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    Default Sandworm Warlock Patron - What you guys think?

    With the new Dune movie in the making I got inspired to create this Patron based on my favorite Sci-fi book series. This is my first homebrew so I would love some feed back. Is it too boring? Too overpowered? Would you guys use it in games? Is the background unnecessary and too much fluff? What you guys think?

    This patron is a non-combat patron focused on divination, transportation and sustain.

    The Sand worms

    In the scorching sands of the most unforgiving deserts of the material realm lies colossal creatures of great arcane power. These being of great power live in the vast deserts and sand dunes that stretched across the multiverse.

    They display a very unique characteristic, unlike most beings who are unable to leave the material plane not only the Sandworms are able to travel to other planes of existence but they are also able to travel to different material planes form other universes. Such power is a well kept secret know only by the most powerful Sand Archmages.

    Using this power the Sandworms travel from desert to desert in search of food not only in the same world but in deserts form beyond. That's why the sight of such creatures is so rare.

    In far away places of the cosmos wizards and sorcerers learned how to channel such unique feature in a material component the spice Melange a arcane magic imbued with arcane power, this drug not only greatly extends a mortal life spam to the point of virtual immortality but also allow them to warp space and open portals and gives them prophetic powers and visions. This powder has a distinct and powerful cinnamon smell and taste and while it often looks mundane space it shines bright blue in the dark, showing of it's powerful arcane magic influence.

    Sandworms lived beneath the sand. Attracted to rhythmic vibrations on the surface, they would breach in pursuit of the origin of such vibrations. This was an effort to defend their territory, of which they were highly protective.

    The Arcane larvae

    Another mysterious being deeply connected with the existence of the Sandworms is the arcane larvae, this extremely small beings are invisible to naked eye thanks to their microscopic size.

    This tiny creatures are made almost entirely of arcane energies, of the conjuration and divination type, and are partially spectral, they teleport around dimensions instantly without even realizing.

    Such peculiar biological composition forces them to seek extreme climates to survive, they can only exist in places that are both extremely hot and cold so they can be most often found in infernal dimensions or material deserts.

    They are the main source of sustenance for the Sandworms and many magic users theorize that they are the true source of the space bending and divination powers the worms display, they act as plankton that feeds the hunger of the blue-whale sized worms.

    The Sand Wizards

    Powerful high level wizards with a deep connection with the worms and a high usage of the spice may choose to initiate a long and painful process of transfiguration intro a Sandworm.

    This new form renders them virtually immortal capable of living millennia and develop in them such accurate heighten senses that past present and future mixed together in one single existence. This outlook in the world changes all the wizards that go thought it. They no longer are the men they once were since such perspective deeply changes how they act and interact with the world.

    So powerful they are that sometimes they choose to imbue with power individuals they deem worthy, the logic and reasoning behind the choices are unknown for most mortals and a mystery only the Sandworm may know, no dough it's just a small step in a very long and complex millennia long plan. Having visions of possible futures and a immortal body the Snadworms are more than able to play the long game.

    As Otherworldly Patrons
    The beings that serve as patrons for warlocks are mighty inhabitants of other planes of existenceónot gods, but almost godlike in their power. Therefore the Sandworm wizards certainly qualify, their power over the magic schools Divination and translocation are unparalleled, they can present this part power to their servants and warlocks int he form of a pact.

    Some patrons collect warlocks, doling out mystic knowledge relatively freely or boasting of their ability to bind mortals to their will. Other patrons bestow their power only grudgingly, and might make a pact with only one warlock. Warlocks who serve the same patron might view each other as allies, siblings, or rivals. The Sandworm wizards are often mysterious and crypt about their reasons for helping the Warlock, they have plans withing plans of such complexity the mortal mind is often unable to grasp.

    Expanded Spell List
    The sandworm patron lets you choose from an expanded list of spells when you learn a warlock spell. The following spells are added to the warlock spell list for you.

    Spell Level Spells

    All-Round Vision, Comprehend Languages.


    Pocket dimension, Locate Object.


    Arcane Sight, Blink.


    Detect Scrying, Locate Creature.


    Contact Other Plane, Telepathic Bond.

    Starting at 1st level the Sandworm Warlock begins his traning, before he can see beyond the fabric of time and space he must turn his eye inwards and become master of his own domain.

