. Combat Casting was taken at level 9 after I took care of Dodge, Mobility, and Run.

    2. Why Anthropomorphic Toad?
    Well, I was looking around for a species with Ranger as a favored class, and thinking about what to do with it. I saw the Grippli first, and though a Frog Ambusher would be cool. However, I backed up a bit on the Grippli part when I re-read the Kitchen stock, and the idea stuck with me. Once I saw the Anthropomorphic Toad's racial adjustments however, I was set. The other stuff I accounted for in the point-buy and a +6 to WISDOM?! How can any monk NOT take that? With +0 Level Adjustment!! Seriously.

    ...also the idea of Kermit the Frog kicking your butt was too good to pass up.

    Spoiler: Sources:
    PHB: Cleric, Monk, Ranger, Dodge, Mobility, Run
    PHB2: Decisive Strike Monk
    Savage Species: Anthropomorphic Toad
    Exemplars of Evil: Invisible Fist Monk:
    Complete Divine: Sacred Fist
    Dragon Compendium: Fleet Runner of Ehlonna
    Tome of Battle: Superior Unarmed Strike

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    Default Re: Iron Chef Optimization Challenge in the Playground LIX

    Quote Originally Posted by Nal'ridelthi
    The Bolt from the Blue
    Raptoran Cleric 1/Fighter 4/Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 10/Stormtalon 5

    Spoiler: Fluff

    Nal'ridelthi coasted through the sky, and half of infinity was blue.

    Miles high, the air was cold and wind whipped angrily over his feathers; only Ehlonna's mercy allowed his comfort. When he was younger Nal'ridelthi had looked to the sky wondering if it could really be so large. In truth, it was bigger. There were no visible clouds above him, and few below. All that marred the sky's expansive hemisphere of graduated blue was the newly risen Sun.

    But as much as he was drawn to the perfect purity of that which was above, he focused his eyes on that which lay below. Temperate forests dotted by the occasional small clearing or rolling hill covered the land, and while it also had beauty it was not quite the same; this beauty was a double-edged sword, providing cover for those that might ultimately despoil it. His eyes scanned resolutely on Ehlonna's mission, looking not just for direct evidence of her enemies but the subtle signs of disharmony in the land.

    And there. A deer running, but not in a determined escape as if from wolves, but in a jerky panic caused by an ambush predator. The only ambush predators here that could take on deer were people. He drifted in the direction from which it came, pulling out his eyepieces and scanning that section of forest in detail. Ah, yes, it was people. He cranked up the magnification, waiting for one to step into a break in the trees just so ... and yes, these were his targets, known enemies of nature.

    Still miles distant, Nal'ridelthi prepared. One by one he called upon the small favors Ehlonna offered him, preparing for the exertions ahead. As he cast the last spell, the noise of the wind itself ceased, though he could still feel it upon his feathers. The loudness of his descent could easily give the game away too early if left unmanaged.

    Nal'ridelthi sped up, sprinting through the sky, moving twice as fast as a horse on land. He ate up the miles of horizontal and vertical distance, rapidly closing to strike range. Half a mile above his Goddess' foes, he was still undetected and readied his trusty Halberd. The passage of time seemed to slow, held back by Ehlonna, and he felt her divine strength run through his body as the fur of a great ape crept out between his feathers. And then he dove.

    The wind would have been deafening, if only he could hear it. The air heated up and would've burned him like a shooting star, if not for his well-cast friendship with the Elements. Before he finished his dive though, The great brutish Ogre guarding his primary target looked up by some instinct or miracle, and readied his mighty club to intercept.

    But Nal'ridelthi was not aimed quite at his target, but the ground beside him. The deadly weapon swung false and as the Ogre watched in horror Nal'ridelthi pulled a maniac turn at dozens of gs and struck Antwione the Evil Artificer at half the speed of sound. Spinning piercing whirling stabbing and even his talons ripped straight through the throat and the enemy of nature was in multiple different pieces.

    Nal'ridelthi desperately bled speed, recovering from his accelerated dive. Only the Ogre was aware enough to attack in the moment of bloody confusion, the rest of the immoral party caught entirely by surprise. Luckily, he was out of position, and wasn't able to quite reach the avenging raptoran before he teleported out, gone from the general area.

    As Nal'ridelthi popped back into reality, he grit his beak and started hauling it away. He didn't quite escape Long Range in time and was accosted by a few pursuing fireballs, but he managed to avoid the worst of them by doing a barrel roll and was merely singed. As he flew into the distance, Nal'ridelthi reflected that completing Ehlonna's task might take some time.

    That was fine though. It would be a long day, after all.

    Spoiler: Summary & Statistics

    NG Raptoran Cleric 1/Fighter 4/Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 10/Stormtalon 5
    Patron Deity: Ehlonna

    STR 16 (to 20 with level increases @4-16)
    DEX 15 (to 16 with level increase @20)
    CON 10
    INT 12
    WIS 14
    CHA 10

    Speed: Fly 100 (Good), [130 w/Haste]
    BaB: +16 (6 attacks with Haste and Talons)
    Casting: Cleric CL6, Plant and Good Domains
    HP: 1d6+4d10+10d8+5d10 (average 100)

    Raptoran Cleric 1 (RotW)
    Animal Domain traded for Animal Devotion (CC)
    Raptoran Fighter 1 (RotW)

    Spoiler: Advancement Table

    Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
    1st Raptoran Cleric 1 +0 +2 +0 +2 Knowledge (nature): 4, Knowledge (religion): 4, Spot: 2 Expeditious Dodge, Animal Devotion Turn undead, Plant domain, Air mastery, Empathy of the winds
    2nd Raptoran Fighter 1 +1 +4 +0 +2 Knowledge (religion): 5, Spot 2.5 Mobility Encumbered flight
    3rd Fighter 2 +2 +5 +0 +2 Knowledge (religion): 6, Spot 3 Run, Power Attack -
    4th Fighter 3 +3 +5 +1 +3 Knowledge (religion): 7, Spot 3.5 - -
    5th Fighter 4 +4 +6 +1 +3 Knowledge (religion): 8, Spot 4 Spring Attack -
    6th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 1 +4 +8 +1 +5 Knowledge (nature): 5, Knowledge (religion): 9, Spot: 4.5 Air Heritage Fast movement, Greater Mobility, Additional domain: Good domain
    7th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 2 +5 +9 +1 +6 Knowledge (nature): 6, Knowledge (religion): 10, Spot: 5 - Evasion
    8th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 3 +6/+1 +9 +2 +6 Knowledge (nature): 7, Knowledge (religion): 11, Spot: 5.5 - Leap of the hart
    9th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 4 +7/+2 +10 +2 +7 Knowledge (nature): 8, Knowledge (religion): 12, Spot: 6 Shi'Quos School, Shot on the Run -
    10th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 5 +7/+2 +10 +2 +7 Knowledge (nature): 9, Knowledge (religion): 13, Spot: 6.5 - Run like the huntress
    11th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 6 +8/+3 +11 +3 +8 Knowledge (nature): 10, Knowledge (religion): 14, Spot: 7 - Improved evasion
    12th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 7 +9/+4 +11 +3 +8 Knowledge (nature): 11, Knowledge (religion): 15, Spot: 7.5 Improved Bull Rush Run like the wind
    13th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 8 +10/+5 +12 +3 +9 Knowledge (nature): 12, Knowledge (religion): 16, Spot: 8 - Leopard's pounce
    14th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 9 +10/+5 +12 +4 +9 Knowledge (nature): 13, Knowledge (religion): 17, Spot: 8.5 - Swiftness of the tigress
    15th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 10 +11/+6/+1 +13 +4 +10 Knowledge (nature): 14, Knowledge (religion): 18, Spot: 9 Shock Trooper Cheetah's sprint
    16th Stormtalon 1 +12/+7/+2 +15 +4 +10 Spot: 11, Tumble: 1 - Foot talons
    17th Stormtalon 2 +13/+8/+3 +16 +4 +10 Spot: 14 Improved Flight -
    18th Stormtalon 3 +14/+9/+4 +16 +5 +11 Spot: 17 Fleet of Foot Fast flight (+10 ft)
    19th Stormtalon 4 +15/+10/+5 +17 +5 +11 Spot: 20 Diving Charge -
    20th Stormtalon 5 +16/+11/+6/+1 +17 +5 +11 Spot: 23 - Fast flight (+20 ft)

    Note: Since Knowledge (religion) is a class skill for Cleric, its skill rank max is still that of a class skill when taking Fighter levels even though it must be bought at double cost. SRD: "If a skill is a class skill for any of a multiclass character’s classes, then character level determines a skill’s maximum rank. (The maximum rank for a class skill is 3 + character level.)"

    Spoiler: Cleric Spellcasting

    Spells per Day
    Domains: Plant, Good (6th level)
    Level 0lvl 1st 2nd 3rd
    1st 3 1+1 - -
    2nd 3 1+1 - -
    3rd 3 1+1 - -
    4th 3 1+1 - -
    5th 3 1+1 - -
    6th 3 1+1 - -
    7th 4 2+1 - -
    8th 4 2+1 - -
    9th 4 2+1 1+1 -
    10th 4 2+1 1+1 -
    11th 5 3+1 2+1 -
    12th 5 3+1 2+1 -
    13th 5 3+1 2+1 1+1
    14th 5 3+1 2+1 1+1
    15th 5 3+1 3+1 2+1
    16th 5 3+1 3+1 2+1
    17th 5 3+1 3+1 2+1
    18th 5 3+1 3+1 2+1
    19th 5 3+1 3+1 2+1
    20th 5 3+1 3+1 2+1

    Spoiler: Level 6

    BaB: +4; Fly Speed: 80 (average, limited use); Cleric Casting: CL 1

    At this point Nal'ridelthi has entered Fleet Runner "on time" and has the starting elements of his three main combat tactics available. The subtitution levels taken early were not a particularly big deal, but generally involved gaining things that might be useful in exchange for heavy armor proficiency that was not. Raptoran's favored class being Cleric protects us from MC penalties.

    Dive Attack: Nal'ridelthi doesn't have too much of this package yet, but by flying and gliding on alternate turns he can get some altitude and then use his racial ability to dive on enemies for double damage. A little bit of judidicious Power Attacking is often helpful here.
    Animal Devotion (usable twice per day total due to turn attempts) is very useful in this mode, either to get a 'real' Fly speed with Hawk's Flight for gaining height easier or to enhance damage and accuracy with Ape's Fury. After a Dive Attack, Nal'ridelthi usually transitions to Spring Attack mode to start on the next turn (using his Glide speed and the altitude preserved by his reach weapon.)

    Spring Attack: Nal'ridelthi can only fly on alternate rounds, but using a Reach weapon with Spring Attack he can be very annoying even so. Since he is not maneuverable enough to reverse generally he will swoop past the target with this strategy and end up on the other side. Entangle from the Plant domain is notable in supporting this sort of activity. Try to always maintain some height, striking with a reach weapon, so that you can glide on off-flying turns.

    Archery/Disengagement: Nal'ridelthi can cover 400 feet in one round by running while flying. This is wonderful since in a single round he can get out of range of pretty much anything but Bow Archery and spells with Range: Long. He can basically run away right out of people's threat zones too if he has to, due to the cumulative +10 bonus against AoOs in this circumstance from Expeditious Dodge, Mobility, and Greater Mobility. On off-turns of flying during Disengagement, Nal'ridelthi can glide instead while taking potshots with his footbow. As with Spring Attack, Entangle is particularly devestating in this combat mode.

    1st Level Cleric spells: Minor Offensive and Defensive buffs such as Divine Favor, Shield of Faith, and Entropic Shield will be helpful. Later on, Endure Elements may be required for extreme high flying.

    Spoiler: Level 10

    BaB: +7; Fly Speed: 80 (average); Cleric Casting: CL 3

    Halfway through the SI all of our tactics get a bit more development, while still retaining their general character from before. Shi'Quos School is a star of the show here for several reasons; among them that knocking other fliers prone might be pretty devestating depending on how the DM rules it.

    Dive Attack: Not very much has changed here, though with his fly speed usable continuously Nal'ridelthi has an easier time setting Dive Attacks up in general. Spending one round on Spring Attack or Archery while flying up and away and the next on Dive Attack is reasonable. With Shi'Quos School, charged or Spring Attacked enemies can now be knocked prone if they fail a save, which combined with a reach weapon can be good for ruining the target's turn after he dives it. Make sure to keep superior altitude at all times to satisfy the elevation requirment of Shi'Quos School.

    Spring Attack: Being able to stay airborne continuously removes a lot of headaches here, and Shi'Quos School makes his kiting tactics all the more infuriating to face for melee enemies.

    Archery/Disengagement: Shot on the Run and Run like the Huntress are both additions here. Shot on the Run lets him duck in and out of cover while making footbow potshots, and with his high speed it should be difficult for enemies to engage him in melee if he doesn't want them to. Run like the Huntress is significant in its strategic impact. Being able to run-fly 400 feet per round for 20 rounds or more in a row is difficult to match for anything short of a Dragon. Even full spellcasters might have difficulty pursuing at such speeds or attacking him at such ranges if not set up for it specifically.

    2nd Level Cleric spells: Barkskin is another nice domain spell (though in some circumstances a second Entangle might be better), and minor buffs like Bull's Strength and Aid are helpful too. Silence is of particular note since many DMs will rule your extremely rapid flight to be very noisy at inopportune times.

    Spoiler: Level 15

    BaB: +11; Fly Speed: 80 (average) [110 w/Haste]; Cleric Casting: CL 6

    Nal'ridelthi has finished the SI in good time and picked up all the great charge goodies at the end of the class.

    Dive Attack: This tactic has exploded into significance. With Pounce and Haste active Nal'ridelthi has a four piece full-attack at the end of his diving charges. Shock Trooper makes it practical to Power Attack for a ton, and with a two-handed weapon and the doubling bonus from Dive Attacks he is Power Attacking at 4:1. Even the issues with AoOs during Shock Trooper Charges are partially solved by the +10 in anti-AoO bonuses and by using a reach weapon. Shi'Quos School is still quite helpful; even if the Save DC isn't that great it has a lot of chances to go off, and once it does the target will have -4 to AC for being prone.

    The crown jewel of his Charge tactics is Cheetah's Sprint. Using this ability he can engage from so far away with his Deathcharge that it is virtually guaranteed to be a surprise; due to speed being doubled while flying straight down he can dive-charge 110*2*10 = 2200 feet while Hasted. After a successful Sprint, he can disengage with his Spring Attack package and strategic running speed to repeat ambush again an hour later.

    Spring Attack: Not much new here, but Haste can make the kiting a little easier.

    Archery/Disengagement: Improved Evasion helps with his survivability at Extreme Range, protecting his weak Reflex save with a damage halving effect. Run like the wind is handy because people don't see where you go to harass your retreat, and acts as a teleport in the clutch for situations when one is needed. On the offensive side, +11 BaB means he has a Footbow full-attack of three arrows if he chooses, though restrictions on his flight maneuverability means he must be ready to land for a moment just after full attacking.

    3rd Level Cleric Spells: Magic Circle Against Evil is a nice long lasting Domain spell. Invisibility Purge can be handy, and Wind Wall can be useful for protecting your rear against specialized Archers while disengaging.

    Spoiler: Level 20

    BaB: +16; Fly Speed: 100 (good) [130 w/Haste]; Cleric Casting: CL 6

    For the last five levels Nal'ridelthi has an affair with Stormtalon to improve his mobility further and earn his final iterative. Stormtalon is nice because it doesn't require any effort to qualify for and still gives us a lot of things we want. The lack of casting is regrettable, but its the only dark spot on an otherwise ideal finisher. Nal'ridelthi has been pushing Spot for a while with his meager skill points, and Spot being a class skill here is another boon. Dealing with the extreme ranges that come up often when he fights means good vision is essential (the +2 racial bonus is helpful here).

    Dive Attack: Fleet of Foot lets you make a 90 degree turn at some point in a Charge now, which can open up some more options on that side for dealing with tricky situations. Diving Charge adds a nifty +3d6 damage to all your Charge attacks as well, which is especially helpful in situations when you don't want to Shock Trooper Power Attack. Remember that Animal Devotion now gives you a +8 sacred bonus to Strength, which is really significant. You also have Talons now, for a possible 6th attack (beyond your four iteratives and Haste bonus). They do not have reach, which means to use them you need to go to a non-reach piercing weapon on the charge; this may or may not be worth it in various situations.

    Spring Attack: Your fly speed being good maneuverability instead of average makes this a little more flexible now, freeing you from a requirement to strafe instead of bounce. At 130 feet Hasted with a reach weapon some builds will have trouble even managing to charge you when you're kiting them.

    Archery/Disengagement: The fourth iterative shines here, as does the good maneuverability which allows you to Hover while full-attacking. Hopefully you have enough Strength at this point with some items to get a nice strength-and-a-half bonus from your footbow.

    Spoiler: UoSI

    (Expeditious) Dodge, Mobility: These are also used to qualify for Spring Attack and Shi'Quos School. The use of Expeditious Dodge and Mobility also make charging through large threat zones more practical later.
    Run: This is also used to qualify for Fleet of Foot. Nal'ridelthi can run while flying, covering 500 feet per round without Haste (roughly 57 mph).
    Knowledge (religion): Sadly this isn't used for much.

    Fast Movement: Since the Fast Movement ability does not specify a land speed (unlike most similar abilities), the +10 feet is used to help Nal'ridelthi's awesome fly speed.
    Greater Mobility: This offers additional support when charging through large threat zones, bringing the total AC modifier vs. AoOs on a long charge to +10 (mostly negating the penalty from Shock Trooper.)
    Evasion & Improved Evasion: While Evasion might not trigger so often due to Nal'ridelthi's low Reflex save, Improved Evasion is quite the boon and will regularly cut damage in half. Since Nal'ridelthi often moves in and out of extreme range the utility against spells such as Fireball is appreciated.
    Leap of the Hart: Nal'ridelthi is able to fly continuously from level 10 on, so this isn't the most useful ability. If he wants to enter any jumping contests though Air Heritage and being a Raptoran conspire to give him +12 in Jump bonuses.
    Shot on the Run: Nal'ridelthi is proficient with the Footbow and so can do a reasonable job darting in and out of cover and peppering a foe with arrows while using his Running occasionally to maintain extreme engagement range. While ranged combat is not the focus of the build he does a reasonable job at it.
    Run like the Huntress: This ability really lets Nal'ridelthi's fast running speed shine. He can run-fly 500 feet per round for at least 20 rounds, and could last quite a bit longer with reasonable rolls and items. Even at its bare minimum, this allows him to cover 2 miles in 2 minutes.
    Run like the Wind: This ability can get Nal'ridelthi out of tricky spots like Forcecages, or let him make a stealthy escape from the battle zone so he can start running away next round with less chance of pursuit.
    Leopard's Pounce: This is one of the key components of Nal'ridelthi's charging package, allowing a 6 piece Shock Troopered Full Attack counting Haste and Talons, and with double damage on a Dive Attack.
    Swiftness of the Tigress: Haste adds 30 feet to Nal'ridelthi's already prodigious speed, adds an extra attack to his pounce, and even hands out some handy +1 bonuses.
    Cheetah's Sprint: This awesome capstone ability lets Nal'ridelthi initiate a charge from a quarter mile (1300 feet) away with Haste active. Some or all of that distance can be altitude in the air, and with Fleet of Foot the charge can even include one right angle turn. Even better, since flying speed is doubled (as per DMG) when moving downwards, if charging straight down Nal'ridelthi can cover half a mile (2600 feet.) When charging downwards hasted he probably is diving in excess of 300 mph.

    Spellcasting: This is mostly discussed in the level-by-level breakdowns as appropriate. Six levels of Cleric casting add a bit of spice without taking over the mostly mundane build, and the necessary Cleric dip allowed Animal Devotion with its large Strength bonuses.

    Spoiler: Sources

    SRD: Cleric, Fighter, Cleric spells, many feats
    Dragon Magazine Compendium: Fleet Runner of Ehlonna
    Races of the Wild: Raptoran, Raptoran Fighter and Cleric Substitution levels, Stormtalon, Expeditious Dodge, Improved Flight, Diving Charge
    Complete Warrior: Shock Trooper, Fleet of Foot
    Complete Champion: Animal Devotion, Devotion feat/Domain Exchange
    Planar Handbook: Air Heritage
    Drow of the Underdark: Shi'Quos School
    Dungeon Masters Guide: Various rules about flying
    Bare minimum, really? Goddamn character limits...

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    Only you can prevent psychedelic drug trips from magic mushrooms (Mind you, Grig fails to see the point behind stopping, but the point remains)
    Quote Originally Posted by Saint Smokey the Expedient Bear-Hugger
    The Fluff:
    As a young man, Grig the Human Barbarian was unruly and tempermental - prone to nights of drinking and violence at the modestly-sized swillhouse in the town of Woodsend. On a certain night, Grig was on an impressive bender when he agreed to try a strangely hued mushroom offered to him by an unsightly stranger. The resulting psychodelic trip led him into the gigantic forest whose edge stood like a towering wall just beyond the perimeter of Woodsend. After what seemed like many hours but may have been only minutes, Grig stumbled over a branch, directly into the looming chest of a tremendous bear who was in the middle of doing exactly what bears do in the woods.

