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    Default Pretty good build (epic of course)

    Ok, this is based off of the previous build of level 20 something evil cleric with animate undead aura (epic feat) and a permanent greater consumptive field (SC), cleric walks into rain forest, insects have no HD so the cleric gets plus infinityd8 HP and +infinity x 2 strength, then raises the insects as an unstoppable wall of zombie insects. This build has to be level 26.

    My additions:

    - Don't yell at me.... spiked chain. Lots of feats to make it have amazingly fast attacks and crits. I.E. Whirlwind attack and the such. Might have to make it larger so it has a reach of 10 ft. (use permanent enlarge accordingly)
    - Make sure you have an insanely high wisdom (you don't need much money so it shouldn't be hard), and get a permanent Hand of the Faithful (SC). Make sure your faith is really obscure and you're the only member.

    Ok, so now, you, with your permanent "no one comes near me shield" and your 10 foot spiked chain, can do 2d4+infinity damage to everyone around you, no one can hurt you, and if they do get near you, you can punch them in the face (make sure to have improved unarmed). If that fails you still have 26d8+130 (for an average level 26 con bonus)+infinityd8 HP to make sure you're ok. And, to hurt stuff outside of that 10 feet, you have your gigantic-ass undead insect swarm.

    What do you think?
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    Default Re: Pretty good build (epic of course)

    So the trick here is to find a creature that has no hit dice to kill an infinite amount of?

    It seems to me that individual insects have no HD because they are mechanically nonexistent unless in a swarm, in which case they do have HD.

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    Default Re: Pretty good build (epic of course)

    This build is almost made of cheese, but not quite. You also have to find a literally infinate number of insects.

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    Default Re: Pretty good build (epic of course)

    Well, that problem is easy to solve. His wizard buddy just adds a lovely rainforest section with infinity+1 bugs in it for a few hours to his private plane. Or he just casts Genesis to create a type of bug that lives off air and multiplies every two seconds. Shouldn't take too long to get up a sizeable swarm.

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