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    Default TOB Vestiges [PEACH]

    I'm trying to design some Vestiges but I'm having some trouble since I don't really do homebrew a lot,
    as such I was wondering a few things
    1. My plan was to let each vestige give access to a small number of maneuvers that refresh every five rounds the question is how many should I give and what level? Should I allow access to stances?
    2. should I add other abilities that reflect the Disicpline's particular style like have the tiger claw vestige allow for two weapon fighting?
    3. Thoughts on a Binder/Initator Theruge class?

    Thanks in advance
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    Default Re: TOB Vestiges

    1. Treat them like other 1/5 rounds abilities for vestiges. They should have 1 to maybe 3, probably 2 in this situation. Level depends upon vestige level and you'd have to compare them a bit to other vestiges of the desired level.
    2. Yes. Give them a mix of maneuvers and passive abilities. I'd make some suggestions but got a bit of a cold and my ability to think clearly is reduced and my D&D brain is therefore stuck in... meldshaping mode.
    3. None at this moment.
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    Default Re: TOB Vestiges

    You're in luck; some people have tried something similar to this before.

    Chattur'gha is one example, as is Reshar.

    Also, WotC released the guidelines for what a Vestige should be able to do; check under the "Setting Vanus' Level" header.
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    Default Re: TOB Vestiges

    Alright so current thoughts: Each vestige grants proficency with the disicplne's preferred weapons, gain 3-5 maneuvers and 1-2 stances of a level equal to or lower than the vestige level. Also a static ability that complements the fighting style of the disciplne ie twf for tiger claw, bonus damage on sneak attack for shadow hand equal to effective binder level etc.

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    Default Re: TOB Vestiges

    Hi back again
    here's what I was thinking for desert wind

    3rd level vestige
    when bound gives proficency with all desert wind preferred weapons
    when bound deal half damage with desert wind maneuvers to foes immune to fire
    +5 to tumble checks
    one 2nd level desert wind maneuver
    one 3rd level desert wind maneuver
    one 4th level desert wind maneuver each automatically recover after five rounds
    2 desert wind stances of 2nd to 4th level
    for the purposes of these maneuvers treat your Effect Binder Level as your Initaitor level.

    this is the basic template I'm thinking of using what do you think?

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