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    Default Slapdash 5e Subclass Challenge I - Love's In The Air

    Welcome, one and all, to the first Slapdash 5e Subclass Challenge! In this very thread, homebrewers will duke it out to quickly craft some stunning subclasses - if they dare.

    But first, the rules!

    You will be constructing a new subclass for any base class of your choice, which must follow the theme of the contest in some way.
    The subclass must be new; you can't post it elsewhere until the contest is over, and you can't have posted it anywhere else beforehand.
    Speaking of "the end of the contest" - that's at 11:59 PM EST on Sunday 15, 2014. After all, it's easy to make something when you have all the time in the world, but true creativity comes from pushing against limitations.
    You must post the entirety of the subclass in this thread; additionally, there's a limit of two subclasses, which must both fit in the same post.

    In honour of Mandatory Romance Day - which is celebrated tomorrow - your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to build subclasses around the theme of...


    Good luck and godspeed!
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    door is a fake exterior wall
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    Default Re: Slapdash 5e Subclass Challenge I - Love's In The Air

    Sworn Knight (Fighter Subclass)

    Some fighters fight for glory, for wealth, for power. Others fight for more personal reasons. A Sworn Knight fights for, or alongside, the one they love fighting for their beloved's honor instead of their own, living as their shield. Fueled by a devout and romantic love, theirs is a life of service and protection of others.

    Beloved At 3rd level select a character as your Beloved. You are extremely loyal to your beloved and if an effect would force you to harm or attempt to harm your Beloved you gain Advantage on any saving throw and if it is an ongoing effect (such as Dominate Person) you may attempt a second saving throw. If your Beloved dies you must avenge them however possible, or revive them, and working towards this vengeance or revival is considered to be acting in their cause, and any creature which played a part in their death is considered to have attacked them at all times (this does not go away at a short rest). Once your Beloved has been avenged, or if they died of natural causes, you may select another Beloved (although you may wish to set aside an appropriate period of grieving if the game permits).

    A Sworn Knight's Beloved is always someone they have a strong bond of love towards, but while it is often one of romantic love (forming a fighting couple potentially if your Beloved is a fellow party member) it does not have to be. Other possibilities include parental love, if your Beloved is your child, fraternal love (usually older sibling to younger), some form of platonic love, or even a patriotic love of your homeland's king or queen. It is always, however, an unwavering and strong love.

    Stalwart Fidelity: At 7th level you gain proficiency in Wisdom saving throws. A Sworn Knight's faithfulness is unyielding towards their Beloved and possessing such unyielding fixture of faith anchors their will even in other situations.

    Lover's Zeal: At 7th level as long as your Beloved is in sight you gain a +1 bonus to AC.

    Guardian: A Sworn Knight is a living shield, and an able protector. Beginning at 10th level you gain the Protection fighting style in addition to whatever other fighting style you had (if you already have Protection you may select another from the list of fighter fighting style) and if an enemy attempts to harm your Beloved or makes clear their intent to do so during an encounter you gain Advantage on attack rolls against that creature until your next short rest.

    Defender's Fury: A Sworn Knight feels a guardian's rage when their allies are harmed. Beginning at 15th level whenever a creature you can see deals damage to an ally (other than yourself) you add 1/2 your proficiency bonus to damage against that creature for 1 round. If it deals damage to your Belove you instead add your proficiency bonus.

    Improved Lover's Zeal: Beginning at 15th level as long as you are fighting in your Beloved's cause or they are threatened in some way you gain the benefits of Lover's Zeal.

    Indomitable Guardian: A Sworn Knight is a protector, sworn to defense of their Beloved no matter the cost to themselves. Beginning at 18th level as long as you are fighting for your Beloved's cause or they are threatened in some way (such as being involved in the combat) you gain Resistance to all damage.
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    Default Re: Slapdash 5e Subclass Challenge I - Love's In The Air

    Pact of the Nymph

    Instead of getting your powers from some dark force or otherworldly fey, you get your arcane might from a more worldly spirit, one of passionate romance.

    Expanded Spell List
    You get a number of spells unavailable to other Warlocks because of your patron.

    1st Animal Friendship Disguise Self
    2nd Alter Self Moonbeam
    3rd Plant Growth Water Walk
    4th Confusion Conjure Woodland Beings
    5th Dominate Person Mislead

    Enthralling Guise
    At 1st level, your patron grants you supernatural beauty, giving you advantage on all Persuasion checks that rely on seduction.

    Seductive Touch
    Once per day at 6th level, you can touch a single humanoid and force them to make a Wisdom Saving Throw against your Spell Save DC or go under your control for 1 minute as if they were under the effect of Dominate Person.

    Fragile Beauty
    Once you reach 10th level, once per short rest, you can use your reaction against an attacking target to forcibly charm them unless they succeed on a Wisdom Saving Throw. You can use this again without resting if the target succeeds on the Saving Throw.

