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    Default Voodoo Witch archetype

    A bit of background: the group of friends I play Pathfinder with the most usually play a few games of Red Dragon Inn afterward. Usually I play Kaylin in every game, but last night I decided to give Natyli the Witchdoctor a try... and I loved it. So much that I want to build a similar character in an upcoming campaign.

    The obvious class choice would be a witch, but I ran into a problem. The only archetype with any sort of voodoo-doll mechanic is the Gravewalker, and in an ironic twist this is going to be one of my first caster characters that I don't want to be a necromancer.

    So instead I decided to roll up a new archetype that focuses on the voodoo doll idea!

    Hexing Doll (replaces/modifies Familiar): Voodoo witches carry a stitched doll, usually crafted in the likeness of a particular person, instead of a normal familiar. The voodoo witch's spells are stored in the hexing doll, and she must commune with the doll each day in order to prepare spells.
    The "deliver touch spells" ability of a hexing doll works differently: the voodoo witch may, as a full-round action, cast touch-range spells or hexes as ranged touch attacks by jabbing a pin into her hexing doll. She can only use her own spells through this method; spells cast using items (such as a scroll) can't be delivered in this way.

    Voodoo Aura: The voodoo witch's hexing doll has a limited range at which it can affect other creatures. The maximum range is (20ft + 5ft/2 witch levels).

    Voodoo Needles (Su) (replaces 4th level hex): The voodoo witch can pierce her hexing doll with specially-prepared needles as a method of direct attack in addition to delivering spells. This is a ranged touch attack (range equal to her voodoo aura) that deals 1d6 damage + 1 damage per 2 witch levels; a successful Will save (DC 10 + Int + 1/2 witch level) reduces the damage by half. The voodoo witch can prepare a number of voodoo needles equal to 3 + Int each day.

    Voodoo Doll (Su) (replaces 8th level hex): The voodoo witch can craft special voodoo dolls that are attuned to a specific person or creature. Crafting such a doll requires a 24 hour ritual, special materials worth 50g per HD of the creature the doll is being attuned to, and something containing the essence of the attuned creature (normally a lock of hair or a scrap of clothing, but anything either owned by or obtained from the attuned creature will suffice). A voodoo doll's attunement is permanent; the voodoo witch must craft a new doll if she wishes to attune one to another creature.
    The voodoo doll may be used to deliver touch spells in a similar manner to the voodoo witch's hexing doll, except the range is unlimited and the spell may only target the person or creature that the doll is attuned to. She may also use the voodoo doll for her voodoo needles and voodoo puppet abilities; doing so increases the ability's DC by 5.
    The voodoo witch can use an item, such as a potion or a wand, on one of her voodoo dolls and grant the item's effect to the person attuned to the doll, though the target must be within her voodoo aura.

    Voodoo Puppet (Su) (replaces 14th level hex): The voodoo witch can use her hexing doll or voodoo dolls to manipulate her foes, whether by immobilizing them, bending them to her will, or even causing them great harm. The voodoo with may choose to mimic the effects of one of the following spells using this ability, using her witch level as her caster level:
    • Hold Monster
    • Telekinesis
    • Suggestion
    • Harm

    The target is allowed any saves allowed by the spell as normal (DC 10 + Int + 1/2 witch level). Whether a creature passes or fails its save, it may not be affected by the same witch's voodoo puppet ability for the next 24 hours.
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    Default Re: Voodoo Witch archetype

    At the request of this campaign's DM, I updated the Voodoo Puppet ability.

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