    Whether it was the psychotropes or legitimately an act of Divine intervention, Grig heard the bear speak to him, announcing itself as an emissary of Ehlonna, a patron deity of the woodlands and its denizens. Grig was swept away with wonderment and made a sacred vow to return to the forest everyday to learn from the (maybe) Divine creature. And so, every day for three years, Grig returned to the forest tripping balls on shrooms, and followed Bear as its faithful Monk, as it went about its daily dealings. As time passed, Grig adopted more and more of the lifestyle he saw from Bear, abandoning his worldly possessions and dedicating himself as a Fist of the Forest.

    Grig was always conveniently absent whenever Bear killed other animals for food, and so believed him to be a completely peaceful creature - generally believing any blood lingering on Bear's muzzle to be forest-berry jam. Grig denounced his violent ways and became an Apostle of Peace to better follow the ways of his beloved teacher.

    One day, Grig was on his way to meet Bear when he discovered the unthinkable – a Ranger and his wolf companion sat crouched beside the body his wise teacher, freshly killed by arrows from the Ranger’s bow. Grig felt the rage welling up within him, threatening to overpower everything he had struggled to achieve over his many years doing wacked up on drugs in the woods with a bear. By sheer force of will and out of respect for Bear, Grig cast away his rage and instead, in a grand gesture, gave the (very unsettled and confused) Ranger the biggest, most restrictive hug of his entire lifetime. Strangely, it did seem to have a calming effect on all parties involved. When Grig finally let go after five awkward minutes of near complete silence (interrupted occasionally only by Grig making comforting 'shush'-ing noises), he realized the teachings of Bear had come to an end, and so adopted the enlightened form of a bear. Ehlonna, who had no clue who Bear or Grig were, happened to be surveying the forest at that exact moment, and decided that for a human to hug it out so hard that he just up and became a bear was probably worth sainthood or whatever.

    And so Grig, Saint of Ehlonna, abandoned his human name and became Saint Smokey, the Expeditious Bear-Hugger. Whenever violence threatened the forest or its inhabitants, St. Smokey rushed to the scene. He would smack the offenders once or twice to let them know they were misbehaving, but then he’d hug (grapple) it out to let them know he still loved them. Over time, many of the offenders became St. Smokey’s disciples and converted to his way of life, romping around the forest on all fours, out of their minds on shrooms.

    The Crunch:
    Race: Human
    32-Point Buy:
    Str: 16 – 10 points
    Dex: 12 – 4 points
    Con: 14 – 6 points
    Int: 12– 4 points
    Wis: 12– 4 points
    Cha: 12– 4 points

    Stat Increases/Adjustments: Level-based increases are indicated on the build table below. Stat increases from Vow of Poverty (BoED p.48) are in the following order: Wis/Cha/Str/Con (+8/+6/+4/+2). Saint Smokey's stats adjust according to the rules of polymorphing while in the form of a Brown Bear.

    Saint Smokey the Expeditious Bear-Hugger
    Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features Notes
    1st Barbarian 1 +1 +2 +0 +0 Concentration 0.5 ranks, Handle Animal 4 ranks, Knowledge (Arcana) 2 ranks, Knowledge (Nature) 2 ranks, Spellcraft 2 ranks, Survival 4 ranks Power Attack, Toughness, Sacred Vow Illiteracy, Rage 1/day, Toughness Bear Totem Barbarian (UA p.48)
    2nd Barbarian 2 +2 +3 +0 +0 Concentration 1 rank, Diplomacy 2 ranks, Knowledge (Arcana) 3 ranks Improved Grapple Improved Grapple -
    3rd Barbarian 3 +3 +3 +1 +1 Concentration 2 ranks, Diplomacy 3 ranks, Knowledge (Arcana) 1 rank Great Fortitude, Vow of Poverty Great Fortitude -
    4th Monk 1 +3 +5 +3 +3 Concentration 2 ranks, Diplomacy 1 rank Dodge, Improved Unarmed Strike, Vow of Nonviolence Dodge, Flurry of Blows, Unarmed Strike Cobra Strike Monk Variant (UA p.52), Wisdom +1
    5th Monk 2 +4 +6 +4 +4 Concentration 2 rank, Knowledge (Arcana) 0.5 ranks, Spot 1 rank Mobility Mobility, Spell Reflection Spell Reflection (CM p.35)
    6th Fist of the Forest 1 +5 +8 +6 +4 Concentration 1.5 ranks, Knowledge (Arcana) 0.5 ranks Run, Vow of Peace AC Bonus, Feral Trance 1/day, Fast Movement, Primal Living, Unarmed Damage 1d8 -
    7th Fist of the Forest 2 +6/+1 +9 +7 +4 Concentration 1 rank, Knowledge (Nature) 1 rank - Uncanny Dodge, Untamed Strike -
    8th Apostle of Peace 1 +6/+1 +11 +9 +6 Knowledge (Arcana) 1 rank, Knowledge (Nature) 5 ranks Vow of Obedience Turn Undead Wisdom +1
    9th Apostle of Peace 2 +7/+2 +12 +10 +7 Spellcraft 6 ranks Extra Turning Pacifying Touch -
    10th Sentinel of Bharrai 1 +7/+2 +12 +10 +9 Knowledge (Religion) 6 ranks Subduing Strike, Track Nature-Friendly Spells, Track -
    11th Sentinel of Bharrai 2 +8/+3 +12 +10 +10 Concentration 2 ranks, Knowledge (Religion) 2 ranks, Spellcraft 2 ranks - Energy Resistance 10 (Sonic) -
    12th Sentinel of Bharrai 3 +8/+3 +13 +11 +10 Concentration 2 ranks, Spellcraft 4 ranks Divine Defiance, Holy Subdual Bear Shape, Quickened Call Lightning 1/day Saint Template (BoED p.29), Wisdom +1
    13th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 1 +8/+3 +15 +11 +12 Concentration 1 rank, Spellcraft 1 rank, Survival 4 ranks - Additional Domain (Celerity), Fast Movement, Greater Mobility -
    14th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 2 +9/+4 +16 +11 +13 Concentration 1 rank, Spellcraft 1 rank, Survival 4 ranks Intuitive Attack Evasion -
    15th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 3 +10/+5 +16 +12 +13 Concentration 1 rank, Handle Animal 3 ranks, Spellcraft 1 rank, Survival 1 rank Travel Devotion Leap of the Heart -
    16th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 4 +11/+6/+1 +17 +12 +14 Concentration 1 rank, Handle Animal 3 ranks, Spellcraft 1 rank, Survival 1 rank Nimbus of Light, Shot on the Run Shot on the Run Charisma +1
    17th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 5 +11/+6/+1 +17 +12 +14 Concentration 1 rank, Handle Animal 3 ranks, Spellcraft 1 rank, Survival 1 rank - Run Like the Huntress -
    18th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 6 +12/+7/+2 +18 +13 +15 Concentration 1 rank, Handle Animal 3 ranks, Spellcraft 1 rank, Survival 1 rank Holy Radiance, Multigrab Improved Evasion -
    19th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 7 +13/+8/+3 +18 +13 +15 Concentration 1 rank, Handle Animal 3 ranks, Spellcraft 1 rank, Survival 1 rank - Run Like the Wind -
    20th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 8 +14/+9/+4 +19 +13 +16 Concentration 1 rank, Handle Animal 3 ranks, Spellcraft 1 rank, Survival 1 rank Defender of the Homeland Leopard’s Pounce Charisma +1

    Spells per Day
    Level 0th 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
    1st - - - - - - - - - -
    2nd - - - - - - - - - -
    3rd - - - - - - - - - -
    4th - - - - - - - - - -
    5th - - - - - - - - - -
    6th - - - - - - - - - -
    7th - - - - - - - - - -
    8th 4 2 - - - - - - - -
    9th 5 3 0 - - - - - - -
    10th 5 3 1 0 - - - - - -
    11th 6 3 2 1 0 - - - - -
    12th 6 3 3 2 1 0 - - - -
    13th 6- 3 3 2 1 0 - - - -
    14th 6 3 3 3 2 1 0 - - -
    15th 6 3 3 3 2 1 0 - - -
    16th 6 4 3 3 3 2 1 0 - -
    17th 6 4 3 3 3 2 1 0 - -
    18th 6 4 4 3 3 3 2 1 0 -
    19th 6 4 4 3 3 3 2 1 0 -
    20th 6 5 4 4 4 4 3 2 1 0

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    I wonder if he gets a cybernetic legs enhancement in the sequel...
    Quote Originally Posted by The Zealot
    Spoiler: The Zealot of Ehlonna

    It was captured by the elves when it was just born. Wars so rarely talk about the children left behind, especially in R.A. Salvatore novels, but it loosely knew that its adoptive parents had slaughtered it's original parents. But it was too young to remember, so it didn't really care.

    It found itself being raised by elves. They considered it their duty as victors in the war to teach the children of the younger generation, including it, how terrible and wrong it's parents had been. The elves always referred to it and others of its race as it, rather than the gendered he or she. It was never bothered by this.

    It grew up on a diet of the evils of its race, and the horror that its race had unleashed on the peaceful lands of the realm. It was taught elven magics and elven ways of fighting, and it learned elven ways of tracking down members of its own race. It learned to destroy the evil that it could have helped to propogate.

    It became an expert hunter and tracker, and it dedicated its life to destroying the enemies of Ehlonna.

    Spoiler: Building Blocks for Faith

    Neutral Good Half Orc Ranger 7/Warshaper 3/Swift Hunter of Ehlonna 10/
    Str 15 base + 2 racial + 5 levels = 22
    Dex 15 base – 2 racial = 13
    Con 14 base = 14
    Intelligence 12 base – 2 racial = 10
    Wisdom 14 base = 14
    Charisma 8 base = 8
    Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
    1st Wild Shape Ranger 1 +1 +2 +2 +0 Knowledge Dungeoneering 4, Knowlege Nature 4, Spot 4, Listen 4, Jump 4, Survival 4 Dodge Favoured Enemy: Orc +2, Track, Wild Empathy, Fast Movement (as Barbarian; Wild Shape Ranger)
    2nd Ranger 2 +2 +3 +3 +0 Knowledge Dungeoneering 5, Knowlege Nature 5, Spot 5, Listen 5, Jump 5, Survival 5 No feat No class feature
    3rd Ranger 3 +3 +3 +3 +1 Knowledge Dungeoneering 6, Knowlege Nature 6, Spot 6, Listen 6, Jump 6, Survival 6 Knowledge Devotion: Knowledge Religion skill Endurance
    4th Ranger 4 +4 +4 +4 +1 Knowledge Dungeoneering 6, Knowlege Nature 6, Spot 6, Listen 6, Jump 6, Survival 6, Knowledge Religion 6 No feat Distracting Attack
    5th Ranger 5 +5 +4 +4 +1 Knowledge Dungeoneering 8, Knowlege Nature 8, Knowledge Religion 8, Spot 6, Listen 6, Jump 6, Survival 6 No feat Wild Shape 1/day, 2nd Favoured Enemy: Goblinoid +2, Orc +4
    6th Ranger 6 +6/+1 +5 +5 +2 Knowledge Dungeoneering 9, Knowlege Nature 9, Knowledge Religion 9, Spot 7, Listen 7, Jump 7, Survival 6 Mobility Wild Shape 2/day
    7th Ranger 7 +7/+2 +5 +5 +2 Knowledge Dungeoneering 10, Knowlege Nature 10, Knowledge Religion 10, Jump 10, Spot 7, Listen 7, Survival 6 No Feat Wild Shape 3/day, Woodland Stride
    8th Warshaper 1 +7/+2 +7 +5 +2 Knowledge Dungeoneering 10, Knowlege Nature 10, Knowledge Religion 10, Jump 10, Spot 7, Listen 7, Survival 6, Balance 2 No Feat Morphic Immunities, Morphic Weapons
    9th Warshaper 2 +8/+3 +8 +5 +2 Knowledge Dungeoneering 10, Knowlege Nature 10, Knowledge Religion 10, Jump 10, Spot 7, Listen 7, Survival 6, Balance 4 Run Morphic Body
    10th Warshaper 3 +9/+4 +8 +6 +3 Knowledge Dungeoneering 10, Knowlege Nature 10, Knowledge Religion 10, Jump 10, Spot 7, Listen 7, Survival 6, Balance 6 No feat Morphic Reach
    11th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 1 +9/+4 +10 +6 +5 Knowlege Nature 11, Knowledge Religion 11, Knowledge Dungeoneering 10, Jump 10, Spot 7, Listen 7, Survival 6, Balance 6 No Feat Fast Movement, Greater Mobility, Additional Domain*
    12th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 2 +10/+5 +11 +6 +6 Knowlege Nature 12, Knowledge Religion 12, Knowledge Dungeoneering 10, Jump 10, Spot 7, Listen 7, Survival 6, Balance 6 Power Attack Evasion
    13th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 3 +11/+6/+1 +11 +7 +6 Knowlege Nature 13, Knowledge Religion 13, Knowledge Dungeoneering 10, Jump 10, Spot 7, Listen 7, Survival 6, Balance 6 No Feat Leap of the Hart
    14th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 4 +12/+7/+2 +12 +7 +7 Knowlege Nature 14, Knowledge Religion 14, Knowledge Dungeoneering 10, Jump 10, Spot 7, Listen 7, Survival 6, Balance 6 No Feat Shot On the Run
    15th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 5 +12/+7/+2 +12 +7 +7 Knowlege Nature 15, Knowledge Religion 15, Knowledge Dungeoneering 10, Jump 10, Spot 7, Listen 7, Survival 6, Balance 6 Leap Attack Run Like the Huntress
    16th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 6 +13/+8/+3 +13 +8 +8 Knowlege Nature 16, Knowledge Religion 16, Knowledge Dungeoneering 10, Jump 10, Spot 7, Listen 7, Survival 6, Balance 6 No Feat Improved Evasion
    17th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 7 +14/+9/+4 +13 +8 +8 Knowlege Nature 17, Knowledge Religion 17, Knowledge Dungeoneering 10, Jump 10, Spot 7, Listen 7, Survival 6, Balance 6 No Feat Run Like The Wind
    18th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 8 +15/+10/+5 +14 +8 +9 Knowlege Nature 18, Knowledge Religion 18, Knowledge Dungeoneering 10, Jump 10, Spot 7, Listen 7, Survival 6, Balance 6 Headlong Rush Leopard's Pounce
    19th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 9 +15/+10/+5 +14 +9 +9 Knowlege Nature 19, Knowledge Religion 19, Knowledge Dungeoneering 10, Jump 10, Spot 7, Listen 7, Survival 6, Balance 6 No Feat Swiftness of the Tigress
    20th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 10 +16/+11/+6/+1 +15 +9 +10 Knowlege Nature 20, Knowledge Religion 20, Knowledge Dungeoneering 10, Jump 10, Spot 7, Listen 7, Survival 6, Balance 6 No Feat Cheetah's Sprint

    Spoiler: The Magic of Faith

    Spells per Day/Spells Known
    Spells per Day/Spells Known
    Level 0lvl 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
    1st - - - - - - - - - -
    2nd - - - - - - - - - -
    3rd - - - - - - - - - -
    4th - 0 - - - - - - - -
    5th - 0 - - - - - - - -
    6th - 1 - - - - - - - -
    7th - 1 - - - - - - - -
    8th - 1 - - - - - - - -
    9th - 1 - - - - - - - -
    10th - 1 - - - - - - - -
    11th - 1 - - - - - - - -
    12th - 1 0 - - - - - - -
    13th - 1 0 - - - - - - -
    14th - 1 0 - - - - - - -
    15th - 1 0 - - - - - - -
    16th - 1 1 - - - - - - -
    17th - 1 1 - - - - - - -
    18th - 1 1 0 - - - - - -
    19th - 1 1 0 - - - - - -
    20th - 1 1 1 - - - - - -

    Spoiler: The Path to Faith, Level 1-5 Summary

    From levels 1-5 You're more or less a totally normal ranger. Distracting attack is an excellent alternative class feature, and Knowledge Devotion is always excellent, playing a double role of helping us qualify for Fleet Runner of Ehlonna. You've got +4 Favoured Enemy against orcs (it's a flavour thing; you could pick something more common or relevant to your campaign) and +2 against goblinoids (same). Add in your knowledge devotion check and bam --- you're looking at +5-+6 bonus damage against orcs and +3-4 against goblinoids, which are common in this CR range. Your base movement speed is 40, which is awesome.

    Spoiler: Shifting Faiths, Level 6-10 Summary

    From levels 6-10 you're focusing on your wild shaping. Morphic immunities gives you the excellent heavy fortification, and morphic body an useful stat boost. Morphic reach powers one of our later tricks. In terms of Wildshape options, you have eagle for flight, a leapord (core) or fleshraker dinosaur (Monster Manual 3) for charging, and a Baboon for a combat with weapons/casting form, though it will reduce your strength unfortunately.

    Spoiler: Brutal Faith, Level 11-15 Summary

    From levels 11 to 15, your speed boosts to 50, you gain evasion, bonuses to jump, shot on the run, and the ability to run forever. Shot on the run makes a useful back-up combat option while chasing someone or while fleeing, allowing you to effectively kite with your incredible move speeds in rare circumstances where you wouldn't want to fight toe to toe. Your charging – power attacking combat style comes online here, keeping your damage output viable.
    *If your DM lets you take the domain here (it's poor editing and we all know it), Ehlonna lists the Celerity, domain, which provides yet 10 more feet of movement.

    Spoiler: Fleet Faith, Level 16-20 Summary

    The last 5 levels get you improved evasion, dimension door 1/day, pounce (finally), haste for 10 rounds a day, and 1/hour a charge at 10* move speed. This becomes hilarious with Heedless Charge, because you can use a reach weapon (or if wildshaped into a leapord or fleshraker), morphic reach, to avoid running close enough to anyone to provoke an AoO; dealing 2-3* power attack damage and double overall damage. A initial attack using Find the Gap and haste could involve charging from 800 feet away, power attacking for 16 and making 5 attacks at (1d8+48+strength+any other weapon stuff *2) --- which is probably nearing the "1 shot the tarrasque" level for an investment of merely 3 feats.

    The build finishes pretty well rounded: You have versatility in combat styles (with some archery ability from shot on the run, some shapeshifting utility from warshaper, and some charging ability from leap attack and wildshape as well). You have abilities that help you participate out of combat, like track and knowledge skills, and a handful of spells. Your first level spell is inevitably longstrider, giving you a move speed of 60, (80 with your self-provided haste), you have things like hunters eye and protection from energy on your 2nd level list, and your 3rd level list has lots of good utility as well (find the gap, for example).

    You have 16 BAB, d8 hit dice with decent constitution, good saves (15/9/10), and if you ever need to run from someone, you probably can.

    The end result is a versatile variant on the ranger class with incredible movement abilities --- exactly what the swift hunter was designed for.

    Spoiler: The Sources of Faith

    Players Handbook 2, pg 55 --- Distracting Attack variant
    Complete Warrior, pg 89 --- Warshaper Prestige Class
    Complete Champion, pg 60 --- Knowledge Devotion feat
    Complete Adventurer, pg 110 --- Leap Attack feat
    Races of Faerun page 164 --- Headlong Rush feat
    Unearthed Arcana, pg 68 --- Wild Shape Ranger variant

    Spoiler: The Faith of Others

    You can, obviously, take a different favoured enemies if it's relevant to your campaign. Arcanists are particularly excellent.
    If you're running the "rogue" of the party, you can swap track for trapfinding (Dungeonscape)
    You can also use Shooting Star ranger if your DM doesn't mind worshipping both Ehlonna and Mystra.
    If you have a cleric level (though I'm not really sure where), you can get the celerity domain for +10ft movement, and it opens up a feat from knowledge devotion. Squeezing it in would cost Morphic reach or one of your few wildshapes per day, however, and that just didn't seem right.

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    Have you ever heard the wolf cry
    To the blue corn moon?
    Or asked the grinning bobcat
    why he grins?
    Quote Originally Posted by Farandal Fierabrazalan
    Farandal Fierabrazalan
    NG Duskling (MoI 10) Cleric of Ehlonna 3/Totemist (MoI 29) 3/Fleet Runner of Ehlonna (DMC 74) 10/Apelord (CAd 24) 4
    Adjusted Base Stats: STR 14 DEX 13 CON 14 INT 12 WIS 15 CHA 11
    20th Level Stats Without Items: STR 14 DEX 13 CON 14 INT 12 WIS 20 CHA 11
    Spoiler: Backstory

    Spoiler: theme song
    "Run Through The Jungle"
    By Credence Clearwater Revival
    Lyrics by John Fogarty

    Whoa, thought it was a nightmare,
    Lo, it's all so true,
    They told me, "Don't go walkin' slow
    'Cause Devil's on the loose."


