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    Default The Many Paths of Destiny (Collection of Epic Destinies)

    A collection of Epic Destinies

    An aspect of 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons, epic destinies are one of the few concepts that I adore from it (or even remotely like). To my fortune, in the last issue of Dragon prior to the release of 4E we were graced with a gift, two if you include goodies for epic binders but thats not the focus here, rules for epic destinies in 3.5. Now, while I am more into pathfinder nowadays, these work just was well between them. My goal, convert as many 4e epic destinies into a format for use in 3.5/3.P, and maybe even create a few new ones. Enjoy and please feel free to contribute your thoughts on what is here and ideas for other epic destinies, be them conversions of ones from 4e or even brand new ones.

    For information on how Epic Destinies work in 3.5, as well as a few official epic destinies, just click here.

    Eternal Seeker
    You might be a hero whose destiny is still unfolding. Maybe you're a free spirit who wants to experience everything the universe has to offer before tying yourself to a particular piece of the cosmos. You might be a rebel who hates the concept of having a singular destiny and therefore claims that you're not eve interested in having a destiny. Or you may just want to avoid taking a side. Whatever the case, you're carving such a wide swath through events that your destiny will have no problem finding you when the time is right.

    Requirements: 21st level

    Eternal Seeker
    Level Benefit
    21st Seeker of the Many Paths
    24th Eternal Action
    27th Seeker's Lore
    30th Seeking Destiny

    Seeker of the Many Paths: When you acquire a class feature from gaining a level, you may exchange it with a class feature of the same level from another class for which you qualify. Treat the class feature as a part of the class you exchanged a class feature for it for the purposes of its effects, excluding number of uses. This includes selecting spells from a list other than that of the class just gained. For instance, if a character gains as their 21st level their 15th level in wizard, then they may exchange their bonus feat for a rogue special ability, or +1 use of remove disease, or even acquire a favored enemy. Said character could choose a new spell from any list, even with DM permission selecting a psionic power or a mystery, treating it as a wizard spell. This feature does not also grant the tools and abilities required however to use their new class feature. For example, upon gaining an 11th level of rogue one could exchange the increase in sneak attack die for Greater Rage or Wildshape (Tiny), but that doesn't give them the ability to use rage or wild shape. You may only draw abilities from prestige classes if the level gained is in a prestige class.

    Eternal Action: When using an ability that grants you additional actions, the effect persists for one extra turn.

    Seeker's Lore: You gain a single use of class feature with a limited number of uses per day of your choice from any class that you qualify for and treat it as a class feature in a single class to which you belong for the purposes of its effects. As with Seeker of Many Paths, if you wish to draw from a prestige class then the class feature must be attributed to a prestige class. Some examples of class features you can acquire: Rage, Bardic Music, Smite (Good/Evil/ect.), Turn/Rebuke Undead, and Wild Shape.

    Seeking Destiny: You gain the 24th level epic destiny feature from any other epic destiny that you qualify for.

    Seeking Immortality: No one can predict your final destination. Unlike other epic destinies, yours has the advantage of being entirely mutable. You get to forge your own path, likely as you help others achieve their destinies.

    Exemplar of Evil
    You have walked through the darkest shadows to achieve your destiny. You have sacrificed companions, betrayed allies, and preformed acts so despicable they are legendary. You are beyond temptation. You have passed through the veil of corruption and unmasked true evil. You bask in the awful glory of true wickedness.
    It no longer matters why you descended into darkness. The past is trivial. What matters now is that you secure your place in the cosmos or destroy it in the process. Your destiny is to become one of the world's greatest antiheroes, to carve your name in the annals of history through blood and death. The object you seek is wheat you were born to do, the act you were made to preform. You have come this far; you will not allow anything to stop you.

    Requirements: 21st level, evil alignment

    Exemplar of Evil
    Level Benefit
    21st Vile Paragon
    24th Desecrating Demise
    27th Vile Assembly
    30th Victory at Any Price

    Vile Paragon: At 21st level, you gain either a +1 inherent bonus to two ability scores or a +2 inherent bonus to one ability score.

    Desecrating Demise (Su): Starting at 24th level, whenever you kill a creature, the spot it died becomes imbued with negative energy, treating the area as if a desecrate spell was cast upon it (Caster level equal to your character level)

    Vile Assembly (Ex): Starting at 27th, when you would reach 0 hit points, your body resolves into a noisome slick or a mass of crawling vermin. At the start of your next turn your body reforms in the same space and you are recover a number of hit points equal to your Character Level. You may only do this once per day.

    Victory at Any Price (Su): At 30th level, you gain the ability to, at will and as a swift action, cause an ally of yours to sacrifice a number of hit points equal to their character level to make your next hit this turn automatically becomes a critical hit.

    Vile Immortality: Your fate is not to create a good work, to stand at a god's side in the heavens, or to build a nation. Your fate is to become part of history, a nightmare in flesh and bone that torments generations to follow. You seek an end most terrible, a goal even the darkest gods would reel against. Your aim is singularly evil. Its fulfillment will leave the world forever after changed, undoubtedly for the worse.

    Your mind flows like a river during a storm surge, threatening to overflow with a torrent of thought. As your consciousness grows more charged with psionic power, your attention expands each day. Soon, you believe, little will lie beyond your comprehension. No mystery will veil the divide between your desire and reality. You have become the walking embodiment of mind over matter. IN truth, your mind controls matter and the perceptions of others. You suspect that you have discovered a new path to divinity, one powered by your will alone. But this is not a divinity that requires the adoration of others; the intensity of your focus is enough to sustain your mounting abilities.

    Requirements: 21st level, Manifester level 21.