    Perfect Kiss
    At 14th level, by placing your lips on a target's own, you can charm them, no save, for up to 1 hour. This can be used as many times as you want.
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    Default Re: Slapdash 5e Subclass Challenge I - Love's In The Air

    This contest is closed.

    The voting thread is here.
    Quote Originally Posted by segtrfyhtfgj View Post
    door is a fake exterior wall
    I'm back to playing videogames for the internet! Current games: Klonoa: Empire of Dreams and Alundra.

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    Default Re: Slapdash 5e Subclass Challenge I - Love's In The Air

    Last minute entry. In the future, most competitions of this kind last for two or three weeks, so I recommend that you open up the next one for a bit longer to give potential entrants enough time to make their entries. Maybe just one to two weeks for a subclass competition would be more appropriate, since subclasses are a bit easier to create than entire classes or resource systems.

    Cleric domain: Love

    The call of a maiden's promise, the song on a bard's lips, the passion of a parent for their child, these are all forms of the magic simply known as love. A healing, nurturing and caring thing, the domain of love calls to clerics who would devote themselves to the cause of romance, family and redemption. Chautnea, Ilmater, Lliira, Mili and Sune are all gods in the Forgotten Realms who would possess the love domain, and they preach the main tennants of love. A follower of this domain must be understanding, compassionate and trusting of the good in others, giving themselves fully to their cause and to the people they care about. These clerics live life to its fullest by giving everything they can to others, expecting them to return the favor.

    Light domain spells:
    Cleric level Spells
    1st Cure wounds, charm person
    3rd Aid, prayer of healing
    5th Beacon of hope, remove curse
    7th Aura of purity, compulsion
    9th Mass cure wounds, raise dead

    Bonus proficiency: At level 1 you gain proficiency with the persuasion skill.

    Love's resolve: Starting at level 1 your love of life, your god and your allies grants you the ability to inspire yourself or your allies, increasing your resilience against forces that would influence your minds. When you or an ally within 60' of you fail a wisdom or charisma saving throw, you may spend your reaction to let you or your ally reroll the saving throw. You may use this feature a number of times equal to your wisdom modifier (minimum one). You regain all expended uses when you finish a long rest.

    Channel divinity; Seductive call: Starting at level 2 you can use your channel divinity to charm your enemies. As an action you present your holy symbol and send out a ripple of pheromones and seductive energies. Choose a number of living creatures up to your levels in cleric within 30 feet of you. These creatures must make a charisma saving throw against your spell save DC or be charmed by you for the next three rounds. Creatures immune to the charmed condition are immune to this ability.

    True faith: At level 6 you exude an aura of hope and loyalty. You and allies within 10' of you become immune to the charmed and frightened conditions.

    Redeeming grace: At level 8 your kiss is able to sway even the most corrupt of minds, showing them the error of their ways and bringing them to light and good, even if only for a short time. You may spend your action to make an unarmed melee attack against one creature. If you hit, this attack deals no damage, and the enemy must make a wisdom saving throw against your spell save DC or immediately have their alignment shifted to match yours, and be charmed by you. This creature will also recognize your goals as its ultimate truth in life, and will work tirelessly to help you realize them, though they will do so in a way that they think best and very well may ignore any advice that would give them a contrary course of action. The effects of Redeeming Grace last for up to one hour. You may use this feature once, and you regain this use after completing a long or short rest. Creatures with legendary actions are immune to this ability.

    Dub Heart's Champion: At level 17 you are able to proclaim a personal champion, someone dear and close to your heart that you trust with your honor, love and life. Select one friendly humanoid creature to be your Knight of the Heart.. While your Knight of the Heart is within 60' of you, they have advantage on attack rolls against creatures who have attacked you or otherwise took hostile action against you in the last minute, they have advantage on all saving throws against magical effects, and they are immune to the charmed condition and any other kind of mind effecting condition (such as the spells <i>crown of madness</i> and <i>dominate person</i>). Finally, while within 100' of you your Knight of the Heart may activate an ability to heal 5 hit points at the beginning of each round and add your wisdom modifier to the damage they deal for up to one minute. The active use of this ability is regained after completing a long rest.

    A Knight of the Heart may not be changed unless the current knight dies without chance of resurrection or they betray you for utterly selfish reasons. If either such events occur then the creature immediately has the title of Knight of the Heart removed, along with all benefits it confers. After a sufficient period of mourning and recovery has passed, a new Knight of the Heart may be chosen. These Knights of the Heart tend to be people close to and important to your character, whether they be lovers, family or just very, very close friends, it is unheard of for a cleric of love to appoint a champion of the heart they they neither know nor care about. You may only have one Knight of the Heart at any time.

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