    Better run through the jungle,
    Better run through the jungle,
    Better run through the jungle,
    Whoa, Don't look back to see.

    Thought I heard a rumblin'
    Callin' to my name,
    Two hundred million guns are loaded
    Devil cries, "Take aim!"


    Over on the mountain
    Thunder magic spoke,
    "Let the people know my wisdom,
    Fill the land with smoke."


    “You cannot stay in these woods any longer, Farandal. The townsfolk need the timber, and after that, the land, so that the town may grow.”
    ‘You city dwellers think your world is so important. . . more important than Nature itself, more powerful than Nature itself. You’re fools.’
    “They will hunt you down, Farandal.”
    ‘What will they bring? Dogs? Eagles? Cats? I can call upon the aid of animal essence that will let me outrun any dog, soar with any bird, leap with any cat, and more. I do not ask the help of one part of nature, for I call on the aid of all of Nature, and all of Nature heeds my call.’

    Spoiler: Build

    Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
    1st Totemist 1 +0 +2 +2 +0 Concentration 4, Handle Animal 4, Knowledge (Nature) 4, Listen 4, Spot 4 Midnight Dodge (MoI 39) Wild Empathy; Illiteracy; Soulmelds (2): Bloodtalons, Shedu Crown; 3 Essentia
    2nd Totemist 2 +1 +3 +3 +0 Concentration 5, Jump 2, Knowledge (Religion) 1.0 - Totem Chakra Bind (+1 Capacity); Soulmeld (+1): Pegasus Cloak; 4 Essentia
    3rd Cleric of Ehlonna 1 +1 +5 +3 +2 Knowledge (Religion) 4 Run Domains: Animal, Celerity; Spells; Turn Undead 4/day
    4th Cleric of Ehlonna 2 +2 +6 +3 +3 Knowledge (Religion) 7 - - (Boost WIS)
    5th Totemist 3 +3 +6 +3 +4 Concentration 6, Survival 4 - Totem's Protection
    6th Cleric of Ehlonna 3 +4 +6 +4 +4 Knowledge (Religion) 8, Survival 5.0 Mobility -
    7th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 1 +4 +8 +4 +6 Concentration 7, Jump 3.0 - Fast Movement, Greater Mobility, Additional Domain: Plant
    8th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 2 +5 +9 +4 +7 Concentration 8, Jump 4.0 - Evasion, +1 Caster Level (Boost WIS)
    9th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 3 +6 +9 +5 +7 Concentration 9, Jump 5.0 Cobalt Charge (MoI 35) Leap of the Hart
    10th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 4 +7 +10 +5 +8 Climb 1.0, Concentration 10 - Shot on the Run, +1 Caster Level
    11th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 5 +7 +10 +5 +8 Climb 2.0, Survival 6 - Run Like the Huntress
    12th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 6 +8 +11 +6 +9 Climb 3.0, Survival 7 Azure Toughness (MoI 35) Improved Evasion, +1 Caster Level (Boost WIS)
    13th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 7 +9 +11 +6 +9 Climb 3.5, Knowledge (Nature) 5, Survival 8 - Run Like the Wind
    14th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 8 +10 +13 +6 +10 Climb 4.0, Knowledge (Nature) 6, Knowledge (Religion) 9 - Leopard's Pounce, +1 Caster Level
    15th Apelord 1 +11 +15 +8 +10 Climb 5, Jump 5, Listen 5, Spot 5, Survival 9 Shape Soulmeld: Landshark Boots (MoI 40 & 75) Animal Bond, Detect Animals, Wild Empathy (explicitly stacks)
    16th Apelord 2 +12 +16 +9 +10 Climb 6, Jump 6, Listen 6, Spot 6, Survival 10 - First Totem, Low-Light Vision (Boost WIS)
    17th Apelord 3 +13 +16 +9 +11 Climb 7, Jump 7, Listen 7, Spot 7, Survival 11 - Wild Aspect 1/Day
    18th Apelord 4 +14 +17 +10 +11 Climb 8, Jump 8, Listen 8, Spot 8, Survival 12 Open Least Chakra: Feet (MoI 39-40) Speak With Animals 1/Day
    19th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 9 +14 +17 +11 +11 Concentration 11, Knowledge (Nature) 7, Knowledge (Religion) 10 - Swiftness of the Tigress
    20th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 10 +15 +18 +11 +12 Concentration 12, Knowledge (Nature) 8, Knowledge (Religion) 11 - Cheetah's Sprint (Boost WIS)

    Spoiler: Spellcasting

    Spells per Day/Spells Known
    Spells per Day/Spells Known
    Level 0lvl 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
    1st - - - - - - - - - -
    2nd - - - - - - - - - -
    3rd 3 2+1 - - - - - - - -
    4th 4 3+1 - - - - - - - -
    5th 4 3+1 - - - - - - - -
    6th 4 3+1 2+1 - - - - - - -
    7th 4 3+1 2+1 - - - - - - -
    8th 5 4+1 3+1 2+1 - - - - - -
    9th 5 4+1 3+1 2+1 - - - - - -
    10th 5 4+1 4+1 3+1 - - - - - -
    11th 5 4+1 4+1 3+1 - - - - - -
    12th 6 5+1 4+1 3+1 2+1 - - - - -
    13th 6 5+1 4+1 3+1 2+1 - - - - -
    14th 6 5+1 4+1 4+1 3+1 - - - - -
    15th 6 5+1 4+1 4+1 3+1 - - - - -
    16th 6 5+1 4+1 4+1 3+1 - - - - -
    17th 6 5+1 4+1 4+1 3+1 - - - - -
    18th 6 5+1 4+1 4+1 3+1 - - - - -
    19th 6 5+1 4+1 4+1 3+1 - - - - -
    20th 6 5+1 5+1 4+1 3+1 1+1 - - - -

    Spoiler: Tactics

    Spoiler: 1st level
    Farandal combines his Fey, Duskling heritage with Totemist for Bloodtalons and a Shedu Crown; at 1st level, this makes him resistant or immune to a rather large swath of dangers a typical low-level adventurer worries about. He can boost his speed with Essentia to close with - or avoid - enemies, can stay conscious into the negative HP range, and is immune to both bull rushes and the various ‘____ Person’ effects. Midnight Dodge fulfills one of the prerequisites for his PrC path while being flat-out superior to Dodge. He can also choose to boost either his Spot checks (which are likely to be frequent) or his saving throws against those Mind-Affecting Spells and effects that his Fey type doesn’t shield him from. Wild Empathy gives him out of combat utility, in conjunction with his Skills. All of his Skill points, both now and throughout his career, emphasize his sense of place in the natural world. A Longspear, a Club and Studded Leather Armor are perfectly serviceable armaments for Farandal at this point.

    Spoiler: 5th level
    Farandal opens up a whole new world of possibilities by multiclassing into Cleric, allowing him to offset his slower BAB progression with Bless or Divine Favor, or use AoE effects to control the battlefield without a direct engagement. Turn Undead comes online right around the ‘sweet spot’ where Undead are becoming more common in a typical campaign, and the Animal and Celerity Domains fit right in with his native veneration of wild creatures as a Totemist and the speed boosts of his Duskling heritage; the latter is further augmented by the Run Feat, which also ticks off another prerequisite for his PrCs. With access to the Totem Chakra, Farandal uses his Shedu Crown to gain a Trample attack, to which his native Duskling speed-boosting abilities, the Celerity Domain, and the Run Feat all contribute by increasing the effective ‘range’ of this attack. Snagging the Pegasus Cloak gives him protection from falling and a mobility option that’s relatively rare for low-level Characters.

    Spoiler: 10th level
    At 6th level, Totem’s Protection provides a useful, if niche, bonus to his saving throws. With no source of bonus Feats, and carrying a prerequisite of 2nd level Spells, Farandal has to take Mobility at 6th level and qualify for Fleet Runner of Ehlonna at 7th level, his earliest opportunity. Fast Movement here gives him a minimum 50’ base movement rate, before any Duskling-based improvement. This movement rate highlights the usefulness of the Run Feat as a prerequisite here to a greater degree than would be possible without the boosts to speed prior to this point. The Plant Domain gives him another Turn Undead analog, as well as Domain access to some nice defensive/battlefield control spells. Cobalt Charge adds more available Essentia while simultaneously boosting Charge-based damage, which should arguably apply to the Trample attack gained via Shedu Crown. At this point, Faradel also has access to 3rd level Spells, with gems like Dispel Magic, Mass Resurgence, and the thematically-appropriate Grace as attractive options to help both Farandel and his party. Greater Mobility allows Farandal to better utilize his speed, Evasion is never a bad ability to gain, and Leap of the Hart is a passive bonus to Jump checks that relies - implicitly if not explicitly - on Farandal’s ability to achieve and maintain a high movement rate, which he certainly has. Shot on the Run isn’t particularly synergistic with the other offensive abilities Farandal uses, but is situationally useful, which makes its availability as a bonus Feat without prerequisites a very handy benefit here.

    Spoiler: 15th level
    Run Like the Huntress and Improved Evasion are both niche abilities that Farandal appreciates gaining passively through leveling Fleet Runner of Ehlonna, rather than investing additional resources. 4th level Spells like Sheltered Vitality or Mass Shield of Faith are available to him now to help either Farandal individually or his party as a whole; alternately, summoning spells can tip the tide of battle in his favor via manipulation of the action economy, while remaining true to his emphasis on the natural world. Azure Toughness fulfills the last of his PrC-based Feat prerequisites, again while being better than the baseline Feat option there and while providing more Essentia to fuel his attack routine and defenses. Run Like the Wind and Leopard’s Pounce are the real prizes in Fleet Runner of Ehlonna, motivating Farandal’s decision to stay true to the PrC until he’s gained both that Dimension Door ability and the Pounce attack; as has been the case throughout, these are movement-based abilities that build on all the build choices he’s made to this point. Having snagged these, he diverts into Animal Lord (Ape Lord), gaining significant bonuses to his Wild Empathy abilities - particularly pertaining to apes, which he can now detect. He also takes this opportunity to gain Landshark Boots, further improving his Jump checks. It should also be noted that Animal Lord (Ape Lord) shores up his weakest save, Reflex, which benefits the Evasion/Improved Evasion gained via Fleet Runner of Ehlonna.

    Spoiler: 20th level
    16th level gives Farandal a bonus to his Climb check (another movement mode), and a significant boost to his Low-Light Vision that allows him to better determine where he should run at break-neck speed. With the next level’s 1st Totem ability, Farandal gains Wild Aspect, one of the few offensive abilities he gains not directly related to his speed. With this, Farandal gains claws and a Rend attack routine that dovetails well with his Leopard’s Pounce ability and, depending on circumstance and interpretation, the Trample attack of his Totem-bound Shedu Crown. Arguably, this represents the ‘sweet spot’ of his progression. By opening his Feet Chakra at 18th level, Farandal gains a limited Blindsense against land-bound opponents, thanks to his Landshark Boots. At this point he also gains the niche ability to speak with apes once a day, adding to the pile of situationally useful abilities he has for out of movement or combat. At this point, he turns his attentions back to Fleet Runner of Ehlonna in order to finish the Prestige Class before Epic levels. The 9th level of Fleet Runner of Ehlonna, his 19th Character level, grants him 9 rounds of Haste per day that need not be consecutive, which should provide Farandal with this benefit one round or more per combat per day. Farandal finishes out Fleet Runner of Ehlonna at 20th level, gaining 5th level spell access (Wall of Dispel Magic? Revivify? Yes, please) and the once per hour ability to Charge at 500’ or more per round once per hour.

    Spoiler: UoSI
    At first glance, Farandal may appear to be more of a Totemist who happens to use Fleet Runner of Ehlonna, than a Fleet Runner of Ehlonna who happens to use Totemist. I would argue that this impression is false, however. Fleet Runner of Ehlonna informs and/or powers all of Farandal’s choices, both in combat and out of it. Because Fleet Runner of Ehlonna does not natively provide an attack routine, he must seek that elsewhere; because Fleet Runner of Ehlonna emphasizes movement, the natural world, and the influence of multiple animal sources, Totemist becomes a thematically appropriate lead-in to the PrC, allowing for natural attacks that synergize with the themes of Fleet Runner of Ehlonna. The Trample attack of the Shedu Crown wants, practically needs, the advantages of speed and Greater Mobility granted by the PrC, and Shot on the Run is virtually his only native way to engage a dangerous enemy while remaining at range. Evasion/Improved Evasion are defensive abilities that would otherwise further dilute his spellcasting ability, or would cost him funds left available for more offensive benefits, which are generally a better monetary investment. In a wilderness campaign - and Farandal’s abilities are admittedly best suited to a wilderness campaign - Run Like the Huntress lets him play the mundane scout/recon man over a long range, and we all know that scouting the enemy in one way or another is the surest way to gain an advantage over said enemy; the Spot bonus from Bloodtalons augments, rather than obviates, this ability. Leopard’s Pounce does not need all the speed bonuses that a Duskling Totemist can bring to it, but a Duskling Totemist built for speed benefits mightily from Leopard’s Pounce, and, later, from the Ape Lord’s Rend ability. This is a Character whose entire concept and focus is centered around being the best Fleet Runner of Ehlonna he can be, grabbing abilities from other classes that emphasize the abilities of the PrC, rather than trying to merely augment other class’s abilities via Fleet Runner of Ehlonna.

    Spoiler: Gear Suggestions
    Thanks to Incarnum and the passive abilities of Fleet Runner of Ehlonna, Farandal is not particularly gear dependent. Items that increase his size, reach, or ability scores would be the first choices here, followed closely by piles of scrolls to use for any situation not covered by the spells he receives from any given day’s prayers. This includes scrolls of a level too high for Farandal to natively cast due to the limits on his spell progression imposed by his build.

    Spoiler: Options
    Farandal has the passive abilities to take a substantial amount of punishment without a huge reliance on HP or AC, so Frail and Vulnerable are not horrible Flaw choices for him to take, possibly to open up the Power Attack/Shock Trooper Feat combination and give his offense additional punch. The Quick Trait would also be thematically appropriate and amusing.

    Spoiler: Sources

    Dragon Compendium
    Magic of Incarnum
    Complete Adventurer
    Spell Compendium

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    The only thing she can't outrun is her destiny
    Quote Originally Posted by Elle Flotte de Pied
    Elle Flotte de Pied

    Ehlonna, hear my prayers as I run toward your glory!

    It's not how fast you can go
    The force goes into the flow
    If you pick up the beat
    You can forget about the heat
    More than just survival
    More than just a flash
    More than just a dotted line
    More than just a dash

    Elle Flotte de Pied may have heard the call to follow Ehlonna early in life, but there was only one thing she thought about in those early years: running. As an azurin, she was different from the other human children and because of that she had to run. Run from those who would hurt her with words or with weapons. Run from those who told her that her eyes made her look possessed.

    Elle would often run into the forest. Those who would most often bother her did not go into the forest for fear for the wild animals or angry humanoids that were said to dwell there. Elle found neither of those things—she would find only peace and serenity. The reason would become apparent enough when one day Elle had a vision of Ehlonna appearing before her. The vision told her that Elle would never stop running. But not to despair because instead of running from something, Elle would be running towards Ehlonna’s glory.

    Elle took her vision to heart and became an active member of Ehlonna’s clergy. Finally she was among friends and colleagues and not bullies or tormentors. She learned how to use her inherent soul magic to better fuel her own agility. Elle felt like she belonged but knew something was missing. She longed to run again.

    Elle’s second vision encouraged her to run and become one of Ehlonna’s Fleet Runners. But she never forgot all of the pain and torment of your youth. There were those that would spurn Ehlonna’s teachings. For them Elle had learned to elude their attacks. And for a while things were once again falling into place for Elle.

    A third vision prompted Elle to embrace those that would spurn Ehlonna’s love by showing them what Ehlonna’s love was. For this Elle had to become a Divine Disciple. She was off again to spread the word of Ehlonna to all that would hear far and wide. For all of her perseverance, Elle was transformed into more than what she was before. Now she was Ehlonna’s agent here on the Prime. She continues spreading the word to those who would listen and fighting those who would spurn Ehlonna’s love.

    It's a test of ultimate will
    The heartbreak climb uphill
    Got to pick up the pace
    If you want to stay in the race
    More than just blind ambition
    More than just simple greed
    More than just a finish line
    Must feed this burning need
    In the long run...

    NG female azurin Cleric 5/Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 10/Divine Disciple 5
    32 point buy
    Str 8, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 16, Cha 14
    Ability increase to Wis at 4th, 8th, 12th, 20th; Dex at 16th

    [Chorus:]From first to last
    The peak is never passed
    Something always fires the light that gets in your eyes
    One moment's high, and glory rolls on by
    Like a streak of lightning
    That flashes and fades in the summer sky

    Level Class BAB Fort Ref Will Skills Feats Class Features
    1st Cleric 1 +0 +2 +0 +2 Diplomacy 4, Knowledge (nature) 4, Knowledge (religion) 4 Animal Devotion (B), Midnight Dodge, Run domain (Plant), turn undead
    2nd Cleric 2 +1 +3 +0 +3 Diplomacy +1, Knowledge (nature) +1, Knowledge (religion) +1
    3rd Cleric 3 +2 +3 +1 +3 Diplomacy +1, Knowledge (nature) +1, Knowledge (religion) +1 Mobility
    4th Cleric 4 +3 +4 +1 +4 Diplomacy +1, Knowledge (nature) +1, Knowledge (religion) +1 soultouched weapon acf
    5th Cleric 5 +3 +4 +1 +4 Diplomacy +1, Knowledge (nature) +1, Knowledge (religion) +1
    6th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 1 +3 +6 +1 +6 Jump 1, Knowledge (religion) +1, Survival 1 Martial Study (claw at the moon) domain (Celerity), fast movement, greater mobility
    7th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 2 +4 +7 +1 +7 Jump +1, Knowledge (religion) +1, Survival +1 evasion
    8th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 3 +5 +7 +2 +7 Jump +1, Knowledge (religion) +1, Survival +1 leap of the hart
    9th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 4 +6 +8 +2 +8 Jump +1, Knowledge (religion) +1, Survival +1 Elusive Target, Shot on the Run (B)
    10th Divine Disciple 1 +6 +10 +2 +10 Diplomacy +1, Jump +1, Knowledge (religion) +1 divine emissary
    11th Divine Disciple 2 +7 +11 +2 +11 Diplomacy +1, Jump +1, Knowledge (religion) +1 sacred defense +1
    12th Divine Disciple 3 +8 +11 +3 +11 Diplomacy +1, Jump +1, Knowledge (religion) +1 Cerulean Reflexes imbue with spell ability
    13th Divine Disciple 4 +9 +12 +3 +12 Diplomacy +1, Jump +1, Knowledge (religion) +1 domain (Sun), sacred defense +2
    14th Divine Disciple 5 +9 +12 +3 +12 Diplomacy +1, Jump +1, Knowledge (religion) +1 transcendence
    15th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 5 +9 +12 +3 +12 Jump +1, Knowledge (religion) +1, Survival +1 Fleet of Foot run like the huntress
    16th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 6 +10 +13 +4 +13 Jump +1, Knowledge (religion) +1, Survival +1 improved evasion
    17th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 7 +11 +13 +4 +13 Jump +1, Knowledge (religion) +1, Survival +1 run like the wind
    18th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 8 +12 +14 +4 +14 Jump +1, Knowledge (religion) +1, Survival +1 Dive for Cover leopard’s pounce
    19th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 9 +12 +14 +5 +14 Jump +1, Knowledge (religion) +1, Survival +1 swiftness of the tigress
    20th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 10 +13 +15 +5 +15 Jump +1, Knowledge (religion) +1, Survival +1 cheetah’s sprint

    Skill Ranks at Level 20: Diplomacy 13, Jump 15, Knowledge (nature) 8, Knowledge (religion) 23, Survival 10

    Spells per day
    Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    1st 3 1+1
    2nd 4 2+1
    3rd 4 2+1 1+1
    4th 5 3+1 1+1
    5th 5 3+1 1+1 1+1
    6th 5 3+1 1+1 1+1
    7th 5 3+1 2+1 2+1
    8th 5 3+1 2+1 2+1
    9th 6 4+1 2+1 2+1 1+1
    10th 6 4+1 2+1 3+1 2+1
    11th 6 4+1 3+1 3+1 2+1 1+1
    12th 6 4+1 3+1 3+1 3+1 2+1
    13th 6 5+1 3+1 4+1 3+1 2+1 1+1
    14th 6 5+1 3+1 4+1 3+1 3+1 2+1
    15th 6 5+1 3+1 4+1 3+1 3+1 2+1
    16th 6 5+1 4+1 4+1 4+1 3+1 2+1 1+1
    17th 6 5+1 4+1 4+1 4+1 3+1 2+1 1+1
    18th 6 5+1 4+1 4+1 4+1 3+1 3+1 2+1
    19th 6 5+1 4+1 4+1 4+1 3+1 3+1 2+1
    20th 6 5+1 4+1 5+1 4+1 4+1 3+1 2+1 1+1
    The list of spells does not include bonus spells for high Wisdom scores but does reflect the loss of a second level spell slot from the soultouched weapon alternate class feature.

