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    Default Pathfinder: Combining Plague Mystery and Pestilence Bloodline?

    Recently I've been working on a character for a 5th Level Pirate-themed adventure, that will be beginning in the next few weeks. Our GM essentially gave my fellow players and I a blank check with regards to Homebrew, so long as we don't go too over the top - although it should be said that he does prefer characters more on the stronger side so he can throw more challenging encounters at us.

    My current idea was a Goblin Oracle (or Druid) who would lurk in our ship's bilge and tend to both the vermin that fester there, as well as maintaining the actual hull of the vessel. The Kobold Press Plague Mystery here seemed to fit the bill well enough, though looking at the Pestilence Sorcerer Bloodline I'm also enamored with the Accustomed to Awfulness and Shroud of Vermin bloodline powers (over here).

    Simply put, my own lack of experience with Homebrew, and Pathfinder in general, has me slightly apprehensive. If anyone could give me a hand porting over those two abilities to the Oracle Mystery/Revelation mechanic, then I would be especially grateful. I would contact him about it, but he's currently away on vacation, and I don't actually have any way to contact him.

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    Default Re: Pathfinder: Combining Plague Mystery and Pestilence Bloodline?

    The simplest solution is to ask your GM if he's going to allow you to spend a choice of your revelation onto that class feature as it appears in the listing. If that sorcerer bloodline power has a minimum level, just have that be the earliest you can spend choice of revelations to acquire it.

    If he's okay with it, just do that and all is well with the world.

    Edit: obviously, treat your sorcerer level as your oracle level. And no other chances need to be made, since both run off of Charisma
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