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    Default Variant Feat Rules

    I am bored. Therefore I shall post variant rules for a RPG I may never play again and haven't touched in years and have no idea how those who do still play it do so, for example I have never read the Pathfinder rules. That sentence was going to be longer and more tortured but then I remembered how bored I am.

    Variant Rule

    Weapon of Choice [General]
    You specialise in a particular weapon. This is not intended to be a reference to any rap song, the alternative names were just all taken by the core rules.
    Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +1, must be proficient with selected weapon, unless I suppose you're a monk and choose unarmed strike, or if you're only half-proficient because you have a stupid weapon like a Bastard sword that's only exotic sometimes, then you need the actual exotic weapon proficiency not just the simple or martial (what's a non-martial weapon anyway?) weapon proficiency that still lets you actually use the weapon. If you want this feat with improvised weapons, ask your local DM.
    Benefit: When wielding the chosen weapon, get a bonus based on your level:
    Levels 1-5: +1 attack bonus. If you have Combat Expertise, you can choose to add this to your armour class instead.
    Level 2: Add half your level as a damage bonus when wielding the chosen weapon. This bonus is never multiplied except on critical hits.
    Level 4: Whenever an opponent attempts to disarm, sunder or target your chosen weapon, they must make two rolls and discard the better one.
    Levels 6-10: +2 attack bonus, replacing the earlier bonus
    Level 7: When rolling to confirm critical, roll two die and keep the highest.
    Level 8: Choose a fighter bonus feat, when wielding your selected weapon you count as having it. Every time you gain a new feat, you change your choice of feat from this ability.
    Level 10: -1 critical threat range, this stacks with keen because I like 3.0.
    Level 11-15: attack bonus improves to +3, sense a pattern?
    Level 16: Same as level 8 but again.
    Level 20: +4 attack bonus, predictable isn't it?
    Special: This is a fighter bonus feat. Also a bonus feat for any class that may have bonus feats that you use as an alternative to fighters or have a similar role. Except Swordsages, because **** ***** *******. Only joking, Swordsages can take it too, not that I can remember whether or not they even get bonus feats, why not ask your DM if you can swap a Swordsage class feature for this feat if they don't get them?
    This feat does not stack with any similar feats like Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialisation or Improved Critical, because its meant to replace them entirely and it would be stupid for them to be available in the same game.
    You may choose this feat multiple times, its effects do not stack. Instead you must select a different weapon to specialise in, you promiscuous weapon selector you.

    Variant Rule

    Feat Synergies

    Basically, get rid of most feat chains. Instead you just get free abilities by taking certain combinations of feats, like those badly thought out Martial Arts Styles in chapter 6 of oriental adventures. Obviously this rule axes any feats it makes redundant.

    Super Toughness
    Prerequisite: Toughness, Great Fortitude
    Benefit: Every time you take a feat that gives some kind of bonus to your saving throws or armour class, the hp bonus from your toughness feat improves by +2. Because actually taking toughness more than once would mean you had a really sucky choice of options.

    Combat Mobility
    Prerequisite: Dodge, Tumble 5 ranks or Mobility
    Benefit: Get Spring Attack for free and ignore those prerequisites, because who can invest in a long chain to get a Whirlwind attack that enemies will rarely ever be positioned correctly for it to be useful.
    Special: If you have mounted combat, get ride by attack for free as well. Because why does mounted combat not give you one of the most basic mounted combat tecniques without a whole other feat investment. Are we really to believe that the average non-noble cavalryman is at least level 4? I thought even level 1 fighters were supposed to be above average soldiers. On that note, if you have Point Blank Shot, get Shot on the Run as well.

    Mounted Combat Expertise
    Prerequisite: Mounted Combat, Combat Expertise (aka Expertise for you 3.0 guys, Hello!)
    Benefit: Get Spirited Charge and Trample for free. Because how often do you even get to use mounted combat to waste feats on it?

    Two-Weapon Mobility
    Prerequisite: Two-weapon fighting, Base attack bonus +6, Mobility
    Benefit: You can make one attack with each weapon with a standard attack action. This does not give you free attacks when using other abilities that take a standard action unless your DM says so, this has no effect on full round actions.

    Two Weapon Expertise
    Prerequisites: Combat Expertise, Two-weapon defence, Two-weapon fighting.
    Benefit: When using Combat expertise and a weapon in each hand, gain a shield bonus to your AC equal to the bonus/penalty you choose (effectively just doubling the bonus from Combat expertise assuming you have no other shield bonus), because that's how I always thought the Two-weapon defence feat should have worked anyway.

    Two Weapon Focus
    Prerequisite: Weapon of Choice (or weapon focus if you're not using the above feat), Two-weapon Fighting.
    Benefit: Choose a weapon. Whenever you wield the weapon you chose for Weapon of Choice/Weapon Focus in your on hand, and the weapon you chose for this Synergy in your off hand you gain the benefit off all weapon specific feats to your off hand weapon. This applies to one off hand weapon for every time you chose a specific weapon with another feat. This does not allow you to apply incompatible abilities, such as a feat that boosts bludgeoning weapons if you wield a bludgeoning weapon in one hand and a piercing weapon in another.

    Defence Obsessive
    Prerequisite:Iron Will, Great Fortitude, Lightning reflexes
    Bonus: Gain another +1 to all your saving throws you paranoid lunatic.
    Special: If you DM thinks this is too good he may change it to a once per day reroll on any saving throw.

    Supreme Cleave
    Prerequisite: Mobility, Cleave
    Bonus: You may take your 5 foot step before making your cleave attack just like the PrC class feature of the same name. Remember you only get one 5 foot step.

    Lawnmower Charge
    Prerequisite: Improved Over-run, Cleave
    Bonus: If you trigger cleave off a charge action and didn't move as far as you could have, you can keep on going and make your free attack whenever you stop.
    Special: If you have Great Cleave as well, you can move between every free attack as long as you have charge movement left. You can never move more than your charge speed with this ability.

    Combat Guile
    Prerequisite: Improved Feint, Weapon Finesse, Dodge
    Bonus: Use bluff in place of tumble and at your DM's discretion other skill checks you might use in combat.

    Combat Expert
    Prerequisite: Weapon of Choice/Focus, One of the following: Improved Feint, Improved Disarm, Improved Bullrush, Improved Over-run, Improved Grapple.
    Bonus: When using your chosen weapon, you may reroll your attack roll when using any of the above feats that you possess. Note that for some of the above feats this only works if you have unarmed strike or grapple chosen.

    Combat Juggernaut
    Prerequisite: Run, Improved Over-run, Mobility.
    Bonus: Add 5 feet to you movement speed.
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