    Class Features Showcase
    Your meters may overload
    You can rest at the side of the road
    You can miss a stride
    But nobody gets a free ride

    Building on the Prerequisites: Well this SI has some rough prerequisites but at least these can be built upon. By virtue of her Knowledge (religion) ranks, Elle should know all of the tenets of her faith—as well as the tenets of faith for most other deities as well. Elle uses the incarnum version of Dodge to qualify for the SI. Since she is an azurin, she has an essentia point already to help fuel this feat (and later with Cerulean Reflexes). Dodge and Mobility are also both required for the incredible tactical feat Elusive Target. It is a feat that does not get too much attention due to the lackluster feat tax. However it serves us well here. The third maneuver will be discussed below but the first two of these maneuvers allow her to negate power attacks from her Dodge target and if she is flanked by her Dodge target, Elle can make said target hit its ally instead of her. She is able to make further use of her Run feat via Fleet of Foot which allows her to make a 90 degree turn during a charge, which can be used with other SI features. As a Cleric of Ehlonna, Elle easily manages to enter the SI via her own spellcasting. Taking Divine Disciple helps make up for the lost caster levels from the SI and gives her additional class features that her base Cleric class does not have.
    Fast Movement: Elle gets to move quickly and through this feature, she gets to move very quickly. Add to this the domain power of the Celerity domain that she picks up from her other first level SI class feature, she just gained twenty feet of movement immediately. Thankfully the two speed increases stack, since the SI specifically says they do.
    Greater Mobility: It is always nice to have an extra bonus to avoid attacks of opportunity. Elle wants to create as many as she can so as to invoke the third maneuver from her Elusive Target feat: cause overreach. She gets a free trip attempt—which cannot be countered—whenever she provokes. Considering that she is going to be using her elvencraft longbow as a quarterstaff, she can even get a bonus to the roll to make the trip attempt. Even if she does not succeed in this trip attempt, it is still a free attempt and has the possibility of delaying an enemy attack.
    Additional Domain: The Celerity domain has already been mentioned for its granted power of increased movement speed. The real benefit comes from the spells granted by that domain, half of which do not appear on the normal Cleric spell list—blur, greater blink, haste, and tree stride. (Sadly time stop is outside of her abilities pre-epic.) All of these spells add to Elle’s defense and utility. Elle also gains another additional domain from her levels in Divine Disciple. For that she picks the Sun domain. She now has earned double the domains of a regular Cleric of Ehlonna, though admittedly she took one of them as a devotion. Her dedication to Ehlonna runs deeper than Ehlonna’s average clergy (pun very much intended).
    Evasion and Improved Evasion: So Elle gains the ability to avoid damage via her Reflex save like a Rogue or a Monk. Since all of her classes and prestige classes have a poor Reflex save this seems to not benefit her very much. At least until we add her feats that can make the most use out of these features. Cerulean Reflexes is another incarnum feat that allows Elle to invest her essentia to increase her Reflex saves. Once Elle takes this feat, nearly every day she would invest these essentia into her Reflex saves to increase them by 2 (with 1 point coming from both incarnum feats and her incarnum race). Assuming any kind of Constitution raising magic item, she could use all three points to fuel the feat. Combine this with her Dexterity and she becomes more competitive in the evasion department. As another insurance policy, she uses the Dive for Cover feat which would allow her a reroll for the Reflex save giving her at least one more chance to succeed when she really needs to and assuming she is out of resurgences.
    Leap of the Hart: So this ability allows Elle to make jumps as if they were all running jumps. Well that would be great if Jump was a class skill for Elle at all. Thanks to her Martial Study training in the Tiger Claw discipline, she gets to consider Jump as a class skill from when she takes the feat. Elle maximizes her jumping by taking ranks in it starting with Level 6. The maneuver she learns, claw at the moon, is also serviceable far into her adventuring career, even if it is useable only once per encounter as she is a non initiator.
    Run Like the Huntress and Run Like the Wind: Both of these abilities gained allow Elle greater movement capability and thus greater range in which to position herself into favorable places or remove herself from less advantageous ones. There are times when mundane running is the only way. Being able to run farther and faster allows Elle to get practically anywhere her feet need to take her in a short amount of time. She may not be as fast as an equal level Monk, but she will outlast him in a distance run, considering a +8 bonus to continue running. As a spell, dimension door is not normally found on the Cleric list, so we can consider this a bonus spell that can be cast during the day that would normally not be available to her.
    Leopard’s Pounce and Cheetah’s Sprint: So Elle can make a full attack after a charge. Admittedly this comes later in the build then most meleers would like but at least now she does not have to invest items or spells to replicate this. Add the Fleet of Foot feat that allows her one 90 degree turn and enemies might never see or expect her coming. She can outflank an enemy by herself when the cheetah’s sprint is factored into her charge up to four hundred feet away. Should things get too hairy for her that far ahead of the group, Elle has the resources necessary to get her out of harm’s way long enough for her comrades to join the fray.
    Swiftness of the Tigress: Elle has had the Celerity domain for a while now and has had access to haste already and has been making good use of it for quite some time. But now she does not have to prepare the spell anymore nor does she have to make use of its entirety in one combat. Spell slot saved and can be used for days when plant growth or searing light would be needed instead. This becomes a greater bonus if she is involved in a campaign with loads of undead or has party members with plant allies.

    Design Notes/Variations
    More than high performance
    More than just a spark
    More than just the bottom line
    Or a lucky shot in the dark
    In the long run...

    You might be asking yourself why would a character from a generic setting (re: Greyhawk) have a prestige class from the Forgotten Realms? Simply put, not all of the things from other settings’ sourcebooks pertain to that setting. The Divine Disciple prestige class may have been written for the deities of Faerun but there is not any specific fluff that ties that prestige class to that setting. But it should be noted that there could be DMs who could veto this build for cross setting prestige classes. But this designer sees Elle as wholly dedicated to Ehlonna and as a Divine Disciple, she can spread her word far and wide.
    As far as equipment goes, Elle only “needs” one thing: an elvencraft longbow, which she becomes proficient in upon entering the SI. Since it can be used as both a melee and ranged weapon, she can make use of all of her class abilities. She can use it as a ranged weapon to take advantage of her Shot on the Run feat. She uses it as a melee weapon when closed in upon by enemies, trying to provoke attacks of opportunity, and when charging/pouncing. Elle even gets a bonus to tripping when using the elvencraft bow as a quarterstaff. In order to utilize her fast movement and evasion abilities, she can only wear light armor at best.
    So what does Elle do? As a Cleric with access to 8th level spells, she can do pretty much whatever she needs to do. But without a specific purpose in mind, Elle is best used as a third or even second line melee character and tactical support. She can move herself into position to help create flanks for any roguish types and get away while hampering the enemy’s counters. Spells can counter her shortcomings in combat. She can also serve as a substitute face for the party since she has a decent Charisma and skill ranks in Diplomacy.
    By switching some of the feats around, Elle can be built as a Cloistered Cleric instead of a standard Cleric. She gains more skills points which are needed in the first five levels. Heavy armor is something that is unnecessary anyway given the nature of the SI. She can also immediately pick up the Knowledge Devotion feat which would help increase damage done against undead for sure, and other creature types depending upon the other Knowledges taken. However this would mean that Elusive Target and Cerulean Reflexes would have to flip flop for feat taking purposes which means that Elle’s tactics would have to change slightly during the early and mid levels of her build. Survivability is an issue of course with less hit points and the inability to wear heavier armors.

    You can do a lot in a lifetime
    If you don't burn out too fast
    You can make the most of the distance
    First you need endurance
    First you've got to last...

    --Rush “Marathon”

    Complete Adventurer: Dive for Cover feat
    Complete Warrior: Elusive Target and Fleet of Foot feats
    Dragon Compendium: Fleet Runner of Ehlonna prestige class
    Magic of Incarnum: azurin race, Cerulean Reflexes and Midnight Dodge feats, soultouched weapon Cleric alternate class feature
    Players Guide to Faerun: Divine Disciple prestige class
    Races of the Wild: elvencraft longbow
    Spell Compendium: spells and additional domains for Ehlonna
    Tome of Battle: Martial Study feat and claw at the moon maneuver

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    Default Re: Iron Chef Optimization Challenge in the Playground LIX

    Gotta go faster
    Quote Originally Posted by Zahnik Bhoom
    Zahnik Bhoom

    Spoiler: Starting Blocks

    Race: Human
    Ability Scores: Str 14, Dex 15, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 12
    Ability Increases: Dex 16 (4th), Wis 15 (8th), Wis 16 (12th), Str 15 (16th), Str 16 (20th)
    Languages: Common
    Alignment: NG

    Build Stub: Wildshape Ranger 2/Cloistered Cleric 1/Wildshape Ranger +3/Fleet Runner 8/Scout 4/Fleet Runner +2

    Spoiler: A Day at the Races

    "That's the seventh league-marker!" called out Zahnik. "Keep it up, Taylek, you're doing great!"

    Taylek, huffing beside him, didn't say anything, but Zahnik could hear his breathing smooth out. Confidence, Zahnik told himself, the half-orc just needs confidence. But as the two runners crested the next hill, Zahnik saw three runners resting on a fallen tree up ahead, and he heard Taylek's breathing hitch up. Zahnik recognized Oleg Widderbranch, a tall and broad-shouldered xeph, and two of his thick-headed goliath cronies, Krawdag and Gorbel.

    Zahnik felt his brow furrow, but pasted a smile on his face. Don't give them any excuse to cause trouble, he told himself.

    Oleg called out, "Hey, if it isn't Spotty and Pigface! Fancy seeing you two here! Mind if we pace with you for a bit?"

    "Be my guest," said Zahnik. "Beautiful weather... nice day... for a nine-leaguer!"

    Oleg, Krawdag, and Gorbel fell in beside Zahnik and Talek, but they'd only gone ten paces before Oleg started in on Taylek. Oleg said, "Hey, Pigface... doing pretty well for a half-orc! Thought you'd drop around the third league-marker... or did your friend here carry you for a bit?"

    Taylek didn't respond, but Zahnik heard the young half-orc's breathing quicken with anger and fear. Zahnik said, "Hey, easy there, Oleg. It's just a ceremonial run. No need to get personal."

    But Oleg was just getting started. "Oho! Is the pussycat going to show his claws? Spotty going to show his spots? Or are you going to save that for the last sprint across the finish line?"

    Zahnik said, "You know the rules, Oleg. Original form only, no shapeshifting."

    Oleg smirked over his shoulder, and said, "Even in your pussycat form, I could still beat you on one leg, Spotty."

    A slight smile crept up at the corners of Zahnik's mouth. "Are you in a wagering mood, Oleg?"

    Oleg laughed. "Ha! A wager? You want to bet on this race? You think you can beat me? Oh, I'd love to see you try, Spotty!"

    Zahnik said, "That's what I like about you, Oleg, so much humility. How about this: if I cross that finish line before you do, you have to buy Taylek and I all the firewine we can drink for the next three full moons. If you cross it first, I'll buy you and those two lumps of rock you call minions all the firewine you can drink for the next three full moons. Agreed?"

    "You're on, Spotty!" said Oleg with a cackle. "Now, if you'll excuse us, I think we're rested enough to resume our previous pace. Eat our dust, Spotty!" True to his word, Oleg and his two goliath companions increased their pace, leaving Zahnik and Taylek behind.

    Once they were sufficiently far enough ahead to be out of earshot, Taylek asked, "Do we... need to... pick up... the pace?"

    Zahnik shook his head. "Not yet. Just relax, focus on your breathing. A little bit after the eighth league marker, I should be able to overtake him."

    They continued running in silence. Taylek, afraid he was slowing down his partner, kept trying to speed up, but Zahnik was careful to slow him back down. Soon, however, the eighth league marker came into sight, and Oleg was at least a mile ahead of them.

    Taylek's breathing became ragged, and his stride started to falter. He gasped, "Can you... can you... beat him?"

    Zahnik said, "Oh yes. I'm going to pull ahead here a bit. Take your time, pace yourself, and I'll see you at the finish line." As he passed the league marker, he increased his pace, and started counting his steps. Just another mile, he told himself. He could feel his spirit totem inside him, the Great Cheetah, whispering to him. Mrowr, it purred at him. Now. Sprint! Sprint! No, he told it gently. Not quite yet. Just a little bit further... as the count got higher, he picked out a tree up ahead. Just about two miles left to go... Zahnik whispered a short prayer to the Goddess of the Forests.

    Just as he reached the chosen tree, Zahnik called out for the Swiftness of the Tigress, and then told his spirit totem, the Great Cheetah, Now!

    Krawdag and Gorbel were both knocked flat by the shockwave. Krawdag's clothes were ripped from his body, leaving him wearing only one shoe. Gorbel fared somewhat better, but was now wearing his breeches as something like a tube top. Oleg managed to keep most of his clothes, but was thrown into a walnut tree and lost a tooth.

    Zahnik crossed the finish line, and then about 3 seconds later, a thundering tree-shaking *BOOOOOOM* exploded behind him, shattering all the windows in the temple. Whoops, thought Zahnik. That's going to take more than a few mending spells to fix...

    Spoiler: Lane Assignment

    Build Progression:
    Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features Base Speed
    1st Wildshape Ranger 1 +1 +4 +4 +2 Concentration 4, DisDev 4, Jump 4, KnowDung 4, KnowNat 4, Search 4, Tumble 4 Expeditious Dodge, Travel Devotion (Human) Fast Movement +10', Favored Enemy (Undead), Spiritual Connection ACF, Trap Expert ACF, Skilled City-Dweller ACF (Tumble) 40'
    2nd Wildshape Ranger 2 +2 +5 +5 +2 Concentration5, DisDev 5, Jump 5, KnowDung 5, KnowNat 5, Search 5, Tumble 5 40'
    3rd Cloistered Cleric 1 +2 +7 +5 +4 KnowArc 3, KnowPlanes 3, KnowRel 1 Mobility Turn Undead, Animal Devotion, Plant Domain, Knowledge Devotion 40'
    4th Wildshape Ranger 3 +3 +7 +6 +5 DisDev 6, KnowDung 6, KnowNat 6, KnowRel 2, Search 6, Collector of Stories 2 Endurance 40'
    5th Wildshape Ranger 4 +4 +8 +7 +5 DisDev 7, KnowDung 7, KnowNat 7, KnowRel 5, Search 7 Distracting Attack ACF 40'
    6th Wildshape Ranger 5 +5 +8 +7 +5 DisDev 8, KnowDung 8, KnowNat 8, KnowRel 8, Search 8 Run Wild Shape 1/day 40'
    7th Fleet Runner 1 +5 +10 +7 +7 DisDev 9, KnowLoc 1 Fast Movement +20', Greater Mobility, Additional Domain (Celerity), Skilled City-Dweller ACF (KnowLoc) 60'
    8th Fleet Runner 2 +6 +11 +7 +8 KnowLoc 2, Search 9 Evasion 60'
    9th Fleet Runner 3 +7 +11 +8 +8 DisDev 10, KnowLoc 3 Extra Wild Shape Leap of the Hart 60'
    10th Fleet Runner 4 +8 +12 +8 +9 KnowLoc 4, Search 10 Shot on the Run 60'
    11th Fleet Runner 5 +8 +12 +8 +9 DisDev 11, KnowLoc 5 Run Like the Huntress 60'
    12th Fleet Runner 6 +9 +13 +9 +11 KnowLoc 6, Search 11 Extra Turning Improved Evasion 60'
    13th Fleet Runner 7 +10 +13 +9 +11 DisDev 12, KnowLoc 7 Run Like the Wind 60'
    14th Fleet Runner 8 +11 +14 +9 +12 KnowLoc 8, Search 12 Leopard's Pounce 60'
    15th Scout 1 +11 +14 +11 +12 Balance 5, DisDev 14, Search 14 Cheetah's Speed Skirmish 1d6, Trapfinding 60'
    16th Scout 2 +12 +14 +12 +12 DisDev 16, Jump 10, Search 16 Battle Fortitude +1, Uncanny Dodge 60'
    17th Scout 3 +13 +15 +12 +13 DisDev 18, Search 18, Tumble 10 Fast Movement +30', Skirmish 1d6AC+1 70'
    18th Scout 4 +14 +15 +13 +13 DisDev 20, Jump 12, KnowRel 9, Search 20, Tumble 12 Swift Hunter, Improved Skirmish Skirmish 3d6AC+2/5d6AC+4 70'
    19th Fleet Runner 9 +14 +15 +14 +13 Jump 13, KnowRel 10 Swiftness of the Tigress 70'
    20th Fleet Runner 10 +15 +16 +14 +14 KnowRel 11, Tumble 13 Cheetah's Sprint 70'

    Ranger Spells... uh, Spell per Day
    Level 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
    4th 1 - - -

    Ranger Spells Commonly Prepared
    1st: blades of fire (Spell Compendium), cure light wounds, longstrider, instant of power (Forge of War), impeding stones (Cityscape)

    Cleric Spells per Day
    Level 0lvl 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
    3rd 3 2+1 - - - - - - - -
    4th 3 2+1 - - - - - - - -
    5th 3 2+1 - - - - - - - -
    6th 3 2+1 - - - - - - - -
    7th 3 2+1 - - - - - - - -
    8th 4 3+1 - - - - - - - -
    9th 4 3+1 - - - - - - - -
    10th 4 3+1 2+1 - - - - - - -
    11th 4 3+1 2+1 - - - - - - -
    12th 5 4+1 3+1 - - - - - - -
    13th 5 4+1 3+1 - - - - - - -
    14th 5 4+1 3+1 2+1 - - - - - -
    15th 5 4+1 3+1 2+1 - - - - - -
    16th 5 4+1 3+1 2+1 - - - - - -
    17th 5 4+1 3+1 2+1 - - - - - -
    18th 5 4+1 3+1 2+1 - - - - - -
    19th 5 4+1 3+1 2+1 - - - - - -
    20th 5 4+1 4+1 3+1 - - - - - -

    Typical Cleric Spells Prepared
    0lvl: create water, detect magic, guidance, light, read magic
    1st: bless, ice slick (Frostburn), ray of hope (BoED), snowshoes (Spell Compendium), entangle{D}
    2nd: dark way (Spell Compendium), elation (BoED), hold person, spiritual weapon, barkskin{D}
    3rd: conjure ice beast III (Frostburn), dispel magic, magic vestment, blur{D}

    Spoiler: Run Forrest Run!

    First Leg: 6th Level
    For the first six levels, Zahnik plays like any Wildshape Ranger while he picks up the prereqs for Fleet Runner. He doesn't get a combat style, so mostly he just hits things with a greatsword. He does get +10' Fast Movement as a Barbarian, which stacks with most other speed enhancements. Although he will get Trapfinding later as a Scout, it's a long way off so he swaps Track for the Trap Expert ACF. Spiritual Connection ACF swaps Wild Empathy for more direct communication, and Skilled City-Dweller ACF swaps Ride for Tumble. Cloistered Cleric gives him the ability to reactivate his Devotions. Travel Devotion gives him the ability to move + full attack or move + charge (although at this point he has no extra attacks so not much reason to do so), and Animal Devotion gives him a small toolbox of abilities he can use in certain situations (strength bonus, speed bonus, flight, bite attack). Knowledge Devotion gives him Knowledge (Religion) as a class skill and he starts building up his Knowledge ranks for a small damage buff against his Favored Enemy (undead) and a few other creature types. When he finally gets Wild Shape, he can only change into small or medium animals for 5 hours a day, but this gives him access to forms that can take advantage of his movement abilities, such as leopard and fleshraker (Travel Devotion + Pounce), as well as general utility (alernate movement modes, hide/spot bonuses, etc.). His role is mostly frontline meatbag, using his higher mobility to set up flanking, and primary/secondary trapfinder with a side-order of low-level Ranger/Cleric wands to do some basic battlefield control and back-up healing.

    Second Leg: 10th Level
    Once Zahnik gets into Fleet Runner, he gets +10' Fast Movement and another +10' from Ehlonna's Celerity domain, both of which stack with his existing Fast Movement. Greater Mobility makes one of his "feat taxes" actually useful, as trapfinding and Knowledge skills have been sucking up all our skill points, so a +8 AC against AoOs is probably more useful than 5 ranks of Tumble. Disable Device and Search are no longer class skills, but he picks up Evasion to help him avoid traps and blasty-stuff. Leap of the Hart allows Zahnik to always treat jumps as if he had a running start, which doesn't do much for him at this point with only 5 ranks in Jump, but he'll be able to put more ranks into that later in his career. Shot on the Run is a bit of an odd duck... but with a 60' base speed, this allows Zahnic to move up to 30', draw a thrown weapon/splash weapon as part of the move action, make a ranged attack at close range, then back up 30'.

