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    Default A Few Questions Regarding Type, LA, and Natural Attacks

    1. Are there any LA+0 or LA+1 races or templates that are of the aberration, dragon, elemental, magical beast, or plant type?

    2. Does being of the Dragonblood subtype qualify you for feats that require the dragon type?

    3. If I have multiple natural attacks, can I select which ones are the primaries?

    4. Is Snap Kick considered a natural attack?

    5. Do the extra attacks granted by Rapidstrike stack with the one granted by haste?

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    Default Re: A Few Questions Regarding Type, LA, and Natural Attacks

    1. The Elan is an LA +0 aberration.

    2. Yes, they do.

    3. Generally, no. What is a primary attack is a designation based upon your race. Though even a primary attack is treated as a secondary attack when used alongside an attack with a manufactured weapon.

    5. I would treat it similar to using Two-Weapon Fighting and Rapid Shot, which do stack with haste. So I would say Yes.
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