    Level Benefit
    21st Mental Spark
    24th Lay Bare the Mind
    27th Startling Insight
    30th Wellspring of Mental Power

    Mind Spark: At 21st level, you gain either a +1 inherent bonus to two ability scores or a +2 inherent bonus to one ability score.

    Lay Bare the Mind (Ex): At 24th level, for a number of times per day equal to your manifesting ability modifier, as a swift action you can lower the power resistance of one creature you can see for a number of minutes equal to your manifester level.

    Startling Insight (Ps): At 27th level, for a number of times per day equal to half your manifesting ability modifier (rounded down if necessary), you can roll twice when you make any attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and the ability checks and use either result.

    Wellspring of Mental Power: Starting at 30th level, for the purpose of determining power points, treat your manifesting ability score as 2 points higher.

    Immortality of Thought: With your quest complete you expend all your psionic power in one dramatic flare. Your physical form drops away, a vessel that has served its purpose. Your mind is imprinted on the universe, becoming an eternal thought, a higher ideal that will forever reverberate through existence. When your name is spoken, you notice, and if the need is great enough, you provide a crucial insight. You know all, see all, and think all.

    Truespeach, the original language of the universe. To the most adept practitioners, the right words change everything. In only the most obscure of texts there is mention to another language, the fundamental language of a place that doesn't exist, the realm that lies beyond all other planes. You are one of a few that not only know of this tongue, but be it through research and whispers from beyond you have acquired the ability to speak it.

    Requirements: 21st level, 24 ranks in Truespeech

    Utterer of the Blasphemous Tongue
    Level Benefit
    21st Smatterings of Blasphemy
    24th Words of Blasphemy
    27th Reversed Words of Blasphemy
    30th Words of the Cerebrotic Map

    Smatterings of Blasphemy: Starting at 21st level, when you would make a truespeach check you may add your character level as a bonus on truespeak checks, and use your character level in place of your truenamer level for the purpose of determining save DCs against utterances you use. Upon acquiring this feature you permanently lose two points of Wisdom.

    Words of Blasphemy (Sp): Upon reaching 24th level you learn the words required to call creatures from the far-realm to your aid. As an utterance, you may summon a creature to your aid. This creature must be a non-unique creature that resides in the far-realm (Amoebic Crawlers, Cranial Encysters, Dharculus, Gibbering Mouthers [and their relatives], Half-Farspawn, Kaorti, Kaortic hulk, Mooncalf, Neh-Thalggu, Nightseed, Odopi, Pseudonatural creatures [either template], Rukanyr, Rukarazyll, Shaboath, Shrieking Terror, Skybleeder, Uvuudaum, Voidmind creatures, Wyste, ect.) If you succeed on the truespeak check required (DC 15 + (2 x the creatures' Challenge Rating) the creature is summoned under your control and remains for a number of rounds equal to your result on the check that summoned it - the save required, to a maximum number of rounds equal to of your character level and to a minimum of 1, or until the creature dies. If you fail the truespeak check however, the creature is summoned and is hostile to you, and remains for a number of rounds equal to the save - minus your result on the check, to a maximum number of rounds equal to your character level or until it dies. For example, if you attempted to summon a Neh-Thalggu (DC 67, provided you had not succeeded on any other utterances that day) and your result on the truespeak check was a 70, the creature would remain for 3 rounds and attack your opponent to the best of its ability. If your result however was a 62, it would be hostile towards you and remain for 5 rounds. If you attempt to speak this utterance while another creature summoned by this effect is still present, the creature summoned will become hostile to you regardless of if you failed your save or succeeded.

    Reversed Words of Blasphemy (Sp): Upon reaching 27th level you learn the reverses of the words of blasphemy, allowing you to send creatures to beyond the planes with a mere utterance. If you succeed on the truespeak check (DC 15 + (2 x the creature's Challenge Rating), or DC 15 + (2 x the creature's HD) for creatures lacking in a CR), and the creature fails on a Will Save (DC 10 + half your character level + your Cha modifier) the creature is ripped from reality and cast into the far-realm. If the creature succeeds on the save, they instead take damage equal to half the DC of the check, rounded down + how much you succeeded the check by. (If the truespeak check DC is 69 and you get a 74, they take 39 points of damage.) If you fail on the truespeak check however, you take damage equal to half of the DC of the check + how much you failed the check by. If you roll a natural 1 on the check, you are pulled through into the far-realm in addition to the damage.

    Words of the Cerebrotic Map (Sp): Upon reaching 30th level you learn words that when spoken create cerebrotic blots. Unlike most utterances, this utterance requires a minute (10 rounds) to complete. Once the full time required has passed and if you succeed on the truespeak check required (DC 70. DC 75 if the location is magical), a cerebrotic blot forms. If you fail the check, you must succeed a Will save or take Wisdom damage equal to the amount by which you failed it by. When using this utterance, all that is certain is where you stand is roughly the center of the cerebrotic periphery and that at least one stone surface within its area becomes a foci that allows travel between the periphery and the marrow.

    Immortal Words: Having learned what you have of the blasphemous tongue you find yourself drawn to the home of the creatures your words command, capable of shaping and making sense of a place beyond comprehension. You've made your mark in cerebrotic blots, brought the taint of creatures that cannot possibly exist into the world, and even if your legend is forgotten, what your words wrought shall remain in testament. In time, perhaps you'll reach out into the minds of others, your blasphemous words breaching reality to teach those few to come who can learn the blasphemous tongue.

    VESTIGE (WiP, Help Wanted)

    Requirements: 21st level

    Level Benefit
    21st -
    24th -
    27th -
    30th -

    [21st level ability]:

    [24th level ability]:

    [27th level ability]:

    [30th level ability]:

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