    Third Leg: 15th Level (Sweet Spot)
    This is the level where all of Zahnik's movement abilities start working together. He now has Pounce from Fleet Runner 8, he can use Travel Devotion to charge every round for up to 40 rounds/day, has enough Wild Shape uses to stay in Wild Shape up to 15 hours, Expeditious Dodge negates the AC penalty on charges, and with Scout he now gets +1d6 skirmish damage on all his attacks. He gets +10' Fast Movement again, and although it's an enhancement bonus, it still stacks with his other speed increases for a base speed of 70'. The skill points from Scout allow him to grab 5 ranks of Balance and bring his Disable Device/Search skills back up to more CR-appropriate levels. If we back up a bit, Run Like the Huntress stacks with Endurance, so Zahnik can run for 34 straight rounds before he risks failing a Constitution check to keep running. If he alternates between 34 rounds of running and 10 rounds of rest, he averages about 27.9 miles per hour. He picks up Improved Evasion at 12th, which isn't too shabby considering Monks get it at 9th and Rogues get their first crack at it at 10th. Run Like the Wind lets him dimension door 1/day, which gives him a good "Escape from Grapple/Tentacles/Certain Death" card to play in an emergency.

    Anchor Leg: 18th Level
    This is the apex of Zahnik's combat abilities. Once Swift Hunter and Improved Skirmish kick in, he gets +5d6 skirmish damage and +4 AC when moving at least 40', which should be easy to do with an 70' base speed and Travel Devotion 4/day. I also wanted to point out that the last two levels of Scout may incur an XP penalty, if your group observes that rule. If you'd rather avoid the XP penalty, then I'd suggest going Scout 3/Cleric +1. Your skirmish damage only gets up to 2d6 with just Swift Hunter, but you eventually get 4th level spells at ECL 20 (Divine Powah! Woohoo!). Another option would be instead of Scout 4, shift some points into Survival and take Holt Warden 4 to progress your spellcasting, since it's already pretty much got "Ehlonna: The Prestige Class" written all over it. Or switch Extra Wild Shape with Alertness and go into Master of Many Forms 4. (Can you tell I didn't quite know how to finish off this build? Yeah... I think you can tell.)

    Finish Line: 20th Level (Capstone)
    At 20th level, Zahnik can break the sound barrier on foot. Cheetah's Sprint allows him to "take a charge action to move ten times her normal speed". He can also activate his Cheetah's Speed feat by spending a Wild Shape use to change his base speed to 50' and once per hour he "may move 10 times his normal speed as part of a charge." This means his land speed is now 90': 50' + 10' (Fast Movement from Ranger) + 10' (Fast Movement from Fleet Runner) + 10' (Fast Movement from Scout) + 10' (Celerity domain). Multiply that by 100, and he can charge 9000' in a round. The speed of sound at sea level is about 1125 feet per second, or about 6750 feet per round. Actually, he can get up to about Mach 2 if he activates Swiftness of the Tigress (+30' enhancement, replaces Fast Movement from Scout) and Animal Devotion (+30' sacred bonus): 14000' per round. That's on the ground, without a fly speed, without casting footsteps of the divine. If Zahnik wildshapes into a dire hawk first and uses a diving attack with double movement for flying downward, he can get up to Mach 4. But wait! Multipliers in D&D don't work that way, you say. You have to add them, right? x10 + x10 = (a + b - 1) = x19? Well, yes, if you're adding multipliers to an abstract value, such as damage. But let me please direct you to PHB page 304, where it says, "When applying multipliers to real-world values (such as weight or distance), normal rules of math apply instead." Distance and speed are very much real-world values. Cheetah's Sprint and Cheetah's Speed are two similar but distinct abilities, two different names, and they can both be used on the same charge, so they stack. Say it with me now:

    Spoiler: Cool Down Lap

    Cityscape (Skilled City-Dweller ACF)
    Complete Adventurer (Scout)
    Complete Champion (Animal Devotion, Knowledge Devotion, Travel Devotion, Spiritual Connection ACF)
    Complete Divine (Celerity Domain, Cheetah's Speed, Extra Wild Shape)
    Complete Scoundrel (Swift Hunter, Improved Skirmish, Collector of Stories)
    Dungeonscape (Trap Expert ACF)
    PHBII (Distracting Attack ACF)
    Races of the Wild (Expeditious Dodge)
    Unearthed Arcana (Wildshape Ranger, Cloistered Cleric)

    Drunken Monkey Variant

    Here's a littel secret, if you haven't guess already... while I may have figured out how to break the sound barrier on the ground without resorting to footsteps of the divine, I didn't actually figure out what to *do* with this little parlour trick. I floundered about looking for some combo that might benefit from 9000' of movement, but couldn't find anything really noteworthy. Mark of Minauros (Fiendish Codex) gives you a +2 attack bonus for every 10' you move as part of a charge, but it requires a Lawful Evil alignment, and that just wouldn't square with the Neutral Good requirement for Fleet Runner (not even with Heretic of the Faith). My first attempt at a build involved Drunken Master's Stagger (Ex) to charge in a circle/square/squiggly line/etc. This means you can charge any target within 140' *every* *single* *round*. But Drunken Master requires Flurry of Blows, and the only way to get that without a Lawful alignment is by using a Brood Monkey (Far Corners Web Article). Unfortunately, Brood Monkeys have 2 racial HD and LA +2, so I couldn't get Wild Shape via Druid or Ranger. Divine Minion template might have worked, but I knew that would get slammed for cheese. So I tried dipping a level of Swanmay, which gets Wild Shape 1/day (swan only). Things got considerably more complicated from there, as Brood Monkeys are not particularly smart (Int -6), and I wasn't sure if I had enough skill points to get Knowledge (Religion) 8 and Knowledge (Nature) 8 into the same build and still have room for everything. I just barely managed to get it all working by ECL 20, but it was extremely fugly from an Elegance standpoint. Once you do get to ECL 20, you can break the sound barrier by charging in any direction, even winding up at the square you started in. While this may be amusing, it's still not particularly useful for anything except a neat parlour trick. Here's a rough sketch of the build:

    Str 14, Dex 16, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 10
    1) Brood Monkey 1. Feat: Education. Bonus: Alertness. KnRel 4, Tumble 4
    2) Brood Monkey 2. SpeakSylvan 1
    3) Simple Druid 1. Feat: Run. Bonus: Track. KnNat 2, KnRel 6
    4) Fighter 1. Bonus: Dodge. KnRel 7, Tumble 5
    5) Fighter 2. Bonus: Mobility. KnRel 8, Tumble 6
    6) FR1. Feat: Sacred Vow. KnNat 4
    7) FR2. KnNat 6
    8) FR3. KnNat 8
    9) FR4. Feat: Vow of Purity. Survival 2
    10) FR5. Survival 4.
    11) FR6. Survival 6.
    12) FR7. Feat: Great Fortitude. Survival 8.
    13) Swanmay. Wild Shape 1/day. Tumble 10.
    14) FR8. Jump 1.
    15) FR9. Feat: Improved Unarmed Strike. Jump 2.
    16) FR10. Jump 3.
    17) DM1. Jump 7.
    18) DM2. Feat: Cheetah's Speed. Jump 11.
    19) LA+1.
    20) LA+2

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    Default Re: Iron Chef Optimization Challenge in the Playground LIX

    Gods, that cartoon/book scarred me as a child...
    Quote Originally Posted by Swiftrunner
    Swiftrunner the Chosen of El-ahrairah

    Creation Myth
    Long ago, the great Frith made the world. He made all the stars, and the world lived among the stars. He made all the animals and birds, and at first, he made them all the same. Now, among the animals was El-ahrairah, the prince of rabbits. He had many friends, and they all ate grass together. But after a time, the rabbits wandered everywhere, multiplying and eating as they went.

    Then Frith said to El-ahrairah, “Prince Rabbit, if you cannot control your people, I shall find ways to control them. So mark what I say.
    But El-ahrairah would not listen. He said to Frith, “My people are the strongest in the world, for they breed faster and they eat more than any of the other people.

    This angered Frith, so he determined to get the better of El-ahrairah . . . not by means of his own great power, but by means of a trick. He gave a present to every animal and bird, making each one different from the rest. When the fox came, and others, like the dog and the cat, the hawk, the wolf and the weasel, to each of them, Frith gave a fierce desire to hunt and slay the children of El-ahrairah. Then El-ahrairah knew that Frith was too clever for him and he was frightened, for he had never before seen the black rabbit of death.

    My friend,” said Frith, “have you seen El-ahrairah, for I wish to give him a gift?
    Uh, no,” said El-ahrairah, “I have not seen him. He is far away. He wouldn’t come.
    So Frith said, “Come out and I will bless you instead.
    No, I cannot,” said El-ahrairah, “I am busy. The fox and weasel are coming. If you want to bless me, you’ll have to bless my bottom.
    Very well,” said Frith, “Be it so.” And El-ahrairah’s tail grew shining white and flashed like a star. And his back legs grew long and powerful. And he tore across the hill, faster than any creature in the world.

    And Frith called after him, “All the world will be your enemy, prince with a thousand enemies. And whenever they catch you, they will kill you. But first, they must catch you, digger, listener, runner, Prince with a swift warning. Be cunning, and full of tricks, and your people will never be destroyed.

    --Opening narration of the animated film Watership Down (1978)

    NG male rabbit (hare) hengeyokai Cloistered Cleric 2/Ranger 6/Scout 4/Fleet Runner of El-ahrairah 7
    32 point buy
    Starting abilities after racials (+2 Dex, -2 Wis)
    Str 10, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 13, Cha 14
    All ability increases go to Dexterity

    Swiftrunner the Chosen of El-ahrairah
    Swiftrunner was one of the great great grandchildren of the rabbits that made the epic journey to the new warren located at Watership Down. He earned his name by always winning the races against the other young rabbits of the warren. He was well liked by his peers and had earned his right to pick any doe for his mate. His life was going to be just as ordinary as any of the other rabbits of the warren. He would have enjoyed that as well but someone else had a different idea for Swiftrunner’s destiny. That someone was El-ahrairah, the Prince of Rabbits.

    Swiftrunner was enjoying morning silflay with his friends when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. At first Swiftrunner thought nothing of it but when he looked a second time he realized that what he saw was the face of El-ahrairah. Swiftrunner was afraid because it had been said that only those who were close to death would see the face of the Prince of Rabbits. None of the other rabbits seemed to notice the face of El-ahrairah and continued eating.

    Finally Swiftrunner heard the voice, “Do you know me, Swiftrunner?
    “I do my Lord,” was the answer he gave. The other rabbits continued as if no one had said anything.
    Good,” the Prince of Rabbits answered. “I would like you to come with me. I wish to give you a gift.
    “My Lord,” Swiftrunner quivered. “I am not ready to come with you yet. I wish to remain here.”
    I once gave a similar answer to Frith,” the face of El-ahrairah smiled. “Swiftrunner, you are the only one that can help me. Please come with me.
    “Very well my Lord,” Swiftrunner answered and began to follow the face of his Lord as it seemed to hop along the meadow.

    They came to a place that Swiftrunner did not recognize. Again he became afraid that he was tricked by the Black Rabbit of Inlé (Death). But the voice was once again comforting though its message was disconcerting.
    Swiftrunner, I have chosen you to be by messenger. You will learn what you can about those who walk on two legs, they call themselves humans.
    “But how my Lord?” Swiftrunner was more confused now than frightened. “The two leggers destroy what they do not understand. What could I possibly learn from them?”
    There is much that can be learned from living among them—their motives, their feelings, their sense of humor, if they have one.
    “But won’t they see me immediately? How will I avoid living in the cages they keep other rabbits?”
    That is precisely why I will give you this gift.

    Then there was a flash of light. Once Swiftrunner’s eyes adjusted, he found himself looking at the horizon from a different angle—a taller angle. He looked down and saw the feet of a two legger! He jumped back but noticed that the feet followed him. He looked around again but could not find where the two legger was. A breeze brushed up against him and much to his surprise his fur did not keep him warm. Then he looked at his forepaws and found human hands. He could control them with his thoughts. He reached up for his ears and noticed they were no longer above his head. His hands touched all of the parts of himself and then Swiftrunner realized that El-ahrairah had somehow for some reason turned him into a human!

    “What has happened to me? Why am I like this?” Swiftrunner realized that the words he spoke did not sound like the words he thought he said.
    Simple,” the Prince of Rabbits answered. “In order for you to live with the humans, you had to become a human. It is the perfect disguise.
    “I do not want this. Please my Lord, I wish to return to my warren where I can live with my friends.”
    You have been chosen, Swiftrunner,” El-ahrairah’s voice became stern. “You are the fastest that the warren has seen for many generations. Only you can escape if my plan goes wrong. But fear not. You will be able to return to your true form again. You will master this shapeshifting over time.

    A little relieved that he can once again return to his true form, Swiftrunner felt himself rising up to the sky following the Prince of Rabbits who now appeared fully as a rabbit. As they approached the sun in the sky El-ahrairah turned to his new Chosen. “There are more worlds than this one. Humans here are beyond reaching. Other worlds have hope that they can be understood. You will be going to one of those. Live among them. Learn from them. I will be watching you. You are now my Fleet Runner.

    ECL Class BAB Fort Ref Will Skills Feats Class Features
    1 Level Adjustment hare hengeyokai traits
    2 Cloistered Cleric 1 +0 +2 +0 +2 Decipher Script 2, Diplomacy 4, Heal 2, Knowledge (arcana) 4, Knowledge (nature) 4, Knowledge (religion) 4, Knowledge (planes) 4 Knowledge Devotion (B), Run domains (animal, good), lore, turn undead
    3 Cloistered Cleric 2 +1 +3 +0 +3 Diplomacy +1, Heal +1, Knowledge (arcana) +1, Knowledge (nature) +1, Knowledge (religion) +1, Knowledge (planes) +1
    4 Ranger 1 +2 +5 +2 +3 Jump 2, Listen 1, Spot 1, Survival 2 Expeditious Dodge, Track (B) first favored enemy (animals), wild empathy
    5 Ranger 2 +3 +6 +3 +3 Climb 1, Jump +1, Knowledge (dungeoneering) 1, Listen +1, Spot +1, Survival +1 Rapid Shot (B) combat style (archery)
    6 Ranger 3 +4 +6 +3 +4 Climb +1, Jump +1, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +1, Listen +1, Spot +1, Survival +1 Endurance (B)
    7 Scout 1 +4 +6 +5 +4 Climb +1, Disable Device 2, Jump +1, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +1, Knowledge (nature) +1, Search 2 Trickery Devotion skirmish +1d6, trapfinding
    8 Scout 2 +5 +6 +6 +4 Climb +1, Disable Device +1, Jump +1, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +1, Knowledge (nature) +1, Knowledge (religion) +1, Search +1 battle fortitude +1, uncanny dodge
    9 Scout 3 +6 +7 +6 +5 Climb +1, Disable Device +1, Jump +1, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +1, Knowledge (nature) +1, Knowledge (religion) +1, Search +1 fast movement +10 ft, skirmish +1d6 +1 AC, trackless step
    10 Scout 4 +7 +7 +7 +5 Climb +1, Disable Device +1, Jump +1, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +1, Knowledge (nature) +1, Knowledge (religion) +1, Search +1 Mobility (B), Swift Hunter skirmish +2d6 +2AC
    11 Fleet Runner of El-ahrairah 1 +7 +9 +7 +7 Knowledge (nature) +1, Knowledge (religion) +1 additional domain (celerity), fast movement +10 ft, greater mobility
    12 Fleet Runner of El-ahrairah 2 +8 +10 +7 +8 Knowledge (nature) +1, Knowledge (religion) +1 evasion
    13 Fleet Runner of El-ahrairah 3 +9 +10 +8 +8 Knowledge (nature) +1, Knowledge (religion) +1 Improved Skirmish leap of the hare
    14 Fleet Runner of El-ahrairah 4 +10 +11 +8 +9 Knowledge (nature) +1, Knowledge (religion) +1 Shot on the Run (B)
    15 Fleet Runner of El-ahrairah 5 +10 +11 +8 +9 Knowledge (nature) +1, Knowledge (religion) +1 run from the hunter
    16 Fleet Runner of El-ahrairah 6 +11 +12 +9 +10 Knowledge (nature) +1, Knowledge (religion) +1 Agile Athlete improved evasion
    17 Fleet Runner of El-ahrairah 7 +12 +12 +9 +10 Knowledge (nature) +1, Knowledge (religion) +1 run like the wind
    18 Ranger 4 +13 +13 +10 +10 Jump +1, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +1, Listen +1, Search +1, Spot +1, Survival +1 distracting attack acf
    19 Ranger 5 +14 +13 +10 +10 Jump +1, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +1, Listen +1, Search +1, Spot +1, Survival +1 Point Blank Shot second favored enemy (evil outsiders), skirmish +3d6 +2AC
    20 Ranger 6 +15 +14 +11 +11 Jump +1, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +1, Listen +1, Search +1, Spot +1, Survival +1 Manyshot (B) improved combat style (archery)

    Skill Ranks at Level 20: Climb 6, Decipher Script 2, Diplomacy 5, Disable Device 5, Heal 3, Jump 11, Knowledge (arcana) 5, Knowledge (dungeoneering) 9, Knowledge (nature) 16, Knowledge (planes) 5, Knowledge (religion) 15, Listen 6, Search 8, Spot 6, Survival 7

    Cleric Spells per day
    ECL 0lvl 1st 2nd 3rd
    2 3 1+1 - -
    3 4 2+1 - -
    12 4 2+1 1+1 -
    14 5 3+1 2+1 -
    16 5 3+1 2+1 1+1

    Ranger Spells per day
    ECL 1st
    18 0
    19 0
    20 1

    Class Features Showcase
    Building on the Prerequisites: Swiftrunner is able to take certain advantages going into the SI. He is able to get Mobility as a bonus feat through his Scout levels. He takes Expeditious Dodge to qualify, which gives him an additional dodge bonus if he moves more than forty feet in a single turn. As he will be wanting to activate his skirmish damage later in the build, moving is something that he is going to want to do anyway. Run by itself is a terrible feat but pair it up with Endurance. Endurance which is also a terrible feat by itself, which Swiftrunner gains as a bonus feat from Ranger levels, has a clause about maintaining a run for longer periods. Seems like these feats were meant to be together all along right? Swiftrunner’s early Cloistered Cleric levels qualify him for divine spells but admittedly this is not a focus of this build.
    Fast Movement: Swiftrunner has the capability of running very fast and has the capability of keeping it going for long periods. In rabbit form his speed is forty feet. Add to this his Scout’s fast movement and the SI’s fast movement (which explicitly says it stacks) and the granted domain ability of the Celerity domain. Swiftrunner lives up to his name by getting up to seventy feet per round as a rabbit and sixty feet per round in human or hybrid form. He will be able to get to wherever he needs to be on the battlefield quickly.
    Greater Mobility: And getting there quickly may mean that Swiftrunner will sometimes provoke attacks of opportunity. Since skill points were at a premium, it was hard to justify taking ranks in Tumble. Thankfully the SI provides Swiftrunner an additional dodge bonus through greater mobility. Combine this with the Expeditious Dodge feat and the tiny size of a rabbit and Swiftrunner can be enjoying a +12 bonus to dodge all told. Thank you WotC for allowing dodge bonuses to stack.
    Additional Domain: Swiftrunner chooses the Celerity domain for his additional domain and its granted power has been mentioned already. Of course the spells that are granted are not normally on the Cleric list. Even though Swiftrunner is not the greatest spellcaster ever, he can still make good use of the spells available to him from his domains.
    Evasion and Improved Evasion: The SI has a poor Reflex save but grants these class features usually reserved for Rogues and Monks. Swiftrunner can take advantage of these abilities from two of his other classes, Ranger and Scout, which both have good Reflex save progressions. Combine this with his very high Dexterity (and any ability enhancing item) and Swiftrunner should be avoiding damage like his more stealthy comrades.
    Leap of the Hare: Named leap of the hart in the original SI, this ability allows Swiftrunner to make amazing jumps and always as if from a running start. Of course the SI does not have Jump as a class skill so once again we use the other base classes to give Swiftrunner a good amount of ranks. Another thing that helps here is the Agile Athlete feat which allows Swiftrunner to use his much higher Dexterity as the ability to base his jumps off of. Jumping should not really be a problem for our rabbit friend.
    Run from the Hunter: This was named run like the huntress in the original SI. Remember above when it was mentioned how Run and Endurance work well when paired together? Now these two just became more friendly towards each other. Swiftrunner can be like the runner who delivered the message from the Battle of Marathon. So in rabbit form moving at seventy feet per round normally can run at five times that speed thanks to the Run feat, so three hundred fifty feet per round and can maintain this speed for twenty eight rounds before having to make a check. That is nine thousand eight hundred feet (or nearly two miles) in almost three minutes time. Only after that time does Swiftrunner have to make a check and he gets bonuses from this class feature and the Endurance feat to continue to run. Did you forget that cure wand back at camp? Don’t worry, Swfitrunner can get it for you, and carry it because all magic items meld into the body while in rabbit form. Even better is that Swiftrunner can send his Trickery Devotion duplicate to get it for you. And it will be back in time before the fifteen minute adventuring day runs out. And if there is trouble along the way, it will find out and Swiftrunner will know.
    Run Like the Wind: It’s dimension door once per day. A spell that not only is not on the Cleric spell list but one that even if it was, would be beyond Swiftrunner’s capability to cast. This is a bonus for our rabbit hero all around.
    But You Did Not Finish the SI!: True Swiftrunner leaves the SI early. However the reason is simple: two of the last three class features of the class are geared more for a charge into melee style character. Swiftrunner is an archer and has no business or reason to enter the melee fray unless he really has to. No need to add pounce/charging to his repertoire. The other class feature can easily be replicated by magic items. Since Swiftrunner is a take on the Swift Hunter style build, the designer believed that Swiftrunner would be better served with picking up more Ranger levels and therefore increasing his skirmish capability.

