Blackstone is an extremely rare stone used to make high quality weapons and armor. All blackstone weapons and armor are Masterwork quality.

It is a matte black color, but can be polished to shine as brightly as any blade.

Objects made from blackstone cost approximately 2.5x as much as they would normally.

Weapons made from blackstone automatically confirm critical hits.

Armor or Shields made from blackstone gains Damage Resistance (essentially Damage Reduction that only applies to one damage type and is bypassed by everything else) to Critical Hits equal to the AC bonus from the armor x2.

Magecursed Blackstone

A certain type of specially treated blackstone that is an anathema to magic.

Any magic spell that passes within 5 ft. of a magecursed blackstone weapon (or 10 ft. if armor) is diverted to the weapon (or armor) and neutralized. This effect does nothing to summoned creatures or spells with the range “Personal”.