Looking for the help of more experienced homebrewers with fleshing out abilities for a class, suggestions or feedback are desired. Hopefully this intro will be clear but please ask if I'm forgetting something obvious.

I've been continuously tweaking homebrew classes for a low-magic E6 campaign setting, and I think I've settled on how I want to approach the "Fighter".

A significant part of my change will include "Combat Styles", specific bonuses given for using a type of weapon and/or shield. Each will include at least 3 specific tiers of bonuses that should be useful or sensible for the given style. These will be acquired at level 2, 4, and 6, and ideally will be appropriately scaled.

Right now I'm thinking styles will be:

Sword and Shield
Two-Weapon Fighting
Reach Weapon
Single Weapon

As the game will not be using Prestige Classes, I'm definitely open to cribbing abilities from those, and I have access to several sourcebooks, but not an intimate familiarity with them. A name and page citation would be great if any abilities seem applicable. Replicating feats is something I hope to avoid, and the biggest reason I'm posting here rather than just making up my own abilities, but abilities that roll several feats together or stack subpar feats with some bonus are fine.

Thanks in advance for any help.