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    Default Particularly Amusing Moments

    I got a chance to get a game going last weekend -- it ran about 5 hours (partly because everybody was unfamiliar with the rules, partly because we goofed in reading a few of them).

    Elan got "Wacky Hijinks" out early. I kept not catching him tapping it... but so did somebody else, and my somewhat loosely-fitting glasses insured that it was the other guy who kept getting caught.

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    Default Re: Particularly Amusing Moments

    I had been playing with my friends for several hours (and undeniably winning) as Vaarsuvius. On the last level I lost all Wounds twice, and someone trashed Xykon on my way back down. Sure I got out first, but I came in second to last.
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    Default Re: Particularly Amusing Moments

    played my 2nd game last night with 2 other people, and just seemed to be a fate conspiracy, but the other two people (durk and roy) were having problems because it seemed that either the room would be empty (battle size 0), the monster would be something they couldn't hurt (impervious, flying) or the room would give the monster flying or impervious. everywhere they went they couldn't kill anything, and i was playing elan...well, i got a few lucky rolls, and starting getting some kills, got my 2nd extreme diplomacy, the megaphone to boost E.D., and the loot that gives +1 ATK&DEF vs. monsters within the first 2 rooms i went in...a few rounds later, and roy is still having problems, durk is finally killing some stuff, but i'm walking through the dungeon with a ton of loot, and lots of xp and no one wanted to accept my assistance, or assist me when i was just trying to give loot away to be nice (as in i was going to win anyway, and roy would've been able to heal a wound with his leader schtick, don't know what its' called)...but they'd always deny me to spite me (themselves really it seemed), it was pretty funny...
    ended up winning and wasn't the one to fight xykon...but game went much better than 1st, where i was belkar, but didn't want to pvp, and couldn't seem to win any battles...end of the game i had only 6 schticks, and 4 loot...couldn't win a roll for anything (not even to attack V after i gave up on not doing pvp, wasted 6 rounds in a row trying to attack him, then got screwed with a bunch of screw this cards when i finally won the roll to fight, haha)...
    sorry for the long ramble, but really love this game, and thought i'd share~!

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    Default Re: Particularly Amusing Moments

    The group I play with consists of three people (including me), and I don't know how it got brought up, but it was something like this...

    Roy: She's pretty good.
    Elan (Me): Yeah, I guess Haley is pretty good.
    Roy: No, I mean Elan.
    Elan (Me): Er.....
    Haley: Elan's a girl, right?
    Elan (Me):
    Roy: But 'he' looks like one.
    Elan (Me): Oh... *mumblemumble* *fishes out Haleys 'Secret Crush' card* Did none of you notice this!?
    Roy and Haley: So?
    Elan (Me): Sigh.

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    Default Re: Particularly Amusing Moments

    Continuing with my rampage on post on this almost dead forum.

    My brother and I started a 2 player game, he was playing Roy and i was playing Durkon. So far, most of our games have been about Roy clobbering stacks of monsters in mid game (3 Greenhilt swords + Great Cleavage) easily winning due to our mostly cooperative style of games.
    We didn't have much expectations about having a fair game between characters, but it was incredibly funny (for me) when, abusing W.W.T.D. Roy couldn't fight monsters in the whole 1st level (flying, impervious and really tough Creepy-Crawly). Adding that the stairs were really far away from the Dungeon Entrance, i went down to 2nd level so that i'd drag down the NPC. It was weird watching Roy unable to do anything other than getting smashed by monsters and making him run to the Dungeon Entrance again and again.
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