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    Default Will-bound Magus [WIP]

    I've had a class idea for a long time that I've always wanted to play but never found a good system that would show off the combat and RP potential both without going entirely nuts on the numbers. I usually play Pathfinder, but I'm not experienced enough in the numbers of it to homebrew a whole class, and as much as I like FATE, players can get a little squishy at times. Good for some games, not so much for others. But with the release of 5e, I think I've finally found something to work with. Keep in mind this is a work in progress so things will be broken, and many rules will probably be up to a dm to make calls. Without further ado...

    Will-Bound Magus

    A lone warrior takes a swipe with the claws of a tiger at the ogre he holds at bay and leaps up into the air as its club swings under him, rapidly sprouting quills and tightening the muscles of his legs into those of a kangaroo, ready to deal the final blow.

    Where before stood a compliment of hobgoblin soldiers, a massive figure sweeps his foes aside. His thick, elephantine skin bristles with arrows but he pays no mind, he latches onto one of the combatants and his eyes dilate to those of a shark and he roars, revealing row upon row of jagged teeth and unleashing a gout fire.

    The moment the guard leaves, a prisoner slowly moves from the shadows towards the bars keeping her in the cell, she waves a hand and they warp aside, and she steps through, pausing on the other side to wrench one of them free. Her hands darken as deep red scales pull through the skin and she waves one hand over the bar, it wavers and what was once smooth grows sharp as a blade forms from the metal. She whispers a single word and it glows white hot for a moment, but she holds firm and slowly opens the door into the hallway.

    Whether rapidly altering themselves to fit the momentary need of the fight, wading into combat with the combined might of the fiercest beasts yet faced, or altering the world to accommodate themselves, the will-bound magus focuses on the conviction to bend things to their favor. They are the full extension of mind over matter, and are masters of their own personal world within.

    Dedicated Soul
    The magus firmly believes in his own ideals, but relies on an understanding of the world to direct their intentions. In order to draw a specific effect, one must draw some into their mind as well. It takes a powerful mastery of mind and soul to control the transformed mental realm within.

    The will-bound magus may get their power directly from their own conviction, but in order to carry out a given task, the magus must understand exactly what they want done. As a result, magi may travel far and wide to better understand the world, collecting totems by which they may train themselves to master new forms or magics. By mastering more forms, the magus may apply more effects to his own world.

    Creating a Will-bound Magus
    When creating a Will-bound Magus, consider first what your character believes in most. Freedom to do as he chooses? A world without war? Maybe he seeks to right past wrongs or maybe just the completion of his worldly form. Then consider how he might approach his quest, does he create a perfect form to walk through anything in this way? Maybe he creates a toolkit to blend each action into the next, or uses her will to directly tap into the flow of magic. How and when did your power manifest? What was your first totem? How might your first alteration of self and soul have affected you? Perhaps you drew in the soul of a beast and found that it could not ever be expunged or maybe you felt more alive than ever before. Maybe you are seeking a specific totems at the moment? Perhaps you plan on mastering many forms in the future?

    Quick Build
    You can make a magus by following these suggestions. First, put your highest scores in Dexterity or Strength, or Charisma if you intend to take the Arcanist soul path, followed by Constitution or Charisma if not previously used. Then, pick the outlander background.

    Magi Soul Paths: 1) The Perfect Form 2) The Adapter 3) The Arcanist
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    Default Class Features

    Hit dice: 1d8 per Magus level
    Hit points at 1st Level: 8 + your Constitution modifier
    Hit points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 5) + your Constitution modifier per magus level after 1st

    Armor: Light armor
    Weapons: Simple Weapons, shortswords, longbow
    Tools: None

    Saving Throws: Constitution, Charisma
    Skills: Choose three skills from Acrobatics, Animal Handling, Athletics, Insight, Nature, Perception, Survival

    You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background
    • (a) a shortsword or (b) any simple melee weapon
    • (a) a longbow and a quiver of 20 arrows or (b) two handaxes
    • (a) a dungeoneer's pack or (b) an explorer's pack
    • A totem taken from a medium beast of a CR below 1

    Magus Level Proficiency Bonus Attribute Points Features Spells Attribute Tags
    1st +2 3 Willed Forms, Wild Fighting
    2nd +2 4 Spellcasting,Totem Independence Prestidigitation, Thaumaturgy Special
    3rd +2 6 Soul Path
    4th +2 7 Ability Score Improvement, Force of Form
    5th +3 8
    6th +3 10
    7th +3 11
    8th +3 12 Ability Score Improvement
    9th +4 14
    10th +4 15
    11th +4 16
    12th +4 18 Ability Score Improvement
    13th +5 19
    14th +5 20
    15th +5 22
    16th +5 23 Ability Score Improvement
    17th +6 24
    18th +6 26
    19th +6 27 Ability Score Improvement
    20th +6 30

    Willed Forms
    The Magus has learned to use his will-power to reshape his own body in a process called channeling. To do this, the magus must entirely understand the form he wishes to take up, thus he draw forms from the world around him to forward his goals.

