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    Default Custom Classes

    These are intended as an E6 Homebrew alternative set of base classes. Each below is a class with their generic class as a chassis(Warrior to Warrior, Expert to Expert). All abilities become Class Level based.I excluded casters because NPC classes are still available including the Eberron Adept(renamed Acolyte), Gleaner, Psychic Adept(renamed Spark), and Mageright. I removed the previous casters because most of their abilities could be mimicked with feats and the NPC classes above.

    Spoiler: Generic Theurge
    Generic Theurge: New class.
    Requirement: Two level one class ability sets.
    Class Abilities
    • Special: Progress existing class level based abilities from two of your base classes by one per level of Generic Theurge. You also advance casting and its variants. At third level in this class you gain the third level ability in two classes you have advanced twice already.
    • Saves: Good saves in shared saves from the base classes, or pic two if no shared saves
    • Warrior:Warrior=Good BaB, d10, 2+Int Skills, Feats continue progression as Warrior
    • Warrior:Expert=Medium BaB, d8, 4+Int Skills, Feats continue progression as Expert
    • Warrior:Caster=Medium BaB, d6, 2+Int Skills, Feats continue progression as Generic Caster
    • Expert:Expert=Medium BaB, d6, 6+Int Skills, Feats continue progression as Expert
    • Expert:Caster=Low BaB, d4, 4+Int Skills, Feats continue progression as Generic Caster
    • Caster:Caster=Low BaB, d4, 2+Int Skills

    Casters: Acolytes, Magerights, Gleaners, and Sparks all now have the base of a Generic Caster. This includes skills, HD, saves, and BaB. They retain their unique abilities and gain the Spheres of Power archetype for their associated class by default along with the Cantrips feat. You may gain the Incanter racial favored class bonuses. You may take archetypes you lack class features for, however you do not gain the associated ability from the archetype.
    • Acolyte(Adept): No longer gain a Familiar. May take a second domain as their first level bonus feat. Counts as a Cleric of their Acolyte level for the purposes of feats, spells, abilities and other options.
    • Gleaner: May take the Animal Friends feat whether they qualify or not. If taken as their first level bonus feat, it stacks with one other iteration of the feat up to the normal Animal Friendship limitations. Counts as a Druid of their Gleaner level for the purposes of feats, spells, abilities and other options.
    • Magewright: Gains Magical Training(Wizard) as a bonus feat whether or not they qualify, this now explicitly allows the scribing of spells as a Wizard. Magewright’s are counted as Wizards of their Magewright level for the purposes of feats, spells, abilities and other options(including specialization).
    • Spark(Psychic Adept): May choose a Pathfinder Sorcerer Bloodline in place of their bonus feat. They qualify and are counted as Sorcerers of their Spark level for the purposes of feats, spells, abilities, and other options with spells known being equal to powers known and power points being equal to (non-SoP)spell points and their spell slot analogs.

    Level 1: Sound of Body
    • Unarmed Strike: You gain the feats Improved and Superior Unarmed Strike scaled off of Disciple level only.
    • Monastic Training: You gain monk fighting styles and weapon traditions as a monk. You may make a full attack with two monk weapons as a standard action or part of a charge(this counts as Flurry of Blows). You count as a Monk of your Disciple level.
    • Keen Awareness: You gain a bonus to armor as a Monk of your Disciple level. Your attacks with special monk weapons may use Wisdom instead of Strength to hit and Dexterity instead of Strength to damage.

    Level 3: Sound of Soul
    • Psychic Focus(Ex): You gain the Wild Talent and Psychic Meditation feats and are able to maintain an activation as long as you have a psionic focus. Manifester level equals Disciple level.
    • Akashic Spirit(Ps): You gain one Soulmeld known plus one per three levels and one Essentia per four levels.
    • Energy Cleansing(Ps): At the expense of Psionic Focus or a Power Point, you are able to perform any use of the Heal skill as part of a melee touch attack with up to an additional 5ft reach plus 5ft per 3 Disciple levels. You may invest essentia in this ability to remove the psionic cost and add +2 to heal per point invested. You add Wis to HP healing and one fourth Wis(rounded down) to Ability healing through this ability.
    Level 6: Spiritual Awakening: You gain the effects of the Open Least Chakra, and Deep Psychic Meditation feats. Your Energy Cleansing may be used as an Immediate Action and gains the Invigorating spell template.

    Level 1: Way of the One Sword
    • Guile and War: You must choose Generic Warrior or Expert for this class. Experts are treated as a Rogue or Warriors are treated as a Fighter of your Armsman level.
    • Combat Training: You gain the maneuvers and stances of a Myrmidon from any three disciplines of your choice and the martial tradition and combat training of a Coiled Blade fighter. Experts also gain a skill trick every odd level and may use up to 3+Armsman level in tricks per encounter even if they use the same trick multiple times.
    • Bonus Feats: You gain a fighter bonus feat at level one and every four levels. You may take Dares, Fighter Abilities, Rogue Talents, or bonus damage effects as the Generic Sneak Attack feats.

