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    Default Simpler Crafting System. PEACH

    I started a thread in the 3.5 forums asking if there was a simpler crafting system that actually made sense, even if the system were homebrewed. You can find that thread here:

    After some suggestions, I realized that few had addressed what I consider the problems of the current craft system, so I decided to make own.

    Spoiler: Houserule
    Items DC are additive. +5 for making a masterwork item, +2 for using special material (if the special material already requires MW quality like Mithral, it's still a +7 total).

    1. You pay 1/3 of item value as raw material;
    2. You make Craft check representing one day of work; (should adventuring be allowed during this day?)
    3. You calculate Check result minus the DC. The result times 20 is the amount of GP you've made from the item and when your total GP reaches the full price of the item, the item is made.

    For working materials harder than steel you need tools of hardness enough to match the material. For every point of hardness you don't meet, you take a cumulative -1 penalty to you Craft check

    Assistants can only use Aid Another to help your craft check. Besides the boost in your craft check, they don't affect the process in any way.

    Failure to beat the DC by 5 or more means you've destroyed half your raw materials, and must pay for them again.

    Spoiler: Applying the rule

    Ok, so lets go back to the Adamantine Full Plate that was taking 7 years to make:

    Its DC is 18+2+5, which is 25.
    Total price is 16500 GP

    Lets assume the guy with an Adamantine hammer is forging it by taking 10 to total of 25 Check.

    Because he has an assistant helping him as well as a MW Forge he gets +4 to a total of 29

    Since he's beating the DC by 4 every day, he makes 80GP per day of the item
    That means he's now taking 207 days to complete the Full Plate. While you can't sit down and have it finished in one weekend, it's much better than 7 freaking years.

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    Default Re: Simpler Crafting System. PEACH

    I think thats a more fair process. Since it dosent take as long as the rules say to make weapons and armor. And what pc has 7 years to make a set of armor.

    But I would definitely make the craft day of 8 hours be dedicated time with nothing else being done for those 8 hours.

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