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    Default The Butler, E6 style

    I found myself recently making an E-6 version of a class that I never knew existed. Surprise, surprise, and I think White Knight has some amusing names and clever ideas. That said, I want to play a butler in a lower-power game. This is what resulted. If you want more flavour (oh yes, British spelling) then I can write some. But really, take a look first.

    Level BAB Fort Reflex Will Special
    1st +0 +0 +0 +2 Right hand man; Butler, not a Fighter; But of Course
    2nd +1 +0 +0 +3 I have one Master; Ultimate Poker Face
    3rd +1 +1 +1 +3 You rang, sir?; That can be arranged
    4th +2 +1 +1 +4 Rudeness will not be Tolerated
    5th +2 +1 +1 +4 By your will
    6th +3 +2 +2 +5 Loyalty íTil Death; Fountain of Couth

    Skills: (8 + Int), x4 at 1st level.
    Hit Die: d6
    Class Skills: The Butler may choose any 15 skills as Class Skills, as well as Speak Language. There are certain skills that most Butlers possess, but the first rule of Butlering is adapting to what the Master needs.
    Multiclassing: A Butler who multiclasses loses all of his powers derived from the Butler class. The way of the Butler is one of utterly single-minded dedication.

    Class Features:

    Right Hand Man (Ex): A Butler is the most devoted of servants. Every Butler has a Master; and they will serve this master faithfully, no matter the situation. Once a master is chosen, the Butler serves them until one or the other dies. If the old Master dies, a new one may be chosen after a mourning period of a year and a day, during which the Butler generally retires to silent contemplation. This mourning period need not apply if the old Master died of natural causes, or charged the Butler to look after a new Master.

    A butler who directly harms their master or opposes their will in an obviously harmful way loses all class abilities until they have performed adequate reconciliation with their master. If this causes them to lose their employ under their master, they are immediately shaken and must either seek Atonement or wait a year and a day to seek out another master. Upon gaining new employ, they regain their abilities.

    Butler, Not a Fighter (Ex): Butlers are, by their very natures, domestic servants. Even those who serve the most brutal and warlike masters generally disdain direct combat - it's not gentlemanly behavior. Butlers take a -5 penalty on all melee combat rolls. Furthermore, they gain the benefits of Dodge and Mobility when withdrawing from combat. Finally, the Butler gains a bonus to his Armor Class equal to his Butler level + his Charisma modifier.

    But of Course (Sp): As a butler, one must be prepared to provide for many situations at a momentís notice. He gains the use of Prestidigitation, provided it is to serve their master or provide his master. Furthermore, he can use Create Water and Create Tea (a tea-flavored version of create water) as spell-like abilities at will provided he is giving his master or others some form of refreshment. This does not allow the Butler to make poisonous tea.

    I have one Master (Ex): Butlers are devoted followers of their master, and are not prone to manipulation against this purpose. They gain a +4 bonus to resist compulsion effects or mind-affecting abilities that would lead them to adversely affect their master. This bonus increases by +2 per level to a maximum of +10.

    Ultimate Poker Face (Ex): Butlers often have to deal with their social superiors in the most delicate of situations, or else handle their own masters quite carefully. At 2nd level, they learn to conceal their emotions behind almost unreadable faces. Anyone attempting a Sense Motive check on a Butler who does not wish to be read suffers a penalty equal to the Butler's class level.

    You Rang, sir? (Ex, Su): Experienced butlers have an uncanny sense of knowing when their masters is calling. Beginning at 3rd level, they gain the ability to sense their masterís summons, even when he cannot perceive their master. Furthermore, the butler can sense their masterís general emotions when they are not in their proximity. This additional effect is a supernatural ability.

    That Can Be Arranged (Ex): Because of the extraordinary demands required of them, butlers become exceptionally experienced with fulfilling unusual requests on a whim. Once per encounter, when the master requires an item of unusual value, a difficult task, or a challenging person to get connected to, the Butler gains a bonus to a Diplomacy, Gather Information check or a relevant Knowledge check equal to his Butler level in the process of completing this task. NB: this bonus cannot stack with By Your Will

    Rudeness Will Not Be Tolerated (Ex): Though Butlers are not prone to entering combat, in a pinch, they are capable of using their incredible reserves of self-possession to stop an attacker in their tracks. If the Butler is present and either he or is his master is being attacked, he can demand than opponent stop their foolishness immediately. So potent is the Butler's strength of will that any opponent must make a save of DC(10 + The Butler's Charisma modifier + 1/2 his Class Level) or comply immediately, stopping any hostile actions against his target. The Butler can only use this ability once per turn, as an immediate action.

    By your Will (Ex): Butlers are masters of acting with a level-headedness that surpasses most anyone. Even if the Butler is stressed or under pressure, he may always choose to take 10 on trained skills. Furthermore, Once per day, if the Butler finds himself normally unable to complete a task or skill check for his master, he may choose to gain a +10 to the relevant check to succeed. NB: This bonus cannot stack with That Can Be Arranged

    Loyalty íTil Death (Ex): Once per day, if the Butler would suffer a Death effect while performing a task or doing an errand for the master, he may instead ignore this effect until his task is complete or he has completed this errand.

    Fountain of Couth (Ex): The greatest of all Butlers are a pinnacle of emotional mastery. At this point in his career, he has seen just about everything. He is immune to any effect that attempts to inspire emotion in them, unless they wish to be affected by it. This does not, however, render them immune to ALL mind-affecting spells and effects, even though I Have One Master gives them a great situational bonus.
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