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    Post Theories on The Subject of Time Travel In Game

    Hey everyone, i've been involved in a table top using pathfinder books but in the world of gamstone if anyone knows it. My party and myself have been tasked to go 75 years into the past and make something happen.While this is taking place we will have some spare time. Any suggestions on things we can do that are not too epic as to unmake time but yield a decent ammount of coin? We a minimum of 9 months in the past to execute such a plan.Our 1st thougt was to start a saving account back then and collect on it in the resent but we would be getting a interest rate of only .8%... Which is not so great. But any ideas would be vastly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Theories on The Subject of Time Travel In Game

    1st, this thread doesn't really belong in message board games.
    BUT I'm not a mod, and don't really care.
    The savings account is stupid. That's 75 years of fraudsters being able to steal money from the account, and the only real verification possibly being an item/sigil that you carry that no-one else is. And that's assuming you pick a bank that will last until the "present".
    Let alone the pitiful interest rate.
    But then again...
    You're unlikely to find anything that will have a higher interest rate. Unless you buy up a bunch of expensive to-be-antiques/famous artist's artworks/other things that increase in value over time of a rate of over .8%, it's not going to be that good an idea. Especially since you only have 75 years to work with.
    Your best bet for the largest profit is, surprisingly, what would normally be considered the most stupid long-term investment EVER:
    Pull off a single massive heist shortly before you go back, with a safe location prepared beforehand where you KNOW that no-one will discover it. Then, when you go back, you "discover" the buried treasure!

    Then again, if you're a group of good players...
    Your best bet would be to fund a magical/alchemical "research facility" in one or more of your family names, and ensure that only those of your "family" that know "the passcode" can learn the secrets discovered. That way, when you come back to the present, there's a very likely outcome of a good improvement in magical studies, especially if you leave the funds with a bunch of accountants or something to grow the wealth and attract more scientists.
    You also have the advantage of "futuristic" magical and alchemical knowledge, so you can literally jump 75 years ahead of your present time in magical knowledge. You can then sell it off to various kingdoms for the cash.
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