Greetings! I actually have to introduce myself around here, so here goes. My name is Bradley Crouch, and I'm the madman behind Interjection Games, Pathfinder's largest purveyor of eclectically ridiculous and ridiculously eclectic base classes. I've fixed truenamers, made Pathfinder's definitive minion swarm class, rewoven the warlock into 100 pages of sheer awesome, and now, with your help, I'm taking on Japan!

Based on the Japanese occult art of onmyodo, the onmyoji base class is a "pet class spellcaster" that focuses on placement of warding talismans and the invocation of Shinto deities, all while being attended to by a kami bound to some flying origami paper.

This may be the craziest Interjection Games release since the tinker, and I need your help to ensure that the end product is something that you all will like to play rather than something that I think looks nice. To that end, I'm opening up the in-progress document, warts and all, to public scrutiny.

Current contents

Onmyoji base class
- Talismans
- ~30 prayers for talismans
- Petitions
- ~20 petitions
- Shikigami
- 5 Shikigami feats

Here's your link to the Google Drive alpha!

More will be added daily until the class' release. Come on in, and let's build something amazing together!

Bradley Crouch
Interjection Games