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    Post Ninja_Grand's Poem bank! P.E.A.C.H

    Well hello Playground. I am here to post some of my merger writing for you to enjoy/throw in a fire. Tell me what you think!

    Please Evaluate And Critique Honestly

    Spoiler: Imprisonment (Lota "In between the lines" stuff," quite proud)

    Endlessly dose the beast wrack
    the rusted bars that hold him back.

    Weakened by his maddened howl
    It seems soon he will be on the prowl

    The wardens care, but they cant meet his eyes
    For they know the reason that the moon cries

    This vile entity shares his fate
    With the Titan that you all elate

    So beware, for you all have earned his ire
    Soon at his claws you will expire

    You know who he is, so speak his name!
    The name of the daemon who dances in flame!

    (Ps, if you read them all, remember that last stanza!)

    Spoiler: Prom (Made during my prom, of course)

    Such a tragedy my eyes witnessed that day
    When her innocence started to decay
    He dress was as short as her sight
    Of what the men wanted from her that night

    She used to know wrong from right
    But when he grabbed her, she did not fight
    Now in the bedroom they play
    And such acts are the source of my dismay

    Spoiler: Welcome

    You have damaged shoes, with worn down souls
    Ripped shirts, Cut from the storms of the world
    Come on in, the rain will pass with time
    Welcome travelers, Hurry before the fire grows cold.

    Goodbye friends, we have patched the holes.
    The road is long, but youíll be fine
    Warm clothes, dried from the warm sun
    You have sturdy shoes, with stable souls

    Spoiler: Love bug (First time on a "Non rhyme poem". More like short story)

    As I walk through the forest, the most enticing scent crosses my nose. A wonderful mix of honey, chocolate, and cinnamon. Where its coming from I do not know, But I'm hell bent on finding out.

    Following the smell, I have the strangest thought. What if this is a trap, a lure to some foul fate? What if I'm already caught? I ignore these thoughts, I have to find the source.

    The smell comes from the clearing ahead ahead. Looking into it my eyes fall on the most beautiful creature. A seductive mix of bee and woman, she beckons me closer. When i approach she shows me her most interesting feature; A stinger straight to the heart.

    One day while walking though the park, I came across the most amazing girl. Her perfume smelt of honey, chocolate and cinnamon. With a smile she sends my heart into a whirl. Bit by the love bug, it all felt like a dream.

    Spoiler: Thoughts on me (Bit "Emo here, so...)

    With each step I bring my weight onto Creation.
    Weight not of body, but of mind.
    Weight of my daemon cursing me to damnation
    And how I forget the ones who are left behind.

    Each step tells a tale, one heard before.
    How a boy takes the mantle of a man
    "This is my lie." he says, his eyes to the floor.
    So he wanders around, thinking of a new plan.

    My story is not new, nor well written.
    A mishmash of plots bordering on insane.
    Feeling surround by wolfs, but I'm just a kitten.
    I guess poems are how I explain.

    Spoiler: Words to fire (Crappy love poem)

    One who dances with Fire will get burned.
    But what if someone burns brighter than any flame?
    Can he dance with such an inferno without losing his name?
    Beware Fire, for the tables may have turned.

    Long do I wish to feel your deadly embrace.
    I have tried, but all I felt was but an ember.
    I gave you my heart, but you returned it to sender.
    Fighting your heat is a trial I must face

    But today I build up this facade of bravado!
    Fearing my soul once more, love has made me become a jewel!
    Taking Fire by the hand, I shall not become its fuel!
    This love is chaos, but i enjoy its tornado!

    My sweet Fire, who burn her name into my soul.
    I found that I canít live without your touch.
    Your lovey face has become my crutch.
    Look upon a Madman and his Fire, about to lose control

    And last one...
    Spoiler: Words to the Cinders (First ever)
    Return to the cinders ghosts of mine
    for the fire in me has faded
    Soon to extinguish, soon to die
    Return while you can, lest you be hated.

    Return to the cinders ghost of anger
    The beast in the rusted cage
    Warded by those you endanger
    I no longer need your endless rage

    Return to the cinders Ghost of Sadness
    Your tears that formed the stones
    But without I have not achieved greatness
    I no longer need your woeful bones

    Return to the cinders ghost of joy
    Always I searched for your light
    My hope kept you coy
    I no longer need your great delight

    Return to the cinders ghosts of mine
    be still, lay with the ashes at last
    So much to say, so little time
    But forgive those who live in my past

    One more, Please peach.
    Edit: 20 views and no thoughts? Please, say ANYTHING that comes to mind
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    Awesome people saying awesome things.
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