    Design Notes
    Who is El-ahrairah anyway?: In the novel Watership Down by Richard Adams, El-ahrairah is the trickster god and father of rabbits. All rabbits aspire to become more like their progenitor in any way they can. Since the Chairman allowed for the SI deity to be changed according to setting, the designer believed that this refluffing of Ehlonna into El-ahrairah would be acceptable. For purposes of this competition, all references to Ehlonna instead refer to El-ahrairah—meaning that the domains of El-ahrairah are the same Ehlonna, et cetera. If El-ahrairah was designed as a stand alone deity, the designer believes that his domains would be Animal, Celerity, Luck, Protection, and Trickery. His favored weapon would be either bite or dagger.
    Did you really just refluff hengeyokai?: Yes I did and I hope it sits well with the judges. The entry in Oriental Adventures says that hengeyokai are animals that know how to take a human form. My story does not change what hengeyokai are, but instead gives an alternate source of the innate ability. Besides, Watership Down is not exactly an Asian themed book . . .
    Dragon Magazine Controversy: There was a 3.5 update to Oriental Adventures printed in Dragon Magazine issue 318. That update removed the level adjustment that hengeyokai had as well as changed the type from shapechanger to humanoid (shapechanger). Since individual issues of Dragon Magazine are not allowed in the competition, Swiftrunner follows the rules as set out in Oriental Adventures, therefore the level adjustment. Swiftrunner’s creature type does not come into play as far as the build goes so there is no need to worry about how spells or other effects apply to him. If the level adjustment was removed either via buyoff or using the update, Swiftrunner should take another level of Ranger to net him an increase in skirmish to +3d6 +3AC.
    So how does Swiftrunner play?: In this case the hunted becomes the hunter. Swiftrunner plays the roles of scout (especially helpful with Trickery Devotion), archer, secondary encyclopedia (Knowledge Devotion helps here as well), secondary trapfinder, and secondary face of the party. He can also play the role of infiltrator as a simple rabbit because who would really suspect a rabbit? Paranoid players suspect cats primarily or possibly ravens. But rabbits usually fly well under players’ radars, which means that rabbits also fly under NPC radars as well. And of course with all of his speed, Swiftrunner should be able to escape trouble once it appears. There are few creatures that can keep up with him either sprinting or long distance running.

    Complete Adventurer: Scout base class
    Complete Champion: Knowledge Devotion and Trickery Devotion feats
    Complete Scoundrel: Improved Skirmish and Swift Hunter feats
    Dragon Compendium: Fleet Runner of Ehlonna prestige class
    Oriental Adventures: hare hengeyokai race
    Player's Handbook II: distracting attack Ranger alternate class feature
    Races of the Wild: Agile Athlete and Expeditious Dodge feats
    Spell Compendium: additional domain for Ehlonna
    Unearthed Arcana: Cloistered Cleric base class variant
    Watership Down: by Richard Adams, flavor text

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    You'll never take his freedom
    Quote Originally Posted by Angolon
    Angolon, The Revenant
    Wood Elf, NG, Cloistered Cleric 1 / Fighter 1 / Warblade 3 / FoE 10 / Revenant Blade 5


    Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma Reason
    12 12 14 16 14 10 32-point buy
    14 14 12 14 14 10 Race
    - 15 - - - - 4th
    - 16 - - - - 8th
    - 17 - - - - 12th
    - 18 - - - - 16th
    - - 13 - - - 20th


    Level Class BAB Fort Ref Will Skills Feats Features
    1 Cloistered Cleric 1 0 2 0 2 Know Religion 4, Know History 4, Know Arcana 4, Know Planes 4, Know Nature 4, Know Local 4, Know Dungeoneering 4, Know Geography 4 Dodge(1), Knowledge devotion(D), Animal Devotion(D), Point Blank Shot (D) Domains (Knowledge, Animal, Elf), Lore, Turn Undead
    2 Fighter 1 1 4 0 2 Know Religion 5, Collector of stories, Jump 1 Mobility(F) Bonus feat
    3 Warblade 1 2 6 0 2 Know Religion 6, Know History 5, Know Local 5, Tumble 2, Concentration 1 Run Battle clarity (Reflex saves), weapon aptitude
    4 Wablade 2 3 7 0 2 Know Religion 7, Tumble 4, Balance 3 - Uncanny dodge
    5 Warblade 3 4 7 1 3 Know Religion 8, Balance 5, Tumble 5, Twisted Charge - Battle ardor (critical confirmation)
    6 Fleet runner of Ehlonna 1 4 9 1 5 Move silently 4 Two weapon fighting, Plant devotion (D) Fast movement, Greater Mobility, Additional Domain (Plant)
    7 Fleet runner of Ehlonna 2 5 10 1 6 Move silently 5, Hide 3 - Evasion
    8 Fleet runner of Ehlonna 3 6 10 2 6 Hide 5, Know nature 5, Concentration 2 - leap of the Hart
    9 Fleet runner of Ehlonna 4 7 11 2 7 Concentration 6 Blade bearer of Valenar Shot on the run
    10 Fleet runner of Ehlonna 5 7 11 2 7 Concentration 10 - Run like the huntress
    11 Fleet runner of Ehlonna 6 8 12 3 8 Concentration 14 - Improved Evasion
    12 Fleet runner of Ehlonna 7 9 12 3 8 Concentration 15, Know religion 9, Nimble Charge Weapon Focus (Valenar Double Scimitar) Run like the Wind
    13 Fleet runner of Ehlonna 8 10 13 3 9 Concentration 16, Know religion 12 - Leopards Pounce
    14 Fleet runner of Ehlonna 9 10 13 4 9 Concentration 17, Know religion 13, Up the hill - Swiftness of the Tigress
    15 Fleet runner of Ehlonna 10 11 14 4 10 Concentration 18, Know religion 16 Improved two weapon fighting Cheetahs sprint
    16 Revenant Blade 1 12 14 4 12 Know geography 5, Jump 5 - Ancestral guidance (1), hero of the Valaes Tairn
    17 Revenant Blade 2 13 14 4 13 Hide 9, Extreme Leap - Shadow of the past
    18 Revenant Blade 3 14 15 5 13 Move silently 10, Hide 10 Rapidshot Ancestral guidance (2)
    19 Revenant Blade 4 15 15 5 14 Move Silently 13, Hide 13 - Giant slayer
    20 Revenant Blade 5 16 15 5 14 Move Silently 16, Hide 16 - Ancestral guidance (3), legendary force

    Spells Per Day:

    Level Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
    1 1+1 - -
    2 1+1 - -
    3 1+1 - -
    4 1+1 - -
    5 1+1 - -
    6 1+1 - -
    7 2+1 - -
    8 2+1 - -
    9 2+1 1+1 -
    10 2+1 1+1 -
    11 3+1 2+1 -
    12 3+1 2+1 -
    13 3+1 2+1 1+1
    14 3+1 2+1 1+1
    15 3+1 2+1 2+1
    16 3+1 2+1 2+1
    17 3+1 2+1 2+1
    18 3+1 2+1 2+1
    19 3+1 2+1 2+1
    20 3+1 2+1 2+1

    Maneuvers Per Day:

    Level Maneuvers Known Readied Stances Known
    3 3 3 1
    4 4 3 1 [/B]
    5 and beyond 5 3 1

    Typical Spells Memorized:

    Spell Level Typical spell List at 20
    1 Divine Favor(2), Shield of Faith, Truestrike(D)
    2 Resist energy(3), Truestrike(D)
    3 Girallons Blessing(2), Clairvoyance(D)

    Manuvers Known:

    Level of maneuver or stance Maneuvers List
    1 Leading the Charge (S), Charging minotaur
    2 Action before thought, Wall of Blades, Mountain Hammer
    3 Iron Heart Surge

    Fluff and notes:

    Level 1 -

    Angolon sat at the desk transcribing the ancient texts. He had a rare gift, the ability to look at a text and memorize it, word for word after only a cursory glance, even if he couldn’t understand the language. The elders had set him to this task cataloguing, translating and taking care of the library nearly 150 years ago. Though young for a librarian he rather enjoyed his task. As a pup he had trained with the others, but when the Keeper of the scrolls grew ill Angolon was immediately given the task of tending to the dying man and then later given his position, when none other was fit to take over. At first Angolon resented the task, wishing only to join the others his age, as hunters or defenders. Eventually, as all youth do, he realized that his role was an honored one, though it often kept him in the bowels of the library searching for an obscure text, or a prophecy the elders desperately sought to intervene on. Since birth he was destined to do this, his name literally meant deep lore, who better to fill such a role than him. Angolon sat pondering but he honestly could not recall the last time he felt the sun’s rays against his neck, he set his quill down for a moment, careful to not let the ink stain his work “it must’ve been a decade or more” he said aloud to no one in particular, since none but him entered this area of the library Angolon often talked to the books as if they were people. “Thats it first thing tomorrow I will see the sun rise, and witness Ehlonna’s beauty.”
    A sudden noise caught his attention, “By Ehlonna what was that?” He spoke to the books. “hush!” then a sudden shake and all around him the ground began to quake, books were thrown from their shelves. He leapt up, hands outstretched trying vainly to keep the books from falling to the floor. In waves, the ground rolled beneath his feet, somewhere he heard one of the few lanterns crash to the floor. He tried desperately to reach it, praying it was not lit. Yelling could be heard outside now, screams of women and children muffled by the libraries thick walls, but Angolon could not mistake those sounds. A sharp noise came from behind him, something crashed into his back, and intense pain ran from his head to his toes as his vision swam. Around him the shelves were collapsing one upon the other like domino’s, the faint scent of smoke assaulted his nostrils as a shelf landed on his back burying him in books. The books pressed against his back and he struggled in vain to lift their immense weight off him, but his strength waas fading quickly and he could feel blood trickling around his neck, a small pool of blood began to form on the pages of a book. His last thought as his consciousness faded, was how the blood vaguely looked like the depictions of ehlonna in the ancient texts.

    At level 1 its all about surviving to the next day. Utilizing the same skills any caster with weak hit dice does, Angolon hangs back, using knowledge devotion and point blank shot to boost his small attack. With the animal devotion feat Angolon can use it for offense or defense as the situation calls for.

    level 5 -

    Despite his beginnings as a lowly librarian, Angolon has come a long way from the cloistered life he once lived. Ehlonna saved his life and set him on the warriors path. While at first clumsy and knowing no more than to swing the sword wildly, his study of the Valenar Fleetrunners tome hones his skill into the deadly weapon he will become.

    He utilizes a falchion at this time, taking advantage of battle ardor from his warblade levels. With the devotions picked up from his cleric level he can fly if need be or boost his strength for damage. With average hit points Angolon only sits 6 hp (w/o con) below that of a barbarian, while still having more hitpoints than a full blooded fighter. His spells are used only when needed with a truestrike and divine favor as his typical spells memorized. Angolon has Already specialized in charging into battle which will be his main tactic throughout his life.

    level 10 -

    Angolon’s adventures have taken him to the far corners of the earth. His vengeance had long since been meted out against the giants that destroyed his people. He can feel Ehlonna’s presence with him more with each passing day. Having started dual weilding scimitars he has found the feel of the double scimitar more to his liking and is further unlocking the secrets of the great Valenar Fleetrunners.

    The bulk of Angolon's cash is in the weapons he weilds. of note is his thrown weapon. Having picked up Shot on the run Angolon utilizes a spear with the warning property, with the boost to initiative he charges in, throwing the spear along the way, with other enhancements such as sizing acid cold, this can take a pretty decent chunk out of the targets life before he is even in melee range, after closing the distance he then utilizes his charge to deliver a massive attack, effectively giving him 2 attacks during the charge when he would otherwise receive only one.

    Level 15 -

    Angolon has mastered the basic arts of the ancient Fleet runners, and he has never felt more alive than when he is sprinting across the feilds at speeds other’s find amazing. His speed and his skill with the sword have brought him through many battles. The tome still holds many secrets for him, but with time and patience. Ehlonna has blessed him with a second life and he will not waste it.

    Having completed the SI Angolon Makes full use of the leopards pounce ability. having the option of utilizing girallon’s blessing and filling up on natural attacks or utilizing his 6 attacks granted with two weapon fighting, and the capstone of the SI.

    level 20 -

    Angolon stood before the remains of the library, his home for more than a century. His boots made not a sound as he stepped into the small area where he had awoken all those years ago. the fire had somehow managed to leave only two walls, but time and the forest had collapsed the roof, and reclaimed the floor. In his mind’s eye he imagined he could still see the shelves where he had awoke, miraculously alive. No, not a miracle he thought, destiny. Ehlonna had saved him that day. He pulled the old manuscript from his pack, and carefully unwrapped the tome. Its surface was nearly unblemished despite all the years of travel they had spent together. He was in the eve of his life now, but perhaps Ehlonna could guide another of her followers here, to save their life. Flipping the books pages carefully he could see his own notes interspersed amongst the pages, drawing attention to passages here and there. He revered books too much to write in them the way some people did, but his notes were clear and concise, clearly calling attention to the relevant text. He flipped all the way through it once, and then opened to the title page. Revenant, Bearers of the Blade; an alternate history of the Valenar Fleetrunners. Beneath that, nearly 300 years since the attack, he could still make out the clear figure of a woman in flowing gowns, almost concise enough to have been drawn. Where once it had been the vibrant red of fresh blood; now, age had darkened it to an almost black. He carefully wrapped the cloth around its cover, dug a small hole in the ground where the two walls met and placed the pack gently. Somberly he filled it, with each scoop he felt his anger for the giants attack, the vengeance he had sought, his utter loneliness at the destruction of his people, all disappear. He was an old man now, his past long behind him. He felt a single drop of rain hit his cheek and looked up to a clear sky, a gift from Ehlonna he thought, and with that said a final prayer and left.

    With knowledge devotion, two weapon fighting, pounce, haste, rapid shot,Ancestral guidance (power attack, Improved critical, spring attack), Legendary force, Maneuvers, stances, skill tricks, and devotion feats; Angolon can dish out a ton of damage without magical items of any kind. Boosting nearly any stat works for both defense and offense. With the entire cleric spell list only a scroll or wand use away Angolon barely feels the effect of his lack of pure caster power that could be available to him.


    UA, ToB, DC, PGtE, CS

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    The wonders of the natural world cannot be matched by cut stone and tilled fields
    Quote Originally Posted by Shindra Greenthorn
    Shindra Greenthorn, Female Human Psychic Warrior 2 / Druid (Of Mielikki) 1 / Warblade 1 / Human Paragon 3 / Contemplative 1 / Spelldancer 1 / Mystic Wanderer 1 / Fleet Runner 10

    Spoiler: Story

    I have always been fasinated by natures ability to simply be, what the greatest artists and athletes aspire to come even close to. Its an eternal competition between the animals, about whom of the hunter and the pray that is the fastest or strongest or smartest. Or which of the animals, specially birds, that sings the best or looks the most splendid trying to get mated and spread out their progeny.
    Even in the civilized, and not so civilized races this can be seen, from the bursting metropolis where Bards and Courtesans ply their trade trying to outdo each other, over the sly courtier trying to be more cunning than his competitioner to the sleepy village where a pretty face and a gift of word can lead you to gain bedmates or wealth, to the more primitive races where its all a question of being the biggest and strongest and smartest of the lot.

    Spoiler: Tables

    Spoiler: Abilities

    Ability Baseline 4th Level 6th Level 8th Level 12th Level 16th Level 20th Level
    Strength 8
    Dexterity 14
    Constitution 10
    Intelligence 10
    Wisdom 18 +1 +2 +1 +1 +1 +1
    Charisma 14

    Spoiler: Build

    Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
    1st Human Paragon 1 +0 +0 +0 +2 Diplomacy 4, Knowledge (Religion) 4, Perform (Dance) 4, Spellcraft 4, Tumble 4 Endurance, Run Adaptive Learning (Perform)
    2nd Psychic Warrior 1 +0 +2 +0 +2 Concentration 3 DodgeB Bonus Feat
    3rd Psychic Warrior 2 +1 +3 +0 +2 Concentration 6 Combat Casting, MobilityB Bonus Feat
    4th Druid (Deadly Hunter ACF) 1 +1 +5 +0 +4 Knowledge (Nature) 3, Perform (Dance) 6 TrackB Animal Companion, Nature Sense, Wild Empathy, AC Bonus (Wis added to Dex), Favored Enemy (Humanoid: Orc)
    5th Human Paragon 2 +2 +5 +0 +5 Concentration 7, Perform (Dance) 7, Spot 3 Extend SpellB Bonus Feat
    6th Human Paragon 3 +3 +6 +1 +5 Knowledge (Religion) 9 Practiced Spellcaster (Druid) Ability Boost (Wis +2)
    7th Fleet Runner 1 +3 +8 +1 +7 Concentration 9, Knowledge (Religion) 10 Fast Movement (+10ft), Greater Mobility
    8th Fleet Runner 2 +4 +9 +1 +8 Craft (Alchemy) 2, Knowledge (Religion) 11 Evasion
    9th Warblade 1 +5 +11 +1 +8 Concentration 10, Diplomacy 8 Persistent Spell Battle Clarity, Weapon Aptitude
    10th Fleet Runner 3 +6 +11 +2 +8 Craft (Alchemy) 3, Knowledge (Religion) 13 Leap of the Hart
    11th Contemplative 1 +6 +11 +2 +10 Preform (Dance) 10 Bonus Domain (Good), Divine Health
    12th Spelldancer 1 +6 +11 +4 +12 Perform (Dance) 12, Profession (Herbalist) 3 Heretic of the Faith (Domain: Good Competition) Spelldance
    13th Fleet Runner 4 +7 +12 +4 +13 Perform (Dance) 15 Shot on the RunB
    14th Fleet Runner 5 +7 +12 +4 +13 Concentration 11, Perform (Dance) 17 Run Like the Huntress
    15th Fleet Runner 6 +8 +13 +5 +14 Concentration 13, Perform (Dance) 18 Iron Will Improved Evasion
    16th Mystic Wanderer 1 +8 +13 +7 +16 Concentration 15, Perform (Dance) 19 Glory of the Divine (Cha as Sacred AC), Sleep
    17th Fleet Runner 7 +9 +13 +7 +16 Concentration 17, Perform (Dance) 20 Run Like the Wind
    18th Fleet Runner 8 +10 +14 +7 +17 Concentration 19, Perform (Dance) 21 Spell Girding Leopard's Pounce
    19th Fleet Runner 9 +10 +14 +8 +17 Concentration 21, Perform (Dance) 22 Swiftness of the Tigress
    20th Fleet Runner 10 +11 +15 +8 +18 Concentration 23, Perform (Dance) 23 Cheetah's Sprint

    Spoiler: Initiating, Manifesting and Spellcasting

    Warblade Initiating:
    Level Initiator Level Maneuvers Known Maneuvers Readied Stances Known Maneuvers/Stances Learned
    9th 5th 3 3 1 Action Before Thought, Iron Heart Surge, Wall of Blades - Blood in the Water

    Psychic Warrior Manifesting:
    Level Power Points Per Day Powers Known Max Power Level Known Powers Learned
    2nd 0 1 1st Inertial Armor
    3rd 1 2 1st Expansion

    Druid Spellcasting:
    Level 0lvl 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
    4th 3 1 - - - - -
    5th 4 2 - - - - -
    6th 4 2 1 - - - -
    8th 5 3 2 - - - -
    11th 5 3 2 1 - - -
    12th 5 3 3 2 - - -
    13th 6 4 3 2 1 - -
    15th 6 4 3 3 2 - -
    16th 6 4 4 3 2 1 -
    18th 6 4 4 3 3 2 -
    20th 6 5 4 4 3 2 1

    Spoiler: Tactics

    Level 5:
    Shindra is a reasonable, if not brilliant Gish at this point, having CL 2 and ML 2 in Druid and Psychic Warrior respectively, depending on Shillelagh and Expansion for offensive and Inertial Armor and Druid ACF giving Wisdom to AC for defensive purposes, but still she is ever so slightly behind the curve at this point, but is still a reasonable scout, backup healer/backup fighter.