    Spoiler: Attributes
    Attributes are specific anatomical features, special abilities, or other features of an organism. For the most part, they are excluded to physical, biological features of a species as a whole, meaning they may not be derived from training. At later levels, the Magus may access non-biological attributes.
    Good examples are: Claws, Wings, Fangs, Venom, Scales, Gills, Quills, and Darkvision

    Channeled attributes must be practiced before gaining proficiency. This may be in or out of combat, and non-strenuous practice may be performed during short or long rests. Some attributes may be similar enough to gain the benefits of proficiency from other attributes, for instance: a wolf claw attribute and bear claw attribute should behave relatively similar, thus both benefit from training in a claw attribute. Some attributes may also take longer amounts of practice to master. Both similarity and practiced proficiency are up to the discretion of the DM, but attributes without a complex tag generally allow proficiency gain after two uses in strenuous practice or several hours of non-strenuous practice. Practice may be conducted non-continuously.

    Any attribute that grants a saving throw will use a DC= 8 + your proficiency modifier + your Strength modifier if it is a physical attack or your Charisma modifier in all other circumstances

    Spoiler: Attribute Tags
    Attribute tags are qualities assigned to each attribute to designate its function or intricacy. Tags cost a certain amount of attribute points as marked, those with two numbers use the lower of the two when channeled alongside additional tags of the same origin. They include the following at first level:
    • Defensive--- 1 armored skin/scales, resistances, reactions, etc.
    • Movement--- 0.5/1 movement speeds, jump, etc.
    • Offensive--- 1 natural weapons, breath attacks, and other attacks
    • Sensory---0/0.5 extended sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste, or other senses
    • Skill--- 0.5/1 for every 2 points added to a physical skill bonus (acrobatics, athletics, stealth, etc.)

    Other tags may be unlocked at later levels:
    • Ability---1 for every 2 pts added to strength, dexterity, or constitution scores
    • Arcane---1 any innate casting abilities
    • Complex---1 any attribute with an intricate function or usage (resistances, poison, wings, etc.)
    • Abiotic---1 any attribute derived from a non-living source (constructs, physical objects, undead)
    • Size---1 any attribute dependent on size (natural attack damage, etc.)
    • Special---1 special moves (relentless, etc.)
    • Structure---1 any attribute that adds a new, intricate structure (organs, wings, etc.)
    • Type---1 any attribute originating from an organism of a drastically different type (typically plants or outsiders)

    Each tag has an assigned attribute point value, allowing the Magus to channel up to his attribute point pool without risk. When counting attribute cost, sum the tag cost values and round up to the nearest whole number, the remaining points in the attribute pool may be spent on other attributes. Tags may sometimes be excluded from an attribute if deemed appropriate, for instance a Magus may exclude the STRUCTURE tag from the wing attribute and instead of building new wings, they may convert existing arms into wings. Excluded tags do not count towards the cost of an attribute

    Spoiler: Channeling
    Channeling allows to Magus to distribute attribute points to enhance themselves. In order to use an attribute, they must first collect a totem, an object that embodies a specific creature or species that the Magus intends to channel. They must be either a physical piece of the creature or something precious of theirs, such as a family heirloom or other trinket. To channel any attribute from the totem, the Magus must perform a 10 minute ritual to bind the attributes of the creature of origin to the totem and Magus alike, afterwards the Magus may channel any attribute bound to them in a 30 second ritual so long as the totem is in their possession and either visible or in contact of their skin. Channeling in this manner allows the Magus to redistribute all his attribute points in any manner he chooses.

    Channeling attributes is not always a clean process and can result in extraneous changes. For instance, when a Magus channels a wolf, his eyes might lose their whites and turn yellow, or his ears might grow more pointed, or his teeth sharper and his hair longer. These effects generally disappear if the Magus redistributes the channeled aspect, but they may remain in rare cases.

    Spoiler: Overdrawing
    The Magus may exceed his attribute point maximum in a dangerous process of overdrawing. When attempting to channel additional attributes, the Magus immediately subtracts 3 x the attribute points spent over his maximum from his hit point maximum, then attempts a Wisdom save with a DC equal to 15 + attribute points over maximum spent. On success, the Magus continues functioning normally. Every round afterwards (or until the Magus redistributes attribute point to below his maximum), roll a d6. On a 1 or 2, the Magus must attempt an additional Wisdom save with a DC equal to 15 + (the number of save made) x (attribute points over maximum).
    If the Magus ever fails the save, he transforms into monstrous conglomerate of all attributes he has access to, his intelligence drops to 2, and he attacks whatever is closest to him that he can see until he regains all hit points besides those lost to the lowering of hit point maximum, the Magus regains these hit points after a long rest and returns to his normal hit point maximum.

