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    Default What is and isn't acceptable to link in a signature?

    I was thinking of plopping a link to my Twitch channel in my signature (nothing flashy, just a text link), but I wasn't sure if Twitch/YouTube channels would be kosher.

    The rules say "for-profit" links are forbidden, but "[...] or anything else that generates original artistic content" is fine. Without raising the question of how convincingly a Twitch stream could be considered art, Twitch can (theoretically ) be monotised in a way that, say, a personal art gallery or webcomic can't (I only do it for fun, but obviously the site itself encourages viewers to subscribe to channels, and use bits during streams). Plus the rules seem vaguely the same as the last time I was here, so I wasn't sure if they took YT channels and twitch streams into account.

    So I thought I'd double check first?
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    Default Re: What is and isn't acceptable to link in a signature?

    Sheriff: If you only do it for fun and it is not for-profit, link away. If people don't have to pay anything to see it and you're not selling anything (or even generating ad revenue), that seems fine.
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