    Level 10:
    Looking up. Finishing Paragon levels (yay for +2 Wis) and have grabbed 3 Fleet Runner levels and a level of Warblade, shoring up my horrendous Reflex save for Evasion via Action Before Thought, The Ability to roll against my opponents Attack with Wall of Blades (first really strong at level 12), and remove negative conditions via Iron Heart Surge. Greater Mobility supports moving around within opponent reach with less danger (first really relevant at level 12 ... sense a theme?)

    Level 15:
    And we're past the sweet spot which is level 12 where the build flows together.
    At level 11 we get a Domain (wouldn't be needed if Fleet Runner didn't explicitly say that only Clerics got the additional domain), of our choice, as long as the deity followed gave it, while Level 12 it flows together. Spelldance makes me able to emulate DMM Cleric with no specification of that it have to be Turn Undead, but rather Spelldancer level + ConMod without danger and after that you can still Spelldance, with the caveat that you have to take a Fort save after spelldancing at DC 10 + total Rounds Spelldanced, or take 2 Con damage and become Fatigued. Trick is that Druids have a neat spell at 4th level named Sheltered Vitality (Spell Compendium) which for 1min/level makes you immune to Fatigued, Exhaustion and Ability Drain/Damage, at level 12 this is 10 minutes (due to Practiced Spellcaster), which means that i have 100 rounds where i can spelldance the day away, immune to the penalties. Interesting Spells to Persist would be:
    Spoiler: Persisted Spells

    Eyes of the Avoral (BoED), NOT dependent on being exalted.
    Cloud Wings (SpC) although it only needs to be Extended given its natively long duration.
    Master Air (SpC)
    Scent (SpC) (can be replaced by Essence of the Raptor when access to enough 4th level spells)
    Girallon's Blessing (SpC)
    Lion's Charge (SpC) until level 18, when Fleet Runner gives it natively.
    Spikes (SpC)
    Bite of the Wereboar (SpC) (replaced by subsequent Bite of* spells)
    Divine Power (Competition Domain)
    Essence of the Raptor (SpC)
    Freedom of Movement
    Sheltered Vitality (SpC), Only if ruled that being immune remove previous ability damage / fatigued, or spell taking effect before taking such penalties.
    Wild Runner (SpC)
    Bite of the Weretiger (SpC) (replaced by subsequent Bite of* spells)
    Owl's Insight (SpC)
    Righteous Might (Competition Domain)
    Sirine's Grace (SpC) (although probably the least useful given that +Dex can be superseded by the later spells in the Bite of* line, and +Cha can be done with a +6Cha item, but still quite handy given its bonus to Perform and Cha to AC)
    Bite of the Werebear (SpC)

    Otherwise, of gained stuff at this time, Shot on the Run is rather useless (although with a class such as Fleet Runner its nearly impossible not to have something being useless), Run like the Huntress fits nicely into the theme, with the character having (with presisted spells up) a Base speed of 50(Wild Runner)+10(Longstrider)+10(Fleet Runner 1), together with Endurance, which raise the check done to continue running by another +4, altogether for nearly 40mph over at at minimum 3 minutes (from Con 15 while in Centaur form), simply due to Wild Runner and Longstrider spells. Quite efficient if you have to transport light goods (for what its worth, at level 20 with all relevant spells online (Wild Runner, Righteous Might and Bite of the Werebear) Light Load is 11184 lb. or less) somewhere, which can't be magicked there (either because Greater Teleport is to expensive or Teleport is to imprecise). Improved Evasion still works nicely with Action before Thought to stay useful.

    Level 20:
    Glory of the Divine is quite handy in concert with Sirine's Grace, while from the rest of Fleet Runner gains include Run Like the Wind is decent utility (although 1/day is a bit to rare to be truly useful), Leopard's Pounce (effectively gain an extra 3rd level spell and 6 available spelldancing rounds since it invalidate Persistent Lion's Pounce), Swiftness of the Tigress gives FleetRunner Level/Day rounds of Haste which is quite handy in combat, while lastly, Cheetah's Sprint makes it possible to charge up to 700ft once per hour (or 900ft if flying with Master air, add an additional 300ft if augmenting it with Persisted Cloud Wings), given a high enough Spot check (mainly delievered through spells and high Wisdom Modifier due to limited Skillpoints), it is an opener that is hard to resist for almost everyone (including that annoying wizard that throws long ranged spells)

    As Shindra is fairly vulnerable to being dispelled (a high amount of her spells are used for buffing via persistent spelldance) the last feat taken is Spell Girding (-2 on opponent Dispel Checks against her spells), and good items to buy would be a Strand of Prayer Beads with Bead of Karma (+4 CL on all Divine spells cast for 10 minutes each day, done when spelldancing) and Ring of Enduring Arcana (-4 on opponent Dispel Checks, despite the name the item aren't dependent on being arcane spellcaster). If access to all of these, Dispel Checks are against an effective DC 11(Base) +11(native CL) +4(Practiced Spellcaster) +4(Bead of Karma) +4 (Ring of Enduring Arcana) +2 (Spell Griding) for an effective DC of 36 for all (or most) of my presisted spells.

    Spoiler: Sources

    Complete Divine - Contemplative, Persistent Spell
    Expanded Psionic Handbook - Psychic Warrior
    Magic of Faerun - Mystic Wanderer, Spelldancer, Spell Girding
    Power of Faerun - Heretic of the Faith
    Tome of Battle - Warblade
    Spell Compendium - Competition Domain
    Unearthed Arcana - Human Paragon, Deadly Hunter ACF

    Spoiler: Notes

    As for using another deity I point towards the words of the Chair.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kuulvheysoon View Post
    I would actually be fine with alternative dieities for different settings - so long as the alternate patron remains similar to Ehlonna's portfolio. for example, Mielikki (FR) would be fine, while Malar (FR) would not.

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    Default Re: Iron Chef Optimization Challenge in the Playground LIX

    Darkness is nothing without light to define it
    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan Ravenblessed

    (Image by Annie Owens)

    Morgan Ravenblessed
    Ranger 4/Knight of the Raven 3/Divine Crusader 3/Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 10

    Spoiler: Build

    NG Human, Ranger 4/Knight of the Raven 3/Divine Crusader 3/Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 10
    ACFs: Distracting Attack

    Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
    1st Ranger 1 +1 +2 +2 +0 Balance 2 ranks, concentration 4 ranks, handle animal 4 ranks, jump 4 ranks, knowledge (nature) 4 ranks, knowledge (religion) 2 ranks, search 4 ranks, tumble 2 ranks, survival 4 ranks TrackB, Midnight Dodge, Mobility Wild empathy, favored enemy (undead)
    2nd Ranger 2 +2 +3 +3 +0 Balance 2.5 ranks, concentration 5 ranks, handle animal 5 ranks, jump 5 ranks, knowledge (nature) 5 ranks, knowledge (religion) 2.5 ranks, tumble 2.5 ranks, search 5 ranks, survival 5 ranks Two-Weapon FightingB
    3rd Ranger 3 +3 +3 +3 +1 Balance 3 ranks, concentration 6 ranks, handle animal 6 ranks, jump 6 ranks, knowledge (nature) 6 ranks, tumble 3 ranks, survival 6 ranks, Collector of Stories skill trick EnduranceB, Run
    4th Ranger 4 +4 +4 +4 +1 Balance 3.5 ranks, concentration 7 ranks, handle animal 7 ranks, jump 7 ranks, knowledge (dungeoneering) 1 rank, knowledge (nature) 7 ranks, knowledge (religion) 3 ranks, tumble 3 ranks, survival 7 ranks Distracting Attack
    5th Knight of the Raven 1 +5 +6 +4 +3 Knowledge (religion) 8 ranks Raven harrier (harry), speak with ravens
    6th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 1 +5 +8 +6 +6 Balance 4 ranks, concentration 8 ranks, knowledge (nature) 8 ranks, knowledge (religion) 9 ranks, survival 8 ranks Weapon Focus (longsword)* Fast movement, greater mobility, additional domain
    7th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 2 +6/+1 +9 +6 +7 Balance 4.5 ranks, concentration 9 ranks, knowledge (nature) 9 ranks, knowledge (religion) 10 ranks, survival 9 ranks Evasion
    8th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 3 +7/+2 +9 +7 +7 Balance 5 ranks, concentration 10 ranks, knowledge (nature) 10 ranks, knowledge (religion) 11 ranks, survival 10 ranks Leap of the Hart
    9th Divine Crusader 1 +7/+2 +11 +7 +9 Jump 12 ranks Power Attack Animal domain, aura
    10th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 4 +8/+3 +12 +7 +10 Concentration 11 ranks, jump 12.5 ranks, knowledge (nature) 11 ranks, knowledge (religion) 12 ranks, survival 11 ranks Shot on the RunB
    11th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 5 +8/+3 +12 +7 +10 Concentration 12 ranks, jump 13 ranks, knowledge (nature) 12 ranks, knowledge (religion) 13 ranks, survival 12 ranks Run like the Huntress
    12th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 6 +9/+4 +13 +8 +11 Concentration 13 ranks, jump 13.5 ranks, knowledge (nature) 13 ranks, knowledge (religion) 14 ranks, survival 13 ranks Leap Attack Improved evasion
    13th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 7 +10/+5 +13 +8 +11 Concentration 14 ranks, jump 14 ranks, knowledge (nature) 14 ranks, knowledge (religion) 15 ranks, survival 14 ranks Run like the wind
    14th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 8 +11/+6/+1 +14 +8 +11 Concentration 15 ranks, jump 14.5 ranks, knowledge (nature) 15 ranks, knowledge (religion) 16 ranks, survival 15 ranks Leopard’s pounce
    15th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 9 +11/+6/+1 +14 +9 +11 Jump 15 ranks, knowledge (religion) 17 ranks, survival 16 ranks, Nimble Charge skill trick Shape Soulmeld (Strongheart Vest) Swiftness of the tigress
    16th Fleet Runner of Ehlonna 10 +12/+7/+2 +15 +9 +11 Jump 15.5 ranks, knowledge (religion) 18 ranks, survival 17 ranks, tumble 4 ranks Cheetah’s sprint
    17th Knight of the Raven 2 +13/+8/+3 +16 +9 +12 Jump 16 ranks, knowledge (religion) 19 ranks, survival 18 ranks, tumble 4.5 ranks Smite undead 1/day
    18th Knight of the Raven 3 +14/+9/+4 +16 +10 +12 Knowledge (religion) 20 ranks, survival 19 ranks, tumble 5 ranks, Twisted Charge skill trick Elusive Target Turn undead, Sun domain, raven harrier (baffle)
    19th Divine Crusader 2 +15/+10/+5 +17 +10 +12 Jump 21 ranks
    20th Divine Crusader 3 +16/+11/+6/+1 +17 +11 +12 Jump 23 ranks, knowledge (religion) 23 ranks Resistance to electricity 5

    *According to Complete Divine p109, Ehlonna has the longsword as a favored weapon. However, in the Player's Handbook, this is listed as longbow instead. The Complete Divine errata did not correct this, so this build assumes that longsword is a valid favored weapon for Ehlonna. However, if your DM prefers to go by the Player's Handbook, replace this with Weapon Focus (longbow) instead.

    Spoiler: Divine Crusader spells

    Divine Crusader Spells per Day
    Level 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
    1st - - - - - - - - -
    2nd - - - - - - - - -
    3rd - - - - - - - - -
    4th - - - - - - - - -
    5th - - - - - - - - -
    6th - - - - - - - - -
    7th - - - - - - - - -
    8th - - - - - - - - -
    9th 0 - - - - - - - -
    10th 1 0 - - - - - - -
    11th 1 0 - - - - - - -
    12th 2 1 0 - - - - - -
    13th 2 1 0 - - - - - -
    14th 2 2 1 0 - - - - -
    15th 2 2 1 0 - - - - -
    16th 3 2 2 1 0 - - - -
    17th 3 3 2 2 1 0 - - -
    18th 3 3 3 2 2 1 0 - -
    19th 3 3 3 3 2 2 1 0 -
    20th 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 1 0

    Morgan draws her spells primarily from the Animal domain and from the list of Sanctified spells. At level 18, she also gains access to the Sun domain. Her spell list is as follows:

    1- Calm Animals, Endure Elements, Divine Inspiration, Twilight Luck, Vision of Punishment
    2- Hold Animal, Heat Metal, Ayailla's Radiant Burst, Luminous Armor
    3- Dominate Animal, Searing Light, Brilliant Emanation, Celestial Aspect, Create Lantern Archon, Hammer of Righteousness, Path of the Exalted, Phieran's Resolve, Telepathy Tap
    4- Summon Nature's Ally IV, Fire Shield, Animate with the Spirit, Celestial Fortress, Diamond Spray, Holy Fire Shield, Greater Luminous Armor, Sunmantle
    5- Commune with Nature, Flame Strike, Curtain of Light, Inquisition, Sicken Evil
    6- Antilife Shell, Fire Seeds, Benign Projection, Exalted Raiment, Storm of Shards, Valiant Steed
    7- Animal Shapes, Sunbeam, Channel Celestial, Constricting Chains, Cry of Ysgard, Phoenix Fire, Rain of Embers
    8- Summon Nature's Ally VIII, Sunburst, Dragon Cloud, Restore Soul's Treasure
    9- Shapechange, Prismatic Sphere, Armageddon, Channel Greater Celestial, Exalted Fury, Sanctify the Wicked

    Spoiler: Ranger spells

    Ranger Spells per Day
    Level 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
    1st - - - -
    2nd - - - -
    3rd - - - -
    4th 0 - - -
    5th 0 - - -
    6th 0 - - -
    7th 1 - - -

    Spoiler: Stats

    Str 14/Dex 13/Con 13/Int 14/Wis 12/Cha 14

    Put all level-up points into Charisma.

    Spoiler: Build Description

    The Souls of Men (levels 1-5)

    "But where do the souls of men go when they die?"

    The priestess looked at the young huntress with fond eyes. Morgan Beladore was a talented young tracker, favored by the Watcher of the Forests, but she was also very young, and the death of her mother was a terrible thing. The priestess knew this question would be coming, sooner or later.

    "That depends on how they lived, Morgan," said the priestess. "How they lived, and how they died. Your mother - well, she died defending Our Lady's groves. Ehlonna of the Forests will not forget that. Those great souls, those souls who spent their lives tending Her woods, who died defending them - well, Ehlonna would not tear such souls from the woods they so loved."

    Morgan Beladore looked at the priestess with wide eyes rimmed with tears. "So - so she is still here?"

    "Of course," said the priestess. "Your mother loved Our Lady, and she loved these woods. And when those dark creatures came from the valley to despoil our forest, she did not flinch. She died proudly, defending all who live here. Our Lady blesses those such as her beyond measure. Those blessed souls never leave the forests, but remain here, becoming birds who watch over the Boravian forests for Our Lady."

    Morgan's eyes traveled upwards, where slices of sky could be seen through winter-bare branches. Birds cartwheeled through the clear and cold skies, waxwings and winter wrens and ravens, birds hardy enough to weather the cruel Boravian winters. "So those birds - those birds might be the souls of the dead? But I thought - I thought it was a wicked thing for the soul to remain on the earth," said Morgan. "I thought that is how you get those creatures, those foul things that killed mother."

    The priestess shook her head. "No, child," she said. "Nothing that Our Lady does can be foul. Those creatures from the valley were dark things, twisted things. Count von Zarovich never knew Our Lady, and though he is long dead, his evil life has poisoned the valley so that the dead may not rest or go on to serve their gods, but must fester here in their rotting husks. That is not a natural thing. When Ehlonna of the Forests turns Her blessed into the forest's guardians, that is not death. It is rebirth."

    From out of the forest, a fluttering came. Priestess and huntress looked up to see a solitary raven fly down to their small clearing. It rested on a small branch just above Morgan's head.

    "You too are blessed," said the priestess. "Blessed by Our Lady, yes, and blessed by your dear mother, who watches over you still..."

    Morgan Ravenblessed begins as many rangers begin, as a passable tracker and scout, and a secondary melee combatant. Though her melee capabilities are not at the level of a barbarian or warblade, with full BAB she does alright, dual-wielding her longsword alongside a light throwing weapon such as a dagger or light hammer, so that she may switch between melee and ranged attacks within a single attack sequence. However, despite ostensibly being a two-weapon fighter, she is not tied to this fighting style. Often she will open up by attacking with her hammer at range and move to wielding her sword two-handed, so that she may move and fight.

    She foregoes her animal companion for the Distracting Attack ability, which allows her to provide flanking bonuses to allies even when she attacks from range. However, after meeting the Knights of the Raven, a diverse order of knights who set aside religion and politics to rid Boravia of the evil that festers there, she instead gains a raven companion, a celestial bird that protects her, and that Morgan believes to be the soul of her dead mother. Unlike a typical animal companion, this celestial raven reappears each day with the dawning of the sun even if it is slain. Morgan uses this raven, and her ability to speak with other birds of the forest, to scout out ahead for her and to harry opposing foes.

    Though she only gets one ranger spell per day at these levels, she typically picks long-lasting spells that augment her abilities, such as scent or bloodhound.

    The Swiftness of the Lady (levels 6-10)

    Blood pumping in her ears, Morgan ran. She ran with all the swiftness she could summon, her sure feet steady among the familiar leaves and twigs of the forest. Ahead of her, her raven-spirit flew, wings breaking the air and leading her on.

    You must not tire, daughter, said the raven. We have a long way yet to run. It was in the Svilich Gulch that I saw the creature. It will soon reach the forest.

    Morgan wasted no breath on responding. Morgan's feet were a blur as she kept pace with the swift-winged spirit bird, jumping over fallen branches and dodging brambles without breaking stride. She would run, and she would fight. It seemed like each day brought a new horror to the land, a new foulness to threaten Ehlonna's forest. No matter. She would run. She would fight. And, if necessary, she would die - as had her mother, so many years before.

    Ahead of her, the raven-spirit flew forward, cutting through the sky like an arrow, darting among trees.

    As before, mobility is paramount for Morgan Ravenblessed, who uses her raven spirits to scout out evil incursions into her forest from Castle Ravenloft and the dark valley it rests in. Once her raven warns her of evil she races to confront it, never tiring. With her increased speed, Morgan can run two hundred feet per round, and thanks to Endurance, she can run great distances before tiring.

    Blessed by Ehlonna as a crusader who protects her forests from the evils of Castle Ravenloft, Morgan Ravenblessed can begin casting spells off of the Animal domain, instead of her more limited ranger spell list. As she is a Good-aligned prepared caster working in the service of a deity, she can also use these spell slots to prepare sanctified spells, found primarily in Book of Exalted Deeds. These spells often come with some drawback, such as requiring abstinence for a period of several days before casting, or dealing a small amount of ability damage upon casting. At this point, unless necessary, Morgan primarily focuses on those spells that do not require too great of a sacrifice such as twilight luck unless she has access to restorative magic.

    Shot on the Run and Power Attack seem like an odd combination, but it is important to remember that Morgan's fighting style involves switching between melee and ranged. She can move into position, throwing her hammer or dagger as she approaches and flanking the enemy in the process thanks to Distracting Attack, then close with a different foe, two-handing her longsword for full Power Attack damage. Greater Mobility means she now has a +8 bonus to avoid attacks of opportunity as she moves across the battlefield, making opportunistic attacks against the zombies and vampires of Boravia.

    Unfortunately, despite the fact that Morgan can cast domain spells thanks to Divine Crusader, the additional domain granted by Fleet Runner of Ehlonna only is provided to clerics. However, if her DM allows this domain to apply to Divine Crusader as well, she will pick up the Celerity domain here for an even greater speed increase and access to several useful buff spells.

    The Lingering Evil (levels 11-15)

    "Is there no end to the darkness?"

    Sir Urik frowned. Morgan Ravenblessed was a fine Knight of the Raven, a staunch ally who could move through the forest as swiftly as a bird. Like him, a small black raven flew rested on his shoulder, though there was something different about her raven, though Sir Urik could not place his finger on it. He sighed. "There's always an end to the darkness, child," he finally said. "It is called the dawn."

    Morgan nodded. She had been fighting alongside the older knight for thirteen hours, and the sky was heavy with stars. "On days like today, sometimes I wonder if dawn will ever come," she said. "Today was a bad day, Urik."

    "I know, Morgan," he said. "There have been a lot of those lately. But we will keep fighting, as always. The Count cannot resist us forever."

    "I just wish there was another way," she said. "If he entered my forest, I might track him - I might kill him. But he sends these abominations instead." She waved her hand at the corpses all about them. "His evil lingers here, long after we put it to the sword."

    "We must keep fighting, Morgan," Urik said. "We will find the Count one day. And I would not be surprised if it is your sword that fells him. You have come a long way since we first met."

    Morgan nodded, and reached absently to her shoulder to where her raven rested. Again, Sir Urik was struck by the intelligence, by the kindness in that raven's eyes. His own raven, Hurrn, had been a faithful companion for many long years. But Morgan's raven was special. Perhaps it had to do with that wild goddess she worshiped. It was said that the goddess favored hunters like Morgan, blessed them with special strength. That would certainly explain the wonders Morgan was capable of.

