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Thread: Love Domain

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    Default Love Domain

    I kind of hated every single option for a pre-existing Love domain in 3.x's material, so I designed one of my own. This might be too minor for a thread, but ah well.

    Granted Power (Su): Once per day, you may either grant an ally your Charisma bonus to all saves for one turn, or redirect one effect that requires a saving throw from an ally to yourself. In order to redirect an effect, you must be within 25 feet of the intended target. If you fail on the saving throw, you regain one use of this ability. You may only use this ability once per turn.

    Domain Spells:
    1: Benign Transposition
    2: Calm Person
    3: Helping Hand
    4: Sending
    5: Atonement
    6: Interplanar Telepathic Bond
    7: Refuge
    8: Fortunate Fate
    9: Selfless Instant Refuge (Range changes to Touch, Target changes to One Creature, spell cannot be used on yourself)

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    Default Re: Love Domain

    Cleric of St. Valentine, here I come!

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    Default Re: Love Domain

    You should probably write out Selfless Instant Refuge because so much text would have to change. Is refuge the basis for this spell or is there an instant refuge spell that I overlooked?

    BTW refuge is a touch spell so range wouldn't change. However, because you are targeting a person, saving throw and spell resistance should apply.

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    Default Re: Love Domain

    Instant Refuge is from the Spell Compendium, and is essentially a Contingency spell with a 'personal' target. You specify a specific trigger, at which point the Instant Refuge effect triggers and proceeds to port you out. There wouldn't actually be a lot of text to change - the spell would essentially function the same way, with you specifying the trigger and whatnot, it just benefits someone who ISN'T you instead of only yourself.

    That said, you're right in that when I roughed it out, I didn't go quite far enough in specifying the changes. I've got a lot of work to do today but once that's all done and I'm free I'll go back in and see about just rewriting Instant Refuge and packaging it with the Domain. I'd be open to spells which work out-of-the-box to replace the 9th level slot though, I just didn't find any that fit with the thematics of the Domain outside of Instant Refuge, which rather annoyingly could only target yourself.

    (The first change I would make is to change the target to One Willing Creature instead of One Creature. Wouldn't give it a saving throw, but would allow SR to apply, so that you couldn't abuse it on unconscious enemies without at least something in the way.)

    EDIT: Here's the spell on

    Honestly, I think all I'd need to do beyond the above-specified changes is switch every instance of 'you' in the body text with 'the target'.
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