    Level 3: Skillful Strikes
    • Combat Style: You gain a luck, grit, or panache pool, you choose your mental stat to use with this instead of Charisma. Choose Myrmidon, Swashbuckler, Gunslinger or Expert(replenish on a natural 20 skill check or expending 3 skill trick uses) to draw your method of replenishment from. You gain 2 deeds +1 per two levels from any of the above sources with their resources being interchangeable and their weapon specific effects being alterable to a different, applicable weapon group.
    • Stamina: You gain the effects of the Combat Stamina, Extra Stamina, Martial Presence and Martial Reflexes feats. You may expend Martial Focus to substitute a spell point. You may switch out the rally or totem used with 10min practice.
    Level 6: You gain the effects of Improved Critical, Aptitude, Weapon Focus, and Weapon Specialization with all of your chosen Discipline weapons and gain a legendary combat talent with a requirement of up to 10 base attack bonus to be usable once per encounter.
    Spoiler: Magus Archetype
    Pick two: lower your BaB or HD one step or your skill points by 2 per level to gain the Magus archetype. You lose your Myrmidon class features. You gain the casting class feature as a low caster with a spell point every odd level plus your practitioner modifier and a talent per even level. Your bonus feats may be Champion or Sphere focused feats. Your Combat Style is replaced with the Arcane Pool class feature of a Magus and you gain one Magus talent per three levels. Your level six legendary talent can instead be an advanced magic talent up to a required 10 caster level you otherwise quality for.

    Level 1: Wilderness Dweller
    • Wild Companion: You gain a Animal Companion as a druid of your Beast level. This companion gains Share Rage(within 30ft modified by its Con for duration) instead of Share Spell. This counts as a Hunter's Bond.
    • Wilds Walker: You gain the Woodland Stride, Track, and Wilderness Lore abilities. You also gain a Favored Terrain plus one every two Beast levels(this counts as Favored Enemy for replacement prerequisites). You count as a Ranger of your Beast level.
    • Bestial Rage: You gain Rage as a Barbarian of your Beast level or it's equivalent. You count as a Barbarian of your Beast level.

    Level 3: The Beast Within
    • Aspect of the Beast(Su): You can make a standard action Control Shape check DC 15 to activate the effects of the Shapeshift druid ability as a druid of your Beast level(adding aquatic form for +4 Dex enhancement bonus, 30ft swim speed, the Hold Breath ability, and a 1d6 slam attack, level 4 adds the effect of the Flyby Attack feat for swimming).
    • Bestial Tongues: You can also speak to animals on a basic level as a Forest Gnome can. You gain the Wild Empathy ability as a druid of your Beast level.
    • Beastial Style: You gain the style feats of a Fangshield Ranger, adding the Martial Training feat chain to the list of options for approximately themed disciplines.
    Level 6: You gain the effects of the Magebred Template while Shapeshifted. Your animal companion may gain the effects of your Beastial Style as one of its tricks.
    Spoiler: Archetypes

    You may substitute a feat in place of any one class feature per level for the purposes of archetypes.

    Level 1: Basic Transmutation
    • Alchemy: You may make alchemy. The save DCs of your alchemy are change to 10+1/2 Alchemist level+Int. You also add an additional die to any rolled effect of alchemy you use, increase the alchemical bonuses by one, or increase the DC by one for every four Alchemist levels. You gain the Alchemy combat sphere and combat talents as a proficient practitioner. This counts as an Item Creation feat for the purposes of prerequisites and modifications.
    • Basic Principals: You become specialized in, and gain the 101 principle for, a discipline of your choice. All effects of Gramarie are now Int based rather than Cha. You gain full access to Baccalaureate principles for subsequent Extra Credits. Gramaric 101 principals are now considered Associates principals, a grade below Baccalaureate.
    • Swift Creation: You gain one craft point per day up to your alchemy skill ranks+3(and no more than twice your Alchemist level). You may spend your craft points to create alchemical items or substances at a rate of 1 craft point per 10 gp of market value of the finished item (minimum 1) or 1 craft point to 50gp if you take the normal requisite time. This can also be used with Gramarie to subsume material component cost(but not time)at a rate of 1 craft point to 10lb(for GEOC) or 6 craft points to 1cu ft of material.
    Level 3: Advanced Learning
    • Auditing Classes: You gain an additional gramaric principal of up to your highest grade every three Alchemist levels.
    • Expert Craftsman: You gain the Exceptional and Extraordinary Artisan feats. These change to Magical Artisan feats if you already possess them.
    • Scientist: You gain the casting class feature as a low caster with Int as your casting stat. You gain one magic or combat talent every time you gain a caster level. You gain spell points equal to your Int. Your combat talents are limited to barrage, sniper, alchemy, traps and tech. You gain the Incompatible Energies drawback and the Techno-Miraculous boon. You may substitute up to caster level per day pussiance or battery charges in place of spell points.
    Level 6: You may take Magisterial principals from your specialized school.
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