    He turned, and together, Morgan and Sir Urik began cleaning up the dead.

    In the mid to high levels, Morgan Ravenblessed becomes a force on the battlefield. She can now run insane distances without tiring - between Endurance and Run Like the Huntress, she can run at 200 feet per round for several minutes before even requiring a Constitution check, and gets a whopping +12 to her checks after. She can even use her dimension door ability to swiftly cross otherwise impassable terrain.

    Offensively, her excellent jump checks (boosted by Leap of the Hart) are put to good use by Leap Attack, and she learns to pounce like a tigress as well. With excellent BAB, pounce and Leap Attack, plus swiftness of the tigress to gain additional attacks, she deals excellent damage to her foes.

    Defensively, improved evasion and excellent saves allow her to easily avoid many attacks, and the Strongheart Vest aids her in resisting the draining attacks of many undead she will often face. Strongheart Vest also comes in handy alongside her casting as well, allowing her to weather the ability damage of many of her Sanctified spells. Buffs such as greater luminous armor and sunmantle boost her both offensively and defensively, while she can also use spells such as Ayailla's radiant burst, brilliant emanation and diamond spray to blind, dazzle and damage evil foes. She also has access to summon nature's ally IV from the Animal domain, which doubles as powerful healing magic by summoning a unicorn.

    The Breaking of Dawn (levels 16-20)

    The stake in her hand felt heavy. She let it drop, sending ashes scattering about her in great ripples.

    "I have done it, Mother," she whispered, tears in her eyes. "Count von Zarovich is gone - truly gone. The forest is safe."

    I know, child, said the raven. I am proud of you. Our Lady smiles upon you this night. Rest now. Dawn approaches.

    As she reaches the late game, Morgan Ravenblessed continues to grow in strength. Her swiftness is greater than ever before, as she augments her running with Cheetah's Sprint to provide her with great bursts of speed, letting her move a whopping four hundred feet in a single charge. She reaches the +16 BAB benchmark necessary for all melee characters, especially those who rely on pouncing and Power Attack/Leap Attack, and she learns to smite and turn the restless dead as well.

    Her spell list expands further with the addition of another of Ehlonna's domains thanks to Knight of the Raven, the Sun domain. She also reaches 9th-level spells, and with spells such as shapechange and prismatic sphere on her list, as well as the many powerful Sanctified spells she has access to, Morgan Ravenblessed can take on nearly any foe.

    She jumps back into Divine Crusader to ensure her spellcasting remains powerful. It provides a better skill list than Knight of the Raven, allowing her to catch back up with Jump ranks (oddly not a class skill for Fleet Runner or Knight of the Raven), and she ends up with slightly better saves this way. However, if you prefer the minor abilities granted by Knight of the Raven, then instead going Ranger 4/Knight of the Raven 5/Divine Crusader 1/Fleet Runner 10 is a fine option as well.

    Elusive Target bears special mention. While it is always incredibly useful thanks to its ability to negate the ever-deadly Power Attack, she also uses it alongside Fleet Runner's greater mobility to draw out trip attacks as she charges. With her fantastic speed, excellent defenses thanks to greater luminous armor, and the +8 to AC granted to her from greater mobility, she can declare her Midnight Dodge target, charge through a threatened square, trip the enemy as she charges past him thanks to Elusive Target's cause overreach ability, and make a pouncing Leap Attack against yet another foe. To aid in this, she picks up Nimble and Twisted Charge skill tricks, those dearly-bought cross class ranks in Balance and Tumble finally paying off.

    In the end, Morgan Ravenblessed ends up with +16 BAB, 9th-level spells (including access to what is arguably the most powerful and versatile spell in the game, shapechange), incredible mobility, near-legendary jump checks, pounce alongside Power Attack and Leap Attack, saves that would make a monk jealous, Improved Evasion, Elusive Target to punish opposing power attackers and to combine with Fleet Runner's charging abilities, and more. She is a versatile and strong huntress that could comfortably play alongside any party.

    Spoiler: Questions and Concerns

    Q: A huntress favored by Ehlonna in Ravenloft? How does that work?

    A: Unlike in previous editions, in 3.5, Ravenloft is not its own campaign setting. Instead, it is a location that exists within existing campaign setting. From page 4 of Expedition to Castle Ravenloft:

    This adventure is intended for use in any Dungeons & Dragons game. This setting can be dropped into any campaign, and played out as an extended series of challenges, or it can be truncated to span just a few playing sessions.
    Q: What about the Knights of the Raven?

    A: The Knights are an order comprised of many different religions dedicated to scourging their land of evil. According to page 200 of Expedition to Castle Ravenloft, Knights of the Raven set aside differences in religion and political allegiance in order to work together in their quest to fight evil where ever it appears. Beyond that, they are a surprisingly good fit for a huntress favored by Ehlonna. They grant an exalted animal companion and the Sun domain, one of Ehlonna's domains, and their casting progression works well alongside the casting progression of the Fleet Runner. All in all, it is a surprisingly good fit, both thematically and mechanically.

    Q: Can Strongheart Vest really reduce the ability damage taken from casting a Sanctified spell?

    A: Yes! Unlike some abilities, such as the Hellfire Warlock's hellfire blast, the Book of Exalted Deeds does not prohibit you from reducing the ability damage of their Sanctified spells in any way. It is worth paying attention to the sacrifice costs, however, because some of the higher-level Sanctified spells cause ability drain rather than ability damage, and this is not reduced by Strongheart Vest. Many of these spells have powerful effects that are worth the cost, but it is important to be cognizant of the difference.

    Q: What sources are required for this build?

    A: Morgan Ravenblessed uses the following sources:

    • Player's Handbook
    • Dragon Compendium
    • Expedition to Castle Ravenloft
    • Complete Divine
    • Complete Adventurer
    • Complete Scoundrel
    • Complete Warrior
    • Magic of Incarnum

    In addition, if setting-specific materials are allowed, Champions of Valor also has a few Sanctified spells, the most powerful of which is probably animate with the spirit, a spell that temporarily raises fallen allies and foes alike to be imbued with holy spirits and fight alongside you. It is not necessary to the build, but if allowed it can be a powerful tool in Morgan Ravenblessed's arsenal.

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    Default Re: Iron Chef Optimization Challenge in the Playground LIX

    No, it's not another Drizzt clone.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kelvarha
    Kelvarha, Guardian of Rage
    Lolth-Touched Half-Drow, NG, Whirling Frenzy Horse Totem Barbarian 2/ Druidic Avenger 2/ Wildshape Ranger 7/ Fleetrunner of Mielikki 8


    Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma Reason
    14 15 14 18 11 13 32-point buy
    14 15 14 18 12 13 4th
    14 15 14 18 13 13 8th
    14 16 14 18 13 13 12th
    14 16 14 18 14 13 16th


    Level Class BAB Fort Ref Will Skills Feats Features
    1 Wildshape Ranger 1 1 2 2 0 Climb (Str) 4, Handle Animal (Cha) 4, Hide (Dex) 4, Jump (Str) 4, Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int) 2, (Int), Knowledge (nature) (Int) 2, Knowledge (religion) (Int) 4, Listen (Wis) 4, Move Silently (Dex) 4, Search (Int) 2, Spot (Wis) 4, Survival (Wis) 4 Apprentice (Shaman), Track Favored Enemy (Humanoids (Orcs)), Wild Empathy, Fast Movement +10 Ft
    2 Whirling Frenzy Horse Totem Barbarian 1 2 4 2 0 Climb (Str) 5, Handle Animal (Cha) 5, Hide (Dex) 4, Intimidate (Cha) 3, Jump (Str) 5, Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int) 2, (Int), Knowledge (nature) (Int) 2, Knowledge (religion) (Int) 5, Listen (Wis) 5, Move Silently (Dex) 4, Search (Int) 2, Spot (Wis) 4, Survival (Wis) 4 - Fast Movement +20 ft, Rage 1/day
    3 Whirling Frenzy Horse Totem Barbarian 2 3 5 2 0 Climb (Str) 6, Handle Animal (Cha) 6, Hide (Dex) 4, Intimidate (Cha) 4, Jump (Str) 6, Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int) 2, (Int), Knowledge (nature) (Int) 2, Knowledge (religion) (Int) 6, Listen (Wis) 6, Move Silently (Dex) 4, Search (Int) 2, Spot (Wis) 4, Survival (Wis) 6 Run, Dodge -
    4 Druidic Avenger 1 3 7 2 2 Climb (Str) 6, Handle Animal (Cha) 7, Hide (Dex) 4, Intimidate (Cha) 5, Jump (Str) 6, Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int) 2, (Int), Knowledge (nature) (Int) 2, Knowledge (religion) (Int) 7, Listen (Wis) 7, Move Silently (Dex) 4, Search (Int) 2, Spot (Wis) 7, Survival (Wis) 7 - Rage 2/day, Nature Sense, Fast Movement +30 ft
    5 Druidic Avenger 2 4 8 2 3 Climb (Str) 6, Handle Animal (Cha) 8, Hide (Dex) 4, Intimidate (Cha) 8, Jump (Str) 6, Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int) 2, (Int), Knowledge (nature) (Int) 2, Knowledge (religion) (Int) 8, Listen (Wis) 8, Move Silently (Dex) 4, Search (Int) 2, Spot (Wis) 8, Survival (Wis) 8 - Woodland Stride
    6 Wildshape Ranger 2 5 9 3 3 Climb (Str) 9, Handle Animal (Cha) 9, Hide (Dex) 4, Intimidate (Cha) 8, Jump (Str) 9, Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int) 2, (Int), Knowledge (nature) (Int) 2, Knowledge (religion) (Int) 8, Listen (Wis) 9, Move Silently (Dex) 4, Search (Int) 2, Spot (Wis) 9, Survival (Wis) 9 Mobility -
    7 Fleet Runner of Mielikki 1 5 11 3 5 Climb (Str) 9, Handle Animal (Cha) 9, Hide (Dex) 5, Intimidate (Cha) 8, Jump (Str) 9, Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int) 2, (Int), Knowledge (nature) (Int) 3, Knowledge (religion) (Int) 10, Listen (Wis) 9, Move Silently (Dex) 4, Search (Int) 2, Spot (Wis) 9, Survival (Wis) 10 - Fast Movement +40 ft, Greater Mobility
    8 Wildshape Ranger 3 6/1 11 3 6 Climb (Str) 11, Handle Animal (Cha) 9, Hide (Dex) 5, Intimidate (Cha) 8, Jump (Str) 11, Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int) 2, (Int), Knowledge (nature) (Int) 3, Knowledge (religion) (Int) 10, Listen (Wis) 11, Move Silently (Dex) 4, Search (Int) 2, Spot (Wis) 11, Survival (Wis) 11 Endurance -
    9 Fleet Runner of Mielikki 2 7/2 12 3 7 Climb (Str) 11, Handle Animal (Cha) 9, Hide (Dex) 5, Intimidate (Cha) 8, Jump (Str) 11, Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int) 2, (Int), Knowledge (nature) (Int) 5, Knowledge (religion) (Int) 10, Listen (Wis) 12, Move Silently (Dex) 4, Search (Int) 2, Spot (Wis) 11, Survival (Wis) 12 Weapon Finesse Evasion, +1 Caster Level
    10 Fleet Runner of Mielikki 3 8/3 12 4 7 Climb (Str) 11, Handle Animal (Cha) 10, Hide (Dex) 5, Intimidate (Cha) 8, Jump (Str) 11, Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int) 2, (Int), Knowledge (nature) (Int) 8, Knowledge (religion) (Int) 10, Listen (Wis) 13, Move Silently (Dex) 4, Search (Int) 2, Spot (Wis) 11, Survival (Wis) 13 - Leap of the Hart
    11 Wildshape Ranger 4 9/4 13 5 7 Climb (Str) 14, Handle Animal (Cha) 10, Hide (Dex) 5, Intimidate (Cha) 8, Jump (Str) 14, Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int) 2, (Int), Knowledge (nature) (Int) 8, Knowledge (religion) (Int) 10, Listen (Wis) 14, Move Silently (Dex) 5, Search (Int) 3, Spot (Wis) 11, Survival (Wis) 14 - Animal Companion
    12 Fleet Runner of Mielikki 4 10/5 14 5 8 Climb (Str) 14, Handle Animal (Cha) 10, Hide (Dex) 7, Intimidate (Cha) 8, Jump (Str) 14, Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int) 2, (Int), Knowledge (nature) (Int) 10, Knowledge (religion) (Int) 10, Listen (Wis) 15, Move Silently (Dex) 5, Search (Int) 3, Spot (Wis) 11, Survival (Wis) 15 Natural Bond Shot on the Run, +1 Caster Level
    13 Fleet Runner of Mielikki 5 10/5 14 5 8 Climb (Str) 14, Handle Animal (Cha) 10, Hide (Dex) 11, Intimidate (Cha) 8, Jump (Str) 14, Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int) 2, (Int), Knowledge (nature) (Int) 10, Knowledge (religion) (Int) 10, Listen (Wis) 16, Move Silently (Dex) 5, Search (Int) 3, Spot (Wis) 11, Survival (Wis) 16 - Run Like the Huntress
    14 Wildshape Ranger 5 11/6/1 14 5 8 Climb (Str) 17, Handle Animal (Cha) 10, Hide (Dex) 11, Intimidate (Cha) 8, Jump (Str) 17, Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int) 2, (Int), Knowledge (nature) (Int) 10, Knowledge (religion) (Int) 10, Listen (Wis) 17, Move Silently (Dex) 5, Search (Int) 5, Spot (Wis) 11, Survival (Wis) 17 - Wildshape 1/day, Favored Enemy (Humanoid (Elf))
    15 Wildshape Ranger 6 12/7/2 15 6 9 Climb (Str) 18, Handle Animal (Cha) 10, Hide (Dex) 11, Intimidate (Cha) 8, Jump (Str) 18, Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int) 2, (Int), Knowledge (nature) (Int) 10, Knowledge (religion) (Int) 10, Listen (Wis) 18, Move Silently (Dex) 5, Search (Int) 9, Spot (Wis) 13, Survival (Wis) 18 Darkstalker Wildshape 2/day
    16 Fleet Runner of Mielikki 6 13/8/3 16 7 10 Climb (Str) 18, Handle Animal (Cha) 10, Hide (Dex) 15, Intimidate (Cha) 8, Jump (Str) 18, Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int) 2, (Int), Knowledge (nature) (Int) 10, Knowledge (religion) (Int) 10, Listen (Wis) 19, Move Silently (Dex) 5, Search (Int) 9, Spot (Wis) 13, Survival (Wis) 19 - Improved Evasion, +1 Caster Level
    17 Fleet Runner of Mielikki 7 14/9/4 16 7 10 Climb (Str) 18, Handle Animal (Cha) 10, Hide (Dex) 19, Intimidate (Cha) 8, Jump (Str) 18, Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int) 2, (Int), Knowledge (nature) (Int) 10, Knowledge (religion) (Int) 10, Listen (Wis) 20, Move Silently (Dex) 5, Search (Int) 9, Spot (Wis) 13, Survival (Wis) 20 - Run Like the Wind
    18 Fleet Runner of Mielikki 8 15/10/5 17 7 11 Climb (Str) 18, Handle Animal (Cha) 10, Hide (Dex) 21, Intimidate (Cha) 8, Jump (Str) 18, Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int) 2, (Int), Knowledge (nature) (Int) 10, Knowledge (religion) (Int) 10, Listen (Wis) 21, Move Silently (Dex) 7, Search (Int) 9, Spot (Wis) 13, Survival (Wis) 21 Natural Spell Leopard's Pounce, +1 Caster Level
    19 Wildshape Ranger 7 16/11/6/1 17 7 11 Climb (Str) 18, Handle Animal (Cha) 10, Hide (Dex) 21, Intimidate (Cha) 8, Jump (Str) 22, Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int) 2, (Int), Knowledge (nature) (Int) 10, Knowledge (religion) (Int) 10, Listen (Wis) 22, Move Silently (Dex) 10, Search (Int) 10, Spot (Wis) 13, Survival (Wis) 22 - Wildshape 3/day, Woodland Stride

    Spells Per Day Druid/Ranger:

    Level Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9
    1 - - - - - - - - - -
    2 - - - - - - - - - -
    3 - - - - - - - - - -
    4 3/- 1/- - - - - - - - -
    5 4/- 2/- - - - - - - - -
    6 4/- 2/- - - - - - - - -
    7 4/- 2/- - - - - - - - -
    8 4/- 2/- - - - - - - - -
    9 4/- 2/- 1/- - - - - - - -
    10 4/- 2/- 1/- - - - - - - -
    11 4/- 2/0 1/- - - - - - - -
    12 5/- 3/0 2/- - - - - - - -
    13 5/- 3/0 2/- - - - - - - -
    14 5/- 3/0 2/- - - - - - - -
    15 5/- 3/0 2/- - - - - - - -
    16 5/- 3/1 2/- 1/- - - - - - -
    17 5/- 3/1 2/- 1/- - - - - - -
    18 5/- 3/1 2/- 2/- - - - - - -
    19 5/- 3/1 2/- 2/- - - - - - -


    I was not born under this sky. I've never even seen the place of my birth. I'm told my father was a slave, held captive under the earth by my mother's people. I was born beside my twin, and given a curse. I was marked to be one who should be completely depraved, and yet my father saw something in me. He gave his life to bring me to the surface and become something more, though it was all he could do to save me alone. This I have been told by my kin.

    That sacrifice brought me to the tribe that I call my family. Our shaman took me under his wing, he was like a father to me, and his wife my mother, their son my brother. Their compassion and generosity pierced through the curse that was laid on me and saved my heart from destruction. As I grew, my bother and I both trained under our father. He taught of Mielikki's will and grace. He hope we would take his place as we grew. Regrettably, though my brother had the patience and compassion to lead our tribe, I did not. Though I tried, I was too prone to my anger to be able to guide our tribe. Where my bother would speak to people and persuade them to leave the woods, I'd see poachers and my anger would take me as I drove them away.

    Though my father was saddened to see I wouldn't be a leader alongside my brother he knew that Mielikki had given me the rage for some purpose. I continued to train, and run through the woods learning from the creatures and Mielikki how best to harness my gifts. I learned to take on their forms, and how to harness my rage so that I might protect those around me, and keep safe the woods of my goddess.

    Before I couldn't understand, but now I think I do. I've sensed a looming darkness now for the last few years, and recently I've seen dark skinned elves prowling about the woods. I don't know what it is they seek, but I will not falter. Mielikki guides me. She has shown me the proper way to harness my rage through the nature that surrounds me. If it is only me they seek, I'm more than willing to speak and see what it is they desire, but should they seek to harm my tribe, or that which dwells under my goddess's protection, they will soon learn what it is to face my wrath.


    Lolth Touched Creature: MMIV p.92,
    Half-Drow RoF p.62,
    Whirling Frenzy Barbarian UA p. 66,
    Horse Totem Barbarian UA p.49,
    Druidic Avenger UA p.51,
    Wild Shape Ranger UA p.58,
    Apprentice DMGII p. 111,
    Natural Bond CA p. 111


    Level 1-6:

    Building up our base. Barbarian is a nice dip for some BaB and the rage class feature. The Horse Totem path from UA also allows us to grab Run as a free bonus feat opening up a feat slot for other things and allowing us to enter Fleetruner of Ehlonna (Mielikki) before level 10. Druid gives us some good spellcasting and a good will save, covering another of our key entry points. Since we aren't progressing druid very far, Druidic avenger lets us trade our wildshaping for another use of rage and faster movement. Ranger forms the core of our chassis. It has all of our core skills except Know (Religon). Unfortunately none of our classes provide that so we have to use a feat to take Apprentice which allows us to get our last key skill.

    Level 19 :

    Level 19 is our sweetspot. At this point we have all of our feats and a full round of 4 iterative attacks. We are extremely mobile with high ranks in climb and jump there are relatively few obstacles we can't easily clear. Our class levels in Fleetrunner allow us to take all our attacks on a charge. Coupled with our rage abilities this creates a devastating combination as we can move where we are needed and still make full attacks while raging. Our ranger levels give us access to severl useful utility abilities including the track feat so we shouldn't have any issues finding anything that tries to run. In addtion we are not hindered by undergrowth and with a 70 feet per round rate of movement, there will be no escape.


    Depending on the permisiveness of the DM, the limited form of wild shape provided from the ranger could be exchanged for the Drow druid's ACF from Drow of The Underdark. While this wouldn't necessarily provide more power, it would enhnace the flavor of the character by allowing her curse to more directly impact her abilities. As a boost to the classes capabilities, hunting spiders receive a racial bonus to jump checks and would make for excellent scouts.

    Assuming level buy off is allowed, we have one of two effective choices to make. We can either take another level of druid fro 4th level spells, or we can pick up our 8th level of ranger. While the latter doesn't let us wildshape into large animals, if the GM allows you to trade for the Drow of the Underdark ACF to wildshape into montrous spiders, the case could be made to be able to shift into large spiders. Either is a great choice to increase the overall effectiveness of the build.

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