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    Default Summon Exotic Elemental [Feat]

    Summon Exotic Elemental [Reserve]
    You can use a larger variety of elemental servants.
    Prerequisite: Summon Elemental, ability to cast 6th-level spells.
    Benefit: You can summon Shadow ElementalsToM and Storm ElementalsMMIII with your Summon Elemental feat. However, summoning a Large storm elemental requires a 10th-level or higher summoning spell available to cast.
    Special: If your campaign uses Taint rules, you can also summon Taint ElementalsHoH. However, doing this automatically increases your Depravity score by 1 for a Small elemental, 2 for a medium elemental, and 3 for a large elemental.
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    Default Re: Summon Exotic Elemental [Feat]

    I'd actually say only 1 spell level lower for Storm Elementals since they can be summoned with SM and SNA spells that are 1 level higher (normally). They do give AoE and ranged attacks (a big boon), but I'd say Shadow Elementals' incorporealness might be better... not completely sure about that though.

    All in all, though, nice feat.
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    Default Re: Summon Exotic Elemental [Feat]

    I recommend not putting in the reduced spell level thing at all. The Summon Elemental feat is already pretty weak. If somebody burns two feats that don't satisfy prerequisites just to get access to elementals 1-2 CR higher than normal, I don't think they should be punished. Good on them for exploring a sub-optimal path in a cool way.
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    Default Re: Summon Exotic Elemental [Feat]

    Hmm, my main concern with the spell level reduction was that I didn't want to let characters spam Storm Elemental-based blasting all the doo-dah day, stepping on the other blasting reserve feats' toes. Dialing back the nerf sounds reasonable, though. I will edit this in the morning.

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