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    Default General Crowdfunding Thread

    The Mod Wonder:

    This is the crowdfunding thread for Mad Science and Grumpy Technology. In it, you will find discussion and promotion of crowd-funded projects related to various techno-toys that don't necessarily relate to gaming, or crowdfunded science projects. Crowd funding projects for art and jewelry will be found in Arts and Crafts, while those for games can be found in General Role-playing or Gaming (Other).

    As a semi-permanent and structured thread, there are two rules that need to be addressed.

    Rule 1. All other board rules apply. Do not flame, do not double post, do not troll. If a crowd-funding project breaks any of the board rules (e.g. explicit materials, political or religious in nature), it will be deleted, and the person posting it will receive the appropriate warning or infraction.

    Rule 2.Posting crowd-funding plugs. You may post one initial link to your crowd-funding drive, explaining the project; for our purposes, you "own" any project you post the initial link to, whether you're the creator or not. When the project is at a week or less remaining, you may post another reminder of it. You may, of course, join in any discussion of it, though we encourage that to move to the crowd funding site, itself. Do not spam the thread with reminders; if people talk about it, they talk about it.
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    Default Re: General Kickstarter Thread

    Thank you Mark Hall for creating this thread.
    a relative of mine, together with a bunch of crafty friends, has engineered a new thermostat which comes with all sorts of nifty solutions and added features, most of which manageable remotely, which means that the concept of home automation suddenly becomes a whole lot more affordable and easy to manage.
    Since they're a bunch of technically minded people, their indiegogo page is rather heavy on the technical data and less.. commercially inclined, but the idea is sound and I'm trying to help out on their promotion efforts. If you know of any other place where promoting such an item would garner support, do feel free to share.
    thank you.

    and here's the link to the WebTher
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    Default Re: General Kickstarter Thread

    I found this about a week ago:

    It sounds really cool, but I am rather ignorant about hardware, and I was wondering how some of you would perceive it. I can see something that small having enough memory and computing power, but can something that small be durable, long-lived, etc.?

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    Default Re: General Kickstarter Thread

    I just stumbled upon this. A mountable electric drive that fits on any skateboard.
    I'm actually tempted to pitch in for one of the drives. Awfully expensive though.
    And I should actually learn to skate before that.

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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread

    Thanks Mark!

    So, here is my own small pitch: I and some colleagues at our community college campus are attempting crowdfunding as a new way to fund small, focused student scholarships. We have had some success, and would like to see more. Here's the link:

    The page has a description of what we are trying to do, and a video we produced. We're very grateful for any help, as are our students. Thank you, OOTS!

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