    The Sandworm wizard injects information and powerful arcane energies intro the warlocks brain and physical self allowing him to gain supreme control of his body, nerves and muscles.

    You can hold your breath indefinitely, and you don't require food, water, or sleep, although you still require rest to reduce exhaustion and still benefit from finishing short and long rests.

    You also can also spend one action to filter and purify any poison in your body in addition to that you age at a slower rate. For every 60 years that pass, your body ages only 1 year, and you are immune to being magically aged.

    Starting at 6th level the arcane energies injected in your body have taken root and you are now always at peak physical performance levels allowing you to perform acrobatic feats that only highly trained individuals are normally able to do. It has also expanded your sensory perceptions leading to powerful abilities that include a limited form of prescience.

    You gain Uncanny Dodge, Trap sense and Evasion.

    Gom Jabbar
    Starting at 10th level your mind has expended beyond the idea of physical pain. You don't feel pain, treat your Constitution score as 2 points higher for the purposes of determining Hit Points.

    Additionally, you are immune to any spell or ability whose description explains that it functions by to causing intense pain and you don't fail a concentration Check after begin attacked.

    Kwisatz Haderach
    Starting at 14th level, you gain complete control over your mind, body and soul. You also awaken your powerful precognition and space warping abilities. When you finish a long rest choose two spells of this list, you can now cast them freely without spending your spell slots, bsides the spell in the list you gain the ability to cast the Psionic power "wormhole" as if it was a arcane spell. You also gain a special aura around you that protects an area the size of a room from any form of divination and telepathic interference.

    Spell list:
    -Teleportation Circle.
    -Protection from arrows.
    -Cosmic Awareness.
    -Object Reading.
    -True sight.
    -Temporal Stasis.
    -Discern Location.
    -Scrying, Greater.
    -Plane Shift.
    -True Seeing.


    With this power the Warlock can open a door between two points, no matter how far apart they may happen to be (at least theoretically). It resembles the spell dimensional door but on a much larger scale. The warlock must open one end within 20 yards of himself, although the portal may have any orientation and be any size up to 10 feet by 10
    feet square. If the Warlock wishes to he can try to make the wormhole larger; each doubling in portal size adds 10 additional hours before he may be able to cast Wormhole again.

    The other end of the wormhole will be of identical size and can be placed at any point the Warlock has ever seen. It can also be positioned at any place he can reference from where he currently is for example: "10 miles east of where I am now" whether or not he has ever actually been there.

    The distance spanned by the wormhole will affect the time it takes before he can cast it again.
    shown below.
    100 yards - 24 hours.
    1,000 yards - 36 hours.
    10 miles - 48 hours.
    100 miles - 72 hours.
    10000 miles - 100 hours
    10,000 miles -150 hours.
    Interplanetary - 11 days.
    Interplanetary to another galaxy - One Year.

    Maintenance Cost:
    8 hrs/round
    12 hrs/round
    16 hrs/round
    20 hrs/round
    24 hrs/round
    30 hrs /round
    50 hrs/round

    Once created, the wormhole's entrances remain motionless. Anything can pass through to be instantly transported to the other side. The Warlock could conceivably transport an entire army by spending enough time. If an object cannot fit entirely within the wormhole's mouth, it cannot be transported.

    If the Warlock tries to use this power to transport an unwilling creature, the victim gains a saving throw versus spells to avoid being affected.

    And that's it.

    I tried to keep it's themes consistent with the books and I hope it's not too overpowered. I would love to hear your views and opinions on it. Don't forget that this is my first Homebrew Design so please go easy on me D:

    But any constructive criticism is appreciated.

    What you guys think?
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    Default Re: Sandworm Warlock Patron - What you guys think?

    It is a very powerful alteration.

    I like the thematic approach to the Dune Universe. You import a lot of the flavor.

    How about a Pact of the Worm variant with Invocations to match?

    I had Shai Hulud as a warlock patron, but that was mainly fluff.


    Your body alters to welcome a symbiote horde. Gain +5 AC (natural armor), add ten feet to land speed, and decapitation no longer kills you.


    Reality Is Plural
    Once per short rest, you may reroll a die roll 4 times and take the preferred result.

    Voices Within Gain advantage on all Intelligence Proficiency checks.

    TruthSense You may recognize all false statements uttered in your presence.

    Revealed By Time Concentrate on a creature for one round and become aware of all its Proficiencies, Advantages, and Spells Known.
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