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    Default Fey-themed party

    My party is looking into making a faerie themed party. So far, we have an Archfey pact warlock who performed a ritual in a musty old time he found to contact Titania and ask her for knowledge and power (at a price). We also have an Oath of the Ancients paladin; he's a fey knight who gets his holy powers from his powerful faerie masters. We're looking for other very fey-themed character ideas. Got any?

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    Default Re: Fey-themed party

    You could have a cleric who has the Nature or Tempest domain granted to him by the worship of a fey deity. Perhaps this cleric is the personal warrior for this patron - the sword arm for this fey's plan to gain more power.
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    Default Re: Fey-themed party

    The druid seems an obvious choice. Druid summoning is often fey spirits that take the shapes required.
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    Default Re: Fey-themed party

    - Arcane tricksters are an easy fit, especially gnomes

    - Non-fey races can have a background in which they were taken into the feywild/replaced with a changeling, and have recently escaped/been freed

    - EK fighters are easily viewed as sidhe knights (especially if they're high elves)

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    Default Re: Fey-themed party

    -A barbarian who draws from sidhe patrons or spirits of the woods to fluff the animal totems.

    -A bard. Fey love music!

    -Maybe it's just me, but a wild magic sorcerer seems like it would be a good fit for a person who inherited their sorcery thanks to some fair folk blood. Faerie magic is powerful, but it doesn't always do quite what you tell it to do.
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    Default Re: Fey-themed party

    I'd go with a construction worker, an Indian, a cop, a cowboy, and a biker..... Oh.. FEY themed.... I feel awkward now.

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    Default Re: Fey-themed party

    Quote Originally Posted by mabriss lethe View Post
    I'd go with a construction worker, an Indian, a cop, a cowboy, and a biker..... Oh.. FEY themed.... I feel awkward now.
    Why not both?

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    Default Re: Fey-themed party

    Hm... Several Fey (such as 3.5's leShay's) don't rely on trickery and misdirection but instead have mastered physical combat. Maybe your ranger/fighter/barbarian has trained under one? A variant human fighter with Magic Initiate would have a bit of 'fey magic' (minor illusion, friends, charm person) while still being a melee warrior.
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