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    Default [Archetype] Whisperer (Wordcasting Shadowcaster) [PEACH]

    Instead of using necromancy on this thread, I have decided to create this to build upon what peacenlove has made. I hope it is enjoyed, and know that all feedback is more than welcome.

    Whisperer (Shadowcaster)[Wordcaster]
    A whisperer is a shadowcaster who draw words from silence, forming their own mysteries with the components that make up their brethren's repertoire. A whisperer has the following class features.

    Words of Shadow: A whisperer begins play knowing a number of effect or meta words equal to the number mysteries he would ordinarily know, the boost meta word, and as all the target words—even those that he cannot yet use due to the level restriction.
    Whenever he gains a level, he gains one new effect or meta word on odd numbered levels and two (or one of each) at even numbered levels.
    He doesn't select effect words from any class wordlist, rather he treats mysteries as effect words of an equivalent level. The resulting wordspell is treated for all intents and purposes as a mystery with a level equal to its final level.
    Given the nature of words, whisperers possess 'spell slots' as a wizard of the same level and gain bonus 'spell slots' based on a high Charisma score. Further breaking from convention, whisperers are not required to follow paths for their mysteries.
    This ability replaces the Path Mastery class feature and alters the Fundamentals of Shadow class feature and the Mysteries and Paths class feature.

    Mysterious Effect Words
    A table with 111 mysteries categorized as effect word categories.
    Mysteries marked with * have special rules regarding them, as listed after the table below.

    Sources of Mysteries/Key
    ToM: Tome of Magic
    UrM: Web Enhancement: Urban Magic
    CS: Complete Shadow

    Effect Word Group Level Source
    Absolute Zero Weather 9 CS
    Acolyte's Charm Alignment 2 CS
    Afraid of the Dark Illusion 3 ToM
    Army of Shadow Summoning 9 ToM
    Arrow of Dusk Death 1 ToM
    Aura of Shade Body 4 ToM
    Bend Perspective Divination 1 ToM
    Black Candle Illumination 1 ToM
    Black Fire Cold 2 ToM
    Black Grip Teleportation 5 CS
    Black Labyrinth Wall 9 UrM
    Black Summons Change 5 CS
    Blade of Darkness Force 9 CS
    Bolster Body 4 ToM
    Burning Power Alignment 8 CS
    Burning Sins Alignment 8 CS
    Carpet of Shadow Binding 1 ToM
    Caul of Shadow Body 1 ToM
    Clinging Darkness Binding 3 ToM
    Cloak of Retribution Illumination 5 CS
    Congress of Shadows Divination 2 ToM
    Consume Essence Death 9 ToM
    Curtain of Shadows Wall 5 ToM
    Dancing Shadows Illusion 3 ToM
    Dark Air or Water Weather 5 ToM
    Dark Soul Command 7 ToM
    Deadly Shade Death 6 UrM
    Dusk and Dawn Illusion 1 ToM
    Echo Spell Power 5 ToM
    Echo Spell, Greater Power 8 CS
    Ephemeral Image Illusion 7 ToM
    Ephemeral Storm Death 9 ToM
    Far Sight Divination 9 ToM
    Fearful Gloom Fear 4 UrM
    Feign Life Change 5 ToM
    Flesh Fails Death 2 ToM
    Flesh Fails, Greater Death 8 ToM
    Flicker Teleportation 3 ToM
    Flood of Shadow Dispelling 6 ToM
    Frost Armor Armor 8 CS
    Grasp of Ice Cold 7 CS
    Grasping Shadows Binding 7 UrM
    Hidden from Evil Alignment 1 CS
    Hidden from Evil, Mass Alignment 4 CS
    Inquisitor's Verdict Change 6 CS
    Killing Shadows Destruction 3 ToM
    Languor Binding 5 ToM
    Last Word Alignment 9 CS
    Life Fades Death 1 ToM
    Life Fades, Greater Death 7 ToM
    Light from Darkness Alignment 6 CS
    Liquid Night Illumination 1 ToM
    Lost Continent Illusion 7 CS
    Magic Denial Dispelling 7 CS
    Menagerie of Darkness Animal 8 UrM
    Mesmerizing Shade Divination 1 ToM
    Mystic Reflections Detection 0 ToM
    Nights Away Body 4 CS
    Pass into Shadow Teleportation 5 ToM
    Piercing Sight Divination 2 ToM
    Planar Disjunction Divination 6 CS
    Prison of Night Binding 7 ToM
    Purifying Ray Alignment 9 CS
    Quicker than the Eye Body 1 UrM
    Reflection of Power* Illusion 9 CS
    Reflections of Things to Come Time 9 ToM
    Shadow Alacrity Time 7 CS
    Shadow Conjuration* Illusion 4 CS
    Shadow Conjuration, Greater* Illusion 6 CS
    Shadow Evocation* Illusion 4 ToM
    Shadow Evocation, Greater* Illusion 6 ToM
    Shadow Hood Concealing 0 ToM
    Shadow Investiture Body 6 ToM
    Shadow Plague Cold 8 ToM
    Shadow Skin Body 2 ToM
    Shadow Storm Electricity 6 ToM
    Shadow Surge Command 9 ToM
    Shadow Time Time 9 ToM
    Shadow Vestiges Alignment 7 CS
    Shadow Vision Concealing 4 ToM
    Shadows Fade Dispelling 4 ToM
    Shadows Fade, Greater Dispelling 6 ToM
    Sharp Shadows Body 3 ToM
    Sickening Shadow Illumination 5 UrM
    Sight Eclipsed Concealing 2 ToM
    Sight Obscured Concealing 0 ToM
    Smiting Darkness Alignment 4 CS
    Soul Puppet Command 8 ToM
    Steel Shadows Armor 1 ToM
    Step into Shadows Teleportation 4 ToM
    Summon Umbral Servant Summoning 7 ToM
    Thoughts of Shadow Divination 2 ToM
    Tomb of Night Binding 8 ToM
    Touch of Inevitable Fate Binding 8 CS
    Trail of Haze Illusion 2 UrM
    True Shadows Fade Dispelling 9 CS
    Truth Revealed Divination 7 ToM
    Twilight Aura Alignment 5 CS
    Umbra Angelus Alignment 7 CS
    Umbral Body Body 8 ToM
    Umbral Disruption Dispelling 8 CS
    Umbral Fist Body 3 UrM
    Umbral Hand Flight 1 ToM
    Umbral Touch Destruction 3 ToM
    Unravel Dweomer Dispelling 4 ToM
    Unveil Life 6 ToM
    Victorious Prophecy Alignment 3 CS
    Voice of Shadow Command 1 ToM
    Voyage into Shadow Teleportation 6 ToM
    Warp Spell Dispelling 4 ToM
    Widened Eyes Divination 1 ToM

    *Shadow Conjuration and Shadow Evocation, along with their their greater counterparts, copy effect words of the appropriate school instead of whole spells. For instance; Shadow Conjuration can be used to imitate the Servitor Effect Word, in any of it's forms up to IV, but the resulting creature is only one-fifth as strong as the real thing unless it is believed.
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