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    Default Daring Champion Optimization?

    Quickly made up a build for a Daring Champion for comparing to Swashbuckler. Any suggestions for optimizing it?

    Assumptions for unclear rules (neither of which break the build if untrue, Broken Wing works fine after 9th level thanks to Tactician and you lose damage from Piranha Strike using a scimitar instead but still work)
    1:Broken Wing Gambit was intended to be a good feat on its own, but BETTER if allies also had it
    2:Slashing Grace means weapons wielded in one hand or that "light weapon" is a subclass of "one handed" (Thread for FAQing this

    Race: Human
    Attributes (20PB): STR: 12 DEX: 16 (Add +2 here) CON: 14 INT: 10 WIS: 8 CHA: 14
    Traits: Irrepressible/whatever
    Skills: Bluff is the only thing absolutely required (for Fabulist and Broken Wing Gambit), 4 skill points/level remain.
    Order: Order of the Flame
    Human: Slashing Grace: Kukri
    1: Weapon Focus: Kukri
    Tactician: Escape Route
    3: Piranha Strike
    5: Fabulist
    6B: Combat Reflexes
    7: Skill Focus: Any
    9: Eldritch Heritage (Any familiar, valet archetype)
    Greater Tactician: Broken Wing Gambit

    The primary reason to get the familiar is to share Escape Route so you NEVER have to deal with AoOs from movement as long as you keep it alive and "adjacent". +4 initiative/+2 to any save/+2 initiative and the ability to grab objects for UMD (and whatever other familiar tricks you can pull off) are just gravy.

    Fabulist is to refill panache easily. When fighting a lot of enemies with 1/2 your level or more in HD and low on panache, deceive them (a standard action for some reason) to regain grit for every one of them that fails their sense motive check (how many mooks actually have ranks in that skill?)

    Combat is pretty straight forward: Challenge enemies, whack them till they die (spending panache if you need to to boost damage), challenge someone else and whack him till he is dead. When you run low on panache, tell stories to recover lots of panache. Use Broken Wing as needed.

    Swashbuckler can use the basic feat setup, but lacks free Escape Route and 6th/12th/18th level bonus feat, challenge (gives level in damage), glorious charge and any other order abilities, banner, , free Broken Wing and high fort save. In return it gets... Evasive, charmed life, weapon training and high reflex save.

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    Default Re: Daring Champion Optimization?

    Slashing Grace, IIRC, works only with One Handed weapons, not light weapons, so no Kukri. It's dumb, but it's apparently intended. Get a scimitar.

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    Default Re: Daring Champion Optimization?

    I mentioned that near the top.

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