    If anyone has seen the show Fairy Tail, Elfman would be a Magus

    Wild Fighting
    When not wearing armor, a Magus' armor class is equal to 10 + his dexterity modifier + his constitution modifier or his natural armor bonus.
    All natural weapons can be considered finesse weapons.

    At 2nd level, Magi grow more capable, their will-power gradually extends beyond their body. This manifests in the form of limited transmutation spells.
    Magi are arcane casters and have a spell save DC of 10 + Spell level + Magus' Charisma modifier, and spell attack modifier of proficiency bonus + your charisma modifier.
    You may cast the following spells __ times. This number can be regained after a long rest.
    Spoiler: Planned Spells
    Alter Self, Enhance Ability, Fabricate, Telekinesis, Polymorph, True Polymorph

    Totem Independence
    After 2nd level, gaining proficiency in at least three (or if the organism has fewer than three, all) of an organism's attributes, allows a Magus to channel any attribute of the organism without using its totem. All attributes made independent of their totems can be channeled for their lower attribute cost.

    Soul Paths
    At 3rd level, you choose a path to define your usage of willpower. Choose between the Adapter, the Perfect Form, or the Arcanist, all detailed at the end of the class description. The path you choose grants features at 3rd level, _ level...

    Ability Score Improvement
    When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 14th, 16th, and 19th level, you increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of our choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 with this feature.

    Force of Form
    At 4th level, as a bonus action, a reaction to an attack roll against you, or being given the option to make a saving throw, you may spend one of your hit dice and roll to regain hit points. Additionally, you gain one additional hit dice to roll after every short or long rest, but your maximum hit points do not increase.

    Attribute Creation
    Using existing bound attributes as a model, the Magus may develop new attributes that follow standard attribute tag rules, re purposing any attribute bound to them. Attributes take 3 long rests of study to generate, but you immediately gain proficiency afterwards. All new attributes must be approved by the DM.
    __________________________________________________ _________________________________________


    Path of the Adapter
    Under the Path of the Adapter, a Magus must learn to think on their feet, rapidly flowing from form to form to best take advantage of the situation. The movement tag is now considered free for you.
    Fast Channeling
    Adapters gain additional attribute points equal to your charisma modifier and may now channel in one action.
    At 5th level you may channel as a bonus action.
    At 10th level you may channel as a reaction.
    At 15th level you may channel once per turn without spending an action
    Instant Mastery
    Upon seeing a combatant use an attribute in combat, the Magus may bond to and channel that attribute as a reaction. This may be used once, then recharges after a short rest.

    Path of the Perfect Form
    Under the Path of the Perfect Form, a Magus builds a single form to take on any challenge. Few can stand in their path. The size tag is now considered free for you.
    Physical Prowess
    You gain proficiency in martial weapons, medium and heavy armors, and your hit dice is now a d10
    Perfect Form
    The magus may create a specific set of attributes which he may channel as an action. Once you use this action, you must complete a short rest before using it again. This attribute set can include attribute points up to his standard number + proficiency bonus + his charisma modifier, and can be channeled in the normal ritual as any other channel as well. This attribute set may be recreated after spending a long rest in meditation.
    After ___ level, whenever you enter your perfect form you gain temporary hit points equal to your level. These hit points are lost if you channel or otherwise leave your perfect form.

    Path of the Arcanist
    Under the Path of the Arcanist, a Magus pushes their control even further, extending their use of arcane power. The Arcane attribute tag is now considered free for you.
    Expanded Spellcasting
    Spell slots, transmutation favor
    Expanded Channeling
    After ___ level, you may channel up to half your attribute points into things other than yourself without expending your own points. Learning proficiency still applies for attack rolls and skill checks made by the subject, but save DCs remain based off of your proficiency. This feature may allow you to convey living traits to non-living things, but does not convey control over them without specific animation such as the spell Animate Object.
    In the event of overdrawing these attribute points, both you and the subject must make the resulting saving throws and suffer any consequence of a failed save independent from one another.
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    Default Re: Will-bound Magus [WIP]

    I've been adding a lot of content on here as of late but since I have no experience in the field of class building I could use a little peer review, is this going in a playable direction?
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    Default Re: Will-bound Magus [WIP]

    I have added numbers to get started with play testing, they are still extremely flexible so if anyone has any input to speed things up thanks

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